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									            Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
          Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

               Priority Medicines For Europe and the World
                "A Public Health Approach to Innovation"

                           Background Paper for Review

    Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases:
     Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for
                    neglected diseases

                         Annex to Case Studies
               Key Personnel for Case Study Organizations

                             By Elizabeth Ziemba, JD, MPH

                                    26 August 2004

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         Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
        Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Key Personnel for Case Study Organizations

A.   Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV)

           The current members of the Board of Directors of MMV are:1

           Chair, Board of Directors:

           The Chair of the MMV Board is Dame Bridget Ogilvie, a former head of the
           Wellcome Trust. Following a distinguished career in pharmaceutical research,
           Dame Bridget currently serves on the faculty of University College London.
           She was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2003.

           The Board of Directors is composed of the following individuals:

           Dame Bridget Ogilvie FRS, University College London, United
           Kingdom (Chair of MMV Board)
           Dr Enriqueta Bond, President, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, USA
           Dr Jack Chow, Assistant Director-General, HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, World
           Health Organization, Switzerland
           Dr Chris Hentschel, Chief Executive Officer, Medicines for Malaria Venture
           (MMV), Switzerland
           Prof. Trevor Jones, Director General, The Association of the British
           Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), United Kingdom
           Dr R. A. Mashelkar, Director General, Council of Scientific and Industrial
           Research (CSIR), India
           Dr Pascoal M. Mocumbi, High Representative of the European and
           Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP); former Prime
           Minister of Mozambique
           Prof. Francis Nkrumah, Director, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical
           Research, University of Ghana, Ghana
           Prof. Leon Rosenberg, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton
           University, USA.

           Expert Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC):

           The members of ESAC are:2

           Dr Win Gutteridge, former Chief, Product R&D, Special Programme for
           Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), World Health
           Organization, Switzerland


 Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

   Dr David Floyd, former Vice-President, Discovery Chemistry, Bristol-Myers
   Squibb; currently Head of Focus Consulting
   Dr Alan Hudson, Chemist, former Head of Cancer Research, Wellcome plc
   (UK) with additional expertise in parasitology and malaria chemotherapy
   Dr David Roos, Professor of Biology and Director, University of Pennsylvania
   Genomics Institute. Expertise in the cell biology of apicomplexan parasites
   and joint coordinator of the Plasmodium genome database, USA
   Dr Dennis Schmatz, Biologist with expertise in parasitology, including
   malaria. Executive Director, Human and Animal Infectious Disease Research,
   Merck Research Laboratories, USA
   Professor Robert (Bob) William Snow, Head, Malaria Public Health Group,
   KEMRI/Wellcome Trust Programme, Nairobi, Kenya
   Dr Thomas E. Wellems, Biologist with expertise in cell and molecular biology
   of malaria and mechanisms of drug resistance. National Institute of Allergy
   and Infectious Diseases/National Institutes of Health, USA
   Dr Kitima Yuthavong, medical doctor; formerly with Aventis.

   Management Team:3

   The Chief Executive Officer of MMV is Dr. Christopher Hentschel. A bio-
   pharmaceutical executive with more than 20 years' international R&D and
   technology transfer management experience in both private and public
   sectors, Dr. Hentschel serves as a non-executive director of a number of
   biotechnology companies, as an advisor of a European Venture Capital Fund
   and as a Senior Research Fellow of the Wharton Business School's Emerging
   Technology Program.

   Other individuals on the management team and staff include: Dr J Carl Craft,
   Chief Scientific Officer; Mr. Peter Potter-Lesage, Chief Financial Officer; Dr P
   V Venugopal, Director, International Operations; Diana Cotran, Human
   Resources and Administration Manager; Dr Solomon Nwaka, Scientific
   Officer; Dr Lise Riopel, Scientific Officer; Dr David Ubben, Scientific Officer;
   Marion Hutt, Science Team Administrator; Anna Wang, Communication and
   Advocacy Officer; and Erin Kimaoui,                 Assistant to the CEO,
   Website/MMVnews Coordinator.       4

         Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
       Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

B.   Drugs for Neglected Diseases (DNDi)

          The current Board of Director members are:5


          Yves Champey, Chairman of the Board for a term of two years.


