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					                                                       Eden Hair & Beauty, a British Hairdressing Business Awards                    Perms     (includes shampoo and set or blow dry)
                                                       2005 winning salon in Haslemere with a friendly team of                       Want	to	introduce	movement	and	life	into	your	hair	without	sacrificing	
                                                                                                                                     the	condition.	One	of	the	following	treatments	will	be	perfect	for	your	
                                                       professionally trained stylists and beauticians who can make all              hair	type.
                                                       the difference to the way you look and feel.                                  Pre-Perm	Treatment		                           £5.00
                                                                                                                                     Dulcia	Tonica	                                £47.00	
                                                       Combine this with fantastic L’Oreal hair products and the                     Dia-Colour	                                   £17.50
                                                       wonderful, renewing powers of Decleor beauty treatments and                   Richesse	                                     £18.50
                                                                                                                                     Synchrome	Wave	                               £40.00		      Long	£45.00
                                                       you will truly feel you have returned to Eden.                                Extra	Lotion	                                 £7.00
                                                       Come and experience Eden’s relaxed informality. Talk to our                   Colour

Eden Hair & Beauty
                                                       fully trained staff about your ideas. Get expert advice on style,             All	our	stylists	are	fully	trained	in	colour	analysis	to	offer	you	as	little	or	
                                                                                                                                     as	much	colour	as	you	would	like.	We	are	always	happy	to	talk	through	
                                                       colour or beauty treatments to achieve the look you want.                     the	options	with	you.
                                                       And if you fancy trying a great new hair style or colour for                  Full	Head	Highlights	                    Short              Long

	                 Return to Paradise                   just 50% of the normal price, why not come to one of our
                                                       Tuesday Model nights between 4.30 and 7pm? We look forward
                                                                                                                                     Senior	Stylist	
                                                                                                                                     Junior	Stylist	
                                                                                                                                                                              £62.15					from	
                                                                                                                                                                              £58.85					from	
                                                                                                                                                                              £53.35					from	
                                                       to welcoming you soon.
                                                       	                                                  Angie Townsend             3/4	Head	Highlights
                                                                                                                                     Senior	Stylist	                          £53.35	            £57.75
                                                       	                                                           Director          Stylist	                                 £37.40	            £48.95
                                                       Hair	Cut	&	Style                                                              Junior	Stylist	                          £38.52	            £44.90
                                                       Well	cut	hair	is	instantly	recognisable	and	our	Artistic	Team	is	fully	       T.	Section
                                                       trained	in	the	latest	techniques	to	achieve	the	look	you	want	now.            Senior	Stylist	                          £47.85					from	 £53.15
                                                       Wet	Cut	                             Short           Long          Re-Style   Stylist	                                 £41.25					from	 £48.29
                                                                                                                                     Junior	Stylist	                          £36.52					from	 £42.90
                                                       Junior	Stylist	                      £13.50	         	             £16.50
                                                                                                                                     Cap	Highlights		
         Hair & Beauty Price List                      Stylist	
                                                       Senior	Stylist	

                                                       Fringe	Trim	                         £3.00
                                                                                                                                     Min/Ten	Flashes	                         £20.00	            £25.00
                           Blow	Dry                                                                      Additional	flashes	                      £2.00	each	
                                                       Junior	Stylist	                      £13.50	 from	 £15.50
                                                       Stylist	                             £14.80	 from	 £16.80
                                                                                                                                     Full	Head	Tint												from	          £29.70					from	   £40.70
                                                       Senior	Stylist	                      £16.30	 from	 £18.30                     Full	Head	Tint												from	          £50.60					from	 £53.90		
               Salon Opening Hours                     Shampoo	&	Set	                       £11.90                                   &	Flashes
	              Monday	        9am	–	6pm
                                                       Cut	&	Blow	Dry                                                                Root	Re-growth						from	                £27.50
	              Tuesday	       9am	–	6pm
	              Wednesday	     9am	–	10pm
                                                       Junior	Stylist	                      £19.50	 from	 £25.00                     Luo	Colour
                                                       Stylist	                             £26.00	 from	 £30.00                     Luo	Tint	&	Flashes	                      £50.00					from	 £60.00
	              Thursday	      9am	–	10pm               Senior	Stylist	                      £35.00	 from	 £40.00
                                                                                                                                     Semi	Colours
	              Friday	        9am	–	6pm                Hair	Treatments	                     £5.00                                    Dia-Colour	                    £19.00	      Richesse	                £20.00
	              Saturday	      8.30am	–	4pm             Mini	power-doses	of	scientifically	formulated	treatment	to	enhance	           Symbio	                        £12.00	      Any	extra	Colours	       £5.00/colour
                                                       shine	and	colour,	and	to	boost	the	health	of	your	hair.
                                                                                                                                     Hair	Up	
                                                       Children:	Wet	Hair	Cuts	 	                           Cut	&	Blow	Dry           Full/Half	Head	                          £45.00/£35.00	(in	salon)
                                                       Under	2	years	                       £6.50	          £16.50
              Salon: 01428 658548/641202               3-7	years	                           £9.50	          £19.50                   Senior	Citizens
                                                       8-12	years	                          £11.00		        £21.00                   On	Mondays,	Tuesdays	and	Wednesdays	we	are	able	to	offer	special	rates	
         Office: 01798 865527 Fax: 01798 865820                                                                                      to	senior	citizens	as	follows:
    23-25	Junction	Place,	Haslemere,	Surrey	GU27	1LE   Mens	Wet	Cuts                                                                 Shampoo	and	Set	                 £10.80
                                                       Junior	Stylist	                      £13.50                                   Wet	Cut	                         £10.80
                                                       Stylist	                             £15.50                                   Blow	Dry	                        £13.75
                                                       Senior	Stylist	                      £19.50                                   Perm	&	Blow	Dry	or	Shampoo	&	Set	£45.00
Beauty	Treatments
Beautifying	the	skin	is	an	art,	which	is	why	it	is	so	important	to	entrust	
your	skin	to	a	beauty	professional.	Only	she	can	determine	its	precise	
needs	and	recommend	the	appropriate	treatment	for	you.

