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									                              Insurance Application Form
Landlord Insurance    c      Yes, I would like to purchase the ResSafe Landlord Insurance.

                     CONTACT DETAILS:
                     Contact Name
                     Contact Address
                     Suburb                         State                Postcode

                     Suburb                         State                Postcode
                     Name of Insured
                     IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE:
                     I certify that I have read and understood the ACE Landlord
                     Insurance Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement.

                     PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS:
                     c I authorise my property agent to pay the amount owing
                     from rent monies collected.

                     •	 This insurance is issued and underwritten by Jardine Lloyd
                     Thompson Pty Ltd, pursuant to a binding authority granted by ACE
                     Insurance Ltd.

                     CONDITIONS OF PLACEMENT:
                     •	 This insurance is accepted on the basis that the Insured has not
                        had any insurance denied, cancelled or subject to special
                        conditions in the past for a similar coverage or been charged or
                        convicted of any offence other than a driving offence.

                     •	   The property must currently be managed by an approved licensed
                          real estate agent or an approved property manager.

                     •	   The property insured must not be vacant for more than 60 days.

                     •	   This insurance is accepted on the basis that the property is not
                          occupied for holiday let, nor for commercial purposes, not a com
                          mune, not a display home, not for demolition, not undergoing
                          construction or refurbishment (over $75,000 in contract value) and
                          not attached to a commercial premises.

                     •	   The insured property is not located above the 23rd parallel
                          (cyclone prone areas).

                     •	   The insured has not made a single claim over $5,000 or more than

  1300 850 299            3 claims on an insurer for physical loss or damage exceeding
                          $10,000 for losses under a similar policy.          Please return this application to the ResSafe	office	at:
                                  GPO BOX 4773 MELBOURNE VIC 3001
                                            Or fax to 1300 782 512
     ResSafe Landlord Insurance                                             Note:	Payout	is	based	on	the	weekly	rent	received	from	your
                                                                            Tenant and which is the nominated amount in your Policy
Broad Insurance Protection                                                  Schedule. Weekly rent is subject to a maximum of $1,500 unless
Your investment property may be one of the largest investments              otherwise agreed.
you make in your lifetime. Help protect your investment today
with value-for-money cover from ACE Insurance Ltd that is specially         Liability Cover
designed for landlords and investors.                                       Up to $20 million cover for legal liability when bodily injury or third
                                                                            party property damage arises from an occurrence happening in
Cover Includes                                                              connection with your ownership of the investment property.
ResSafe	Landlord	Insurance	provides	a	range	of	benefits	that	are	not	
covered by standard home buildings and contents insurance policies.         Contacts
Enjoy	the	peace	of	mind	and	financial	protection	against	the	most	          For additional information about ACE Insurance Ltd please
common types of loss or damage that may occur to your investment            contact	the	ResSafe	office.
                                                                            ResSafe Pty Ltd
Accidental Damage to Contents, Fixtures & Fittings                          GPO Box 4773 Melbourne VIC 3181
•	   Protect	your	home	contents,	fixtures	and	fittings	against	             Phone 1300 850 299 Fax 1300 782 512
	    accidental	damage,	fire,	storm,	theft,	malicious	damage,	breakage
	    of	fixed	glass,	water	damage,	impact	and	fusion.             

•	   Up	to	$50,000	cover	on	contents,	fixtures.                             About ResSafe
                                                                            ResSafe Pty Ltd and subsidiary companies are acting as Corporate
•	   Flexible nomination of sum insured for your building.                  Authorised Representatives of Jardine Lloyd Tompson Pty Ltd who
                                                                            have effected the contract as agents of ACE Insurance Ltd Insurance
•	   Cover for malicious damage by a Tenant.                                under a binding authority. (ABN 77 115 089 819)