          BRUN Reto, Director, Swiss Tropical Institute
          FERREIRA Jose Roberto, Director International Cooperation, Fiocruz
          KANT Lalit, Senior Deputy Director General, ICMR
          KOECH Davy, Director, KEMRI
          KOURILSKY Philippe, Director General, Institut Pasteur
          MAHIN Bruce, financial Director, MSF France (Treasurer)
          MERICAN Dato (Dr) Ismail, Deputy Director General of Health, Malaysian
          ROSTRUP Morten, President, MSF International
          Carlos Morel (TDR) will be Permanent Observer

             Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
        Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

               Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC):

               The members of the Scientific Advisory Committee are:


WIRTH Dyann               Professor, Harvard School of Public Health, Chair of the TDR Strategic Research Committee

Members representing Founding Partner institutions

BHATT Kirana              (KEMRI) Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Nairobi

BOECHAT Nubia             (FIOCRUZ) Director, Far Manguinhos

BOELAERT Marleene         (MSF), Scientist at the Antwerp Leopold Tropical Diseases Institute

BOST Pierre-Etienne       (Institut Pasteur) Director, Medicinal Chemistry Unit, CNRS

FAIRLAMB H. Alan          (TDR) Professor and Head, Division of Biological Chemistry & Molecular Microbiology,
                          University of Dundee

                          (Malaysian Ministry of Health) Professor, Clinical Pharmacology, University Sains

SETH Shiv Dayal           (ICMR) Chair, Clinical Pharmacology Department, ICMR

Members from external institutions

FOLB Peter                Professor of Pharmacology, Director WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Policy, University
                          of Cap Town, South Africa

GUPTA Chhittar Mal        Director, Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India

HERRLING Paul             Head, Corporate Research, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland

SHAPIRO Bennett           Executive VP External Research and Worldwide Licensing, Merck, USA

URBINA Julio              Director, Biological Chemistry Laboratory, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones
                          Cientificas, Caracas, Venezuela

YAMADA Haruki             Vice President Research, The Kitasato Institute, Tokyo

YUTHAVONG Yongyuth        Chair of Pharmacology, Director Thailand Graduate institute of Science and Technology,
                          Bangkok, Thailand

               Extracted from the DNDi website,
               Accessed 5 March 2004.

         Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
       Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

C.   Global Alliance for Tuberculosis Research (TB Alliance)

          The members of the Board of Directors of the Global Alliance for
          Tuberculosis Research are:6

          Dr. Gail Cassell
          Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Eli Lilly and Company

          Dr. Gijs Elzinga, Chair
          Deputy Director-General, Netherlands' National Institute of Public Health and the

          Dr. Maria C. Freire
          Chief Executive Officer, Global Alliance for TB Drug Development

          Dr. Paul Herrling
          Head of Corporate Research, Novartis International AG

          Mr. Charles Kaye, Treasurer
          Co-President, Warburg Pincus

          Mr. Seán Lance
          Chairman of the Board, Chiron Corporation

          Dr. John La Montagne
          Deputy Director, U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/National
          Institutes of Health

          Dr. Carlos Morel, Vice Chair
          Director, Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases/World
          Health Organization

          Dr. Ariel Pablos-Méndez, Secretary
          Acting Director, Health Equity, Rockefeller Foundation

          Dr. Lee Reichman
          President, TB Alliance Stakeholders' Association
          Executive Director, New Jersey Medical School National Tuberclosis Center

          Sir David Weatherall
          Founding Director Emeritus, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University
          of Oxford

 Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

   Members of the Stakeholders Association7

   The following institutions formally pledged to accelerate the development of
   TB drugs. They advise, guide, and support the efforts of the Global Alliance
   for TB Drug Development:

      American Lung Association (ALA)
      American Society for Tuberculosis Education and Research (ASTER)
      American Thoracic Society (ATS)
      Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)
      Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
      European Commission
      Global Forum for Health Research
      International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD)
      Lupin Laboratories
      Médecins Sans Frontières-Doctors without Borders (MSF)
      Medical Research Council of South Africa (MRC)
      National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of
       Health (NIAID/NIH)
      National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, India
      New Jersey Medical School National Tuberculosis Center
      Novartis India, Ltd
      Partners in Health
      Philippines Coalition Against Tuberculosis (PHILCAT)
      Research Institute of the Japan Anti-TB Association (JATA)
      Research Triangle Institute (RTI)
      Rockefeller Foundation
      Royal Netherlands Tuberculosis Association (KNCV)
      Sequella Global Tuberculosis Foundation
      Stop TB
      U.K. Department for International Development (DFID)
      U.N. Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR)
      U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
      Wellcome Trust
      World Bank
      World Health Organization

 Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

   2004 Scientific Advisory Committee:8

   Dr. Clifton Barry, III
   National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health

   Dr. Ken Duncan

   Dr. Bernard Fourie, Secretary
   Medical Research Council of South Africa

   Dr. Maria C. Freire
   Global Alliance for TB Drug Development

   Dr. Jacques Grosset
   The Johns Hopkins University

   Dr. Yoshiaki Kiso
   Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

   Dr. Barbara Laughon, Chair
   National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health

   Dr. Christopher Lipinski
   Pfizer Inc.

   Dr. Denis Mitchison
   St. George’s Hospital Medical School

   Dr. Richard O’Brien
   Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics

   Dr. Ramesh Panchagnula
   Indian National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

   Dr. Philippe Prokocimer
   Johnson & Johnson

   Dr. Christine Sizemore
   National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health

   Dr. C. Kendall Stover
   Pfizer Inc.

 Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

   Senior Management, Staff and Consultants of TB Alliance:9

   Maria C. Freire, Ph.D.
   Chief Executive Officer

   Mel Spigelman, M.D.
   Director, Research and Development

   Joelle Tanguy
   Director, Advocacy & Public Affairs

   Bradley Jensen
   Director, Finance & Administration

   Serdar Elmali
   Information Technology and Networking Consultant

   Beatrice M. Evangelista
   Officer, Public Affairs

   Ann Ginsberg, M.D., Ph.D.
   Head of Clinical Development

   Marilyn Hartig, Ph.D.
   Consultant, Industry Relations

   Dean Haubrich, Ph.D.
   Head of Project Management

   Heather Ignatius
   Policy Fellow, Advocacy & Public Affairs

   Zhenkun Ma, Ph.D.
   Head of Research

   Gwynne Oosterbaan
   Assistant Director, Public Affairs

   Doris Rouse, Ph.D.
   Portfolio Project Manager

   Muntaha Sabah Lazim
   Administrative Manager - Europe

   Gerald J. Siuta, Ph.D.
   Consultant, Business Development

   Karen Wright
   Senior Advisor

               Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
             Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

                 D.       International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors of IAVI are:10

. Seth Berkley, MD, President and Chief
Executive Officer, IAVI
. Awa Marie Coll-Seck, Executive Secretary, Roll
Back Malaria Partnership, WHO, Geneva;
Former Director, Policy, Strategy and Research,
. Ciro de Quadros, MD, MPH, Director,
International Programs, Sabin Vaccine Institute;
Former Director, Vaccines and Immunization,
Pan American Health Organization
. John D. Evans, Treasurer, Chairman & CEO,
Evans Telecommunications Co. and The John D.
Evans Foundation
. Michel Greco, Former Deputy CEO, Aventis
. Geeta Rao Gupta, PhD, President,
International Center for Research on Women
. Ian Gust, MD, Ex-officio, Chair, IAVI Scientific
Advisory Committee, Department of
Microbiology & Immunology, The University of
Melbourne; Former Director of R&D, CSL Ltd.
. Glenys Kinnock, Member of European
Parliament, Wales
. Chrispus Kiyonga, MD, Minister without
Portfolio, Uganda; Former Chair of the Global
Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria;
Former Minister of Health, Uganda
. Paul Klingenstein, President of Aberdare
. Geoffrey Lamb, Board Chair, Vice President
for Concessional Finance and Global
Partnerships, The World Bank
. Malegapuru William Makgoba, MBShB, DPhil,
FRCP, FRSSAf, MASSAf, Vice Chancellor,
University of Natal; Former President, Medical
Research Council, South Africa

                 Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
             Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

. Peter Piot, MD, PhD, Ex-officio, Executive
Director, Joint United Nations Programme on
. Philip Russell, MD, Secretary, Special Advisor,
Vaccine Development and Production, US
Department of Health and Human Services;
Professor, International Health, Johns Hopkins
. Kapil Sibal, JD, Member of Parliament, India
. Lee Smith, Founding Chairperson, Former
President, Levi Strauss International; Former
Chairperson, US National Leadership Coalition
. Sir Richard Sykes, DSc, FRS, Rector, Imperial
College of Science, Technology, and Medicine;
Former Chairperson and Chief Executive
Officer, GlaxoSmithKline plc
. Michèle Barzach, MD, Former Minister of
Health, France
. Gordon Douglas, MD, Consultant, Vaccines,
Infectious Disease and Global Health, Former
President, Merck Vaccines, Merck and Co., Inc.
. Richard Feachem, PhD, DSc (Med), Executive
Director, Global Fund to Fight AIDS,
Tuberculosis, and Malaria; Founding Director,
Institute for Global Health, University of
. Jaap Goudsmit, MD, PhD, Executive Vice
President, Research & Development, Chief
Scientific Officer, Crucell NV; Co-Founder,
European Vaccine Effort Against HIV/AIDS
. Jacques-François Martin, President, Vaccine
Fund; Former Chief Executive Officer, Pasteur-
. Shudo Yamazaki, MD, PhD, Director-General
Emeritus, National Institute of Infectious
Diseases, Japan

The members of the Scientific Advisors Committee for IAVI are:10

Dennis Burton, PhD, Professor, Immunology,
Scripps Research Institute

John G. Curd, MD, President & Chief Medical
Officer, Novacea, Inc.

               Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
             Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Michel De Wilde, PhD, Executive Vice
President, Research and Development, Aventis
Pasteur SA

Ronald C. Desrosiers, PhD, Professor,
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Harvard
Medical School; Director, New England Primate
Research Center

Ian Gust, MD, Chair, Professor, Microbiology
and Immunology, University of Melbourne;
Former Director of R&D, CSL Ltd.

