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									                                                  November 2006

Gap Closing Gazette: the Newsletter of the College
           for All Texans Foundation

                                                               The mission of the College for All Texans
      Awards Over $3.8                                         Foundation: Closing the Gaps is to generate the
                                                               private resources necessary to ensure the success
Million to Help Close Gaps                                     of the College for Texans Campaign. For more
TG has become one of the largest funders of the                information or to make a donation, please call
                                                               512 427- 6108 or visit
Closing the Gaps effort in Texas. For the second
consecutive year, TG has awarded grants to
advance college access, student retention, and
educational research. TG's Public Benefit Grant
Program is providing this fall more than $3.8
million in competitive grants to 28 institutions
and non-profit organizations.
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                                                           More news in this issue (left-click on headline):
                                                              AMD Funds New Mobile Go Center for
                                                              Central Texas to be Operated by Austin
                                                              Community College
                                                              TG Provides $300,000 for College G-
                                                              Force to Help Students in Go Centers
                                                              Tarrant County College Begins
                                                              Operation of Mobile Go Center
                                                              Summer Bridge Program at Texas A&M
                                                              International University
                                                              Americorps*VISTA and Recent Retirees
                                                              to Help Go Centers
                                                              UTPA’s Mobile Go Center Sets the Pace:
TG President and CEO Sue McMillin (second from left)          Reaches Over 6000 in First Seven
and Asst. VP Jacob Fraire (far left) at launch of Austin
Community College’s Mobile Go Center. A TG grant is           Months
enabling expansion of Austin Community College’s              Five Gap Closing Programs Win Texas
College Connection which the new MGC, funded by               Higher Education Star Award
AMD and AT&T, will support. The Coordinating
Board’s Assistant Commissioner for Outreach and               Fall 2006 Higher Education Enrollment
Success Catherine Dikes (third from left) and Don             Grows But at Lower Rate Than in
Brown (far right) join the celebration and help hold the
MGC key presented to ACC by TSTC-Waco.
                                                              Several Previous Years
                                                              Mobile Go Center Photo Gallery
                                                              Foundation Information
TG Awards Over $3.8 Million                           During the first year of funding in 2005-2006,
                                                      TG awarded $1.8 million through its
in Grants (cont’d from page 1)                        competitive grant program. As then, the current
Recipients will use the grant funds to enhance        grant funds are offered in addition the Charley
opportunities and access to higher education and      Wootan Grant Program, established by TG in
improve student success in preparing for and          2000, that provides $1 million each year in
earning a college degree.                             need-based aid to students enrolled in
                                                      postsecondary education.
―Since TG's founding 25 years ago, we have
believed that everyone who aspires to complete        Earlier this year, TG's Public Benefit Grant
a college degree should have the opportunity to       Program also set aside $500,000 to help students
do so," said Sue McMillin, president and CEO          whose education was interrupted by Hurricanes
for TG, a nonprofit company that provides             Katrina and Rita. The TG Textbook Awards
federal student loan guarantees and helps             program provided 1,000 students with grants to
millions of students finance higher education         purchase textbooks and education-related
each year. "Through TG's Public Benefit Grant         supplies for the 2006 summer session or fall
Program, we're pleased that we can help               semester.
educational partners and like-minded                  For more information: Contact Jacob Fraire at (800) 252-
organizations reach out to students and               9743, ext. 4964, or via e-mail at
In determining the recipients, TG required each                                                  Return to top
nonprofit organization to declare its intent to use   ----------------------------------------------------------
grant funding to improve access to, or                AMD Funds Mobile Go Center
participation in, postsecondary education,
college retention, and student success.
                                                      for Central Texas: Launched by
                                                      Austin Community College on
TG intends that the primary beneficiaries of
these efforts, either directly or indirectly, be      November 16
students who are from low- to moderate-income
families, with priority awarded to proposals that     AMD, to help close the educational gaps in
addressed the needs of first-generation college       Austin and Central Texas, has funded the state‘s
students, students from high schools with low         fifth Mobile Go Center. Like other MGCs, the
college-going rates, and/or students who are          new unit is a long, enclosed trailer equipped
underrepresented in higher education.                 with laptop computers connected to the Internet
The grant funds will help organizations carry         by a dish antenna and satellite system. The
out efforts that include financial aid, in the form   MGC can be pulled
of need-based grants to students; student             to a wide range of
mentoring and internships; pre-college outreach       locations to connect
to students and parents; academic support and         students, parents
instruction; student retention; student transfer      and others with
guidance and support; and education research.         information about
                                                      preparing for,
TG funds have been instrumental to the
                                                      applying to, paying
development of Mobile Go Centers. They have
                                                      for and succeeding
enabled UT-Pan American to operate its Mobile
                                                      in college.
Go Center, the College for All Texans
Foundation to construct its initial three MGCs,
and South Texas Tech Prep-Laredo Community                                       A
College to acquire a MGC.                                                        AMD’s Allyson Peerman and
                                                                                 Ward Tisdale next to one of
                                                                                 AMD’s logos on the MGC
                                                          College Connection is a unique outreach
The AMD grant enabled construction of the                 program which the Texas Higher Education
MGC and provided it with all equipment—                   Coordinating Board recently recognized with its
including laptops with AMD processors--                   Star Award for contributions to Closing the
except its satellite Internet system. That system         Gaps (see p. 7). The program‘s primary goal is
is made possible by funds from the AT&T                   to place college enrollment services squarely in
Foundation‘s eight-year grant for technology              front of all ACC area high school seniors to
used on MGCs and in some fixed-site Go                    create the expectation of postsecondary
Centers.                                                  education. Every College Connection
                                                          participating senior who graduates receives an
The AT&T Foundation grant, announced early                ACC acceptance letter along with his/her high
in 2005, kick-started the entire Mobile Go                school diploma.
Center Project.
                                                          Like all the partner institutions operating Mobile
                                                          Go Centers, ACC will use the MGC to carry and
                                                          convey the broad ―Education. Go Get It/ La
                                                          Educación. Saber es Poder‖ message.

