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    1900-1909: Toy bears named              The Golden Age of Comic Books                    1970-1979: This decade saw a
 "Teddy" after President Roosevelt        exploded in 1938 with the introduction of     backlash against conflicts like the
 were popular in 1902. Crayola            Superman, x-ray glasses, and hand held        Vietnam War, so toy weapons
 crayons were made for the first time     radios sold on the back pages of early        stopped being produced..Lego
 in 1903.                                 comic books.                                  became hugely popular. Other
                                                                                        bestsellers included movie spinoff
   1910-1919:the Erector Set was             1940-1949: Chutes and ladders board
                                                                                        action figures from Star Wars, Jaws,
 invented in 1913 . It was a steel,       game and Silly Putty were introduced.
                                                                                        Superman and The Six Million Dollar
 motorized toy to build models of just    (Silly Putty was an accident when a
                                                                                        Man. Atari‟s Pong, the first-ever video
 about anything. Tinker Toys were         General Electric Engineer was trying to
                                                                                        game was introduced.
 created the following year for           create synthetic rubber and ended up
 younger children. Raggedy Ann            with a strange substance that bounced            1980-1989: Video and computer
 dolls first appeared after a             and stretched). Tonka Trucks made their       technology dominated every child‟s
 newspaper cartoonist reproduced          first appearance                              leisure time. Interactive speak and
 the doll he made for his daughter in                                                   spell toys made learning fun.
                                             1950-1959: The Hula Hoop started in
 1915.                                                                                  Fantasy toys like My Little Pony, Care
                                          Australia as an exercise ring. Frisbees
                                                                                        Bears, the Smurfs and Cabbage
    1920-1929. Die cast metal toys        and Ant Farms were developed in 1956
                                                                                        Patch Kids were hugely popular.
 like airplanes and cars for young        and 1957. It was the Barbie Doll, next to
                                                                                        Figures from Transformers and
 boys .The Raggedy Ann doll was           Mr .Potato Head that has maintained the
                                                                                        Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were
 surpassed by Madame Alexander            largest following since then.
 dolls in 1929. The Yo-yo, and mini-
                                            1960-1969: Toys got safer in the 60s,
 golf were introduced.                                                                    1990-1999: Nintendo‟s Game Boy
                                          as strict guidelines restricted the use of
                                                                                        was a massive seller. Buzz Lightyear
    1930-1939: Forbes Magazine            celluloid, banned sharp edges and toxic
                                                                                        action figures from the movie were
 named the 3-D view master as the         dyes. Plastic was king, giving rise to a
                                                                                        big. Beanie Babies and Polly Pocket
 biggest toy of the decade,               whole new range of toys, including
                                                                                        were popular. Many children played
 Monopoly, Sorry, and Scrabble were       G.I .Joe and the Easy Bake Oven.
                                                                                        with K'nex construction kits and
 invented in the 1930s.
                                                                                        Pokemon trading cards.

