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									                             UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT

                           CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA

GIAMPAULO, WILLIE JO                )
MARY ANN WILLIAMS, individually     )
and on behalf of all others similarly
situated,                           )
                     Plaintiffs,    )
             v.                     )                Case No. 00-00075 LGB (JWJX)
UNIVERSAL BANK, N.A.,               )
DOES 1 through 10, inclusive,       )
                     Defendants.    )

       If you have or had a Citibank brand or AT&T
         Universal Card brand Visa or MasterCard:
 You may have a claim under a new class action settlement.
        A proposed nationwide settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit captioned
above, which alleges that Citibank (South Dakota), N.A., Universal Bank, N.A., and Universal
Financial Corp. (“Defendants”) failed to credit properly the payments of some credit card holders
on the day their payments were received. Defendants deny any wrongdoing and will vigorously
defend the lawsuit if the settlement is not approved; they have agreed, nevertheless, to settle this
lawsuit to avoid the risk and uncertainty inherent in any litigation.

        If you are a consumer who has, or at any time has had, one or more Visa or MasterCard
credit card accounts marketed under the “Citibank” brand or the “AT&T Universal Card” brand,
you are a Class Member in this lawsuit.

       The proposed settlement will provide the following benefits to consumers holding
“Citibank” and “AT&T Universal Card” brand credit cards:
       1.      Defendants will change the cut-off time for crediting consumer credit card
payments received on a business day from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and will expand their
disclosure of payment information.
       2.      Defendants will refrain from imposing certain late charges and other charges for
any consumer credit card payment that is received before 12:00 midnight on the payment due
       3.      Defendants will create a Settlement Fund of $18 million, to be used for these
       (i)     Up to $5 million in reimbursements to certain cardholders who submit Claims for
       (ii)    At least $11.5 million in Finance Charge Refunds to certain cardholders.
       (iii)   $1.5 million in statutory damages under TILA. These damages will be distributed
               to cardholders receiving Finance Charge Refunds and/or payments on Claims for

Attorneys’ Fees
       The parties agree that reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs shall be paid separately by the
Defendants (not from the Settlement Fund) in an amount to be awarded by the Court.
Defendants have agreed not to oppose an award of attorneys’ fees of up to $9.00 million and an
award of costs of up to $250,000. The parties believe that the total benefit to the Class of the
Settlement Agreement is at least $36 million (excluding attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses).

Releases to be granted to Defendants:
        Under the terms of the proposed settlement, Defendants, and other persons and entities
related to them, will be granted a broad release of any liability in connection with the receipt,
processing, and crediting of payments. Additional details regarding the release, the full terms of
the settlement, and information about how to exclude yourself from the settlement (and thereby
exclude from the release any personal claims you may have) can be obtained as indicated below.

How to obtain a refund or reimbursement:
        If you have paid a finance charge, a late fee, and/or certain other charges on your
“Citibank”-brand or “AT&T Universal Card”-brand credit card, you may be entitled to a refund
and/or reimbursement of such charges. Some Class Members will automatically receive certain
Finance Charge Refunds by credit to their credit card accounts. Other Class Members must
complete a Claim Form (and provide documentary evidence) to receive such refunds. Plaintiffs
and Defendants estimate that the average cash recovery per Class Member for Finance
Charge Refunds will be less than $1; some individuals will receive less, and some will
receive more. All Class Members who wish to receive (and can prove that they are entitled to
receive) reimbursements for certain late fees, “penalty rate” interest, and/or other charges must
complete a Claim Form.

Further information:
       To receive a detailed Notice containing further information about refunds and/or
reimbursements under the proposed settlement, and other important information about the
settlement, as well as a Claim Form, call toll free 1-800-XXX-XXXX or write to___________.
Your rights as a Class Member:
       You have the right to enter an individual appearance in this case, and to obtain your own
counsel (at your expense), although you are not required to do so. If you wish to object to the
terms of the settlement agreement, you must file written objections with the Clerk of the Court
by ______, 2000 [14 days prior to the Final Approval Hearing]. The detailed Notice describes
how to enter an appearance and/or submit objections.
       You also have the right to attend a Final Fairness Hearing, where the Court will consider
whether to approve the proposed settlement. That hearing will be held on ____, 2000.

Excluding yourself from the settlement:
        If you do not wish to participate in or be bound by the proposed settlement, you must
exclude yourself from the Class, as described in the detailed Notice, no later than ____, 2000 [14
days prior to Final Approval Hearing]. If you do not exclude yourself, you will be bound by the
settlement and release, and you will be barred from prosecuting any legal action against Citibank
or Universal (and others) concerning claims that are released. If you want more information
about the claims that will be released, and about how to exclude yourself from the class, you
should obtain the detailed Notice referred to above.
        If you exclude yourself from the Class, you will NOT be eligible to receive any refunds
or reimbursements as provided in the proposed settlement.

        This publication notice is intended only as a brief summary of this lawsuit and the
proposed settlement. It is not a complete statement of the lawsuit or the proposed settlement, or
the release of claims that will be granted to Defendants (and others) if the settlement is approved.
For further information, call the toll free number listed above or write to the address listed above
to obtain a detailed Notice and Claim Form. DO NOT CONTACT CITIBANK, UNIVERSAL,

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