                                                          For more information: Richard Armenta, PhD, at Austin
                                                          Community College (512)223-7955 or via e-mail at
                                                ; or Dewy Brooks at the Texas
                                                          Higher Education Coordinating Board (512) 427-6289,
Austin Community College’s Mobile Go Center, pictured     or via email at
above, has its own website,
with an operating calendar and an invitation to request
visits.                                                                                     Return to top
Donors and school leaders from across the
region gathered at ACC's Eastview Campus on
November 16 to launch the new Mobile Go                   TG Grant for College for
Center and to announce a major expansion of               Texans: $300,000 for Collegiate
the College Connection program.
                                                          G-Force to Help Students in Go
 Austin Community College will use the MGC                Centers
                             in its acclaimed
                             College Connection           An award made under TG‘s Public Benefit
                             program. It will             Grant Program (see p. 1) will strengthen the
                             bring support and            impact of Go Centers in Texas‘ three regions
                             information about            with the largest populations.
                             college preparation,
                             enrollment,                  The TG funds will provide grants of up to
                             financial aid and            $1,000 to at least 300 Collegiate G-Force
                             related subjects to          members in 2006-2007 in the Dallas-Fort Worth
                             students, parents,           Metroplex, the Houston and Gulf Coast region,
                             and others,                  and South Texas. The grants make it possible
                             especially those             for far more college students to encourage more
                             from families with           high school students to prepare for, pursue, and
historically low college-going rates who live in          succeed in college.
the communities within ACC‘s eight-county
service area.                                             The Coordinating Board will allocate the TG
                                                          funds to 10 institutions in the three regions.
Those colleges and universities will select the
student recipients and connect them to the Go
Centers where they will serve.                         Trustee Winnett accepted the MGC for Tarrant
                                                       County College District and pledged that it
The Collegiate G-Force is composed of college          would be used fully to reach and help students
students who work in Go Centers. Under the             necessary to close gaps.
guidance of an adult G-Force sponsor, they help
draw high school students to Go Centers to             Gary Terry, regional vice president of external
obtain college-going information and support.          affairs, AT&T Texas conveyed his and his
Because of their experience in college,                company‘s support for the Mobile Go Center
Collegiate G-Force members can tutor high              project. The AT&T Foundation‘s grant provided
school students who need academic assistance,          funds for the MGC‘s computers and telecom-
mentor them as they proceed along a path to            munications equipment. Several other Texas
college entrance and success, and take other           foundations contributed grants that paid for
steps to build a college-going culture.                construction of the new MGC.