                                                                                                                Jokes             2

                                and then moved to Paris.        Jews—found themselves in                   Father Thomas          3
   Curious George                 After a French publisher      a horrible situation. So they                  Berry
  Hans Rey was born on          saw Hans‟ newspaper             cobbled together two
September 16, 1898, in          cartoons of a giraffe he        bicycles and left Paris with                  Curiosity           4
Hamburg Germany. He             asked for more.                 warm coats, a bit of food,
grew up near the world-           Cecily G. and the Nine        and the manuscript of                           July              5
famous Hagenbeck Zoo,           Monkeys was the result,         Curious George.                               Calendar
and developed a lifelong        and marked the debut of            They eventually made it                     August             6
love for both animals and       the mischievous monkey          to New York City, where                       Calendar
drawing.                        named Curious George.           they began a new life as
   He met Margret                 The Reys decided that         children‟s book authors.
Waldstein when she was a        Curious George deserved a          The first Curious George
young girl, before she left     book of his own, so they        book appeared in1941. It
Hamburg to study art.           began working on a              begins with George living in
  They were reunited in         manuscript that featured        Africa and tells the story of
1935 in Rio de Janeiro,         the lovable and                 his capture by the “Man                   Your input and views
where Hans was selling          exceedingly curious little      with the Yellow Hat”, who                       are important.
bathtubs as part of a family    monkey.                         takes him on a ship to "the           E-Mail: jcollins-smith@leduc.ca
business.                         However, before the           big city" where he will live
  Hans and Margret were         book could be published,        in the zoo.
married in Brazil in1935        the Reys—both German
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                 The Strange Side of DIY                                 Scotsman, Irishman, and Englishman
                   [Do It Yourself]                                                     Story
                                      Rosie decides to buy a self-        A Scotsman, an Irishman, and an Englishman are each
                                  assembly, flat-pack, cupboard        sentenced to a year in solitary confinement; before being
                                  from her local hardware store.       locked away, each is to be granted a year's supply of
                                  Reaching home, she reads the         whatever he wants to help him get through the long, long spell
                                  instructions carefully, counts the   alone.
                                  pieces then assembles the
                                                                           The Scotsman asks for a year's supply of whisky; it's given
                                  cupboard in the bedroom. It
                                                                       to him and he's locked away.
                                  looks really great and she is
                                  delighted.                              The Irishman asks for a year's supply of Guinness so he's
                                                                       locked up with several thousand bottles of it.
                                    Rosie lives near a railway
                                line and as the train passes by           The Englishman asks for a year's supply of cigarettes and
                                the cupboard collapses.                he's given a pile of cartons and the cell door is shut on him.
Undaunted by this misfortune, she re-reads the instructions and           One year later, their doors are all unlocked. The Scotsman
reassembles the cupboard.                                              staggers out and shouts, 'I'm free!' and then keels over dead
  Once more, another train passes and the whole cupboard               from alcohol poisoning.
collapses again. Rosie now frustrated and thinking that she must          The Irishman is dragged out into the light, whereupon he
have done something "wrong" re-re-reads the instructions and re-       promptly dies of liver failure.
re-assembles the cupboard.
                                                                          When the door to the
  Shortly, a train passes and the whole cupboard collapses yet         Englishman's cell is opened,
again for the 3rd time. Rosie is now fed up, cross and rather          everybody watches eagerly to see
angry so she 'phones the customer service department.                  what sort of a wreck the man has
                                                                       made of himself.
   She is told that this is quite impossible and that they'll send
along someone to take a look. A man arrives and assembles the               To their surprise, he walks
cupboard.                                                              right out the door, sidles up to the
                                                                       first person he sees, and asks, 'I
   Again, a train passes and the cupboard collapses. Completely        say you wouldn't happen to have
baffled by this unexpected event, the service guy decides to           a match, would you?'
reassemble the cupboard and sit inside it to see whether he can
find out what causes the cupboard to collapse.                                                      PICNIC
    At this point, Rosie's husband comes home, sees the cupboard           The service area was located on a main highway leading
and says, 'Oh, that's a splendid looking cupboard,' and he opens       to the beach.
it to look inside.                                                        The pump attendant was accustomed to seeing tired and
       The guy, who had been wondering how to explain his              sunburned occupants in the cars that pulled in to tank up.
position in Rosie's bedroom cupboard, blurts out, “You probably            When a rusty old station wagon containing a very tired
won't believe me, but I'm standing here waiting for a train.”          looking couple and seven screaming children pulled into his
                                                                       station, the attendant tried small talk to cheer the occupants.
                             A Perfect Summer day
                                                                          "Hope you had a good day at the beach! Nice looking kids
                               A perfect summer day is when            there. Are they all yours or is this a picnic?"
                                      the sun is shining,
                                   the breeze is blowing,                Wearily, the driver relied, "Yes they are all mine and it is
                                    the birds are singing,             NO picnic!!!"
                               and the lawn mower is broken!