NEW!	Aroma	Massage,	a	Relaxing	and	Aromatic	Facial	
1	hour,	£36.00
Subtle	and	intuitive	precision	of	skilful	massage	blends	with	the	powers	
of	Aromessence	to	invigorate	and	restore	from	deep	within,	filling	your	
skin	with	new	vibrant	life.	Wonderfully	relaxing	with	remarkable	benefits.     Localised	Aroma	Treatment	-	1hr	from	£42.00                                           Bleaching	(prices for other areas on request)
Aromaplasty,	a	Classic	Aromatic	Facial                                         These	targeted	treatments	provide	an	expert	response	to	every	need,	                  Upper	lip	                           £8.00
                                                                               combining	exclusive	techniques	and	specific	body	care	products	to	                    Arms	                                £12.00
1	hour,	from	£38.00                                                            promote	relaxation,	slimming	action,	firming	care	and	leg	relief.
Rediscover	a	youthful	you	with	a	treatment	tailored	to	your	skin	type.	                                                                                              Ear	Piercing	                        £20.00
                                                                               ‘Relax’	to	Soothe	your	Body
At	the	heart	of	this	treatment	is	a	multi-active	100%	Natural	Mask,		
all	your	expectations	are	exceeded	and	your	skin	feels	soft,	smooth	
                                                                               Lets	you	discover	total	Relaxation	and	well	being	-	Energy	flows	are	                 Jessica	Manicures
                                                                               balanced	and	a	warming	Sauna	Mask	eases	tension	away.	Your	skin	is	                   Each	person’s	nails	are	manicured	according	to	their	type.	Cuticles	are		
and	refreshed.
                                                                               left	smooth	and	soft.                                                                 cared	for	with	oils	and	creams,	and	nails	perfectly	shaped	before	painting	
Aroma	Expert                                                                   ‘Flow’	to	Energise	your	Body                                                          with	treatment	base	coats	and	colour	of	choice.	
1	hour	15	mins,	£42.00                                                         The	flow	treatment	helps	relieve	tired	and	heavy	aching	legs	by	stimulating	          Choose	from	Classic	£20,	Deluxe	£23	or	Mini-Manicure	£12.
These	targeted	treatments	provide	an	expert	response	to	the	needs	             circulation	and	has	an	all	over	invigorating	effect.
of	your	skin	type.	Choose	one	or	a	combination	for	optimal	results.	
                                                                                                                                                                     Jessica	Pedicure
                                                                               ‘Detox’	to	Refine	your	Body	                                                          Luxurious	pedicure	using	the	Zen	Spa	Range	to	remove	hard	and	dead	
You	will	notice	a	difference	after	the	first	visit	and	with	regular	use	the	
                                                                               Savour	the	benefits	of	the	Detox	programme	with	6-10	treatments	your	                 skin	and	soften	cuticles.	A	relaxing	massage	improves	circulation	and	
results	are	stunning.
                                                                               figure	will	be	refined	and	you	will	see	a	reduction	in	dimpled	skin	with	             stiff	joints.	A	treatment	base	coat	is	applied	to	perfectly	shaped	nails	
Purify - The	skin	is	refined,	purified	and	cleansed.	Excessive	shine	is	       cellulite.	Your	body	contours	are	smoothed	and	figure	refined	as	fluid	               £22.00,	or	with	booties	£24.00.	A	mini	pedicure,	shorter	version	of	the	
reduced	leaving	skin	with	a	clear	and	matt	appearance.                         and	toxins	are	drained	away	with	specialised	massage	moves.                           Spa	Pedicure,	is	just	£15.00
Nourish - The	Nourish	programme	is	a	rich	complete	meal	that	deeply	           ‘Tonic’	to	Firm	your	Body	                                                            Men’s	Manicures	£18	or	Pedicure	£20	are	the	same	as	the	Classic	Manicure	
replenishes	your	skin	and	leaves	it	supple	and	comfortable.                                                                                                          and	Spa	Pedicures	but	without	the	Nail	Varnish
                                                                               The	Tonic	treatments	aim	to	significantly	improve	the	appearance	of	
Soothe - Designed	with	demanding	skin	in	mind,	this	soothing	facial	           your	skin	leaving	it	regenerated,	firmed	and	incredibly	soft.
