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Instant Approval Credit Cards - Leading Website Guides Consumers on Best Use offers a free source of information to help consumers get the best use of instant approval credit cards

   /24-7PressRelease/ - April 28, 2006 - In today's society, consumers are accustomed to getting what they want quickly.
With instant approval credit cards, consumers can get the instant gratification they desire. Through instant approval credit
cards online, consumers can apply for a card without filling out extensive paperwork. In addition, online applications are
more secure than traditional paper applications because they are completed as secure transactions. Paper applications, on
the other hand, can be easily stolen from a person's mailbox and the information on them can be used to steal a person's
identity., one of the leading credit card comparison websites, has created a comprehensive site providing
information about a number of instant approval credit cards. ( ). In addition, consumers can learn more about the pros
and cons of these cards in order to determine if an instant approval credit card is right for them.

In addition to applying for instant approval credit cards online, some can be applied for by phone. Either way, the applicant
will know within just seconds whether or not the application has been approved. According to, instant
approval credit cards are not the same as guaranteed credit cards. Therefore, it is possible to be denied when applying for
an instant approval credit card.

After an instant approval credit card has been approved, the applicant needs to wait to receive the card before he or she
can begin using it. Therefore, cautions that applicants should still expect to wait up to several weeks
(or longer in some instances) before they can begin using their instant approval credit card. In addition, the site warns that
instant approval credit cards often have processing fees added to them for the convenience of instant approval. In addition,
they may have annual fees or high interest rates. Therefore, consumers need to determine whether these expenses are
worth gaining instant approval.

According to, instant approval credit cards used to be only for individuals with good or excellent
competition. Today, competition between credit card companies has led to a boost in the number of instant approval credit
cards available on the market. As a result, instant approval credit cards are becoming an increasingly common option for
those with less than perfect credit.

Despite the increasing leniency in who is eligible for instant approval credit cards, warns that not
everyone who is approved will be approved instantly. In fact, credit card companies may decide to perform a more extensive
check into the applicant's credit history before approving the card, a process that can take seven to ten days. Yet, this is still
a much faster process than paper applications, which can take several weeks.

According to the site, there are a variety of instant approval credit cards available, including those with reward and cash
back programs. Therefore, the company advises comparing all instant approval credit cards before applying for one. To help
consumers in this process, the company has provided a comprehensive site containing information regarding a variety of
instant approval credit cards.

Based in Los Angeles provides consumers with a resource for gaining instant approval credit card
information online. On the site, consumers can use to compare companies, rates, and fees. For more
information, visit the company's Web site at

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