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Nov-Dec 2009-1


									  ROCK ISLAND
 OF EDUCATION            Early Learning Quad Cities and
Our office will be       Partnering with Parents Newsletter
closed on:
Wednesday, Nov 11        Volume 10 Issue 6            November/December 2009
for Veteran’s Day

Thursday, Nov. 26        Developmental Screenings
Friday, Nov. 27
for Thanksgiving
                                                      health or                    Area screenings are
Thursday, Dec. 24                                     developmental                offered monthly at
Friday, Dec. 25                                       concerns early on            various sites in Rock
Monday, Dec. 28                                       and to acquire               Island County.
for Christmas                                         assistance that will be
                                                      helpful for optimal          Please contact the
Thursday, Dec. 31                                     growth and                   Rock Island County
Friday, January 1                                     development. A               Regional Office of
for New Years
                                                      healthy start in life is     Education
                          One of the most             crucial to a later           Early Childhood
                          important things a          success in school.           Department at
                          parent can do to                                         309-736-1111.
                          ensure their child has      Screening is provided
Inside this issue:        the best start in life is   by more than a dozen
                          to have their young         local agencies which
Screening            1
                          child participate in a      collaborate and
Information               developmental and           screen children, for
                          health screening.           free, in four vital
Screening Dates     1
                          The goal of                 areas:
Screenings are free
                          developmental               vision, hearing,
ELQC Activities      2    screenings is to            speech and overall
                          detect potential            development.
Community Events     2

Look Who’s           3    Upcoming Screening Dates - Screenings are Free
                             November 12, 2009            December 2009                January 21, 2009
Helping Your         3            9:00-11:00                                               2:00-6:00
                                                      There will be no screening
Child Listen               Salem Lutheran Church                                   Trinity Lutheran Church
                               1724 15th Street             in December.               1330 13th Street
Lending Library      3              Moline             Please call Black Hawk               Moline
                                                      Area Special Education at
                            Please call 736-1111 to                                Please call 736-1111 to
Professional         3       schedule a screening.          309-796-0082            schedule a screening
Development                                                 for assistance
About Our            4
Page 2                       Early Learning Quad Cities and Partnering with Parents Newsletter

 ALL ELQC                Parent/Child Interaction for November and December
    PWP                  Moline Public                P and J Tender Care        Moline Public
  EVENTS                 Library                      4544 3 Street              Library
  are FREE               3210 41Street                Moline                     3210 41 Street, Moline
                         Moline                       “Fall Frenzy”              “Little Tykes”
Parent & Child In-       “Little Tykes”               November 16, 2009          December 14, 2009
teraction: An            November 9, 2009             5:30-7:00                  6:00-7:00
activity or              6:00-7:00                                               Parent Education
community event          Mrs. T’s Calling             P and J Tender Care        Aldridge Early Learning
designed to              All Kids                     2201 11 Street             Center 489 27 Street
                                                      Rock Island                East Moline
encourage                1012 21 Avenue
discussion,                                           “Fall Frenzy”              Parent Discussion
                         Rock Island                                             Group
interaction, and         “Fall Frenzy”                November 9, 2009
quality time for                                      5:30-7:00                  November 17, 2009
                         November 10, 2009                                       5:00-6:00
parents and their
young children.

                         Family Events in the Community
                         Baby Sign Sessions           Festival of Trees         Admission is $8; $6 for
                         Davenport Library            River Center              ages 60 and up; $3 for
                         321 Main Street              136 E 3rd Street          ages 2-10.
                         Davenport                    Davenport
                         Interactive program is for   Nov. 20 - 12:30-3:00pm    Holiday Parade
                         ages 6-18 months and         Nov. 21- 9 am-9pm         November 21 at 11am
                         their caregivers.            Nov..22 - 10am-7pm        Downtown Davenport on
                         November 4, 11, and 18       Nov. 23-25 - 9am-9pm      River Drive
                         10:00                        Nov. 26 - 5pm-9pm         Free
                         Call 563-326-7893 for        Nov. 27,28 - 9:am9:00pm   For further information
                         Details                      Nov. 29—10am-4:00pm       Call: 563-324-3378
Family Fun Night:        Free
These activities are
designed around
the busy schedules       Theater Events in the Community
of parents and
children in child-       The Wizard of Oz             Curious George Live
care. The activity       Adler Theater                Adler Theater
is held at local child   136 E 3rd Street             136 E 3rd Street
care centers. A          Davenport                    Davenport
light meal for the       November 29, 2009            The children’s musical
first 30 minutes and     7:00 pm                      “Curious George Live!”
then an hour of          Call 563-326-8500 for        will be presented on
games and activities     further information or       December 29-30, 2009
that are develop-        10:30 am and 7:00 pm
mentally appropri-                                    Tickets are $16, $20,
ate for preschool                                     $27, and $ 32.
age children.                                         Call 563-326-8500
Volume 10 Issue 6                                                                                             Page 3