                                A Funny True Story
   A Police Officer found a perfect hiding                                     Panorama
place for watching for speeding motorists.                                    Newsletter
However one day everyone was under the
speed limit, and he went to investigate .                              Due to the popularity of submissions to the newsletter, any-
                                                                       thing submitted after the deadline cannot be inserted.
  10 year old Dennis was standing on the side of the road with a       Deadline: August 19, 2009
huge hand painted sign which said "Radar Trap Ahead."                  Mailing Date: August 27, 2009
   A little more investigative work led the officer to the boy's        The views expressed in the pages of “Panorama: Wise and
accomplice, another boy about 100 yards beyond the radar trap          Otherwise Views of Leduc” do not necessarily reflect the
with a sign reading "Tips" and a bucket at his feet, full of change.   views of the editor or City Hall. The contents of this publication
                                                                       cannot be reprinted without prior expressed permission.
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                                                 student jumped up and explained clearly:              University and Fordham University
   Father Thomas Berry ,a Roman
                                                 “People being so locked up in themselves              before retiring in 1979.
Catholic Priest, recently died. His books
                                                 that no one and nothing else can get in.”
and lectures inspired a devoted number                                                                 He was also a founder of the
of people to explore the connection                 Exactly, Berry thought. “That is what              Riverdale Center for Religious
between religion, human nature and the           has happened to the human community in                Research in N.Y. He was the
environment.                                     our times. We are talking only to                     director until 1995, when the center
                                                 ourselves. We are not talking to the rivers,          closed and he moved back to North
       A Tribute to
                                                 we are not listening to the wind and stars.           Carolina.
   Father Thomas Berry
       1914—2009                                                                                       His key works were "The Dream of
            By RICH HEFFERN
                                                                                                       the Earth" (1988), "The Universe
                                                                                                       Story" (written with physicist Brian
  Father Thomas Berry was among                                                                        Swimme; 1992), "The Great Work:
the first to say the earth crisis is                                                                   Our Way Into the Future" (1999)
fundamentally a spiritual crisis.” He                                                                  and "Evening Thoughts: Reflection
spent his childhood roaming the woods                                                                  on the Earth as Sacred
and meadows around his home in                                                                         Community" (2006). Two more
Greensboro, N.C. At the age of 11, he                                                                  books of his essays, "The Sacred
says, his sense of “the natural world in                                                               Universe" and "The Christian
its numinous presence” came to him                                                                     Future and the Fate of the Earth,"
when he discovered a new meadow on                                                                     are scheduled to be published in
                                                 We have broken the great conversation.
the outskirts of the town to which his                                                                 August.
                                                 By breaking that conversation we have
family had just moved.                                                                                 Father Thomas Berry died on June
                                                 shattered the universe. All the disasters
                                                 that are happening now are consequence                1, 2009 at the age of 94. He is
                                                 of that spiritual „autism.‟ ”                         survived by a sister and three
                                                     Father Thomas Berry’s
                                                         Life Journey
                                                        The third in a family of 13 children,
                                                        William Nathan Berry was born in
                                                        Greensboro ,North Carolina on
                                                        Nov. 9, 1914.
                                                         At 20, Berry entered the Roman
                                                        Catholic Passionist order and took
  “The field was covered with white lilies              the name Thomas, after Thomas
rising above the thick grass. A magic                   Aquinas. "I joined the monastery
moment, this experience gave to my life                 to escape from a world that was
something that seems to explain my                      becoming crassly commercial, so
thinking at a more profound level than                  that I could find meaning."                Father Thomas Berry’s
almost any other experience I can                                                                 Outlook for the Future
remember.”                                              He was ordained as a priest in
                                                        1942.                                       Father Thomas Berry believed that
      It was not only the lilies, he says. “It                                                  when one's world view shifts to
was the singing of the crickets and the                 He earned a doctoral degree in
                                                                                                understand the interrelatedness of all life,
woodlands in the distance and the                       European intellectual history from
                                                                                                one's ethics, likewise will be effected to
clouds in the clear sky. … This early                   the Catholic University of America.
                                                                                                work for human justice and environmental
experience has remained with me ever                    Along the way, he learned Sanskrit      sustainability. He believed that humanity
since as the basic determinant of my                    and Chinese to help his studies of      is ready be reconnected to the cosmos
sense of reality and values. Whatever                   Asian religions.                        instead of selfishly seeing the planet
fosters this meadow is good. What does                                                          Earth‟s resources solely for our benefit.
harm to this meadow is not good.” By                    He went to China to study Chinese
                                                        religions, but the Communist            Father Berry believed that our physical
extension, he says, “a good economic, or                                                        and spiritual survival depends on this
political, or educational system is one                 victory in 1949 prompted him to
                                                        flee.                                   reconnection.
that would preserve that meadow and a
good religion would reveal the deeper                   In the early 1950s, he served as an
experience of that meadow and how it                    Army chaplain in Europe.
came into being.”
                                                        He has had a long-standing
    Berry went to a high school one day                 appreciation for the spirituality of
to talk to the students, wanting to convey              indigenous traditions in both Asia
to them a sense of our current spiritual                and the Americas.
predicament. The term autism came to
                                                        After returning to America, he
mind, and he asked if anyone in the
                                                        taught the history of world religions
class could define what that meant,
                                                        at Seton Hall University, St. John's
unsure if he would get a good answer. A
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       Why Write About                                    POEM: CURIOSITY
                                                                                                     A man should live if only
         curiosity?                                      (abbreviated version)
                                                                                                      to satisfy his curiosity.
   Curiosity is a character trait that                         Alastair Reid
                                                                                                          Yiddish Proverb
enhances our ability to flourish as human        may have killed the cat; more likely
beings. It makes us want to learn more                                                         Children have an abundance of
                                               the cat was just unlucky, or else
about a wide variety of things. We gain                                                      curiosity and use it. However, as adults
                                               curious to see what death was like,
knowledge about the world through                                                            we may think we have lost some of this
                                               having no cause to go on licking paws,
“taking an interest,” openness,                                                              ability.
                                               or fathering litter on litter of kittens,
receptivity, and even reverence.               predictably.                                     According to psychologists, curiosity is
                                                                                             a trait that is more typical of some people
                                                 Nevertheless, to be curious is
                                                                                             than others. Curiosity works in a couple of
                                               dangerous enough. To distrust
                                                                                             different ways.
                                               what is always said, what seems, to
                                               ask odd questions, interfere in dreams,          First of all, some people like to seek out
                                               leave home, have hunches do not               new or unusual things. They easily notice
                                               endear cats to those doggy circles            differences and investigate them. These
  It takes a curious mind to look beneath      where well-smelt baskets and good             people live in a state of wonder, surprise
the surface and discover new worlds and        lunches are the order of things.              and delight. They tend not be as
possibilities hidden behind the routine of                                                   concerned with having everything in its
                                                 Face it, curiosity will not cause us to
normal life.                                                                                 proper place.
                                               die-only lack of it will. Never to want to
   A curious person doesn‟t just take          see the other side of the hill or that
someone‟s word for it; they discover the       improbable country where living is an
truth for themselves. The curious dig          idyll would kill us all.
deep into the details, and when they             Only the curious have, if they live, a
finish their detective work, they don‟t only   tale worth telling at all. Dogs say cats
know “what” or “when”, they know “how”         love too much, are irresponsible, are
and “why”.                                     changeable, chill all dinner tables with
  The life of curious people is not boring.    tales of their nine lives.
There are always new things that attract          Well, they are lucky. Let them be nine
their attention, new „toys‟ to play with.      -lived and contradictory, curious               On the other hand, other people value
Instead of being bored, curious people         enough to change, prepare to pay and          orderliness. Hence, they are more aware
have an adventurous life.                      die again and again, each time with no        of small differences. This type of
                                               less pain.                                    curiosity enables them to gain a deeper
                                                                                             understanding of things