Philip Johnson, MD, President, Columbus
Children’s Research Institute, Columbus
Children’s Hospital

Liming Lee, MD, MPH, President, Chinese
Academy of Preventive Medicine

Norman Letvin, MD, Chief, Viral Pathogenesis,
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center;
Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Andrew McMichael, MD, PhD, Director,
Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine,
University of Oxford

Rosemary Mubanga Musonda, Acting Director
General, Zambia National AIDS Council

Neal Nathanson, MD, Vice Provost for
Research, University of Pennsylvania;
Former Director, Office of AIDS Research, US
National Institutes of Health

Helen Rees, MBBCh, Executive Director,
Reproductive Health Research Unit, Chris Hani
Baragwanath Hospital

Jerald C. Sadoff, MD, President & CEO, AERAS
Global Tuberculosis Foundation; Former Clinical
Director for Vaccine Development, Merck and
Co. Inc.

Mauro Schechter, MD, PhD, Professor,
Infectious Diseases, Federal University of Rio de

Hans Wigzell, MD, DSc, President, Karolinska

Vaccine Research & Design Subcommittee

              Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
            Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

. Rafi Ahmed, Emory University
. Dennis Burton, Scripps Research Institute
. Ronald Desrosiers, Harvard Medical School
. Kim J. Hasenkrug, NIAID, NIH
. Shiu Lok Hu, University of Washington
. Philip Johnson, Chair, Columbus Children’s Hospital
. Kelly MacDonald, University of Toronto
. Doug Nixon, Gladstone Institute of Virology & Immunology .Quentin Sattentau, University of Oxford
. Bruce Walker, Massachusetts General Hospital
. David Watkins, University of Wisconsin Medical School
. Lindsey Whitton, Scripps Research Institute
Project Management Subcommittee
. Kenneth R. Brown, Gordon College
. John Curd, Novacea
. Marie-Paule Kieny, Chair, WHO/IVR
. Jack Melling, Consultant
. John Petricciani, CancerVax Corp.
. Stanley Plotkin, Aventis Pasteur
. Jerry Sadoff, AERAS Global Tuberculosis Foundation
. Vijay Samant, Vical Inc.
. Michel De Wilde, Aventis Pasteur SA
Clinical Trials Subcommitte

. Donald S. Burke, Johns Hopkins University
. Beryl Koblin, New York Blood Center
. Ira Longini, Emory Univ. School of Public Health
. Helen Rees, Chair, Univ. of the Witwatersrand
. Wasima Rida, Statistics Collaborative, Inc.
. Mauro Schechter, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
. Haynes W. Sheppard, California Department of Health Services
. Hilton Whittle, MRC Laboratories
. James Whitworth, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

              Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
            Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

The members of the Policy Advisors Committee for IAVI are:10
. David Kihumuro Apuuli, MD
Director-General, Uganda AIDS Commission
. Amie Batson, MPPM
Senior Health Specialist, World Bank and Cochair
of Global Alliance for Vaccines &
Immunization Financing Task Force
. Donald S. Burke, MD
Director, Center for Immunization Research,
Department of International Health, Johns
Hopkins University School of Hygiene &
Public Health
. Chris Collins (Observer)
Executive Director, AIDS Vaccine Advocacy
. Ciro de Quadros, MD, MPH
Member, IAVI Board of Directors;
Director of International Programs, Albert B.
Sabin Vaccine Institute
. R. Gordon Douglas Jr., MD
Member Emeritus, IAVI Board of Directors;
Director, Strategic Planning, Dale & Betty
Bumpers Vaccine Research Center, US
National Institutes of Health; Former
President, Merck Vaccines, Merck and Co.
. Christopher J. Elias, MD, MPH
President, Program for Appropriate
Technology in Health
. Lieve Fransen, MD, PhD
Head, Social & Human Development Policy &
Programming, Directorate-General
Development, European Commission
. David L. Heymann, MD (Observer)
Executive Director, Communicable Diseases,
World Health Organization
. Purnima Mane, MA, MPhil, PhD
Chief Fund Portfolio Director & Director for
Asia, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS,
Tuberculosis & Malaria
. Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele, MD, MPH
Senior Advisor & Team Leader, Immunization

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

. Bernard Peçoul, MD, MPH
Executive Director, Drugs for Neglected
Diseases Initiative (DNDi)
. Seung-il Shin, PhD
Senior Advisor, International Development,
VaxGen Inc.
. Jean Stéphenne
President & General Manager,
GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals
. Joseph Stiglitz, PhD
Professor of Economics & Finance, Columbia
. Mark Wainberg, PhD
Director, McGill University AIDS Centre

