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					                                BIO DATA
 Name                       Dr. Mathew Koshy M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

 Official Address
                         Principal, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara 690110
                         Phone : (0479)2303260, 2303230

  Fellowships
     1. FICS.    (Fellow of Indian Chemical Society F/4207 - L.M).
      2. FICC.   (Fellow of Indian Council of Chemists. LF/560)
      3. FICCE. (Fellow of International Congress in Chemistry and Environment )

Residential Address
                    Malayil Punnurathu Grace Bavan,Punnackadu 689652
                    Kozhencherry, Kerala State . INDIA
Res. Phone/Fax:     0468-2214068, 2310376 mobile :098472 75754 .
E mail:   

 Awards :           Njananishapam Award for the Best Book in 2001

 Activities : Principal, Teacher, Environmental Scientist/ Activist/

 Member of Pamba River Basin Authority (As a Subject
    Expert-nominated by the Govet of Kerala – chaired by the
    Chief Minister of Kerala)

 Teaching and Research Experience
    Date of Entry into Service            6-11-1978
    Total teaching service                31 years
    Research Experience                   14years
    No.of Ph.D’s produced                  1
    No. of research Scholars for Ph.D      3
    No. of Student projects guided         12

 Research Articles -14
Research Guide in Environmental Chemistry
Title of Ph. D Thesis:
Hydro-geochemistry and bio-geochemistry of River Pamba
                      (Environmental Chemistry)

 Countries Visited in connection with Environmental
   Studies/programmes :
  Japan(1989),    Philippines(1992), Thailand(1993) Gulf (2006), Spain (2007)
South Korea(2008)

 UGC Level projects undertaken
1)Completed a minor Research project of UGC in 1998 . Water Quality aspects
of River Pamba - Rs. 25,000.00
2) A study of the Water quality aspects of Rivers, Wells, Ponds, Lakes in
Pathanamthitta, Alleppey Districts in Kerala. Rs. 40,000.00

 Refresher Courses attended
1.Academic Staff College, Kerala University, 2-12-1993 to 23-12-1993.
2.Gandhigram Deemed University , 31st March to 24th April 1999.

 Short Term Courses attended
1.Instrumentation in Water Quality Management 2-1-1996 to 6-1-1996,
CWRDM, Calicut.
2.Radio isotopes , NAARRI 24th to 25th Nov. 1995.
3.Quality Assurance Programme of AIACHE 25-30 May 2003 at Bangalore.

 Paper Presentation
XVII Conference of Indian Council of Chemists, 26th to 28th Novemeber 1998,

 Served / serving as

 Professional Field/ University level
 1. Member, Post Graduate Board of Studies in Chemistry, Kerala
 2. Member, M.Sc/B.Sc Examination Boards.
 3. Chairman, M.Sc. Chemistry Examination Board 2006
 CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese
 1.Member, CSI MK Diocesan Executive Committee (1981-1984, 1984-1987,
 2. Project Director, CSI Mission Hospital, Punnackadu, CBM Aided (1990-
 3. Member,Church Committee, Punnacakadu(1981-1984,1984-1987, 1990-
 4. Member CSI Diocesan Council(1981-1984, 1984-1987, 2002-2005)
 5. Member, Mission Board, CSI MK Diocese( 1981-1984)
 6. Member, Youth Board, CSI MK Diocese( 1981-1984)
 7. Member of the Management Board, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara

 8. Member 125 Jubilee Celebrations Committee of CSI MKD
 9. Convener, CSI MK D Ecological Concerns Committee
 10. Chief Editor, Yuvalokam Magazine 1985-1992
 11. Secretary, Board of Ecological Concerns, CSI MK Diocese(2005-2008)
 12. General Convener of International Ecological Conference held in Kerala
     from 3rd to 9th Feb 2008
 CSI Synod Level
 1. Member CSI Synod Ecological Concerns Committee (2002-2004, 2004-
 2. Edited two Books, Reconciling with Nature, God is Green, Eco- Vision
    and Mission, A Christian response to Ecological crisis for CSI Synod
    Ecological Concerns Committee. Reconciling with Nature has been
    translated to Tamil, Telungu, Kannada and Malayalam.
 3. Coordinator of CSI Synod Kerala Regional Ecological Concerns
    Committee(2002-2004, 2004-2008)
 4. Member of Expert Committee of ecological affairs of CSI Synod
 5. Convener, CSI synod Ecological Concerns Committee, Chennai (from
    2008_ )
 Ecumenical Field
 1. Member, Kerala Council of Churches Executive Committee (1995-
    1998,1998-2001,2001-2004 2004-2007, 2007-2010)
 2. Convenor, Commission of Communication of KCC (1995-2000)
 3. General Secretary, Joint Ecological Commission (2001- 2010 )
 4. Chief Editor Of New Vision magazine (1992 onwards)
 5. General Secretary of Christian Editors and Writers of Kerala

Addressing hundreds of groups all over India every year.
Important recent lectures
  1. UNESCO meeting at Barcelona 26th March 2007
  2. National Seminar UGC,DST, CSIR sponsored- NM Christian College,
      Marthandom, TN- 17th August 2007
  3. Bishop Speechly memorial lectures (inaugural address) Pallom 21-8-2007
  4. International ecological conference at Seoul, Korea from 14th to 18th May

 College level programmes –initiated /Serving

1) Founder Secretary of Alumni Association, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara.