The Collegiate G-Force members can serve as
role models to younger students in their
                                                       AT&T’s Linda
communities, and often are able to engage              Caram and Gary
students who otherwise would be overlooked by          Terry with
the education system.                                  Trustee Robyn
                                                       Winnett (holding
                                                       key), and Don
For more information: Chris Alvarado (512) 427-6207,
or via e-mail at

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_______________________________________                ―The Mobile Go Center will enable Tarrant
                                                       County College and other Texas colleges and
                                                       universities to reach potential students where
                                                       they live, work and attend school,‖ said Dr.
Tarrant County College begins                          Leonardo de la Garza, Tarrant County College
operation of Mobile Go Center                          chancellor. ―The mobility of the Go Center is
                                                       especially valuable in expanding our outreach
                                                       efforts throughout Tarrant County.‖
Tarrant County College announced the launch
of its Mobile Go Center at a ceremony on
October 10 at historic Trimble Tech High near
                                                       our youth to
downtown Fort Worth. The new MGC is the
                                                       attend and
fourth to begin service in Texas, and the third of
                                                       graduate from
those owned by the College for All Texans
                                                       college is of
Foundation and deployed by partner institutions.
                                                       importance to
College for All Texans Foundation
                                                       our community,‖
representative Don Brown, presented the
                                                       said State Rep.
MGC‘s keys to TCCD Trustee Robyn Medina
                                                       Lon Burnam.
Winnett along with the now-traditional large
                                                       ―The Texas Legislature has helped facilitate this
key from Texas State Technical College. The
                                                       through the College for Texans Campaign, and
large key symbolizes the contribution to the
                                                       the Mobile Go Centers are key to fulfilling the
College for Texans Campaign of TSTC Waco‘s
                                                       objectives of that campaign.‖
transformation of the bare trailer into a ready-to-
go Mobile Go Center.
Following this Mobile Go Center launch, TCC                   For more information: Dewy Brooks at the THECB
will coordinate its schedule throughout the                   (512) 427-6289, or via e-mail at
                                                    , or Fidel Castillo at
county in a variety of settings (festivals,                   Tarrant County College (817) 515- 5180, or via e-mail at
sporting events, supermarket or mall parking        
lots, and schools that do not have Go Centers) in
an effort to reach parents and middle school and                                                Return to top
high school students who might not otherwise                  ____________________________
plan to attend college.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram published the                    Texas A&M International hosts
following editorial on Tarrant County College‘s               College Readiness Summer
new Mobile Go Center on October 26:
                                                              Bridge Program
On your mark ...
                                                              Funded partly by a federal First Generation
It's difficult to find a statistical variable more powerful   College Student grant through the Coordinating
than the correlation between higher education and             Board, Texas A&M International University
income potential: Go to college, make more money and
have a better quality of life.
                                                              hosted the College Readiness Summer Bridge
                                                              Program for 263 incoming high school juniors
The problem is that many students -- particularly low-        in June 2006. Students were housed at Texas
income students who often come from families whose            A&M International‘s Residential Learning
parents did not attend college -- sometimes have very
little idea about where to find information about how to      Community under the supervision of residential
apply for college, what it costs, what qualifying tests are   assistants who offered mentoring and tutoring to
required or what kind of financial assistance is available.
                                                              all participants.
This is not a healthy situation. The Texas Higher
Education Coordinating Board calculates that it will have     Participants were students from Laredo
to boost higher education enrollment by at least 630,000
students -- a 60 percent increase over enrollment in
                                                              Independent School District and United
2000 -- over the next 20 years (plus substantially raise      Independent School District entering grade 12,
the annual number of graduates to more than 210,000)          whose 10th grade TAKS scores were between
just for the state to keep pace economically with the
nation and the world. The problem comes in tandem with        2100 and 2199 in English/Language Arts and
rising tuition costs.                                         Math. The goal of the program was to increase
                                                              student TAKS scores to reach the College
The fix? Help one student at a time.
                                                              Readiness Index (CRI) score of 2200.
That's what was going on one recent morning outside
Fort Worth's Trimble Tech High School as students waited      Students were offered courses in the areas of
to explore the 34-foot-long Mobile Go Center that Tarrant     reading, writing, and mathematics in an effort to
County College parked at the campus' 89-year-old
doorstep.                                                     increase TAKS scores and to prepare students
                                                              for the Texas Higher Education Assessment
Inside, students found 10 laptop computers, satellite         (THEA). At the end of the program, the THEA
connections to the Internet, informational materials and
pre-college counseling assistance.                            was administered to all participants. The 40
                                                              participants with the highest THEA scores were
The Go Center will be visiting public school campuses,        awarded concurrent enrollment scholarships by
sporting events, festivals and mall parking lots all over
North Texas.
                                                              Texas A&M International University.

