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cash advances


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									                                  Cash Advances

1.       Introduction

1.1      Cash advances and cash payments can be made are available to staff, students
         and visitors when other means of payment are not suitable. These situations
         will be exceptional, and provision of a cash advance or cash payment will only
         be considered when all other avenues of making the payment have been
         considered first.

1.2      Typical examples of the need for a cash advance are:

                Payment of living expenses to foreign nationals who are only visiting
                 this country for a limited period and, therefore, have not needed to set
                 up a bank account in the UK.
                Instead of a temporary increase to a departmental petty cash float.
                Part payment of wages if a member of staff has not been paid by the
                 payroll due to an error (the University of Manchester does not offer a
                 cash payment service for wages in the normal way)

2.       Processing

A letter or memo requesting the cash advance (if receipts are required) or cash
payment (if no receipts are required) should be sent addressed to Cathryn Wright or
Gillian Sanderson-Thomas, Office of the Director of Finance, John Owens Building.
It should include the following:

     A valid finance code
     A grid stamped and signed by the authorised signatory for that finance code.
     Full details of what the payment is for
     Full justification as to the reason why this payment should be made in cash
     The name of the person who will collect the cash is also required as Income
      Office Staff are not authorised to hand the money to anyone other than the person
     A contact name and telephone number for queries

The request will then be reviewed by Gillian, Cathryn or another member of the
Financial Accounting Section. In deciding whether to approve the request the person
approving it must consider whether there are any other more appropriate payment
routes that can be taken, insurance issues, and also the physical safety of the person
collecting the cash. If not satisfied on these points, the request will be rejected and
other course of action suggested.

Personal (employee) expenses should be claimed in line with normal university
procedures, and not through the cash advance/payment system.
If receipts are required, the person requesting the cash advance will be responsible for
forwarding these to Income office at a later date along with any cash not accounted
for by the receipts.

All records of payments and supporting documentation will be held in a central file in
the Income Office.

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