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					                                                                                        What to do if you’re in a car accident

                                                                                        (NC)—A car accident is stressful whether         • Ask other passengers and any witnesses
                  How to make a

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                                                                                        it’s a fender bender or a more serious             for their names and phone numbers.
                                                                                        collision. We need to remain calm, but           • Jot down details about the accident,
                car insurance claim                                                     shock and confusion can make it hard               including how it happened, the time, date
                                                                                        to think clearly.                                  and location, the speed of all cars, and
                                                                                          The Financial Services Commission of             the road conditions.
(NC)—You must report a car accident         • Your injuries and the damage to the       Ontario (FSCO) advises us to learn ahead         • A sketch of the accident scene noting the
to your insurance agent, broker or             car you were in.                         of time what we should do if we are                position and direction of the vehicles
company within seven days if someone        • Any apparent injuries to others           involved in an accident and offers this            is also helpful.
is killed or injured, if total property        involved in the accident.                advice:                                          • When damage to all property including
damage apparently exceeds $1,000, or        • Any apparent damage to other cars           Always call police to the scene of an            the cars appears to be more than $1,000,
if you plan to make a claim for property       and property.                            accident where someone is hurt or if               call your local police. The Highway
damage.                                     • The name and badge number of the          you suspect any other driver of a Criminal         Traffic Act of Ontario states that
Your insurance representative will             investigating police officer, if there   Code offence, such as drunk driving, or            collisions with a total property damage
ask you to supply the following                was one.                                 if you think the total damage to property          apparently exceeding $1,000 must be
information when making a claim             • The company name and the                  is more than $1,000.                               reported to the police. If you are not sure
• The driver’s name and driver’s licence       municipal licence number on the tow        Never try to move an injured person –            if the damage exceeds this amount,
   number.                                     truck, if applicable.                    you may make the injuries worse.                   call the police.
• If you are not the owner of the car,      What happens next?                          If no one is hurt                                • The police will provide instruction on
                                                                                        • If it is safe, try to move your car to           what to do next. Depending on where
   the name and address of the registered   Once your claim is reported, the claims
                                                                                          the side of the road, out of traffic. If you     the accident happened, you may need to
   car owner.                               adjuster assigned to your file will           can’t drive your car, turn on your hazard        wait for the police to attend or be directed
• The registered owner’s car insurance      contact you. In some cases the adjuster       lights or use cones, warning triangles or        to the nearest Collision Reporting Centre
   policy number.                           will want to meet with you in person,         flares.                                          (visit to locate the
• The make, model, year, and                in other cases the entire claim will        • Get the names, addresses, telephone              reporting centre nearest you). If there
   registration and licence plate numbers   be handled over the telephone.                numbers, insurance particulars, driver’s         is no reporting centre in the area, police
   of the cars.                                Your adjuster will determine how           licence and licence plate numbers from           may ask you to go to the nearest police       The Financial Services Commission
• Details of the accident, including the    much of your claim is covered by your         all other drivers.                               station to file an accident report.          of Ontario is an agency of the Ministry
   date, time and location, and the         insurance policy, explain the coverage      • Make sure you have the names and               More information about what to do after of Finance and regulates the province’s
   names, driver’s licence numbers and      it provides, and help guide you through       addresses of the registered owners of all      a car accident is available at www.fsco. insurance industry.
   insurance particulars (name of           the entire claims process. Be sure to         cars involved.                                                                                     - News Canada
   insurer, policy number) of the other     ask your claims adjuster about anything
   drivers.                                 you don’t understand.
• The names and telephone numbers              More information about how to make
   of the passengers in all the vehicles
                                            a car accident claim is available at
                                                                                                                Remember these car accident tips
• The names and telephone numbers              The Financial Services Commission
   of any witnesses.                        of Ontario is an agency of the Ministry       • Remain calm.                                                       • If you fail to report a collision or provide the necessary
• The licence plate and vehicle             of Finance and regulates the province’s       • Do not argue with the other drivers and passengers. Save             information, the penalty is a fine of from $200 to $1000,
   identification numbers of the other      insurance industry.                             your story for the police.                                           three demerit points, a possible jail term and driver’s licence
   cars.                                                             - News Canada        • Never voluntarily take responsibility or assume liability,           suspension.
                                                                                            sign statements about who’s at fault, or promise to pay            More information about what to do after a car accident is
                                                                                            for damage.                                                        available at www.fsco.
                                                                                          • The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario states that collisions            The Financial Services Commission of Ontario is an agency
                                                                                            with total property damage apparently exceeding $1,000             of the Ministry of Finance and regulates the province’s
                EDITORS:                                                                    must be reported to the police. If you are not sure if the         insurance industry.
These articles are for use in Ontario only                                                  damage exceeds this amount, call the police.                                                                                                - News Canada