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									             King Ecgbert School Dress Code
Black tailored trousers (not “leggings”, "jeans" or "tracksuits") or plain black
skirt (must be at least approximately knee-length). Trousers should be
ankle/shoe length. Belts should be simple, dark and functional, not
ornamental or a fashion accessory.

School polo shirt white, grey, red or black
There is a choice of long or short sleeves.

Optional school items
In addition to the polo shirt the following items may be worn. They all have the
school logo.
V-necked jumper
Hooded sweatshirt

No other shirts, jumpers, cardigans etc. are acceptable.

The items with the school logo must be ordered from the supplier (Classwear)
through the school office or online.

Plain sensible shoes or trainers. For health and safety reasons these
should be either flat or with a low heel, and be enclosed so as to offer
protection in labs and workshops.

Cultural dress (e.g. Shalvar Kameez) in the above plain colours will continue
to be allowed (the lower part must be black). A school top with badge should
always be worn. Headscarves worn for cultural reasons must be in plain
school colours. Headscarves must not have any loose or trailing material. In
all cases dress must be appropriate for school work (including Science
laboratories and DT workshops).

Hairstyles and colour must be appropriate for school. Outlandish styles
and colours are not permitted.

The only jewellery permitted is one pair of ear studs and or one small,
discrete nose stud. No other piercings (e.g. lips, tongue, eyebrow) or
jewellery (except watches) is permitted.

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All the above items must be of a style that is suitable for a day's work at
school. Revealing or distracting clothing is not permitted. The
Headteacher will ultimately arbitrate on matters concerning the
suitability of items for school.

Pupils who do not conform to the school’s dress code may be sent

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