2) Staff Advisor, Science Club, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara.

3) Approved Research Guide in Chemistry of Kerala University.

4) Coordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell BMC, Mavelikara.

5) Convener, Guidance and Conselling Centre of Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara.

6) Director, Summer Institutes of leadership training at BMC, Mavelikara.

7) Took initiative in establishing an inter disciplinary Research Centre with Dr. Jacob
   Koshy as the Hon. Director. This is in accordance with the Master Plan mentioned in
   the Self Study report submitted to the NAAC.

8) Supervisor to the Young adult Volunteers from Presbyterian Church USA to the
   College. Took initiative in establishing relationship with the Presbyterian Church,

9) Took the leadership (Founder Coordinator) in establishing a consortium of PG
   Departments of Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara, Christian College, Chengannur,
   and MSM College, Kayankulam for conducting Seminars and lectures. This is a
   novel idea for pooling the resources of three Colleges for advanced studies. Started in

10) Coordinator , NAAC steering Committee 2003. Successfully coordinated the work.
   College accredited at the B++ level.
11) Convener of Inter National Ecological Conference held in 2008 at the College. A
   programmed sponsored by UGC.
12) Director of Eco-study Centre of Bishop Moore College. 2007-2009. The Centre got
   Palathully Award of Malayala Manorama in 2008 for the best College in Kerala in
   Water Conservation.

 Articles in Print Media by Prof. MATHEW KOSHY PUNNACKADU
More than hundred articles were published in the following periodicals
Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhoomy Daily and Weekly, Kalakaumudi, Sastragathy,
etc.Some of them are (till 2001) listed here
Two articles on river are available in Manorama portal – website

Environment - Science:
1. Is this progress towards danger ? Minamata disease, Interviews with the people at
minamata -Japan -Cover story of Mathrubhoomy Weekly dated 20-26 May1990. Pages 8
to 14 , 56
2. In the Zenith of Progress: Article about PP21 in Japan and the concerns shared in the
international gathering in Japan 1989. Malayala Manorama Daily- Two Sunday edition
25 Feb. 1990,4 th March 1990
3. Isotopes in daily life. Report about the seminar on radio isotopes conducted at Bishop
Moore College Mavelikara on 20 th Octoober 1990.
Kalakaumady Weekly 19th November 1989. Page 40-42
4. Asbestos and health Problems: Manorajyam Weekly 16th Januvvary 1991. Page 23.

5. Pesticides that cause death: Exposing the dangerous trend and carelessness in the use
of pesticides in Agriculture. Cover Story:Mathrubhoomy Weekly 26 Jan. 1 Feb. 1992 .
Page 5-10
6. Scape goats of development : An exposition about the people who are suffering due to
the present models of devolopment. An article in Mathrubhoomy Weekly 7-13 June
1992. Page 6-9. 48.
7. Dying Niligiri- About Environmental Problems of the Biosphere reserve Niligiri in
Tamil Nadu. Mathrubhoomy Weekly 7-13 February 1993. Pages 25-29
8. Game with Disease: An article about the role of hospitals and Medicines-their
exploitation- adverse effects -Clean environment, Traditional medicines,Systematic life
styles can avid or cure majority of the diseases. Mathruubhoomy Weekly 1-7 August
1993. Page 38-40
9. About Agriculture in Japan . Ankh-Environmental Magazine May 1990
10. Dangers in the ready made and artificial foods. Vanitha fortnightly 15-31 May 1992.
11. Alternative models for next century- Report about PP 21 in Thailand 1992-
Kalakaumady Weekly, 20th March 1994. Page 45-48
12. Automobile Pollution- Sastragathi- Science Magazine -April 1994. Page 18-20.
13. When toxin enters the breast milk - about Dioxin , Mathrubhoomy Weekly 1994
June. Page43 -45
14. Herbicide Hazards: Report of the paraquat poisonoing in Laha Estate-Study -
Varthamanam periodical.
15. Importance of forests:(thalamm thettunna prakurthy)Mathrubhoomy Weekly 28 th
May -3rd June 1995. Page 25-28
16. Water Pollution - Malayala Manorama Daily dated 25 th June 1995.
17. The diseases that we buy by paying money. about addiitives,colouring agents, taste
makers..etc used in food items. Mathrubhoomy Weekly 26 th November 1995 .. Pages
18. Environment and Chemicals - about thermal plant pollution Varthamanam monthly
July 1995-Pages 28-30.
20. About Ozone depletion and Nobel prize winners of 1995 Sastragathy (KSSP)
Monthly. September 1996 Pages 28-31
21. Environment and Neurological diseases . Interview with Dr. Rajasekharan Nair
President of Indian Academy of Nuerology . Manorajyam Weekly 15th August 1996
Pages 14 to 17 , 30 , 31
22. To Protect river . Kalalaumudi, 12th October Pages 15,16- (1997)
23. Wetlands Mathrubhoomy Weekly. 26th April 1998 Pages 28,29,30
24. The other side of Environmental concerns, Kalakaumudi, 7th June 1998 Pages 46,47
25. Unethical Nuclear projects. University Academic Jourrnal (MG University)June 1998
Pages 8 to 10
26. Minamata disease. Inside story (Science Express, 12th October 99)
27. A new trade union culture. Kerala Yuvatha (YMCA organ) July 1992, Page 18
28 Black Theology, Interview with Dr. James Con.Kalakaumudi, Februvary 11, 1990
Pages 20,21.
29. Church and Environmental Protection. Part 1 , Malankara Sabha Tharaka(organ of
Mar thoma Church) October 1997 Pages 15,16
30. ,, ,, Part. 11, ,, ,, November 1997 Pages 15,16

