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This is my first annual report for the Human Resources Business Area and it would be
remiss of me if I did not pay tribute to Chief Superintendent Mike McAndrew, QPM,
who recently retired from the police service to become a senior careers advisor in the
MPS. Mike led the HR Business Area for many years and he will be a tough act to

During the last year, Mike and Jayne Monkhouse, our Equal Opportunities Advisor,
represented the Association on the following national bodies:

1. PAB National Recruitment Standards Working Party
The Working Party was set up after the pass mark for the SEARCH assessment
centres was raised from 50% to 60% in order to control the numbers of successful
candidates to the Service, but in fact resulted in disproportionate adverse impact on
successful BME candidates in many Forces. This meant that Forces were having even
more difficulty meeting their race equality targets and were looking to other,
sometimes unlawful, means to boost the numbers of BME recruits.

We have raised concerns at the Working Party about the standards of recruits,
particularly the poor standard of written communication skills of some successful
candidates, the use of second interviews and additional skills for selection, the
unlawful practice of fast tracking BME candidates and women off waiting lists and
the lack of a proper Equality Impact Assessment of SEARCH.

This has resulted in a Peer Review of the SEARCH Technical Report for the first time
and several recommendations for improvements to the process. The Working Party
has also developed guidance for Forces on best practice in the use of additional skills
criteria for assessment.

Currently the Working Party are considering further recommendations for changes to
the SEARCH process, including the setting of a properly justifiable pass mark against
the requirements of the role of Constable.

2. Fitness Test Working Party
The Fitness Test Working Group has been brought under the auspices of the PAB
National Recruitment Standards Working Party, but with an extended remit to look at
the fitness tests for specialist posts (namely, firearms, dog handlers and public order

3. Disability in the Police Service Working Group
This Working Group developed guidance for Forces on managing disability in
recruitment; learning & development for serving officers; in promotion; and in
pensions, following changes to the disability discrimination legislation, which came
into force at the end of 2006. The Guidance is available on the Home Office website.

I would like to extend special thanks to Jayne Monkhouse who was of huge support to
Mike McAndrew and is now demonstrating her value again in providing support to
me as the new Chair of the Business Area. Thanks also to Gus Nabney for his support
to the Business Area and I wish him a long and happy retirement.
Jayne and I have already been discussing the future for our Business Area and we
have some ideas upon which we shall seek views from colleagues. Before making any
changes, if any are necessary, we shall of course take full account of the major
Review of Business Areas being led by Derek Barnett, our Vice-President, to ensure
that HR work compliments the work in other Business Areas.

Chief Superintendent Archibald I. Torrance