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					                  Math-in-CTE Lesson Plan
Lesson Title: Depreciation of Computers                         Lesson # IT05
Occupational Area: Information Technology
CTE Concept(s):    Depreciation
Math Concepts:      Equations, order of operations
Lesson           Students will be able to:
Objective:       Explain the reasons that computers lose their value so
                 Calculate straight-line and variable rate depreciation
                 following correct rules of operations within a formula and
                 graph the results
Supplies         Paper and pencil, calculator, overhead or PowerPoint
Needed:          optional, Excel spreadsheet optional
Link to Accompanying Materials: Information Technology IT05 Downloads
                                         TEACHER NOTES
                                         (and answer key)
1. Introduce the CTE lesson.             This will lead us into the idea of items
How many of you have bought a video      losing value over time. (depreciation)
game? Have you ever traded or
swapped your video game? How much        Computer technology undergoes
did you get back, compared to the        rapid change. Moore’s law states that
amount you originally paid? How about    the capacity of computer chips
your parents’ car?                       doubles every 18 months. This “law”
                                         proved true for quite some time, but
                                         has recently become untrue.
Almost everything we buy loses value     However, computers still lose their
over time, but computers do so faster    value with each major increase in
than most things. Why do computers       chip capacity.
lose value so fast?
Today we are going to review the rules   Gordon Moore who first stated this
for calculating depreciation using a     rate of change was one of the
formula. We are going to apply this      founders of Intel.
formula to the depreciation of a
2. Assess students’ math awareness Straight-line rate is 1 divided by
as it relates to the CTE lesson.     useful life of object (go to excel
Give me some examples of             spreadsheet).
How fast does a computer depreciate? (Variable rate will be introduced in
                                     element 4)
Do you know how to calculate a              Use the worksheet for PEMDAS.
straight-line rate of depreciation?         Remind students, with PEMDAS,
                                            multiplication and division are a
Have you ever heard “Please Excuse          single step, left to right, and addition
My Dear Aunt Sally?”                        and subtraction are a single step, left
                                            to right. This is on the worksheet as

                                            “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”
                                            is a pneumonic device for recalling
                                            the order of operations within
                                            formulas: P=Parentheses,
                                            E=Exponents, M=Multiply, D=Divide,
                                            A=Add, S=Subtract

3. Work through the math example            Straight-line depreciation rate is 1/5 =
embedded in the CTE lesson.                 .20
Depreciate a $1,000 computer over 5         Assume zero salvage (scrap) value
years.                                      after 5 years.

Vy = C - [(C - S) ·R·y]                     V1 = 1,000 - [(1000 - 0) · .20·1] = 800
                                            V2 = 1,000 - [(1000 - 0) · .20·2] = 600
   V = depreciated value in year y          Salvage (scrap) value is the
   C = original cost                        estimated value of an asset at the
   S = salvage value, after object          end of its useful life [and it is only
   has been fully depreciated               subtracted during the first year
   R = rate of depreciation                 depreciation is calculated](for
   y = number of years computer has         example, a car can always be sold to
   been in service                          a salvage yard for at least the value
                                            of the metal)
What calculation should be performed
first? What calculation should be           Always work values in parentheses
performed second, and so on?                from the inside out. If a value is in
                                            parentheses inside brackets, do the
Assume that the computer will have a        calculation in the parentheses then
value greater than zero at the end of       the calculation in the bracket.
depreciation. How would that change
the calculations?                           Assume a salvage value for the
                                            computer of $100
                                            V1 = 1,000 - [(1000 - 100) · .20· 1] =

                                            Pass out the example of working

4. Work through related, contextual           Variable Rate Depreciation:
math-in-CTE examples.
                                              V1 = C – [(C – S) · R · y]
Some things don’t depreciate at the           V1 = 1,000 - [(1000 - 100) · .20 · 1] =
same rate each year they are used.            820
What would be an example of                   V2 = V1 – (V1 · .20) = 640
something that depreciated more in its        V3 = V2 - (V2 · .15) = 9,499
first year than in later years? How
would the calculations change?             The variable rate is compound
                                           depreciation, depreciation on already
Example with an automobile that cost       depreciated value, the reverse of
$20,000: 30% in first year, 25% second compound interest.
year, and 15% each following year with
a salvage value of $3,000                  Refer back to the budgeting lesson
V1 = 20,000 - [(20,000 - 3,000) · .30 · 1] (IT1) for the computer.
= 14,900
V2 = V1 - (V1 · .25) = 11,175
V3 = V2 - (V2 · .15) = 9,499

What is the main difference between
the straight-line and variable rate

5. Work through traditional math              V, C, S, R, y
What are the variables in the equation        Variables are the letters that we use
we have been using? Why are these             to represent numbers that may
variables?                                    change depending on the situation.

What is the value of x in the following       3(4 + 2)2 = 3 · 62 =    108
      x = [3(4 + 2)2 - 10(5 - 1)]?            - 10(5 - 1) = - 10 · 4 = - 40

6. Students demonstrate their                 Compare the two types of
understanding.                                depreciation for the computer. Why is
Make a chart showing the depreciated          the variable rate depreciation more
value of the computer that you created        realistic?
in the Budgeting lesson IT1.
                                              In Excel, you use the SLN function for
Depreciate the minimum, maximum               the straight line depreciation. Use the
and average computer using both               above formula for the variable rate
straight line depreciation and variable       depreciation.
rate depreciation.
                                              Refer to IT05 sample depreciation of
If students are familiar with Excel           computer Excel file for an example of
                                              student work (shows both straight-
                                              line and variable rate depreciation of
                                              a computer)
7. Formal assessment.
What is the current value of a 3 year    V3 = 1,500 -[(1,500 – 0) ·.25 ·3] = 375
old computer that originally cost $1,500
if it depreciates at the rate of 25% per
year and has no salvage value?

What is the current value of the same 3       V1 = 1500-[(1500-50) x .30] = 1025
year old computer if it depreciates at a      V2 = 1025-(1025 x .25) =768.75
rate of 30% in year 1, 25% in the             V3 = 768.75 – (768.75 x .15) =
second year and 15% the third year            653.44
and has a salvage value of $50?