The members of IAVI’s management and staff are:11

Executive Office

Seth F. Berkley, M.D.                                               212 847 1100

President and Chief Executive Officer
A specialist in infectious disease epidemiology and international health, Dr. Berkley is former Associate Director, Health Sciences
Division, at The Rockefeller Foundation. He has also worked for the National Center for Infectious Diseases of the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and for the Carter Center, where he was assigned in the
late 1980s as the epidemiologist at the Ministry of Health in Uganda and was involved in the country’s first study of HIV prevalence and
developing its National AIDS Control programs. The author of more than 85 publications, he has written extensively on infectious
disease and international health including participating as a core team member in writing the World Bank’s 1993 World Development
Report on Health. Dr. Berkley is Adjunct Professor of Public Health at Columbia University and Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Brown
University. He received his medical degree from Brown University and trained in internal medicine at Harvard University.

Mike Goldrich
Chief Operating Officer
Mike Goldrich joins IAVI from a distinguished 33 year career of managing scientific programs and research institutions. Most recently,
he was the senior Vice President for Research Operations at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard Medical School, in
Boston. Prior to that he spent 5 years as the COO of the Institute for Human Virology at the University of Maryland. Before that he had a
distinguished 25 year career at the National Institutes of Health which included COO of the Warren Magnuson Clinical Center, Director
of Management and Operations of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Administrative Director for Cancer
Treatment at the National Cancer Institute. Mike received his BA from the University of Maryland (Magna Cum Laude) and his MBA
from Loyola College (Summa Cum Laude). He is a member of numerous honorary academic societies (Phi Beta Kappa and Beta Gamma
Sigma) and has received many performance related awards during his career including the Presidential Meritorius Award while at the
National Institutes of Health.

Susan Perl
Senior Advisor to the President
Ms. Perl, former Director of the AIDS Public Education Programme in the UK, has many years' experience working with governmental
agencies and NGOs in developing and industrialized countries on sexual and reproductive health programs. She is one of the first
consultants to join IAVI.

                    Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                 Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Carolina Seguin                                                       212 847 1102

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
Carolina Seguin joined IAVI in November 2003 as Executive Assistant to Dr. Seth Berkley. She comes to IAVI with a range of experience
in both large corporate and start-up environments. Prior to joining IAVI, Carolina was one of the founding team members for Con
Edison Communications Inc., a telecommunications start-up launched by Con Edison Inc., where she filled the role of Executive
Assistant to the senior management team as well as Office Manager. As Office Manager, she implemented company-wide policies and
procedures including courier service, supply ordering and management, cell phones and other equipment, travel, payroll, accounts
payable, and others. She then became Manager, Human Resources & Administration, where she developed, implemented and managed
all benefits, as well as handled recruitment & staffing, which included the hiring and orientation of more than 150 employees, and
supervised the office assistants for the company's four New York locations. Carolina was also instrumental in establishing and
maintaining its Intranet. Prior to Con Edison Communications, Carolina had 10 years experience as an Executive Assistant supporting
the Chairman, President & CEO's office of Con Edison Inc. and later, the Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer. She has lived in Peru
and is fluent in Spanish as well as English. Carolina is a graduate of Baruch College with a Bachelor of Business Administration in
Human Resource Management. She is happy to be a part of IAVI's team and contribute to its mission.

Kelly Markus                                                          212 847 1109

Executive Assistant to the COO
Prior to joining IAVI, Kelly served as Creative Production Coordinator for 5 years with MJM Creative Services working directly with
lead producers and creative directors on multi-media events for companies such as IBM, Pfizer, American Express and Canon. She has
worked as an Assistant to film producers Ed Saxon and Tim Perell and served as producer and officer of the 6 year Phat Shorts Film
Festival in New York City where she was directly responsible for receiving sponsorship from HBO, MTV Films, IFC, Remy Martin,
Tribeca Film Center, Eastman Kodak and The Village Voice. Kelly graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a B.F.A in
Theatre and B.S. in Communications. She is proud to be a part of the IAVI team and has participated in the New York/Boston AIDS Ride

Research & Development

Wayne C. Koff, Ph.D.                                                  212 847 1060

Senior Vice President for Research & Development
Dr. Wayne C. Koff, Sr. Vice President and Chief of Vaccine Research at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) in New York
City, is an internationally recognized viral immunologist in the field of AIDS vaccine research and development. Dr. Koff has been
honored twice by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with the Special Act of Service Award for developing innovative
strategies for accelerating global efforts in AIDS vaccine development. At IAVI, Dr. Koff focuses on addressing the major scientific
challenges currently impeding AIDS vaccine development, and oversees IAVI’s research agenda to identify the next generation of
promising vaccine concepts. Since joining IAVI in 1999, Dr. Koff's has led IAVI's programs to develop four vaccine technologies and five
vaccine candidates from concept to clinical trials. Between 1992-1998, he served as Vice President, Vaccine Research and Development, at
United Biomedical, Inc. (UBI), where he was responsible for its vaccine R&D program. During his tenure at UBI, the company conducted
the first AIDS vaccine clinical trials in the developing countries of the People's Republic of China, Thailand, and Brazil. Between 1988-
1992, he served as Chief of the Vaccine Research and Development Branch, Division of AIDS, at the National Institute of Allergy and
Infectious Diseases (NIAID), where he led the team that established the preclinical and clinical AIDS vaccine development programs for
the National Institutes of Health (NIH). An Adjunct Professor in the Department of Microbiology at the State University of New York,
Stony Brook, Dr. Koff has published more than 70 scientific papers and edited five books on vaccine development. He received his B.A.
from Washington University and his Ph.D. from Baylor College of Medicine.