leaves	reactive	skin	calm,	alleviates	redness	leaving	delicate	sensitive	      St	Tropez	Self	Tanning	Treatment,	£40	full	body,	
skins	soothed	and	incredibly	soft.
                                                                               £25	1/2	body                                                                            Your	Wedding	Day!
Lift - The	first	signs	of	ageing	are	usually	fine	lines	that	eventually	                                                                                               So	much	to	think	about,	make	sure	you	plan	some	time	in	to	
                                                                               The	healthiest	way	to	achieve	a	top	to	toe	tan	without	the	Sun,	Exfoliation	
become	deeper	and	turn	into	wrinkles.	Have	them	lifted	away	with	                                                                                                      ensure	you	look	radiant	on	your	Wedding	Day.	Eden	can	help	you	
                                                                               ensures	perfectly	smooth	skin	followed	by	moisturisation	of	dry	areas	of	
a	facial	to	strengthen	the	skin’s	defences,	restoring	firmness,	tone	                                                                                                  make	those	all-important	decisions	about	your	hair	and	make-up	
                                                                               the	body.	Auto	bronzant	is	then	applied	and	emulsified,	the	results	are	
while	smoothing	out	wrinkles.	Leaves	the	skin	smooth,	visibly	toned	                                                                                                   well	in	advance	so	that	on	the	day	everything	goes	like	clockwork.	
                                                                               natural	and	long	lasting	that	slowly	fade.
and	refreshed.                                                                 Please	wear	loose	clothing.	                                                            We	highly	recommend	the	Eden	Bridal	Trial.	This	gives	you	
                                                                                                                                                                       the	opportunity	to	discuss	ideas	with	a	stylist	of	your	choice	and	
Aroma	Massage                                                                  Indian	Head	Massage,	£20.00                                                             then	have	the	agreed	style	completed	to	your	requirements.	Your	
Full	Body,	1	hour,	£40.00	or	Back	Massage,	30	mins,	£20	                       A	wonderful	stress	buster	to	relieve	muscle	tension	and	promote	ultimate	               Wedding	Day	Hair	will	be	completed	by	the	same	stylist	so	that	
Decleor	devotes	its	own	special	art	of	massage	to	your	body	and	               relaxation	improving	circulation	and	relieving	long	term	headaches	for	                 you	have	complete	confidence	of	achieving	the	look	you	want.	
combines	it	with	acupressure	to	relieve	tension	and	stress	leaving	you	        migraine	sufferers.                                                                     Eden	can	also	offer	Wedding	Day	Make-up	 to	complete	your	
invigorated	and	restored	from	within.	Choose	from	Relax,	Flow,	Detox	or	                                                                                               look.	Each	of	these	services	are	priced	at	£45	each.	The	Eden	
                                                                               Waxing                                                                                  Team	is	also	happy	to	style	your	hair	at	a	venue	of	your	choice	if	
tonic	Aromessence	Balms.                                                       Legs:															1/2	£14.00;															3/4	£18.00;															Full	£22.00     you	prefer;	for	this	service	there	is	a	minimum	charge	of	£90.
Aroma	Envelopment	-	A	True	Cocoon	of	Effectiveness                             Under	Arm	                                    £7.00
                                                                               Lip,	Chin	or	Eyebrows	                        £8.00
1	hour	20	mins,	£45.00                                                         Chest	or	Back	                                £9-12.00
A	delicious	cocooning	sensation	as	your	body	is	gently	exfoliated,	            Eyebrow	Tint	                                 £8.00
massaged	with	100%	pure	plant	extracts	and	essential	oils	specific	to	         Eyelash	Tint	                                 £14.00
your	concern	and	then	a	rich	creamy	specific	mask	is	applied,	you	are	         Eyelash	Perming	                              £25.00
then	covered	in	blankets.	After	your	skin	feels	soft	and	smooth.               Bikini	                                       £10.00

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