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                     FirstAgain Reports Rapid Rise of Online Unsecured Personal Loans

       By Scott Desiere
       Dated: Oct 06, 2008

       Online consumer lender delivers better options for unsecured loans to fund anything, including home
       improvements, vacation ownership, education, medical expenses and more.

       Every week the adage "you can take it to the bank" seems more outdated as the banking industry dumps
       more bad news on consumers. The news of banks failing has consumers in a panic. Big-name lenders are
       reducing or freezing existing home-equity lines of credit. Others have put the brakes on auto leases and are
       making it harder to get loans for education, home improvement, vacation ownership and more. Moreover,
       traditional lenders continue to treat all borrowers the same--with undifferentiated products and indifferent

        Despite traditional bank woes, FirstAgain LLC, an online consumer lender focusing on individuals with
       excellent credit, continues to gain momentum with an easier and faster way to fund anything, including
       home improvement projects. The company's AnythingLoan, a revolutionary, unsecured loan product that
       combines low rates with an unparalleled customer experience, is a convenient alternative to ever-shrinking
       financing options.

        News Facts:
        •San Diego-based FirstAgain® LLC focuses exclusively on providing low-rate, online unsecured personal
       loans to individuals with excellent credit.
        •FirstAgain's AnythingLoan is a completely paperless, online unsecured personal loan that can be applied
       for, approved and signed online.
        •AnythingLoans can be used for any purpose, including adoptions, aircrafts, autos, boats, classic cars, club
       memberships, education, fertility expenses, fractionals, home improvements, horses, marine products,
       medical expenses, motorcycles, pools, RVs, solar, timeshares, weddings or anything else.
        •AnythingLoans are a welcome alternative for home improvement financing without the hassles or
       concerns people have when borrowing against home equity or retirement savings.
        •Home improvement loans are one of FirstAgain's fastest growing loan categories as the company has
       achieved five-fold growth year-over-year.
        •FirstAgain has surpassed $100 million in online unsecured loans and is gaining market momentum with
       thousands of highly satisfied customers nationwide.
        •Online unsecured personal loans, with same-day funding, are available in amounts ranging between
       $10,000 and $100,000.

        Supporting Resources:
        •FirstAgain's executive and customer videos: http://www.firstagain.com/kogo
        •Customer: "The easiest loan experience I've ever had," Cyndi Kroop
        •Executive: "Individuals with excellent credit deserve a better experience," Dave Zeller, FirstAgain
       co-founder, president and COO.
        •FirstAgain's current unsecured loan interest rates: http://www.firstagain.com/Rates/

        About FirstAgain:
        FirstAgain LLC is redefining consumer lending for individuals with excellent credit. The San Diego-based
       company has developed a completely paperless, online experience for applying, approving, signing,
       funding and servicing unsecured personal loans. FirstAgain's AnythingLoan can be used for any purpose,
       including home improvements, vehicle purchases, educational and medical expenses, timeshares, vacation

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PRLog.Org - Global Press Release Distribution

ownerships, marine products, loan refinancing and anything else. Most AnythingLoan finance amounts
range from $10,000 to $100,000 with low rates, same-day funding and an unparalleled customer
experience. Timeshare and fractional financing loan amounts start as low as $7,500. FirstAgain was
founded by the pioneering veterans of PeopleFirst, a company which grew into the nation's largest online
auto lender prior to its sale to Capital One in 2001. The company operates nationwide and has financial
investments from Merrill Lynch and Arsenal Capital Partners. Visit http://www.firstagain.com to learn


Online consumer lender delivers better options for unsecured loans to fund anything, including home
improvements, vacation ownership, education, medical expenses and more

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