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					                        LANDLORD’S LEGAL EXPENSES
                             POLICY SUMMARY

This policy summary provides key information about Landlord’s Legal Expenses
which you should read. It does not contain the full terms and conditions of the policy
which can be found in the Landlord’s Legal Expenses policy wording.

Unless otherwise agreed with the person who sells you this insurance your cover will
be valid for one year.

Landlord’s Legal Expenses is a legal expenses insurance contract. It will help you by
providing legal advice and representation if you, have a legal dispute which is insured
under the policy.

The insurer is DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd (“DAS”) and the
insurance has been arranged by Amicus Legal Ltd (“Amicus”). Amicus is the agent of
the insurer and has authority from the insurer to provide you with Landlord’s Legal
Expenses policy and act and make decisions on behalf of the insurer.

DAS and Amicus are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Features and benefits        Significant exclusions and limitations         Policy
In the areas below we will   It must be more likely than not the insured    Cover 1(d)
resolve an insured legal     person will recover damages or make a
problem, either ourselves    successful defence of their claim.
or through external
lawyers and other experts    External costs are limited to £50,000 and
that we will appoint.        this includes opponents’ costs.                Cover 4

                             Costs incurred before Amicus agrees to
                             appoint a representative to help an insured    Exclusion 2

                             Unless Amicus agrees to start court
                             proceedings or there is a conflict interest,   Condition 2
                             Amicus is free to choose a representative
                             to help the insured person.
Property protection                                                        Insured
We will negotiate for the                                                  incident 1
insured person’s legal         Any claim relating to:                      What is not
rights in a civil action for   Any building or land not owned by you; or covered 1(i)
a dispute relating to your     Someone legally taking an insured           What is not
property which is owned        person’s property from them, whether the covered
by you following:              insured person is offered money or not, or 1(ii)
    1) A legal nuisance;       restrictions or controls placed on the
        or                     insured person’s material property by any
    2) A trespass.             government, or public, or local authority
                               unless the claim is for accidental physical
                               damage; or
                               Work done by any government, or public      What is not
                               or local authority unless the claim is for  covered
                               accidental physical damage.                 1(iii)
                               A claim where the cause of action arises    What is not
                               within the first 180 days from the start of covered 2
                               this policy.
                               Defending a claim relating to an event that What is not
                               causes, or could cause, physical damage to covered 3
                               material property, but defending a counter
                               claim is covered.
Legal defence                                                              Insured
We will defend the                                                         incident 2
insured person’s legal         Any claim relating to the insured person’s What is not
rights if an event leads to    alleged dishonesty or alleged violent       covered (i)
their prosecution for an       behaviour.
offence connected with
the property under the         Please in mitigation where there is no real   What is not
following:                     prospect of a plea reducing the penalty.      covered (ii)
    (a) The Gas Safety
         (Installation and     Any claim where the insured person did
         Use) Regulations      not take reasonable steps to comply with      What is not
         1994; or              the regulations listed in the left hand       covered (iii)
    (b) The Furniture and      column.
         Soft Furnishings
         (Fire) (Safety)
         Regulations 1993;
    (c) The Electrical
         Regulations 1994.
Helpine service                                                              Telephone
24/7 legal advice on any                                                     based legal
matter relating to your                                                      advice
Territorial limit
United Kingdom, the Isle
of Man and the Channel

Cancellation right

We can cancel this policy at any time as long as we tell you at least 14 days
beforehand. You can cancel this policy within 14 days of taking it out. After this you
can cancel it at anytime by telling the person who sells you this insurance, subject to
14 days notice of cancellation. You can ask the person that sells you this insurance
about getting a refund of premium if you cancel this policy.

Making a claim

You must give Amicus details of any claim as soon as possible and no more than 180
days after the insured incident happening. You can write to:

Claims Department, Amicus Legal Ltd, The Old Exchange, 64 West Stockwell Street,
Colchester, CO1 1HE. Alternatively, please telephone 01206 366500, or fax 01206

Once your claim has been accepted, Amicus will start to try to resolve your legal

How to make a complaint

If you have a complaint about our service or about a claim, please write to the Claims
Director, Amicus Legal Ltd, The Old Exchange, 64 West Stockwell Street,
Colchester, CO1 1HE. Complaints will be acknowledged within 5 business days of
receipt confirming the name of the person dealing with the matter and when a
response can be expected. We aim to provide a full written response within 20
business days unless the complaint is of such a nature that it needs more detailed
investigation. If this is case, we will advise you of the likely timescale.

If you are still not happy with the response you receive, you have the right to ask the
Financial Ombudsman Service to review your case within six months of the
company’s decision to investigate the complaint.

Financial Service Compensation Scheme

You may be entitled to compensation from the Financial Service Compensation
Scheme (FSCS) if the underwriters of this policy, DAS Legal Expenses Insurance
Company Ltd, cannot meet their obligations. This depends on the type of insurance
and the circumstances of the claim. Most insurance contracts are covered for 100% of
the first £2,000 and 90% of the remainder of the claims costs. You can get more
information about the compensation scheme from the FSCS.
The role of Amicus Legal Ltd

In arranging this type of insurance Amicus acts only for one insurer, DAS Legal
Expenses Insurance Company Ltd of DAS House, Quay Side, Temple Back, Bristol,
BS1 6NH. The law which applies to this insurance is English and the English
language will be used in all communications.

In administering claims under the insurance policy, Amicus acts on behalf of the
insurer. If a claim is accepted, a solicitor or other advisor will be appointed to act for
the insured.

In some circumstances Amicus may provide legal advice to the insured, but only if
there is no conflict of interest between the insured and the insurer, or Amicus. These
circumstances are:

   1) Amicus provides a telephone legal advice service to insureds.
   2) Amicus may engage in correspondence on behalf of insureds to pursue civil
      claims against other parties, provided legal proceedings have not been issued.

In the event that a conflict arises between two people both insured through Amicus, or
between an insured and Amicus, or an insured and the insurer, then arrangements will
be made for separate representation.

Telephone calls may be monitored and recorded in the interests of customer service
and for training purposes.

Amicus Legal Ltd is not a solicitor’s practice.