Emilio Emini, Ph.D.                                                   212 763 5470

Senior Vice President & Chief of Vaccine
Emilio A. Emini obtained his Ph.D. in 1980 at the Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences where he studied the
molecular basis of Venezuelan encephalitis virus pathogenesis. His postdoctoral studies focused on understanding the mechanism of
antibody-mediated neutralization of polioviruses. In 1983, Dr. Emini joined the Merck Research Laboratories where he participated in
studies that led to the licensure of the recombinant hepatitis B vaccine. He subsequently pursued his interest in vaccine research by
initiating programs to assess the feasibility of designing vaccines for the Epstein-Barr virus as well as for Hepatitis A. The latter program
eventually resulted in the successful development and licensure of a vaccine product. In 1986, Dr. Emini turned his full-time attention to
the study of the immunobiology and genetics of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). He led the Merck biology programs that
yielded the discovery of indinavir and efavirenz, two of the first potent anti-HIV chemotherapeutic agents. His personal research
interests continued to focus on HIV and he led Merck’s HIV vaccine research effort until his early retirement as Senior Vice President for
Vaccine Research at the beginning of 2004. Dr. Emini is currently Senior Vice President and Head of Vaccine Development at the
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative.

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Phumla Adesanya                                                     212 847 1076

Clinical Research Associate
Prior to joining IAVI, Ms. Adesanya worked as a Clinical Research Associate with the Canadian based CRO, CROMEDICA. Her
responsibilities focused primarily on monitoring a number of clinical trials in South Africa. Prior to that Phumla was with Janssen-Cilag
in their Research and Development group.

Mark Boaz, Ph.D.                                                    212 847 1053

Immunology Laboratory Manager
As Immunology Laboratory Manager, Dr Boaz is responsible for the day-to-day management of the laboratories involved in IAVI
vaccine trials. Dr Boaz is an immunologist who joins IAVI from Kings College London School of Medicine, where he studied the
immune responses of HIV infected patients with long term non-progression of disease – publishing on the critical role of CD4 T-cell
responses in maintaining this state. Dr Boaz obtained his PhD in immunology and also a Masters degree in Nutrition from Kings College
London, and a BSc Honors degree in Biology (Immunology) from the University of Manchester in England.

Philip Burge                                                        212 763 5466

Manager of Quality Systems

Emily Carrow, Ph.D.
Project Manager
Dr. Carrow received her Ph.D. from Tulane University in Microbiology and trained in Clinical Immunology before joining the US FDA
in 1987 as a Staff Fellow in Virology. In her 5 years at the FDA she was a reviewer for some of the earliest AIDS vaccines and diagnostic
kits. She then traveled to Italy to work as a research assistant in HIV immunology and later as a regulatory affairs consultant for a
biotech manufacturer of AIDS diagnostic kits. She was then invited to work as an assistant to Dr. Luc Montagnier at the World
Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention in Paris where she helped establish a network of combined AIDS clinics and research
laboratories throughout the world. She returned to the U.S. in 1997 and continued her work with Dr. Montagnier until joining IAVI.

Karen Chandler
Program Coordinator, West Coast Office
Karen comes to IAVI from the nonprofit and international development sectors. Prior to joining IAVI, she was the Executive Director of
CTCNet, a nonprofit organization which supports over 1200 community technology centers around the country. From 1994-1996, Karen
lived in Cape Town, South Africa working with various organizations on community development. Most recently, she conducted
HIV/AIDS prevention workshops with community groups in Arusha, Tanzania. She has a Master’s degree in Intercultural Relations
from Lesley University (Cambridge, MA).

Jan De Bont, D.V.M., Ph.D.                                          212 847 1077

Project Manager
Dr. De Bont came to IAVI from the Institut Pasteur de Lille in France where, under the leadership of Dr G. Riveau and Prof. A. Capron,
he participated as Project Manager to the development of a human schistosomiasis vaccine. The candidate was tested in France, and in
areas of Senegal and Niger where bilharzia is endemic. Prior to that Jan spent 14 years working for the University of Gent, Belgium,
where he developed and lead teaching and research projects for Universities in Africa and Asia. During that period, he spent 5 years at
the University of Peradenyia in Sri Lanka, and 6 years at the University of Zambia, Lusaka. Dr De Bont is author or co-author of 35
publications in international journals.

