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									Houston Auto Accident Lawyers
If you've been in an auto accident, you need to contact the lawyers of Smith and Hassler
immediately so that we can begin work on your case before the insurance company has a chance
to skew the evidence in its favor. Insurance companies do not want you to contact an attorney
because an attorney can preserve the evidence and advise you of your rights. You may be
entitled to a money settlement to compensate you for your medical treatment, your lost wages,
and pain and suffering, so contact our legal offices so that we can advise you of your rights.

If the other driver in the auto accident is at fault and has liability insurance, you may have the
right to collect money damages to compensate you for your past and future medical bills, lost
wages, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and physical impairment. If the at-fault driver in the
auto accident does not have insurance, you may be entitled to collect money damages from your
own insurance company if you purchased Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage.

Generally, medical bills are not paid until the time your auto accident case is settled. However,
if you have Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments Coverage under your automobile
insurance policy, you may be able to pay your medical bills as they are incurred by making a
claim against your own coverage. Also, if you have health insurance, your medical bills may be
paid as incurred by your health insurance company. Do not worry about making a claim for the
non-fault use of your PIP or MedPay coverage; your insurance company is not allowed to raise
your premiums just because you elect to use the PIP or MedPay coverage you purchased.

In order to collect money for your lost wages from the driver who caused the auto accident, or
from his insurance company, your lost wages must be documented by your employer or
personnel department. Also, your doctor must state that it was medically necessary for you to
miss work as a result of the injuries you suffered in the collision.


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