                                                                            About Jardine Lloyd Thompson
Loss of Rent and Legal Expenses                                             Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd (JLT) is a leading provider of
Coverage	for	loss	of	rent:
                                                                            insurance-related risk solutions and corporate services in Australia.
                                                                            JLT is a wholly owned subsidiary of the largest European
•					Up	to	15	weeks	when	Tenants	abscond,	default	in	payment	or	
                                                                            headquartered insurance broking group, which is also one of the
      upon the death of a sole Tenant.
                                                                            largest	firms	of	its	type	in	the	world.	(ABN	69	009	098	864)
•					Up	to	28	weeks	when	Eviction	of	Tenant	occurs.
                                                                            About ACE Insurance Ltd
                                                                            ACE Insurance Limited is a member of the ACE Group of Companies®
•					Up	to	6	weeks	when	the	Court	awards	a	Tenant	with	release	from	
                                                                            on of the leading global providers on insurance and reinsurance. The
      lease obligations due to hardship.
                                                                            ACE	Group	provides	a	diversified	range	of	products	and	services	to	
                                                                            clients through operations in more than 50 countries around the world,
•					Up	to	52	weeks	if	the	Loss	or	Damage	that	has	occurred	is	
                                                                            and has the authority to conduct business in over 140 countries.
						covered	under	the	Building	/	Contents	Section	(eg:against	fire,				
      storm or impact damage).
                                                                            General Advice Warning
                                                                            Any advice contained in this publication is general. To help decide
•					Up	to	$6,000	for	Legal	Expenses	and	Costs
                                                                            if	this	product	suits	you,	please	read	the	Product	Disclosure
                                                                            Statement	(PDS)	and	Policy	Wording.
  Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)                                                   Types of Cover   Cover Summary
                                                                                       Available        See relevant Section for applicable specific Limits of
1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PDS AND POLICY WORDING                                              Liability, definitions, exclusions and conditions.
This document contains important information required under the Corporations                            See also general definitions, exclusions and
Act 2001 (the Act) and has been prepared to assist You in understanding                                 conditions applying to all Sections of the Policy.
Landlords Residential Insurance and making an informed choice about Your
insurance requirements. It is up to You to choose the cover You need.                  Section 1:       Cover against loss or damage to Your Building as a
You	should	read	the	PDS,	Policy	Wording	and	Schedule	of	this	insurance	to	             Building Cover   result	of	Malicious	Damage	or	theft	occurring	during
obtain	a	complete	description	of	all	the	benefits,	terms,	conditions	and	exclusions                     the Policy Period up to the Combined Limit of Liability
relating to the cover offered under this insurance.                                                     applicable to Sections 1 and 2.
Please read these documents carefully and ensure that You keep them in a safe
place for future reference.                                                                             This	Section	also	provides	an	Additional	Benefit	of
                                                                                                        up to $2,000 for accidental loss or damage caused
General Advice                                                                                          directly by the burning out of an electric motor