The go-get-them strategy could pay enormous dividends         Participants are being invited to meetings during
in expanded college enrollment. Though TCC probably           their junior and senior years to raise their level
will pick up its fair share of students, the Go Center will
provide information about institutions nationwide.            of awareness about college, career, and work
                                                              readiness, as well as financial aid and
Think of it as "driving" access to higher education and a     admissions requirements.
more prosperous future for both students and the region.
The College Readiness Summer Bridge                     Their objective is to ensure that CIS-SA
Program was free to all participants. Students          students and parents know that college is
were provided with free housing, meals,                 affordable, possible, and desirable.
instruction in academics, school supplies, and
on-campus amenities.                                    Several of the VISTA members and many of the
                                                        community volunteers are expected to come
In addition to the First Generation College             from the ranks of recent retirees and college
Grant, the program was made possible by in-             students in service learning programs at St.
kind financial contributions from Texas A&M             Mary‘s University, Our Lady of the Lake
International University and the United                 University, the University of Texas at San
Independent School District.                            Antonio, and St. Philip‘s College.

A further report on the extent of success of the        For more information contact Jennifer Tywater, VISTA
pilot program will be provided in January, 2007.        Leader, at (512) 427-6198 or by e-mail at
For more information, contact Belinda Perez-Hernandez
at (512) 427-6209 or by e-mail at                                                        Return to top

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_______________________________________                 UTPA’s Mobile Go Center Sets
                                                        the Pace: Reaches Over 6000 in
Americorps*VISTA and Recent                             First Seven Months
Retirees to Help Go Centers
                                                        As reported in previous issues of the Gap
                                                        Closing Gazette, UT-Pan American was the
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating
                                                        state‘s first institution to begin operating a
Board is partnering with Americorps*VISTA
                                                        Mobile Go Center, taking advantage of a well-
(Volunteers in Service to America) and
                                                        equipped trailer it already owned and a well-
Communities in Schools - San Antonio, as well
                                                        directed grant from TG.
as with Texas Campus Compact and the Retired
Senior Volunteer Program, to explore a new
                                                        From the MGC‘s initial visit on March 31 to the
way to initiate and staff Go Centers.
                                                        South Texas Career Fair in Kingsville (where 86
                                                        students and parents came aboard) through its
New Go Centers are planned for early 2007 in
                                                        appearance seven months later on October 30 in
10 elementary, middle, and high schools in
                                                        the McAllen Independent School District, more
which Communities in Schools is active in or
                                                        than 6000 people were assisted. In a single
near San Antonio. An AmeriCorps* VISTA
                                                        week-long stay at Freer High School, the MGC
member will be assigned to the CIS-SA Go
                                                        served 455 students.
Center in each of the targeted San Antonio
schools to assist students who might not
                                                        Over the same period, UT-Pan American
otherwise aim for college by promoting college
                                                        deployed its MGC to 110 sites: 27 community
awareness and development in their schools and
                                                        events, 26 single-day visits to schools, 51 week-
the surrounding community.
                                                        long visits, and 6 for training staff members.
The AmeriCorps*VISTA members will be
                                                        UTPA‘s report to TG summarized its MGC
trained to conduct academic engagement
                                                        experience as follows: ―Through all of these
programs using high school and college students
                                                        efforts, the interest in the community continues
and community volunteers to help close gaps in
                                                        to grow and new possibilities for partnerships
higher education participation and success.
                                                        keep developing. While our initial plan of
taking the unit out to schools for ‗Education: Go         chosen. Selection of the five Star Award
Get It!‘ weeks proved challenging, the greater            recipients was based on the recommendations of
need for such services in the community became            a nine-member panel that included three
apparent. Thus, we were forced to rethink our             Coordinating Board members; three Texas
delivery model and successfully incorporated              business, education, and community leaders;
one-day school and community events into the              and three out-of-state educational
MGC usage.‖                                               experts.

More good news: TG has awarded an additional              The 2006 Star Award winners are:
grant to UT-Pan American to continue operating            Austin Community College – College
its Mobile Go Center.                                     Connection Program. Through this partnership
                                                          between Austin Community College
For more information, contact Lisa Prieto at (956) 292-   (ACC) and 15 school districts, with support
7562 or by e-mail at or Felipe        from private industry and foundations, high
Salinas at (956) 381-2526 or by e-mail at
                                                          school seniors receive admission and enrollment
                                   Return to top          services on their high school campuses. As a
_______________________________________                   result, virtually all of Central Texas‘ 6,400 high
                                                          school seniors received an admissions
                                                          acceptance letter to ACC with their high school
Five Gap Closing Programs                                 diplomas. ACC‘s enrollment from College
Win Texas Higher Education                                Connection school districts increased nearly 38
Star Award
Five exemplary higher education gap-closing
programs received the Texas Higher Education
Star Award from the Texas Higher Education
Coordinating Board at an award ceremony in
Austin on November 6.

