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									Auto Accident Lawsuits in Texas
By the time Jim had seen an attorney, he had lost valuable time dealing with his auto accident lawsuit. His friends and family had been encouraging
him to file a lawsuit since the day he woke up in the hospital. Jim had suffered from depression all his life, and had a few serious bouts over the past
couple of years. He had seen several of the best psychologists in Texas and was finally returning to more productive and positive state of mind when
the accident happened.

Jim had been hesitant to file and auto accident lawsuit because he was worried that his depression may worsen and a lawsuit may create more stress
than he was ready to handle. It didn't take Jim long to realize that the mounting medical bills and the constant stress of worrying what he was going to
do next was taking its toll on what was his almost healthy state of mind. Fed up, Jim finally looked through the phone book and started asking auto
accident attorneys to file his lawsuit.

Although it's completely natural for people to have difficulty talking about their traumatic auto accidents, Jim really struggled when he went to see his
first lawyer about filing his lawsuit. He sat on the office answering questions with a quick "yes," or a quiet, "no."

The lawyer impatiently explained to Jim that if he wanted to file an auto accident lawsuit, he was going to have to recount the accident. Jim noticed the
lawyer checking his watch and tapping his pen impatiently on the desk. Intimidated, Jim told the lawyer not to worry about filing the lawsuit, and
instead he went home and sat in front of the television for the rest of the day.

Jim's family understood his problems in filing the auto accident lawsuit with the first attorney, so they found him another lawyer to listen to his case.
The second lawyer was much more patient but when she asked Jim if his depression was going to get in the way of filing a lawsuit or had in any way
contributed to the accident, Jim just hung his head.

It wasn't that Jim believed that he couldn't handle filing a lawsuit or that he had contributed to the accident at all. He was just embarrassed to talk
about his issues and didn't know how to effectively explain his side of things. The lawyer took his response as an admission that his depression would
inhibit his ability to file an auto accident lawsuit and told him that she wouldn't be able to represent him.

This time Jim didn't go home and watch television, but rather he left her office with feelings of anger and even guilt. He felt he was entitled to file his
lawsuit. After all, the other driver ran the red light, had been drinking, and didn't have a scratch on him. Jim, however, suffered a severe concussion,
two broken ribs, and fractured his wrist in the accident. Jim felt he needed to file a lawsuit because his medical insurance didn't cover everything, and
the car insurance the other driver carried was minimal and hadn't covered even half of what Jim owed in medical bills.

He missed a few weeks of work, and when he returned he was told he wasn't allowed to work until the cast came off his wrist. Without a lawsuit, Jim
didn't know how he was going to manage to pay his bills. He had been saving up money to move to the Texas coastline, but he had already spent his
savings on normal everyday expenses. Jim was becoming more depressed because he felt he needed to file an auto accident lawsuit and couldn't find
the right attorney to represent him.

Jim refused to give up on filing a lawsuit. He refused to give up on his dreams and his right to be okay in the world. Jim made one more attempt to
speak to a lawyer about filing his auto accident lawsuit, and he was relieved when the attorney focused on the case, the facts of the case, told Jim
what to expect when filing a lawsuit, and simply asked him if he was ready.

Jim smiled, the first time since he started attempting to file a lawsuit. It took some encouragement but Jim was able to re-tell the entire event from
beginning to end. As he left the third lawyer's office, he felt confident that his lawsuit was not only being filed but in good hands.

Jim's story of filing an auto accident lawsuit is not unique. Auto accident victims aren't always perfect individuals, and you don't have to be in order to
file a lawsuit. A lawsuit is based on the facts of the case, and whether or not there are adequate grounds to file an auto accident lawsuit.

Some questions are difficult, and filing a lawsuit may mean having moments of being uncomfortable, but if your auto accident lawsuit attorney doesn't
believe in you, how are you supposed to believe in your right to file a lawsuit? Finding the right lawyer to file an auto accident lawsuit can be frustrating
for anyone, but with persistence, the right lawyer for your lawsuit can be found, fought, and won.

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