Any	general	advice	that	may	be	contained	within	this	PDS	or	accompanying                                forming part of the Building that has a capacity less
material	does	not	take	into	account	Your	individual	objectives,	financial	situation                     than 4hp and is less than 10 years old.
or needs.
You should consider the appropriateness of this product having regard to Your                           The Building must be used as a residential dwelling
objectives,	financial	situation	and	needs.	You	need	to	decide	if	the	limits,	type                       house that You have rented to Tenants and includes
and level of cover are appropriate for You.                                                             domestic outbuildings. located at the Situation,
                                                                                                        domestic	fixtures	and	fittings,	domestic	structural
Preparation Date                                                                                        improvements,	fixed	floor	covering	(but	not	carpets)
This	PDS	was	prepared	on	22	August	2008.                                                                and services owned by You.
Other	documents	may	form	part	of	Our	PDS	and	if	they	do,	We	will	tell	You	in	the
relevant document.
                                                                                       Section 2:       Cover against accidental loss or damage to Your
2. ABOUT THE INSURER                                                                   Contents Cover   Contents occurring during the Policy Period up to
ACE Insurance Limited (ABN 23 001 642 020, AFS Licence No. 239687) (ACE)                                the Combined Limit of Liability applicable to Sections
is the insurer of this product.                                                                         1 and 2. Section 2 also provides the following
In	this	PDS,	“We”,	“Us”,	“Our”	means	ACE	Insurance	Limited.	Our	contact                                 Additional	Benefits.
details	are:
	            	            28-34	O’Connell	Street	SYDNEY	NSW	2000                                        •	Cover	for	accidental	loss	or	damage	caused	by	the	
	            	            Telephone:	1800	815	675                                                       burning out of an electric motor forming part of the
	            	            Facsimile:	(02)	9335	3467                                                     Contents which is less than 5 hp and 10 years
3. COVER WE CAN OFFER                                                                                   •	loss	or	damage	to	Your	Contents	caused	directly
When You apply for this insurance, You will need to complete an application. We                         by:
will use the information supplied by You to decide the terms of cover We will                           –	Malicious	Damage;
provide. We provide cover to You on the terms contained in the application, the                         – theft; or
Policy Wording and any other document, including the most recent Schedule that                          – riot and civil commotion.
is issued to You.                                                                                       Each	of	these	Additional	Benefits	are	subject
                                                                                                        to certain limitations and maximum claim limits
The Schedule will contain important information relevant to Your insurance                              specified	in	Section	2.
including the period of insurance, the type of cover You have selected, Your
Premium, the limits (if optional) that You want for particular covers, and whether                      Contents include household goods and appliances,
any standard terms need to be varied by way of endorsement.                                             carpets,	internal	blinds	and	curtains,	fixtures	and
All	of	these	make	up	Your	“Policy”.                                                                     domestic structural improvements inside a Strata
                                                                                                        Title unit that are not insured by the Body Corporate,
4. SUMMARY OF THE BENEFITS AND RISKS                                                                    furniture and furnishings that are not built in plus
Benefits                                                                                                Above	Ground	Swimming	Pools	that:
Subject to the payment of Your Premium, We will provide the cover You have
selected subject to the exclusions, conditions and limitations stated in the Policy                     •	Are	owned	by	You	(or	for	which	You	are	legally