―The winners represent the state‘s most
effective efforts for closing the education gaps
that challenge our state,‖ said Commissioner of           From left, ACC President Steve Kinslow, CB Chairman
Higher Education Raymund A. Paredes. ―The                 Bob Shepard, ACC VP Mary Hensley, College Connection
                                                          Director Luanne Preston, Commissioner of Higher
Coordinating Board is proud to recognize the              Education Raymund Paredes.
people and the institutions that develop and
implement these programs, as well as the                  percent on average from fall 2003 to fall 2005.
organizations and others who support them.‖               The increase was nearly 100 percent for two
                                                          school districts. In addition, the program is an
The awards ceremony was part of the                       effective tool for encouraging students to go to
Coordinating Board‘s 2006 Governing Boards                other colleges and universities. Overall college-
Conference for higher education regents                   going rates for participating high schools
and trustees. The annual meeting allows the               increased more than 9 percent during
governing board members to focus on how to                the same two-year period.
continue and improve the state‘s efforts to               For more information: Mary Hensley, (512) 223-7618.
achieve the goals of the higher education plan,
Closing the Gaps by 2015 (See the plan at                 Stephen F. Austin State University – ).                   Academic Assistance and Resource Center. The
                                                          Academic Assistance and Resource Center
For this year‘s competition, the Board received           (AARC) offers one-on-one peer tutoring,
52 applications, from which eight finalists were
student-led study groups, supplemental                    For more information,contact:
instruction, and related services leading to              Penny Matthes, (817) 515-3575
increased intellectual development and
academic success among participating students.            The University of Texas at El Paso –
                                                          Chemistry Peer Leader Program. ―Two Plus
Average grades for student participants were              Two Workshops‖ are a key element of this
nearly half a grade point higher than for other           effort, which has increased student success in
students, and college persistence rates for               science, engineering, and math at UT-El Paso.
participants improved as well. Students benefit           Two hours of workshops – small-group, peer-
from these services throughout their years in             led, team-based activities – are substituted for
college, and earn degrees at higher rates. For the        one hour of a large-section lecture per week in a
university‘s Class of 1999, the six-year                  first-semester general chemistry course. Since
graduation rates for students who received                the program was implemented in fall 2000, the
services from the Center was 48 percent,                  ―C-or-better‖ passing rate has improved from
compared to 35 percent for other students – who           the historic average of nearly 53 percent to
had higher SAT scores on average.                         nearly 74 percent. As a result, an additional 150
For more information, contact:Robin Redmon Wright,        students are passing this ―gatekeeper‖ course
(936) 468-1463.                                           annually, allowing many more students to
                                                          continue their education into science,
Tarrant County College District – SureStart               engineering, and math majors.
Program. SureStart, a learning community for              For more information, contact: James E. Becvar, (915)
under-prepared, first-time in-college students,
offers early intervention to students who are at          YES College Preparatory Schools – YES
risk of dropping out of college. Through the              College Preparatory Schools. Admission to a
program, students who need better reading skills          four-year higher education institution is a high
take a developmental education reading course.            school graduation requirement at YES College
                                                          Preparatory Schools, based in Houston. A
                                                          comprehensive college counseling program is a
                                                          key element, beginning in middle school with
                                                          college campus visits, which total more than
                                                          20 by the time students are seniors. During their
                                                          junior year, students take a SAT/ACT
                                                          preparatory course. As seniors, students are
                                                          enrolled in a ―college seminar‖ course, which
                                                          allows them time to work on college
                                                          applications, financial aid applications, and
                                                          discuss related issues with college counselors.
From left, CB Chair Bob Shepard, TCC representatives
Lily Tercero, Penny Matthes, Jacquelyn Warmsley, Sharon   Parents also participate in college-preparatory
Wettengel, Charles DeSassure, and Commissioner            seminars and workshops. First-generation-in-
Raymund Paredes                                           college students account for approximately 86
                                                          percent of YES graduates, who have been
They take their first college classes together,           accepted to 190 colleges and universities
allowing them to bond and support each other.             nationwide. Approximately 76 percent of YES
As a result, SureStart students are more success-         graduates persist in college, compared to
ful in college. On average, they complete 29              approximately 50 percent of all students
semester credit hours of courses annually,                nationwide.
compared to only 21 for a control group. In
addition, on average, SureStart students have             For more information, contact: Ryan Dolibois, (713) 574-
earned a 2.19 grade point average, compared to            7595
1.78 for the control group.
In addition to these awards, the Coordinating           ―Clearly, we need even greater increases to
Board presented special Higher Education               achieve state participation goals,‖ said Texas
Leadership Star Awards to State                        Commissioner of Higher Education Raymund
Senator Florence Shapiro and State                     A. Paredes. He noted that Closing the Gaps by
Representative Geanie Morrison for their work          2015, the state‘s higher education plan, calls for
toward closing the gaps in Texas higher                enrolling 1.6 million students by 2015.
education. Senator Shapiro chairs the Senate
Education Committee and Representative                 The fall 2006 enrollment figures are based on a
Morrison chairs the House Higher                       preliminary count on the 12th class day by
Education Committee.                                   higher education institutions. Historically, these
                                                       preliminary figures are approximately 6 percent
For more information on the Texas Higher Education     higher than the certified figures that are
Star Award program, contact: Glenda Barron, Texas      obtained later in the academic year.
Higher Education Coordinating Board, (512) 427-6255
or .
                                                       Preliminary fall 2005 enrollment for each Texas
                                       Return to top   higher education institution is available on the
                                                       Coordinating Board‘s Web site at
Fall 2006 Higher Education
Enrollment Grows But at Lower                          For additional information, contact: Ray Grasshoff,
                                                       Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, (512) 427-
Rate Than in Several Previous                          6111, or