                                                  Alastair Reid is a poet, prose writer,
                                               translator, and traveler. Born in Galloway,
                                               he served in the Royal Navy in wartime,
      CURIOSITY is the precursor to            and afterward left Scotland to live in a         Highly curious people tend to have both
      creativity and innovation                number of different countries. Since the      characteristics. They seek out novelty and
      CURIOSITY can help us achieve            1950s, he has been a traveling                value orderliness. They seem to be able
      inner fulfillment and so make us         correspondent for The New Yorker.             to remain longer than others in situations
      happier                                                                                of uncertainty. Hence they experience
                                                  Alastair Reid has published more than
                                                                                             greater personal growth and wisdom.
      CURIOSITY can improve our                forty books—of poems, essays, prose
      problem solving skills                   chronicles, and translations—and his             Positive psychology was launched in
                                               writings have been widely translated. He      1998 by Martin Seligman during his term
      CURIOSITY is the foundation of           is known for his light, engaging style.       as president of the American
      discovery and exploration                Because he traveled so much, he rejects       Psychological Association. One of the
      CURIOSITY is all about asking            the label as a “Scottish" writer              key direction that positive psychologists
      Why?                                                                                   are taking is the creation of a classification
                                                                                             of human strengths.
      CURIOUS people live longer and
      have a more active life                                                                  These strengths have been defined as
                                                                                             are wisdom, courage, humanity, justice,
      www.curiositycoach.com                                                                 temperance, and transcendence. They
                                                                                             include curiosity as a component of
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              Page 5                                  JULY 2009
        Mon                         Tue                    Wed                        Thu                          Fri
TH Telford House              UC St. David‟s                               1                         2                            3
CC Civic Centre               United Church
WHM Woods House               PSB Protective             Canada                8:00 Aquasize (LRC)
                                                                               9:00 Coffee and Lunch
                                                                                                          9:30 Day Program (TH)
                                                                                                          10:00 Bowling (LL)
LRC Leduc Recreation
                              Services Building
                              LHC Leduc Health
                                                          Day                        Drop-In (TH)
                                                                               10:00 Market Day
Centre                        Centre                                                  (CCM)               What kind of cats like
LL Leduc Lanes                SOSS Society of                                  1:00 Fun Bridge (TH)         to go bowling?
RCL Royal                     Serving Seniors                                  7:00 Whist (TH)
Canadian Legion               B&G Boys & Girls
                                                                                                                Alley cats.
CCM City Centre Mall          Club