31. Environment and the Church Part 1, Kerala Yuvatha October 1997n Pages 15,16,17
32. ,, ,, 11, ,, November 1997 Pages 17,18,19
33. Unethical Nuclear Projects . Kerala Yuvatha July 1998 Pages 13,14,15,16,17,18
34 A response to atomic explosion Malankara Sabha Tharaka July 1998 Pages 12.13.
35. About Oddanchatram Hospital- report and interview - Malankara Sabha Tharaka
36,, Kerala Yuvatha
37. Church Construction and Environmental problems. Short story. Malankara Sabha
Tharaka. October 2000.
38. Thomachayante Swapnangal (GATT and Theological insights) Yuvadeepam
39. Relevance of conventions-Saffron Church . Article in View point –24th February
2001 The New Indian Express.

Columnist for the following magazines
1) Environmental Columnist in New Vision for a Changing World, Ecumenical
2) Environmental Columnist, Our Magazine, Children’s magazine published by CSSM.

 Resource person/ Keynote address (Academic Institutions)
1). Chemistry Association, St. Michaels College, Cherthala, 1994-95
2). Chemistry Association, DB College, Sasthamcotta 1995-96
3). Chemistry Association , M.S.M College, Kayamkulam 1995-96
4). Chemistry Assocoation, St.Thomas College, Kozhencherry. 1995-96.
5). Water resources of Kerala NSS, SB College, Chengacacherry 14-11-1998
6). Chemistry Association, Marthoma College, Thiruvalla 1998-99
7). On Water Pollution , National Service Scheme of SB College, Chenganacherry 1999
8). Botany Association, St.Stephens College, Pathanapuram. 16-8-99
9). M.Sc Chemistry (Pure And Analytical) Marthoma College Thiruvalla 30-10-99
10) Chemistry Association Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta 12-11-99
11) Ecological Issues, TMAM Research and Orientation Centre Manganam 26-10-2000.
12) Teaching Ecological Topics. ECC, Bangalore 30th May 2001.
13) Drinking Water, Botany Association, BAM College, Thuruthicadu 20-11-2001
12) Carmel Engineering College, Perinadu 26-2-2003
13) Inauguration of Nature Club, Christian College, Chengannoor. 18-8-2003
14) Chemistry Association , St.thomas College, Kozhencherry 2004
15) National Seminar Organised at Govt. Arts and Science College, Calicut, sponsored
     by the Directorate of Collegiate Education 11, 12th Janauary 2005
(list is incomplete and noted till 2005 only)

 Convenor of the following All Kerala Seminars
1) Seminar on automobile Pollution 27-11-1993 Bishop Moore College Mavelikara,
   Scientists from NEERI presented papers .
2) Environmental Seminar 3-12-94 Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara

    Dr. Babu Ambattu. Prof. Reghunandanan, Dr.Ouseph presented papers
3) Journalism Camp at Bishop Moore College. Editors of various dailies presented
    papers. Mavelikara 23-11-1996
3) Rev.Prof.K.C.Mathew Endowment Lectures 30,31.Oct 1st Nov 1997. Bishop Moore
    College, Mavelikara. Dr.K.L.Sebastian of Indian Institute of Science was the speaker
4) Environmental Seminar at Pathanamthitta 15-11-97
5) Rev.Prof.K.C.Mathew Endowment Lectures 22,23.25 Jan. 1999,Bishop Moore
    College, Mavelikara. Dr.E.D.Jemmis of University Hyderabad was the main speaker
6) Seminar on Thermal Pollution 5,6-12-1994 Sophia Centre, Kottayam. Dr.K.C.Sahu
    IIT Mumbai was the speaker
7) Seminar on Water Pollution 27,28 May 1995 Retreat Centre Maramon. Padmasree
    Dr.N Balakrishnan Nair, Dr. Rajagopalan Nair (CWRDM), Dr.Achuthan presented
8) Anti-nuclear conference (All Kerala) 2-12-1995 VGM Hall Thiruvalla Dr.Surendra
    Gadekar, Dr.R.V.G.Menon, presented papers.
9) Seminar on Water Pollution 15-11-97 YMCA Hall Pathanmthitta. Dr.E.J James
    (CWRDM), Dr. Babu Ambattu (CED) presented papers.
10) Environmental Seminar CMSCollege, Kottayam 19-5-2001
11) Conference on faith and Ecology , Thiruvalla. 14th to 16th December 2001
(noted till 2001 only)

 RADIO TALKS – All India Radio

1. Ozone Hole . 14th October 1996.          AIR, Trivandrum
2. Incinerators. 5th July 1998              AIR, Trivandrum
3. Wet lands,its ecological significance 5-12-98 Harithavani AIR Trivandrum
4. Farming without pesticiides and artificial fertilizers. Discussion -27-3-99 AIR
5. Script; Detergentucal Nasakarikalo - 21tst September 99 at 9.15pm AIR
6. Talk on Coliform Bacteria - 10-12-2000
7. Pestcide Pollution- AIR TVM, 8-4-2001, 12.15pm Harithavani
8. Issues related with non-stick vessels-AIR TVM. 30-9-2001, Harithavani
9. Smoke AIR TVM 23-6-2002
10. Science of Fire AIR TVM

1). Oru Durantha Bhoomiyiloode: Travelogue giving emphasis to the               environmental
Problems in Japan. Published by Vidyarthi Mithram. Kottayam. (Malayalam) 1992

2). Prakruthiyude Rothanam (Cry of Nature). Ecological Essays :Published by CSS ,
Tiruvalla.   (Malayalam) 1994
3). Nuclear Danger . Booklet, Published by CSS , Tiruvalla.(Malayalam).1995
4). Christava bishoppumar Janakeeya porattangalil (Biographies) CSS,
TVLA.1999 The book got the ‘Treasury of knowledge’ Award of
5) Janakeeya Edayanmar (Biographies) Vichara, Mavelikara(Malayalam) 1989
6). Vijayikkanulla Ottamooly, (Childrens literature-Ecological Novel)Current
        Books, Kottayam(Malayalam) 2001
7) The Chemistry of A River. Enviro Media , Karad MP July 2003 (Price.
        Rs.450) English. International Edition, ( details available in the Website)
8) Paristhidi Kathagal Vichinthangal CSS Thiruvalla (Malayalam) Janauary 2004
9) Muthasiyuda Paristhithi Kadhakal, CSS, Thiruvalla, (Malayalam) 2006.

1). Environmental Problems Of The Modern Age.. Published by KCC,
(English) Price.Rs.90    1997
. 2).'Pranamam' published by Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara 1999
3). Reconciling with Nature, a guide to green Church, the Book published by CSI Synod
        Ecological concerns Committee. Chennai 2002(English) . Translated to Tamil, Telungu, Kannada
        and Malayalam
4) Haritha Daivasastram (Green Theology) TLC Thiruvalla 2002(Malayalam).
5) Parsistity Vedapadanangal (Bible Studies in Ecology)-CSS Thiruvalla 2001
6) God is Green Published by CSI Synod Chennai Janaury 2004(English)
7) Eco Vision and Mission, CSI Synod, Chennai January 2005(English)
8) A Christian response to ecological crisis edited jointly by Rt.Rev.Thomas
       Samuel and Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackadu, published by CSS, Thiruvalla
       2009 (English)
 Personal details
    Name of father:              Rev.P.M.Koshy, (Rtd.CSI Pastor)
    Name of Mother:              Gracy Koshy(Rtd. Headmistress)
    Name of wife:                Dr.Anne Susan Koshy,(Reader in English, St.Thomas
    College, Kozhencherry) : :Children.       Anju, M.Tech(WIPRO) , Anjana(M.Com),
    Anjay(B.Tech Student)

     Biodata of Dr. Mathew Koshy is given in
  1) Sahityakara Directory (Directory of Writers in Kerala) Published by Kerala
    Sahitya Academy, Trichur. Page 556
   2) Akhila Vinjana Kosam( DC Desk Encyclopaedia) Published by DC Books,
   Kottayam. Volume 3, Page 30