and Schedule.                                                                                           responsible); and
The following is a summary only of the types of cover available and does not                            •	You	provide	to	the	Tenant	for	use	at	the	Situation
form part of the terms of Your insurance. We give examples of some of the                               and are listed in a property condition report
significant	benefits	and	risks	but	You	need	to	read	the	Policy	Wording	part	of	this	                    signed by the Tenant at the beginning of the
document which sets out the terms and conditions of this insurance, to make                             Lease.
sure it matches Your expectations.
 Section 3:        Cover	against	loss	of	Rent	as	result	of:                  •	settlement,	shrinkage,	vibration	or	expansion	in	buildings,	walls,		
 Loss of Rent      •	loss	or	damage	covered	by	Section	1	-	Building            slabs, pavements or driveways; or
 and Legal           Cover;                                                  •	erosion;	or
                                                                             •	water	seeping	or	percolating	through	a	wall,	floor	or	roof;	or
 Expenses          •	loss	or	damage	covered	by	Section	2	-	Contents
                                                                             •	vermin,	wildlife	or	insect;	or
                     Cover;                                                  •	wear,	tear,	rust,	corrosion,	depreciation	or	gradual	deterioration;	or
                   •	a	Tenant	absconding	and	not	complying	with              •	inherent	defects,	structural	defects,	faulty	workmanship	or	faulty		
                     Lease obligations;                                       design; or
                   •	default	of	Rent	payment	including	when	a	court          •	the	roots	of	trees,	shrubs,	plants	and	grass;	or
                     has issued an eviction order against the Tenant;        •	any	process	of	cleaning,	restoring	repairing,	retouching	or	
                   •	death	of	a	sole	Tenant;	or                                maintenance; or
                   •	a	court	awarding	a	Tenant	a	release	of	Lease            •	any	failure	on	Your	part	of	Your	agents	to	use	all	reasonable	means			
                     obligations due to hardship.                              to protect and maintain the Building and/or Contents at any time;
                   The amounts payable for a loss of Rent claim are          •	renovations,	repairs,	alterations	or	additions;
                   subject to maximum periods of claim and a maximum
                                                                             •	Tenants,	their	visitors,	their	visitors	children,	or	their	visitors	pets,			
                                                                             		except	to	the	extent	covered	under	Additional	Benefits	2	and	3	of			
                   weekly recoverable Rent.                                    Section 2;
                   This	Section	also	provides	an	Additional	Benefit	of	up    •	deliberate	or	intentional	damage	except	to	the	extent	covered	under
                   to $6,000 for legal expenses incurred with Our written    		Additional	Benefits	2,	3	and	4	of	Section	2.
                   consent for the purpose of evicting the Tenant or
                   recovering amounts payable by the Tenant for damage       We will also not pay for any loss or damage to shade cloth, swimming
                   caused by the Tenant or rental default by the Tenant.     pool	covers	and	liners	and	solar	covers.	There	are	also	specific	exclu-
                                                                             sions or conditions that apply under each Section of the Policy. Refer
 Section 4:        Covers You up to the Limit of Liability applicable        to	the	specific	exclusions	and	specific	conditions	in	each	Section	of	the	
 Liability Cover   to Section 4 for legal liability to pay Compensation      Policy Wording for further details.
                   in respect of Personal Injury of others or Property
                   Damage	of	others	occurring	during	the	Policy	Period	as    An Excess may also apply for a valid claim which You are required to
                   a result of an Occurrence happening in connection with    contribute towards each and every event that causes loss or damage
                   Your ownership of the Property.                           insured by the Policy. Refer to the Policy Wording and Schedule for
                                                                             details of any Excess that may apply.

