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									                    Current Members Related to Other Current or Former

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                    Last updated: 23 July 2008
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Current Members Related to Other Current or Former Members

Name                                                       Relation

James Arbuthnot (Conservative)               son of        John Arbuthnot (Conservative)
Wanstead and Woodford 1987-97; North                       Dover 1950-64
East Hampshire 1997–

Hilary Armstrong (Labour)                    daughter of   Ernest Armstrong (Labour)
North West Durham 1987–                                    North West Durham 1966-87

Charlotte Atkins (Labour)                    daughter of   Ronald Atkins (Labour)
Staffordshire Moorlands 1997–                              Preston North 1966-70, 1974-79

Ed Balls (Labour)                            husband of    Yvette Cooper (Labour)
Normanton 2005–                                            Pontefract and Castleford 1997–

Sir Alan Beith (Liberal; Liberal Democrat)   husband of    Diana Maddock (Liberal Democrat)
Berwick-upon-Tweed 1973–                                   Christchurch 1993-97

Hilary Benn (Labour)                         son of        Tony Benn (Labour)
Leeds Central 1999–                                        Bristol South East 1950-61, 1963-83;
                                                           Chesterfield 1984-2001

Richard Benyon (Conservative)                son of        William Benyon (Conservative)
Newbury 2005–                                              Buckingham 1970-83; Milton Kenyes 1983-92

Peter Bottomley (Conservative)               husband of    Virginia Bottomley (Conservative)
Woolwich West 1975-83; Eltham 1983-97;                     South West Surrey 1984-2005
Worthing West 1997–

Yvette Cooper (Labour)                       wife of       Ed Balls (Labour)
Pontefract and Castleford 1997–                            Normanton 2005–

Ann Cryer (Labour)                           widow of      Bob Cryer (Labour)
Keighley 1997–                                             Keighley 1974-83; Bradford South 1987-94

Ann Cryer (Labour)                           mother of     John Cryer (Labour)
Keighley 1997–                                             Hornchurch 1997-2005

Angela Eagle (Labour)                        sister of     Maria Eagle (Labour)
Wallasey 1992–                                             Liverpool Garston 1997–

Maria Eagle (Labour)                         sister of     Angela Eagle (Labour)
Liverpool Garston 1997–                                    Wallasey 1992–
Name                                                    Relation

Mark Fisher (Labour)                       son of       Sir Nigel Fisher (Conservative)
Stoke-on-Trent Central 1983–                            Hitchin 1950-55; Surbiton 1955-83

Dominic Grieve (Conservative)              son of       Percy Grieve (Conservative)
Beaconsfield 1997–                                      Solihull 1964-83

Sylvia Heal (Labour)                       sister of    Ann Keen (Labour)
Mid Staffordshire 1990-92; Halesowen and                Brentford and Isleworth 1997–
Rowley Regis 1997–

Douglas Hogg (Conservative)                son of       Quintin Hogg (Conservative)
Grantham 1979-97; Sleaford and North                    Oxford 1938-50; St Marylebone 1963-70
Hykeham 1997–

Lindsay Hoyle (Labour)                     son of       Doug Hoyle (Labour)
Chorley 1997–                                           Nelson and Colne 1974-79; Warrington 1981-83;
                                                        Warrington North 1983-97

Nick Hurd (Conservative)                   son of       Douglas Hurd (Conservative)
Ruislip-Northwood 2005–                                 Mid Oxfordshire 1974-83; Witney 1983-97

Bernard Jenkin (Conservative)              son of       Patrick Jenkin (Conservative)
Colchester North 1992-97; North Essex                   Wanstead and Woodford 1964-87

Alan Keen (Labour)                         husband of   Ann Keen (Labour)
Feltham and Heston 1992–                                Brentford and Isleworth 1997–

Ann Keen (Labour)                          sister of    Sylvia Heal (Labour)
Brentford and Isleworth 1997–                           Mid Staffordshire 1990-92; Halesowen and
                                                        Rowley Regis 1997–

Ann Keen (Labour)                          wife of      Alan Keen (Labour)
Brentford and Isleworth 1997–                           Feltham and Heston 1992–

Julie Kirkbride (Conservative)             wife of      Andrew MacKay (Conservative)
Bromsgrove 1997–                                        Birmingham Stechford 1977-79; East Berkshire
                                                        1983-97; Bracknell 1997–

Ian McCartney (Labour)                     son of       Hugh McCartney (Labour)
Makerfield 1987–                                        East Dunbartonshire 1970-74; Central Dun'shire
                                                        1974-83; Clydebank and Milngavie 1983-87

Andrew MacKay (Conservative)               husband of   Julie Kirkbride (Conservative)
Birmingham Stechford 1977-79; East                      Bromsgrove 1997–
Berkshire 1983-97; Bracknell 1997–

Francis Maude (Conservative)               son of       Sir Angus Maude (Conservative)
North Warwickshire 1983-92; Horsham                     Ealing South 1950-58; Stratford-on-Avon 1963-83
Name                                                                 Relation

David Miliband (Labour)                             brother of       Ed Miliband (Labour)
South Shields 2001–                                                  Doncaster North 2005–

Ed Miliband (Labour)                                brother of       David Miliband (Labour)
Doncaster North 2005–                                                South Shields 2001–

Andrew Mitchell (Conservative)                      son of           Sir David Mitchell (Conservative)
Gedling 1987-97; Sutton Coldfield 2001–                              Basingstoke 1964-83; North West Hampshire

Julie Morgan (Labour)                               wife of          Rhodri Morgan (Labour)
Cardiff North 1997–                                                  Cardiff West 1987-2001

Iris Robinson (Democratic Unionist)                 wife of          Peter Robinson (Democratic Unionist)
Strangford 2001–                                                     Belfast East 1979–

Peter Robinson (Democratic Unionist)                husband of       Iris Robinson (Democratic Unionist)
Belfast East 1979–                                                   Strangford 2001–

Alison Seabeck (Labour)                             daughter of      Michael Ward (Labour)
Plymouth Devonport 2005–                                             Peterborough 1974-79

Clare Short (Labour; Independent)                   widow of         Alex Lyon (Labour)
Birmingham Ladywood 1983–                                            York 1966-83

Nicholas Soames (Conservative)                      son of           Christopher Soames (Conservative)
Crawley 1983-97; Mid Sussex 1997–                                    Bedford 1950-66

Dari Taylor (Labour)                                daughter of      Dan Jones (Labour)
Stockton South 1997–                                                 Burnley 1959-83

Charles Walker (Conservative)                       stepson of       Christopher Chataway (Conservative)
Broxbourne 2005–                                                     Lewisham North 1959-66; Chichester 1969-74

Bill Wiggin (Conservative)                          son of           Sir Jerry Wiggin (Conservative)
Leominster 2001–                                                     Weston-super-Mare 1969-97

Ann Winterton (Conservative)                        wife of          Sir Nicholas Winterton (Conservative)
Congleton 1983–                                                      Macclesfield 1971–

Sir Nicholas Winterton (Conservative)               husband of       Ann Winterton (Conservative)
Macclesfield 1971–                                                   Congleton 1983–

Scope: Members as of June 2008 whose parents, siblings, spouse or children are also current or former Members
Sources: DodOnline, Members Database              Note: Subsequent honours or peerages are not reflected in this list

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