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									      INTRODUCTION OF

Major differences of SCM Warehouse & CFS

ASW SCM                     Normal CFS
- clean environment         - very dusty
- WMS control               - non system operation
- goods store at location   - no specific area for cargo
- full status reporting     - limited report
- periodic stock take       - no stock take arrangement
- pick / pack services      - limited pick / pack service
- tailor made operation     - standard operation only
Why do customers need SCM services??
– One stop Logistics Solution:
  To enjoy a strong economy of scale as the operating costs and fixed assets have been
 More focused on own core business, spare time out to capture new market shares.
 Increase the level of service with shorter delivery lead time.
 Tailor-made handling procedures to meet customer special requirements.
 Comprehensive warehouse facilities – forklift, packing tools, etc…
 To transfer the stock responsibility.
 WMS support and Web Tracking availability.
 Pick / pack / re-packing operation.
 Reporting – regular cycle count and periodical stock take.
 Hong Kong is an Ideal Hub for goods distribution in Asia Pacific Region.
Full Address:

The building is geographically well
situated in the centre of Hong Kong.
- 30 minutes to Airport
- 10 minutes to Seaport.
- 40 minutes to China Border.
- 15 minutes to City.
Facilities & SOP (Standard Operation Procedures)
Main Entrances –

                               Visitor Entrance

                   Truck Entrance
             Entrance Security Offices

                                     … Visitors / Trucks entering from both entrances, Security
                                     Guard verified their identities with office (by Walkie Talkie)
                                     before allowing them to enter the premises.

Visitor Entrance Security Office

                                                                          Truck Entrance Security Office
   Loading / Unloading Area

10 Container Loading Bays

                                                          Adjustable platform at each loading bay

                         8 Truck Loading Bays

… 10 container & 8 truck loading bays capable to handle
large volume of shipment at the same time. Each
loading bay equipped with adjustable platform for easy
loading / unloading
G/F Staging Area / Cargo Lifts
 - G/F staging area over 20,000 sq. ft.
 - 8 Cargo Lifts – 2 exclusively for ASW
 - Each Cargo Lift Loading – 3750 Kgs.

 … large staging area enable the loading/unloading
 smooth operation and cargo flow.
Storage / Operation Area

               - 35,000 square foot storage area.
               - 3500 pallet locations
               - Over 5000 CBM storage capacity.
               - Ventilation equipped.
                                                    Ultra-violet CCTV 24
                                                     hours recording at
                                                      all storage area
- modern with a harmony working environment.

- qualified logistics staff.
- Warehouse Management System.
- spacious conference room.
Unloading / Cargo Verification
 - operation unload cargo from truck / container.
 - verify cargo quantity with information provide by
 - inspect and report any discrepancy / visual
 damage. Report discrepancy by taking photo,
 report to customer for further action.

                           - sort out different article / model.
                           - measure the actual size.
                           - input cargo information to the Hand Held Palm.
Incoming Cargo
 - goods physically move to location under the WMS
 - after cargo is placed at location, operation scan
 the location barcode in reference to the information
 stored in the Palm during the unloading operation.
Register Incoming shipment into WMS
- information directly synchronize into WMS from Palm.
- after this registration, system can print out the
incoming list, system can also automatically send a
fax/e-mail to inform client about what cargo has been
received and placed at location.
Web Tracking
- customer is able to check inventory
on-line anywhere in the world where
internet connection is available.
-EDI-orders available for Incoming /
Outgoing cargo.

                                        Stock balance   Stock movement
Outgoing Cargo

- operation pick customer order from location.
-deduct goods from inventory.
-pack shipment as per instruction.
Customer Service and delivery
 - CS inform customer of cargo status.
 - release ex-work shipment.
 - effect shipment via Air, Sea, Courier, etc…
 - delivery local cargo.
Other Services:
 Vendor Management (manage goods arrival schedule under customer instruction).
  Liaise Import shipments via Airfreight, Seafreight, Land transportation, Express service upon
 Cross-docking / Dispatching.
 Labeling / Price tagging and bar coding.
 Deliveries schedule.
 FIFO, LIFO management.
 Regular cycle count and stock take every 6 months.
 Flexible operating hours from Monday to Saturday to meet customer’s requirement, Sundays
and public holidays on request.
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