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Using Established e-Marketplace

 On this topic you will learn about:

     -   What is an established e-Marketplace
     -   Benefit of joining established e-Marketplace
     -   What is your consideration on choosing an Established e-Marketplace?
     -   Example of established e-Marketplace
     -   How to Join established e-Marketplace
     -   PAN ASEAN E-Mall

Meet Susan the Textile Entrepreneur

                                                      Name          :   Susan

                                                      Age           :   34

                                                      Business      :   Textile (Jeans
                                                                        for Kids)
                                                      In Business   :   2 years

                                                      Employees     :   2

                                                      Needs         :   e-Marketplace
                                                                        for her to
                                                                        promote her

Character from MAP Curriculum,

Susan, age 34, married and have two children. She has her own business in textile, she
focused her business in producing jeans for kids. She works from home and have 2

Her business is seasonal, only during Lebaran, Christmas and New Year the orders
are good. Susan has big plans for her small business. She dreams of having her jeans
products online. She already have computer connected to the Internet at her house, so
she started to search the Internet how to start doing business on the Internet.

After searching on the Internet she found that to open her business online, she has to
have a website. But she doesn’t have resources to develop her own website; it is too
costly for her to invest on website.
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One day her friend comes to discuss business with her. Susan explained her dreams
on opening an online shop to her friend. Her friend told her that there are e-
Marketplaces on the Internet that she can join to promote her jeans freely. So her
friend started to explain how to join the established e-Marketplace.

What is an Established e-Marketplace?
An established e-Marketplace, or electronic marketplace, is an already formed
community of buyers and suppliers in a website. Through that community you can
sell or buy products or services you looking for. As a member of an e-marketplace,
you can be both seller and buyer.

Benefit of joining established e-Marketplace
   o Established e-Marketplace provides great opportunity for small to medium
     size companies to test online business for a minimal risk.
   o Large Community. Established e-Marketplace should already have big
     quantity of members.
   o Easy and fast to setup your online catalog. Established e-Marketplace already
     has a shop wizard to create the shops in minutes. In a few steps, you can have
     your shop online.

What is your consideration on choosing an Established e-Marketplace?

Hundreds of e-Marketplaces available today, you have to find one that matches all
your requirements ( A good e-
Marketplace should have some key features in order to facilitate smooth transactions
of business deals. As a member you should look for these features:

   o Product catalog
   o Product search capability
   o Supply chain process, i.e. request for quote, quotation, purchase order, billing
     system, etc.
   o Directory of members
   o Product content adding and editing interface
   o Ability to promote products and services
   o Simplicity – An emarketplace should be easy to learn and use
   o Large Community – The quantity of members should be big enough
   o Cost of doing business through e-marketplace

Example of established e-Marketplace
Below are some examples of established e-Marketplace you can join. Table below
shows the comparison between established global e-Marketplace. They offer FREE
services to their members, but with limited features. If you need extra features that
you didn’t find in basic membership, what you need is apply to be PREMIUM
member, and there will be annual cost for that.
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But you can always start with basic membership, if you find it is useful to upgrade
your membership to get more advantages, and then you can consider upgrading.

                  Table 1. Established Global e-Marketplace comparison

                           TOBOC                     AsianNet                ITradeMarket
Scope                   B2B Worldwide             B2B Worldwide              B2B Worldwide

Basic                        Free                       Free                       Free
Membership Fee

Personalized                  No                         No                        Yes
Website                                                                       (companyname.

Product display                1                         20                     Unlimited
with image

Receive trade          5 messages per day             Unlimited                 Unlimited
inquiries match
your business
Premium                   USD400/yr             Start from USD550 -        Start from USD49 –
Member Fee                                     1,150/yr, price based on   USD149/yr, price based
                                                     listing rank.           on listing rank.
Premium            o    Personalized website   o Unlimited no. of         o Receive inquiry
Member                  (companyname.              product displayed         from buyer via
Facilities                 o Access to buy leads         SMS
                   o    Support from               database               o Top position on the
                        marketing specialist   o Unlimited daily             product list
                   o    Unlimited messages         inquiry
                        per day
                   o    Banner space on
                        TOBOC web
                   o    Promoted on
                        TOBOC Newsletter

World’s Rank in             92,371                     13,668                    144,785
Alexa (21 Nov
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    Picture 1. - World’s Rank Comparison for, and

From the three portals in the above table, has more features than
the others. Let’s take a look more detail about this portal features. is a B2B portal where businesses can meet. Seller can offer their
products or services here while buyer can browse the website to find specific products
or services they need.