Pamela Dickerson
Research Associate

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Song Ding                                                          31 20 521 0031

Project Analyst
Ms. Ding joined the R&D team at IAVI in April 2002. Prior to joining IAVI, she worked at the Department of Human Retrovirology,
University of Amsterdam, as a project manager. Among other projects, she coordinated the cluster European Vaccine Effort against
HIV/AIDS (EuroVac) funded by the European Union.

Jean-Louis Excler
Medical Consultant, India
Jean-Louis Excler, M.D., M.Sc, D.T.M.H. - Jean-Louis Excler, French citizen, pediatrician and epidemiologist, has been working
extensively for the past 12 years on HIV vaccine clinical trials as Chief of the HIV vaccine clinical development for Pateur Merieux
Connaught in France from 1991 to 1998 and as Scientific Director for the Henry M. Jackson Foundation in Rockville, Maryland in the US
Army HIV Research Program and and in Bangkok Thailand from 1998 to 2001. Prior to this experience, he worked five years in Africa
for the French Coopration and UNICEF as pediatrician and Public Health Officer in charge of EPI and Primary Health Care. He
combines the rare experience of the Pharmaceutical Industry, US academic insitutions, and of the field in developing countries. He is
also consultant for WHO on vaccine R&D and UNICEF for safe motherhood and HIV. Jean-Louis Excler is currently the Medical
Director for IAVI India and lives in New Delhi.

Pat Fast, M.D., Ph.D.                                              212 847 1068

Medical Director
As Medical Director, Dr. Fast directs the human trials of IAVI-sponsored vaccine candidates. Dr. Fast joined IAVI from Aviron, a
biopharmaceutical firm, where as Director, Clinical Research, she oversaw studies of vaccines for influenza and cytomegalovirus. She
received her MD at Michigan State University, is board certified in pediatrics and also holds a PhD in immunology from the University
of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). At the Division of AIDS at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID),
Dr. Fast led HIV vaccine clinical research as Associate Director for Vaccines and Prevention. In addition, she has worked at The Upjohn
Company, Wellcome Research Laboratories and UCLA. Dr. Fast has served on several national and international vaccine advisory
committees, including the UNAIDS Vaccine Steering Committee, the NIAID AIDS Vaccine Working Group and the Scientific Advisory
Committee for the American Foundation for AIDS Research. She currently serves on the US National Vaccine Advisory Committee.

Don Gerson, Ph.D.                                                  212 847 1067

Managing Director for Development &
Dr. Gerson (Canadian by nationality) received his Ph.D. in Biophysics from McGill University in Montreal in 1972. Before joining
industry, he did post-doctoral research training in the departments of Biophysics and Chemical/Biochemical Engineering at the
University of Western Ontario, and at the Basel Institute for Immunology in Switzerland. Dr. Gerson then established and ran the
Biotechnology Department at the Alberta Research Council for 5 years. The next 5 years were spent at Connaught Laboratories in
Toronto, where he directed process development & manufacturing efforts for polio and other human vaccines. As VP Research &
Development at Apotex Fermentation, Inc., he directed the development of a new patented process for the production of Lovastatin and
established a subsidiary Joint-Venture in China. He was Managing Director of Vaccine Manufacturing at Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines in
Pearl River, NY, responsible for the production of DTP, OPV, Pnu-Imune and the transfer from Development to Manufacturing, and
launch, of Prevnar. Most recently, he served as VP, manufacturing at Acambis, directing smallpox vaccine production, and involved in
development of new vaccines for tropical diseases.

Jill Gilmour, Ph.D.                                                212 847 1057

Director of Core Immunology

Sandi Glass                                                        212 847 1061

Administrator, Research & Development
Ms. Glass brings a wealth of R&D administrative experience to IAVI, particularly in the areas of public health and vaccine development,
having coordinated operations and R&D administration for Dr. Barry Bloom at Albert Einstein College of Medicine for over ten years.

                    Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                 Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Kalpana Gupta, Ph.D.                                                  212 847 1062

Manager, Global Surveillance & Special Projects
Dr. Gupta leads IAVI's R&D global surveillance efforts on AIDS vaccine activities and also coordinates the auditing process for the
selection of international sites where IAVI is considering large-scale clinical trials of the most promising AIDS vaccines. Prior to joining
IAVI, Dr. Gupta worked for the WHO-UNAIDS HIV Vaccine Initiative in Geneva on issues of access and availability of future AIDS
vaccines. After leaving India in 1990, she did undergraduate training at Trinity College in Washington, DC, where she graduated summa
cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. She received a Ph.D. from the Biochemistry, cellular and Molecular Biology Program at the Johns Hopkins
University School of Medicine, where her thesis work focused on identification and characterization of a host cell factor involved in HIV
replication. Dr. Gupta also has a bachelor of fine arts in Indian classical dance.

