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A guide to the most exhilarating corporate event in the country!
About U.S. Poker Series
                 “Quality begins on the inside...and then works its
                 way out.” - Bob Moawad


           S. Poker Series was founded on the belief that our clients want to partner with
           professional, quality-driven organizations who can provide unique, exciting, and
           engaging corporate entertainment options. Our clients demand the personalized
           attention that ensures a successful event – no matter how unique the circumstances. At
U.S. Poker Series, we have built our entire organization with this in mind. From our Meeting
Planners to our Dealers, our clients immediately recognize the dedicated, conscientious
individuals who comprise our company. We understand that a successful business relationship
starts with a commitment to excellence, and lasts by performing at the highest level possible.

U.S. Poker Series offers its Travelin’ Texas Hold’em tournaments nationally - as an exciting, team-
building entertainment alternative. The realistic tournament is produced and hosted with all of
the features and excitement one would experience in a national poker tournament. These features

    •     Complete event management

    •     Professional dealers

    •     Casino-grade equipment and decor

    •     Assigned Tournament Directors and Instructors

    •     Formal award ceremonies and prize selection assistance

It’s easy to imagine the fun, excitement, and buzz that attendees have at our tournaments. From
beginners to expert poker players – everyone is engaged from the first deal. In the following
guide, we’ll tell you how we do it!


Atlanta                     Chicago                           Los Angeles             Philadelphia
Step 1: Plan, plan, plan
                          “What good is running when you're on the
                          wrong road?” - Old German saying

          he key to a hosting a successful corporate event begins, and ends, with planning. At U.S.
          Poker Series, we live by this belief, and work closely with our clients to execute a plan of
          action that guarantees a successful event.

From day one, your event will be assigned to one of our professional corporate event planners.
Our planner will work closely with you to seamlessly and effectively integrate our Travelin’ Texas
Hold’em tournament into itineraries. From the dealers to the décor, from prize selection to the
final hand, we know what it takes to make your event unforgettable.

                 Just as important as the initial plan is to account for contingencies. Whether it’s a
                 change in the number of attendees, a change in venue, or a special request that
                 appears to be a roadblock – our dedicated staff quickly responds by identifying
                 impacts and recommending options. Planning for changes, and adopting a new
                 plan are what we do all day, every day - to make sure our client events are

The result? As our tournament gets underway, and the attendees are laughing, smiling, and
enjoying the challenge – it becomes apparent that we planned your event so that everyone would
have an enjoyable, fun-filled evening.


Atlanta                      Chicago                             Los Angeles             Philadelphia
Step 2: Execute
                        “Everyone is trying to accomplish something
                        big, not realizing that life is made up of little
                        things.” - Frank A. Clark

          s important as it is to have a dynamic, flexible plan, it is equally important that your
          business partner flawlessly executes it. At U.S. Poker Series, our vast experience hosting
          Travelin’ Texas Hold’em tournaments for small and large audiences alike, ensures your
          event is choreographed with one objective in mind – fun! The tournament directors,
instructors, and dealers will orchestrate the attendees and venue to ensure that the pace is
vibrantly maintained, and the excitement remains high.

                        As the tournament progresses, and players are moved onto other tables
                        in their quest to attain a seat at the championship table, our tournament
                        directors manage the flow of people and chips to their new destination.
                        From the dealer communications, to the pace of play, no detail is
                        overlooked as players are promoted, hoping to arrive at the final table.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real tournament without a championship table – and U.S. Poker Series
makes arriving at this table a special occasion. Cordoned off from the rest of play, with plenty of
room for spectators to watch the final round, the tournament director announces each of the
finalists and recognizes their achievement. This highly charged area serves well as the backdrop
for the ensuing award ceremony that concludes the event.

Our experience has taught us that the difference between an ordinary corporate event and a
successful one lies in the number of laughs, smiles, and high fives that occur. From the first deal
to the awards ceremony, U.S. Poker Series is committed to providing your attendees an
exhilarating, memorable event.


Atlanta                     Chicago                            Los Angeles             Philadelphia
Step 3: Enjoy
                                              “ Good will is the one and only
                                              asset that competition cannot
                                              undersell or destroy.”

                                              – Marshall Field

          he most amazing aspect of our Travelin’ Texas Hold’em tournament is that the
          competitive nature of the game brings out the team building qualities that other events
          just can’t provide. Players stay for the duration of the tournament, even after being
          eliminated, to cheer and encourage the remaining players. A spirited group congregates
around the championship table, waiting for the next player’s move, while the remaining players
revel in the attention.

The award ceremony that follows provides an opportunity for the skilled players to receive the
recognition they deserve. As the tournament director receives and congratulates the final players,
the entire audience is applauding their efforts with true sportsmanship.

When your organization is ready to offer an entertainment option that is guaranteed to be the talk
of the office for months to come, we encourage you to speak with U.S. Poker Series. From the
initial conversation, it is evident that our passion for providing the best corporate entertainment
option is unparalleled, and our commitment to excellence is unsurpassed. Call us today at
1.888.525.7183 to discuss how U.S. Poker Series and its Travelin’ Texas Hold’em tournament can
make your next event the most successful one ever.


Atlanta                     Chicago                           Los Angeles             Philadelphia
The Accolades
                        “ Always do right. This will gratify some people
                        and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain

           U.S. Poker Series event is unlike any other. Engaging, exhilarating, and elegant. We’re
          proud of the thanks we receive from our clients, but more so, are proud that they
          continue to call us to provide the ultimate in corporate entertainment…

                            “I have received nothing but outright praise and positive
                            feedback on all the events. Everyone left feeling like
                            they’d really had a unique, fun and exciting experience. It
                            will ‘stick’ in their heads for a long time. The
                            professionalism of your staff and attention to detail at the
                            events was a key ingredient. The events just blew
                            everyone away. I am hoping we’ll get the pictures soon
                            so everyone can see what all the excitement was about.”
                                                                - K. Reed, F5 Networks

                            “U.S. Poker Series did such a great job at our client’s
                            sales conference in Temecula. Everyone loved it! We’re
                            having them back to provide their tournament again for us
                            in Newport Beach.” – Diane Dennell, B.E.T.A. Inc.

When your organization is ready to experience the excitement of our Travelin’ Texas
Hold’em Tournament, give us a call. We’ll make sure it’s an event they’ll be talking about
for months afterwards!


Atlanta                     Chicago                           Los Angeles            Philadelphia
The Details…

  Minimum Number of Attendees       25

  Maximum Number of Attendees       500

  Duration                          Approximately 3-4 hours.

                                            Full event management

                                            Real casino poker tables

  Event Inclusions                          Professional dealers

                                            Elegant casino appointments


                                    Introduction and Welcome – Introduction to the event, the
                                    general rules, and the instructors (approx. 15 minutes).

                                    Tournament Play – players compete for a seat at the
                                    championship table (2-3 hours depending on number of
                                    attendees and allotted time).

  Sample Schedule                   Final Round – many of the players will gather to cheer
                                    their friends on for the championship title (approx. 30

                                    Awards Ceremony – An award is recommended for each
                                    participant at the final table. A special award is
                                    recommended for the grand champion (approx. 15

  Price Range                       Call for pricing.

                                    Customized playing cards, chips, and table tops.

                                    “Losers’ Lounge” and consolation table play for players to
  Additional Services               stay engaged in the event.

                                    Event filming and editing can be provided at a cost of


Atlanta                 Chicago                           Los Angeles            Philadelphia

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