                                                                             If You do not adequately insure Yourself for Your potential loss, You
                                                                             may have to bear the uninsured portion of any loss Yourself.
There are certain times when this insurance may not provide cover.           We may refuse to pay a claim or reduce the amount under a claim in
Some of the exclusions applying to all Sections of the Policy where          certain	circumstances.	In	particular:
We will not pay include, but are not limited to any claim, loss, damage,     •	Where	an	exclusion	applies;
liability,	cost	or	expense	arising	out	of	or	in	any	way	connected	with:      •	If	You	do	not	comply	with	the	terms	and	conditions	of	the	Policy;
•	Acts	of	Terrorism;                                                         •	If	You	do	not	comply	with	duty	of	disclosure	or	make	a	misrepresen-
•	asbestos;                                                                  tation; or
•	consequential	loss;                                                        •	If	You	make	a	fraudulent	claim.
•	dishonest	or	intentional	conduct	by	You,	Your	family	or	any	other				
   person acting with Your knowledge, consent or participation;              5. DUTY OF DISCLOSURE
                                                                             Before You enter into a contract of insurance with Us, You have a
•	loss	of	Electronic	Data;                                                   duty under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) to disclose to Us
•	known	faults	and	defects;                                                  anything that You could reasonably be expected to know is relevant to
•	lawful	seizure	of	any	insured	Property;                                    Our decision whether to accept the risk of insurance and if so, on what
•	mildew;                                                                    terms.
•	pollution;
•	radioactivity;                                                             You have the same duty to disclose those matters to Us before You
•	removal	of	support	or	vibration;                                           renew, extend, vary or reinstate a contract of general insurance.
•	unoccupied	Property;	and                                                   Your	duty,	however,	does	not	require	disclosure	of	a	matter:
•	war                                                                        •	that	diminishes	the	risk	to	be	undertaken	by	Us;
You should refer to the Policy for full details of the exclusions applying   •	that	is	of	common	knowledge;
                                                                             •	that	We	know	or,	in	the	ordinary	course	of	business,	ought	to	know;	
to	each	Section	ofthe	Ppolicy	ihcluding	the	‘ADDITIONAL	                     or
EXCLUSIONS APPLYING TO SECTION 2 - CONTENTS COVER’.                          •	as	to	which	compliance	with	Your	duty	is	waived	by	Us.
These exclusions include, but are not limited to any loss or damage          The duty of disclosure applies to You and everyone insured under the
casued	directly	or	indirectly	by:                                            contract of insurance. If You, or they, fail to comply with the duty of
•	Flood;	or                                                                  disclosure, We may reduce Our liability under the contract in respect of
•	the	action	the	Sea,	high	water	or	high	tide,	Storm	surge,	tidal	wave	or    a claim or may cancel the Policy.
  Tsunami; or                                                                If the non-disclosure is fraudulent, We may treat the Policy as if it
•	fusion	or	mechanical	breakdown	except	to	the	extent	covered	under          never existed and pay nothing. It is important that all information
Additional	Benefit	1	of	Section	1	or	Additional	Benefit	1	of	Section	2;      provided in support of Your application for insurance is understood by
•	soil	or	earth	movement	including	erosion,	subsidence,	landslide	           You and is correct, as You will be bound by Your answers and by the
                                                                             information provided by You. If You do not understand any part of this
  or mudslide unless the loss or damage directly arises out of an            notice, You should obtain independent advice. Your duty of disclosure
  earthquake; or                                                             continues after Your application for insurance has been completed up
                                                                             until the contract of insurance is entered into.
6. CONSEQUENCES OF NON-DISCLOSURE                                              13. DISPUTE RESOLUTION
The duty of disclosure applies to You and everyone insured under the           We are committed to handling any complaints about Our products or services
Policy. If You, or they, fail to comply with the duty of disclosure, We
                                                                               efficiently	and	fairly.	If	You	have	a	complaint,	contact	Us.
may be entitled to reduce Our liability under the Policy in respect of a
                                                                               If Your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, You may request that the matter
claim or may cancel the Policy.
If the non-disclosure is fradulent, We may treat the Policy as if it never     be	reviewed	by	the	Internal	Dispute	Resolution	Committee	(Committee).	We	
existed and pay nothing.                                                       will	advise	You	of	the	Committee’s	findings	within	fifteen	(15)	working	days.		If	
                                                                               You are unhappy with Our internal review of Your complaint, You may take
                                                                               Your complaint, at no cost to You, to the Insurance Ombudsman Service (the
7. CHANGE OF RISK OR CIRCUMSTANCES                                             Ombudsman). The Ombudsman can make decisions which We are obliged to
You should advise Us immediately of any change to your normal                  comply with.
business as disclosed to Us prior to entering into the contract of             The	Ombudsman	can	be	contacted	at:
insurance, such as changes in location, acquisitions or new overseas           G.P.O. Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001
activities. This includes every change materially affecting the facts of       Telephone:								1300	780	808
circumstances existing at the commencement of this insurance, or at            Facsimile:									(03)9613	6399
any subsequent renewal date.                                                   Email:					