                          6                       7                        8                         9                            10
9:30 Day Program (TH)         8:00 Aquasize (LRC) 1:00 Fun Curling (TH)        8:00 Aquasize (LRC)        9:30 Day Program (TH)
10:00 Bowling (LL)            9:00 Duplicate Bridge                            10:00 Market Day           10:00 Bowling (LL)
1:00 Euchre (TH)                   (TH)             What do you get if               (CCM)
                              1:00 Crib (TH)          you cross an             7:00 Crib( TH)
                              7:00 Black Gold        elephant and a
                                Toastmasters (UC)       kangaroo?
                              7:00 Music Jam (TH)
                                                      Big holes all over

                       13                      14                      15                            16                           17
9:30 Day Program (TH)         8:00 Aquasize (LRC) 1:00 Fun Curling (TH)        8:00 Aquasize (LRC)   9:30 Day Program (TH)
10:00 Alzheimer Support       9:00 Duplicate Bridge                            9:00 Coffee and Lunch 10:00 Bowling (LL)
      (TH)                         (TH)                                              Drop-In (TH)
10:00 Bowling (LL)            1:00 Crib (TH)                                   9:00 Telford House
1:00 Euchre (TH)              7:00 Black Gold                                         Directors
  What do you call a             Toastmasters                                         Meeting (TH)
                                  (UC)                                         10:00 Market Day
country where everyone
 has to drive a red car?                                                       1:00 Fun Bridge (TH)
    A red carnation.                                                           7:00 Whist (TH)

                       20                      21                      22                            23                           24
9:30 Day Program (TH)         8:00 Aquasize (LRC)                              8:00 Aquasize (LRC)   9:30 Day Program (TH)
                                                    1:00 Fun Curling (TH)
10:00 Bowling (LL)            9:00 Duplicate Bridge                            9:00 Coffee and Lunch 10:00 Bowling (LL)
1:00 Euchre (TH)                   (TH)               What's round and               Drop-In (TH)
                              1:00 Crib (TH)                                   10:00 Market Day
                              7:00 Black Gold                                         (CCM)
                                 Toastmasters (UC)                             1:00 Fun Bridge (TH)
                                                       A vicious circle.       7:00 Crib (TH)

