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Selling Your Home
S   elling your home is one of the major events in your life. With some
    preparation work beforehand, you should be able to get a great
price in the least amount of time.
                                                                                                                                          can still be
                                                                                                       very cost-effective, as is a listing in one of
                                                                                                       the property portals.
                                                                                                                               are often a good
                                                                                                       way of showing the property to many
                                                       and accreditations,
                                                     • Local market knowledge and expertise,           Your agent should have a system for
                                                     • Suggested marketing tactics & sales methods,    collecting contact details and following
                                                     • Previous successes – ask to see testimonials    up with the people who attend.
                                                       & speak to a few of the people quoted, and
                                                     • Fees and charges.
                                                                                                       Minor cosmetic improvements cost very
                                                     You can decide to have one agent selling your     little, but can make a big difference to the
If you are using an agent to sell your               home on an exclusive basis, or choose to use      impression given to a potential purchaser.
property, they will give you their opinion of        the services of two or more at the same time.     A fresh coat of paint, a tidy garden, a clean
the value of your home. This will be partly          By giving an agent an exclusive arrangement,      and tidy home can all give the impression
based on recent house sale prices in your            Being exclusive means they are likely to devote   of a well cared for property.
area, which they should have access to.              more resources to selling your home. This
By also doing some research yourself, you                                                              more substantial renovations, this needs
can be better informed. You can purchase             Marketing                                         careful thought. Unless the new asking price
                                                     Listen to the advice of the agent, but don’t
the internet. These give a good idea of              necessarily agree to a hugely expensive           doing the upgrade, it usually isn’t worth it.
historical sales prices.                             marketing campaign – after all, it’s your         A better approach may be to factor in the
However, the best way of knowing the                 money. A good agent should be able to do          renovation cost to the asking price. Also,
true value of your house is to have an               some “smart marketing” by using cost-             just having a few renovation quotes on
independent valuer give you a valuation.             effective strategies that focus on the more
                                                                                                       hand will help potential purchasers to see
They are skilled professionals who are               likely buyers. Let’s look at a few examples.
                                                                                                       what’s involved.
legally liable for their services and have no        Your home may appeal to a certain, well-
                                                                      which can be communicated
cost a few hundred dollars, it means that you        to in a focussed manner. For example, does        Ultimately, the successful sale of your home
have a good benchmark to work with.                  the home offer something unusual (eg self         comes down to presenting your home in the
                                                                                                       best light, using the skills and experience of
Selecting An Agent                                   closeness to a golf course or select schools).    property professionals in partnership with
Most sellers will engage the services of an                                                            your own abilities, and knowing what the
                                                     Your agent should have a            of
agent to help them sell their house. So how                                                            market is likely to pay.
                                                     potential purchasers who are in the market
do you select a good one?
                                                     for a property like yours.                        Once you’ve decided to sell, you’ll also
You can start by asking family, friends or trusted                                                     start to seriously plan your next move. And
                                                     A                             in the local
advisers whom they would recommend. You                                                                part of this planning will be to organise a
                                                     area can be very useful. Many properties
can also determine who is an active agent in the                                                       suitable home loan for your next purchase.
                                                     are bought by friends and families of people
area by their signboards, local advertising, etc.
                                                     who already live in an area. If your house        It is never too early to start planning for this,
You should meet with at least three agents,          lacks “street appeal”, a                          so if you’d like to investigate your options
which will enable you to compare their:              showing the interior can help immensely.          or simply talk it over, please get in touch.
     Why Choose Us?
Well Simply, We:
• save you the time and stress of

                                    Landlord Insurance
 Interest rates
                                    A     recent survey reveals that less than 50% of self-managing
                                          landlords have adequate insurance cover for their properties.

                                    these property owners.
                                                                                         or if the property has to be left vacant
 RP data in WA                      in June, less than half of the self-managing         whilst repairs are carried out.
                                                                                     •                     , including for a
                                    landlord insurance.                                  damages claim against you by the
                                    Some of them believed that the rental bond           tenant for an injury.
                                                                                     •                       incurred in taking action
                                    – which is unfortunately not usually the case.       against a tenant.
                                    Others felt that their standard home buildings   Aren’t All Policies The Same?
                                    and contents policies were adequate – but
                                    these do not normally offer the full range of    Like any type of insurance policy, the details
                                    required cover.
                                                                                     payable, the excess amounts, waiting periods
                                    This means that one in two self-managing         and the premiums vary between the providers.
                                    landlords could be at risk of experiencing a
                  As Easy As 123
                                    could be covered for if they had the correct         “Not all policies provide
                                    policy in place.                                     the right type of cover.”
           Contact:                 This lack of insurance is also a problem,
                                    though less so, for landlords who use            For example some policies can pay up to six
       T: 1300 123 133                                     to look after their       week’s rent if tenants abscond and up to 15
                                    properties. Good Property Managers will          weeks if tenants default on their payments
       F: 08 6210 1586              point out the advantages of such insurance       and the landlord has to repossess.
                                    to their clients, and encourage them to seek
      www.123.com.au                protection. Even so, a sizeable minority of
                                                                                     Also, some insurance policies are marketed
                                                                                     as “landlord policies”, but in fact don’t
                                    these landlords also lack appropriate cover.
                                                                                     cover the full range of risks.
           Licence No. 1552
                                    What Is Landlord Insurance?
                                    Common features of a landlord insurance          reveals clauses excluding events such as
                                    policy include:                                  malicious damage by a tenant and cover
                                    • Malicio                              to the    for the loss of rental income – all essential
                                      property by the tenant or their guests.        components that a landlord requires
                                      This includes holes in walls, smashed          coverage for.
                                      doors, deliberately burnt carpets as well
                                      as unintentional damage.
                                                                                     Investing in property is about investing
                                    •        by the tenant or their guests.
                                      This can happen when a tenant is               in your future. As a landlord you will no
                                      moving away from a partly or fully             doubt want to ensure that your investment
                                      furnished property.                            property is properly protected.
                                    •                          if the tenant         That means getting a proper landlord insurance
                                      defaults on their payments or absconds,        policy – it’s an investment worth considering.

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