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					          Auto Accident and Travel Emergency Help For PLU Employees and Students

Tow, Gas, Battery Jump, Unlock, etc?
Mention PLU and these companies will discount price and bill your PLU dept. Or, pay with PLU credit card.
In Parkland/Spanaway Area: Parkland Towing 253-535-0572 OR Fife Towing 800-244-9528
Western Washington: Fife Towing 800-244-9528 covers all of Western Washington
Call Campus Safety Anytime: 253-535-7441 Notify your department afterward.

Auto Accident? Vehicle Accident or Damage Reporting Instructions
1.   Always call the police to the scene of the accident. Make sure they record a report for PLU.
2.   Get from the other drivers: 1) full name 2) driver’s license number 3) personal phone and address 4) insurance co. contact info
3.   Give this info to others: 1-253-535-7441; PLU; Finance and Operations Office, Tacoma, WA 98447 PLU insurance: Travelers 1-
     800-832-7839; Policy #: TC2J-CAP-230T5861.
4.   Substitute personal insurance info if your personal vehicle is involved
5.   Always call Campus Safety immediately to report the accident. 253-535-7441 Notify your department afterward.

Emergency Assistance When 100 Miles Away From Campus/Home:
This travel insurance provides 24-hour emergency assistance to PLU employees and students, experiencing a medical or other
emergency when 100 miles or more from home/campus on pre-approved travel related to the business and curriculum of PLU campus.
Available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year. For additional assistance and guidance during an emergency contact
Campus Safety at 253-535-7441 or

Types of Emergency Assistance/Services Provided:
                                                                                                Information Regarding Global Weather
Medical Assistance                                                                              Emergency Message Transmissions
       Referral to English Speaking Doctors                                                    Telephone Translations
       Advance Payment of Medical Expenses                                                     Rental Car Return Assistance
       Guarantee of Hospitalization Fee
       Medical Evaluation                                                            In Route Assistance Services:
       Medical Case Monitoring                                                               Lost/Stolen Luggage and Personal Effects Assistance
       Medical Records and Medical Medication Shipment                                       Lost/Stolen Travel Documents/Tickets Assistance
       Repatriation of Mortal Remains                                                        Emergency Cash Transfer
                                                                                              Trip Interruption Assistance
Personal Assistance                                                                           Insurance/Claims Coordination
        Passport and Visa Requirements
        Information on Immunization Requirements                                     Legal Assistance
        Political/Environmental Warning Information                                          Referral to Local Attorney
        Currency Information and ATM locations

How Do I Obtain Emergency Assistance? Call the AIG Assist 24-hour Worldwide Call Center
       Inside the US and Canada, dial toll-free: 1-800-401-2678
       Outside the US and Canada:
             o Request an international operator and proceed with your call.
             o To place a collect call, ask the international operator to place a collect call to Houston, TX, USA at 01-713-260-5508.
       Also notify your PLU department and Campus Safety (253-535-7441)

When is Assistance Available? Contact AIG Assist: 24/7, 365 days year
       When you require medical assistance or have a medical emergency.
       For all non-medical situations (lost luggage, lost documents, legal help, etc.)

What Information Do I Need When I Call for Assistance?
       The name of caller, phone number, fax number, and relationship to patient;
       The patient’s name, age, sex, and policy number: WR10003936
       A description of the patient’s condition
       Name, location, and telephone number of hospital
       Name and telephone numbers for the treating doctor, where and when the doctor can be reached
       Health insurance information; workers’ compensation, automobile insurance information or travel accident information

Will This Cost Me Anything? A $250 deductible is payable only when assistance is used. Phone calls to AIG are free. PLU pays the annual premium for this travel
insurance plan for our employees and students.

         Questions? 1-253-535-7121 OR                     This non-binding summary of benefits is online at: rev 7-08

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