                       27                      28                      29                            30                           31
9:30 Day Program (TH)         8:00 Aquasize (LRC) 1:00 Fun Curling (TH) 8:00 Aquasize (LRC)   9:30 Day Program (TH)
10:00 Bowling (LL)            9:00 Duplicate Bridge                     9:00 Coffee and Lunch 10:00 Bowling (LL)
1:00 Euchre (TH)                   (TH)                                       Drop-In (TH)
                              1:00 Crib (TH)                            10:00 Market Day        What did one elevator
                              7:00 Black Gold                                  (CCM)               say to the other?
                                 Toastmasters (UC)                      1:00 Fun Bridge (TH)
                                                                        7:00 Court Whist (TH)    I think I'm coming
                                                                                               down with something!
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                 Page 6                                    AUGUST 2009
          Mon                          Tue                      Wed                          Thu                             Fri
                            3                          4                         5                           6                               7
         Civic                   8:00 Aquasize (LRC 1:00 Fun Curling (TH)
                                 9:00 Duplicate Bridge
                                                                                      8:00 Aquasize (LRC)   9:30 Day Program (TH)
                                                                                      9:00 Coffee and Lunch 10:00 Bowling (LL)
        Holiday                       (TH)              I'm not going to                    Drop-In (TH)
                                 1:00 Crib (TH)            vacuum 'til                10:00 Market Day              11-2 Free
                                 7:00 Black Gold        Sears makes one                      (CCM)                City of Leduc
                                   Toastmasters (UC)    you can ride on.              1:00 Fun Bridge (TH)   Volunteer Appreciation
                                 7:00 Music Jam (TH)                                  7:00 Whist (TH)                  BBQ
                                                       - Roseanne Barr-                                          at Telford Lake

                          10                      11                             12                      13                                14
9:30 Day Program (TH)            8:00 Aquasize (LRC) 1:00 Fun Curling (TH)            8:00 Aquasize (LRC)        9:30 Day Program (TH)
10:00 Alzheimer Support          9:00 Duplicate Bridge                                9:00 Coffee and Lunch      10:00 Bowling (LL)
      (TH)                            (TH)                                                  Drop-In (TH)
10:00 Bowling (LL)               1:00 Crib (TH)                                       10:00 Market Day
                                                                                                                   A bird does not sing
1:00 Euchre (TH)                 7:00 Black Gold                                             (CCM)
                                                                                                                    because it has an
                                    Toastmasters                                      7:00 Crib( TH)
                                     (UC)                                                                               answer…
                                                                                                                      It sings because
                                                                                                                        it has a song

                          17                      18                             19                      20                                21
9:30 Day Program (TH)            8:00 Aquasize (LRC 1:00 Fun Curling (TH)             8:00 Aquasize (LRC)   9:30 Day Program (TH)
10:00 Bowling (LL)               9:00 Duplicate Bridge                                9:00 Coffee and Lunch 10:00 Bowling (LL)
1:00 Euchre (TH)                      (TH)                                                  Drop-In (TH)
                                 1:00 Crib (TH)        A brook would lose             9:00 Telford House
                                 7:00 Black Gold            its sound                        Directors
                                    Toastmasters                                             Meeting (TH)
                                     (UC)              if God removed the             10:00 Market Day
                                                              rocks                          (CCM)
                                                            www.oneliners-and-        1:00 Fun Bridge (TH)
                                                              proverbs.com            7:00 Whist (TH)

                          24                      25                             26                      27                                28
9:30 Day Program (TH)   8:00 Aquasize (LRC) 1:00 Fun Curling (TH)                     8:00 Aquasize (LRC)   9:30 Day Program (TH)
10:00 Bowling (LL)      9:00 Duplicate Bridge                                         9:00 Coffee and Lunch 10:00 Bowling (LL)
1:00 Euchre (TH)             (TH)                                                           Drop-In (TH)
 A computer is almost   1:00 Crib (TH)                                                10:00 Market Day
                        6:00 Friendship                                                      (CCM)
       human ...
                             Club BBQ (TH)                                            1:00 Fun Bridge (TH)
Except it doesn’t blame 7:00 Black Gold                                               7:00 Crib (TH)
 its mistakes on other     Toastmasters (UC)

                          31      A French guest ,                                    TH Telford House           UC St. David‟s
9:30 Day Program (TH)            staying in a hotel                                   CC Civic Centre            United Church
10:00 Bowling (LL)                  in Edmonton                                       WHM Woods House            PSB Protective Services
1:00 Euchre (TH)                     phoned room                                      Museum                     Building
                                  service for pepper.                                 LRC Leduc Recreation       LHC Leduc Health Centre
                                   “Black pepper or                                   Centre                     SOSS Society of Serving
                                 white pepper” asked                                  LL Leduc Lanes             Seniors
                                                                                      RCL Royal                  B&G Boys & Girls Club
                                    the concierge.
                                                                                      Canadian Legion
                                  “Toilette pepper!”                                  CCM City Centre Mall

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