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									                   Sample Collection Letters: A Gentle Reminder

                                           Unit #______
                                     (Chartered Organization)
                            (Committee Chair /Treasurer/or Popcorn Chair)
                                          Street Address
                                            City, ST Zip


Parent’s Name
Parent’s Address
Parent’s City, State, Zip

Dear Parent’s Name,

As of ______________, we have not yet received your Popcorn Payment in the amount of
_____. You may have already mailed this, or perhaps it was just overlooked if you have been

busy. Please check your records, and notify us if you feel we have made an error.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


(Your Name)
(Your Position)
                   A Strong Reminder/Request for an Explanation
                       Replace the body of letter # 1 with the following…….


We have not received your past-due Popcorn Payment. The due date of this payment was

______________. We need to know the reason for the lack of payment. Please remit your
unpaid balance, or call ____________________________________ by ______________ to
                        (Committee Chair/Treasurer/or Popcorn Chair)          (Date)
clarify this matter.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

 Last Appeal for Payment/With Stated Consequences – “MAIL CERTIFIED”

                       Replace the body of letter #2 with the following………

Dear ________:

Unit #_________ has made several attempts to collect your past-due Popcorn Payment.

We have mailed you two previous letters dated _______ and ________. This is not acceptable,

and it is very important to resolve this matter immediately for the benefit of the scouts in our

unit. If payment is not received by _____________, we will initiate the procedures to turn this
matter over to the proper authorities for collection.

You are still responsible for $_______. Please inform us of your plans for payment.

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