Years                                                                                          Return to top
Enrollment in Texas higher education increased
by 27,209 students, or 2.3 percent, to 1,211,582       Mobile Go Center Photo Gallery
students this fall, according to preliminary data
reported by colleges and universities to the
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Although this increase is more than twice the
enrollment growth reported in fall 2005, it trails
the record increases reported each year from
2001 through 2004.

Eighty percent of the total growth took place at
the state‘s two-year colleges, which had 19,785
more students this fall than last fall, according                  Houston Community College
to the preliminary data.

AMD-sponsored MGC for Austin
Community College while at

                                   Houston Community College

                                        Tarrant County College

                               Austin Community College

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                                            THE COLLEGE FOR ALL
  COLLEGE FOR ALL                                   and
      TEXANS                                COLLEGE FOR TEXANS
     THE GAPS                           The College for All Texans Foundation:
                                        Closing the Gaps is a nonprofit corporation
                                        established in 2001 as the Texas Higher
                                        Education Coordinating Board‘s official
  John T. Montford, San Antonio,        nonprofit partner. The Foundation is
              Chairman                  governed by a board of trustees, a majority
 Cathy Obriotti Green, San Antonio,     of whom are appointed by the chairman of
              President                 the Texas Higher Education Coordinating
 Ronald K. Calgaard, San Antonio,       Board. The Foundation is exempt from
           Vice President               federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3)
   Milton G. Wright, Lago Vista,        of the Internal Revenue Code.
     Lorraine Perryman, Odessa,         The Foundation‘s mission is to generate
              Secretary                 the resources necessary to ensure the
    A.W. ―Whit‖ Riter, III, Tyler       success of the College for Texans
      Paul W. Hobby, Houston            Campaign, led by the Texas Higher
    Janie Strauss McGarr, Dallas                 Raymund Paredes, Austin, Ex Officio
                                        Education Coordinating Board.
      John F. Moss, Pecan Gap
   Robert W. Shepard, Harlingen         College for Texans is the ―statewide
     Pamela P. Willeford, Austin        awareness and motivational campaign‖ that
                                        the Coordinating Board was directed to
Raymund Paredes, Austin, Ex Officio     establish by the 77th Legislature under
(Commissioner of Higher Education)      Sections 61.951-61.954 of the Texas
                                        Education Code. Its mission is to build a
        ------------------------        college-going culture throughout Texas,
                                        and its objective is to enroll an additional
      Don W. Brown, Austin,             430,000 academically prepared people—
        Executive Director              beyond the 200,000 enrollment growth
          512 427-6108                  projected on the basis of trends—into        Texas higher education by 2015. The
                                        Campaign is a central part of the state‘s   higher education plan, Closing the Gaps by

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