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Legacy of Honor The Values and I


									Troop 706 YL 26th Anniversary Court of Honor
Taken from Legacy of Honor: The Values and Influence of America’s Eagle Scouts by Alvin Townley

George Coker, Eagle Scout 1959                   Loyal and Brave Prisoner of War
For two months, the enemy got him up at 5AM and stood him against a wall with his hands raised about his
head for 13 hours. They wanted him to accuse his country of war crimes. His fellow prisoners supported
him by singing patriotic songs.

He said “Sometimes you try to pass time by counting.” After two months, he could only count up to 60.
“I could barely remember who I was. I could barely remember my family. If you asked me family
names, I couldn‟t have told you. My brain was shutting down. The last thing I could consciously hold
onto was the Boy Scout oath. By the end, I could only get out the first verse: „On my honor I will do my
best‟. That forced my brain to function and say I will do this again, I will not do what they want me to
do. When I say I owe scouting my life, that‟s a true statement.” (Pages 68-69)

Sam Walton, Eagle Scout, 1930’s Helpful, Brave, Thrifty Young Hero
From a Newspaper in 1932:
“Because of his training, Sammy Walton, 14, rescued Donald Peterson … from drowning in the Salt
River. He pulled him to shore and applied artificial respiration that scouts must become proficient in.”
Sam Walton went on to found Wal-Mart. (Page 88)

Michael Bloomberg, Eagle Scout 1955             Thrift and Tenacity
“Michael Bloomberg‟s family could not afford summers at camp.” He paid for Boy Scout summer camp
for 5 years by selling more Christmas wreaths than anyone else, even though he was Jewish! “In selling
wreaths each year, he learned about tenacity.” He went on to work in Wall Street and is now Mayor of
New York City. (Page 111)

Ross Perot, Eagle Scout 1943             Trustworthy, Morally Straight
Ross Perot applied to the Naval Academy and was turned down. He applied two more times and finally
got in. At the academy, he helped establish the Naval Academy honor system that still exists today.
Later he became a presidential candidate. His son and grandsons become Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts.
(Pages 90-102)

Bill Marriott, Eagle Scout 1947           Kind, Courteous, and Reverent
“I don‟t care who you are, there‟s not an Eagle Scout in the world who didn‟t get a lot of help from either
his mother or father, usually his mother.” Bill Marriott founded the Marriott chain of hotels. (Pages
Say thank you to your parents for their help in life.

Scott Strauss, Eagle Scout 1981           9-11 Hero, Physically Strong
“When I was in Boy Scouts, it wasn‟t cool to be in Boy Scouts. You had to go against peer pressure a lot
of times. … You are leading; you are not a follower.”
“Perhaps ironically, Scott came to be a trained sniper directly because of his experience in Troop 45. It
was his scoutmaster who say that this skilled young man might be adept at rappelling down buildings
and rescuing.” He is scoutmaster now for his two sons. (Pages 137-148)
Mark Madsen, Eagle Scout                  Courteous Coach
“I took lessons from scouting. First, I learned how to make good decisions. Second, I learned what to do
when you make bad decisions. I learned these lessons from Scout leaders. I‟d like to help other young
people in Scouting and in basketball grow as individuals.” He is coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves
Basketball team. “Eagles have coached championship hockey teams, struggling cross-country runners
and young soccer players. …they would likely say they give their time to young athletes to help them
grow into better people.” (Page 205)

Brothers, Eagle Scouts from 1982 – 2001            Loyal Families
In the Thomas family from Las Vegas Nevada, Rex Thomas was the 11th brother to become an Eagle

Scouting often runs in families or is passed on from father to son. Bill Gates, Sr. was an Eagle Scout.
His son, Bill Gates, founder or Microsoft reached the rank of Life Scout. He appointed his Eagle Scout
father to run his foundation that gives away billions of dollars to charities. (Pages 172-175)

Jim Lovell, Eagle Scout 1943              Trust, Perseverance, Mentally Awake
Jim Lovell was the commander of Apollo13; the crippled spacecraft that almost did not make it back to
earth. For 4 days, the astronauts had to solve problem after problem to stay alive and return safely to

“The old scout motto „Be Prepared,‟ was very apropos in my situation. ... For example, we never trained
for more than a single failure in the space program …Apollo 13 suffered a triple-point failure …You‟ve
got to trust each other to do the right thing.” …I think Scouting is also the pursuit of exploration. Scouts
are people who want to see things, who are curious, who are always wanting to look over the next
horizon. That‟s why they go to camp; to learn things, to go hiking and be active.”

“You learned to continue to go, not give up early. Earning a merit badge, you could say, „Oh, I‟ll wait
until later‟; but I kept going.” (He applied twice to the Naval Academy and twice to the Space Program).
“Perseverance also helped me after I got into these programs and was very important to me.” 180 scouts
have served as astronauts including 40 Eagles. (Pages 78-87)

Do you have to be an Eagle Scout to follow the example of these men? No. You know these values
from the promise and law.
In the promise, you learn about duty and service to God, country and other people.
In the Boy Scout law you learn about “the 10.”
         Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind , Obedient,
         Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave.
Any time you think about doing something, and you‟re not sure if you should do it, or someone tells you
to do something and you‟re not sure if you should do it, ask yourself if it follows the 10. If not, don’t
do it.
Any one of you, at any level of scouts – scout, tenderfoot, second class, first class, star, life or eagle, can
follow the 10. You can imitate the bravery and trust of Commander Lovell in Apollo 13; the loyalty and
patriotism of George Coker in a prisoner of war camp, the reverence of Bill Marriott, the courteousness
of Coach Mark Madsen and so on.

The Legacy of Honor represented by these Eagle Scouts can be the legacy for all
of you young men.

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