                                                                                                Preschoolers are
Look Who’s Listening to You!                                 all ears
                                                                                                Children this age
                                                                                                listen more for
Babies listen from birth        Parents help their baby         by turning to the sound of
                                                                                                meaning and less for
Hearing develops in             listen when they speak in       your voice, smiling and
                                                                                                the sounds of speech.
pregnancy about the fifth       parentese, using a voice that   laughing, and moving her
                                                                                                If your child doesn’t
month. After birth, the         is higher pitch, slower and     arms and legs in excitement.
                                                                                                say something clearly,
brain is able to perceive and   more drawn out, and has         Toddlers listen on the
                                                                                                repeat the word
process all the sounds of       greater contrasts in            go
                                                                                                using the correct
speech. The brain begins to     inflection. This way of         The fact that toddlers are
                                                                                                pronunciation rather
map the sounds of speech as     speaking presents speech        curious and into everything
                                                                                                than pointing out a
the baby hears adults talking   sounds in exactly the way       exposes them to many dif-
to him. These are sounds        the babies need to be able      ferent words and sounds.
                                                                                                Preschoolers are
that the child will need to     to listen and process. It’s     Toddlers listen, they just do
                                                                                                learning to listen to a
know in order to learn to       not baby talk. Your baby        it standing up. Your little
                                                                                                story and retell a
read.                           shows she is listening to you   one wants to look in your
                                                                                                story or answer a
                                                                face and watch your mouth.

Listen Up! Here are some things you can do to help your child listen                             Lending Library

•   Be sure you have             •   Speak a little              child                          Attention Families:
    your child’s                     slower                      Fascinating Facts:              Books, toys and
    attention                    •   Use funny voices            A toddler is                    parent resources
•   Make eye-contact                 when reading a              listening when she
                                                                                                 are available for
    down on her level                story                       is engrossed in play.
•   Pronounce words              •   Ask your child to           A preschooler is               check out. Please
    the way adults do                make a prediction           still listening even if        call 309-736-1111
    so your child will               about a story               she is talking a mile          and ask for Early
    know what is                 •   Be a good listener          a minute
    correct                          to model for your                                              Childhood.

Professional Development

Creating Powerful                 Date: Dec. 5, 2009             Location:
Teams                                                            University of Illinois
The focus of this training        Time: 9:00am-2:30pm            Extension
is building an                                                   4550 Kennedy Dr.
understanding of how              Presenter:                     East Moline
good teams happen,                Dr. Judy Harris Helm
changes teams go through                                         CPDU(s): 5
and how we might harness          Audience: Childcare
the power of well-                providers, teachers,           To Register: Call Julie
functioning teams by              administrators and parent      at 309-736-1111 or visit
improving our own                 educators            
individual teaming skills.        Cost: $50.00                   Workshop # 8960
                                   Parents as Teachers: Partnering with Parents and Early Learning Quad Cities programs are supported by grant
ROCK ISLAND COUNTY                 funding from the Illinois State Board of Education. These programs offer support and information on child develop-
  REGIONAL OFFICE                  ment to the families and educators of Rock Island County.

                                   Program Eligibility
                                     Parent & Child Activities                  Staff Development                                Home Visits
                                    These programs also coordi-            Through workshops and                      Using the Parents As
If you would like to be added or    nate many activities within            staff development, childcare               Teachers curriculum, our
removed from our mailing list       the community, including               providers, teachers, and                   program offers personal
please call Pam Kissell at
                                    early literacy activities, par-        parent educators learn new                 visits. Certified parent edu-
309-736-1111 or e-mail         ent and child interaction              methods for teaching young                 cators provide child devel-
                                    activities, and parent educa-          children.                                  opment information, suggest
                                    tion meetings.                                                                    and model age appropriate
                                                                                                                      activities, and address
                                    Activities and events are
                                                                                                                      parenting concerns.
                                    free to all families in Rock
                                                                                                                      Interested in home visits?
                                    Island County with children
                                                                                                                      Please call us at
                                    from birth to five years old.
                                                                                                                      (309) 736-1111.

     We’re on the Web              The Partnering with Parents program is provided for families residing
                                   in Rock Island County that have a child who is 0-5 years old, and not
                                   yet eligible to enter kindergarten.


                                                                                                                                  Phone: (309) 736-1111

                                                                                                                                         Moline, IL 61265

                                                                                                                                 3430 Avenue of the Cities

                                                                                                           Rock Island County Regional Office of Education

                                                                                                         Partnering with Parents/Early Learning Quad Cities

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