8. PRESERVATION OF SUBROGATION RIGHTS                                          Further information about the Ombudsman is available on request. A brochure
We will not cover You where You have agreed with another person or             describing Our dispute resolution procedure is also available on request.
company, who would otherwise be liable to compensate You for any
loss or damage which is covered by the Policy that You will not seek
to recover such loss or damage or contribution from that person or
                                                                               14. PRIVACY STATEMENT
                                                                               ACE	Insurance	limited	(“ACE”)	is	committed	to	protecting	Your	privacy.		ACE	
company, to the extent permitted by law, for such loss or damage or
contributions.                                                                 Insurance Ltd collects, uses and retains Your personal information in accordance
                                                                               with the National Privacy Principles. Our detailed privacy policy is available on
9. PREMIUM                                                                     our web site at
We take a number of factors into account when calculating Your                 ACE Insurance Ltd collects Your personal information (which may include health
Premium.	Your	risk	profile,	including	the	level	of	cover	chosen	and	any	       information) when you are applying for, changing or renewing an insurance
previous	insurance	history	will	have	a	significant	impact	on	Your	Pre-         policy with Us or when We are processing a claim. We collect the information to
mium. Your Premium also includes any amounts payable in respect                assess your application for insurance, to provide You or Your organisation with
of compulsory government charges (including stamp duty, GST and                competitive insurance products and services and administer them and to handle
fire	services	levy,	where	applicable).	We	will	tell	You,	when	You	apply,	      any claim that may be made under a policy. If You do not provide us with this
what Premium is payable, when it needs to be paid and how it can be            information, We may not be able to provided You or Your organisation with insur-
paid.                                                                          ance or to respond to any claim.
                                                                               We may disclose the information we collect to third parties, including contractors
10. TAX IMPLICATIONS                                                           and contracted service providers engaged by Us to deliver our services or carry
If	You:                                                                        out certain business activities of Our behalf (such as assessors and call centres),
•	are	registered	for	GST;	and                                                  other companies on the ACE Group, other insurers, Our reinsurers, and govern-
•	would	be	entitled	to	an	input	tax	credit	if	You	were	to	incur	the	cost	to	
                                                                               ment agencies (where we are required to by law). These third parties may be
which a claim under this Policy relates, We will reduce any amount it
                                                                               located outside Australia.
pays under any such claim by an amount equal to Your input tax credit
entitlement.                                                                   You agree to Us using and disclosing Your personal information as set out
This tax information is a general statement only. See Your tax adviser         above. This consent remains valid unless You alter or revoke it by giving written
for	information	about	Your	specific	circumstances.                             notice	to	our	Privacy	Officer.
                                                                               From time to time, We may use Your personal information to send You offers or
11. COOLING OFF & CANCELLATION                                                 information regarding Our products that may be of interest to You. If You do not
Cooling Off                                                                    wish	to	receive	such	information,	please	contact	our	Privacy	Officer	using	the	
If this Policy does not meet Your requirements, You may return the             contact details provided below.
Policy to Us within twenty one (21) days from the date the Policy com-         If You would like to access a copy of Your personal information, or to correct or
menced with a written notice that the Policy is not required.                  update your personal information, please contact customer relations team on
You will receive a full refund of the Premium providing nothing has oc-        1800 815 675 or e-mail
curred for which a claim is payable under the Policy.                          If You have a complaint or want more information about how ACE Insurance Ltd
Cancellation of Your Policy                                                    is	managing	your	personal	information,	please	contact	the	Privacy	Officer,	ACE	
You may cancel this Policy by giving notice in writing to Us. If such          Insurance	Ltd,	GPO	BOX	4907,	Sydney,	NSW	2001,	Tel:	1800	815	672	or	email	
notice is given, the cancellation will take effect on the day the notice
is received by Us. We may cancel this Policy in any of the circum-
stances and in the manner set out in the Insurance Contracts Act 1984
(Cth). Such cancellation is to take effect thirty (30) days from the time
                                                                               15. UPDATING OUR PDS
                                                                               Information	in	this	PDS	may	be	updated	where	necessary.	A	paper	copy	of
notification	is	received	by	You.		For	full	details	on	how	this	Policy	may	
be cancelled, refer to page 29.                                                any updated information is available to You at no cost by calling Us. You will be
                                                                               issued	with	a	new	PDS	or	a	supplementary	PDS,	where	the	update	is	to	rectify
12. HOW TO MAKE A CLAIM                                                        a misleading or deceptive statement or an omission, which is materially adverse
You should advise Us as soon as possible of any event(s) which could           from the point of view of a reasonable person deciding whether to obtain this
lead to a claim. Please contact your Property Manager for full details         insurance. Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd Version 31/01/2009.
on claims procedures.

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