It is a worldwide marketplace that any companies from any countries can join, create
their website, and offer their products or services.
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                           Picture 2. main page

Free Member Features:
   o Online catalog
   o Trade List & Inquiry List
   o Trade Email
   o Search Bar

Online catalog

Free online catalog for your company. You can sign up in and
display your products for free. You also will get personalized website
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Picture 3. – Member Home Page

Picture 4. – Product Detail Page
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Trade List & Inquiry List

In this page you can find what other members offer or need, and contact them for
details. This Trade List & Inquiry List is a great ways to find and develop new
business opportunities. Whatever you want to buy, or sell, post them here and let
others contact you.

                            Picture 5. - Trade List Page

                            Picture 6. - Inquiry List Page

Trade Email
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When you register with this portal, you will get mailbox for correspondence with
other registered members. For example: A company requests a quotation for your
jeans product. You can check the inquiry, and reply that request using this Trade
Email page.

                         Picture 7. – Trade Email Page

Search Bar
You can use this search bar to look for company or products. You can filter the search
by category, country, and you can also narrow down the search by city, until you find
the specific company or product.

                            Picture 8. – Search Bar
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How to Join?
You can enjoy all the above benefit by Signing Up for free on

                            Picture 9. sign up page

Fill in the required fields in the registration form. Your company name will be your
personalized homepage (
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                           Picture 10. sign up form

                       Picture 11. sign up form complete

After you finish with the registration form, you need to check your email to get the
validation code to activate your membership in this website.
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What is PAN ASEAN E-Mall?
PAN ASEAN E-Mall is a virtual mall with many virtual shops inside. The concept of
this E-Mall is quite different with other e-commerce system. This E-Mall is a mall
that once you enter, you will see lot of shops selling various things. You can enter a
shop to browse its products, if you found the product you’re looking for, you can buy
at that shop, enter another shop, buy at that shop, or you can exit the mall.

                         Picture 12. Usual e-Commerce System Concept

                           Picture 13. PAN ASEAN E-Mall Concept
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E-Mall Initiative

The E-Mall was developed and operated in Singapore by PANasia Networking in year
2000. At that time the name was PANasia E-Mall. In year 2004 the E-Mall was
moved to Jakarta under The ASEAN Foundation, and changed its name to PAN

The motivations behind the initiative are research on e-commerce in developing
countries that did not have e-commerce infrastructure, especially in electronic
payment, also the cost and affordability to develop e-commerce system.

PAN ASEAN E-Mall Focuses on SMEs because mostly SMEs find too costly to set
up and to maintain e-commerce system by themselves.

The E-Mall key objective is not to generate revenue, but to build capacity. We usually
give training before shop owner joins the E-Mall, most of them are new to e-
commerce, especially using e-payment. That’s why we let them manage their own
shop, but we will help them if they found difficulties in setting up their shop or other
problems related to the E-Mall.

Currently we have 26 shop owners from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,
Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

                           Picture 14. PAN ASEAN E-Mall Front Page
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E-Mall Features
   o We have 4 categories: Arts & Crafts, CD-ROM, Publication, and Video
   o Shop Manager’s admin module. Easy to use, user friendly administration
   o Easy to setup with 12 Steps Quick Start Wizards. This Wizards helps a lot in
     setting up a shop.
   o Shop Templates. Various design templates you can choose for your shop.
   o E-Mall search engine. Search the entire shop for a product with one button
   o Digital goods. You can sell digital goods such as softwares, e-books, etc.
     Buyer can download the digital goods directly after they made payment.
   o Credit Card Payment System
     We use eNETS Payment Gateway ( from Singapore,
     we accept VISA & MasterCard.
   o Protected with SSL Encryption
     128 bit Encryption from GeoTrust (http//

Advantages for SMEs on joining the E-Mall

   o The E-Mall is already in operation for about 7 years. First operation in June
   o Very low joining fee only USD1 (one time only). Automatically deducted in
     your first sale.
   o No maintenance fee (no sale – no pay)
   o Only pay 20% commission for every successful transaction

How to Join PAN ASEAN E-Mall?

                         Picture 15. How to join PAN ASEAN E-Mall

You need to fill in the registration form at: Once the registration form submitted
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to us, we will review the request and contact you if you are eligible to be member of
the E-Mall. Below are the criteria to be member of the E-Mall:
    o Individual or company who have saleable legal products
    o Have Internet connectivity either from house or Internet cafes
    o Check email regularly (every day)

We will send you the E-Mall terms & conditions to be signed by you or your
company. The terms & conditions can be found here: If you agree with the
terms & conditions, we will create a new account for you in the E-Mall, so you can
start setting up you shop immediately.

                       Picture 16. PAN ASEAN E-Mall transaction process
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Support and Maintenance

As a member of PAN ASEAN E-Mall, we will support and help you if there are
problems such as:
    o Shop problem
       Admin module, adding/removing products, shipping configuration, etc.
    o Payment problem
       Buyers cannot made transaction in your shop, double charges, etc.

Our Office
Address   :   Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 2
              Jakarta 10350 – Indonesia
Website   :
E-mail    :
Tel.      :   +62-21-31924828
Fax       :   +62-21-31926078

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