Nick Jackson, Ph.D., MSc., DLSHTM
Project Manager
Dr. Jackson received his MSc in the Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,
and his Ph.D. in HIV neutralization research under the MRC AIDS Directed Program at the University of Warwick. Following this, Dr.
Jackson worked for five years with GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, at the global headquarters for vaccine research, development and
production based in Belgium. Here he worked first in Clinical Development on new adult vaccines and later serving as project manager
within the Adult and Pediatric business development programs for live and recombinant vaccine development and licensure.

Bruce Johnson, RN, BSN
Clinical Research Trials Coordinator, Uganda

Chrispin Kambili, M.D.                                                1-212-763-5460

Medical Officer, Kenya
As Regional Medical Director, Dr Kambili will execute and oversee IAVI’s medical and scientific clinical trials agenda including the
development and coordination of clinical trial sites and the execution of clinical trials, provide medical monitoring support, medical
education and oversight of outreach, education, mobilization, recruitment and medical care. Dr Kambili is a physician trained in
infectious diseases. Prior to coming to IAVI, he worked for the New York City Department of Health where he was the Medical Director
and later Acting Assistant Commissioner for Tuberculosis Control. Dr Kambili graduated Summa cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Fisk
University in Nashville, Tennessee and earned his medical degree from College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University,
New York City. He then trained in internal medicine and infectious diseases at the New York Presbyterian hospital.

Nzeera Ketter, M.D.                                                   650-854-9806

Medical Director, Efficacy Trials
As Medical Director for Efficacy Trials, Dr. Nzeera Ketter directs international site development and efficacy trials of IAVI-sponsored
AIDS vaccine candidates. Dr. Ketter trained in medicine at the University of Toronto, is board certified in internal medicine and
infectious diseases and trained in tropical diseases and sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS at Stanford University, the
University of California, San Francisco and Johns Hopkins University. She began her career in AIDS vaccines at the Walter Reed Army
Medical Center on HIV therapeutic vaccines and then preventive vaccines at the Division of AIDS at the US National Institute of Allergy
and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in addition to clinical trials with antiretroviral drugs and immunomodulators. She has worked in the
pharmaceutical industry since 1995 on HSV preventive and therapeutic vaccines, international trials on the treatment of tuberculosis,
opportunistic infections and hepatitis B. She developed the medical program for the VaxGen efficacy trials for HIV preventive vaccines
in the US and Thailand and has served as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry and various non profit organizations in site
assessments, vaccine preparedness and clinical trial design, logistics, data management and execution of large scale, multi-center,
international trials.

Jennifer Lehrman
Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator
Prior to joining IAVI, Ms. Lehrman worked as a Clinical Research Associate at VaxGen, helping to start up the Phase III AIDSVAX study
in Thailand and monitoring sites in both the US and Thailand. Before that, she was a Clinical Research Associate at Wyeth Lederle
Vaccines and Pediatrics. Jennifer was in Swaziland for three years, first as a Peace Corps volunteer and then with the WHO Expanded
Program on Immunization. She holds an MPH degree from the Tulane University of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and a B.S. in
biology from the College of William and Mary.

Angela Lombardo, Ph.D.                                                212 847 1072

Project Manager

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Dr. Lombardo received her PhD from the University of Grenoble, France, and is trained in protein expression, purification and
characterization. She worked as a scientist at Smith Kline in Rixensart in process development of protein based vaccines, and as a project
manager at Smith Kline, coordinating the activities associated with the development, licensure, and launch of pediatric vaccines.

Andrew Majewski, M.Sc.
Field Clinical Laboratory Research Associate
Andrew Majewski will support the preparation and execution of international efficacy trials of IAVI-sponsored AIDS vaccine
candidates. His primary focus will be facilitating the development and evaluation of field clinical safety and HIV laboratories at IAVI
field sites. Andrew has earned his M.Sc degree at University of Florida and has a strong background in reproductive immunology where
he studied the role of pregnancy and progesterone on immuno-suppression of lymphocyte subpopulation. He most recently served as
project coordinator to Projet San Francisco (PSF), a multi-sponsored research project for HIV/AIDS in Rwanda (2002-2003) directed by
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Prior to that he was a laboratory manager to the Zambia-UAB-HIV Research Project (2001-
2002). For both sites, Mr. Majewski managed the laboratory sections of the projects but his other responsibilities were to serve as a
project field liaison, providing financial and administrative oversight and overall co-ordination between project departments, sites and
the UAB collaborators.

Megan McBride                                                        212 847 1071

Director of Global Operations, Medical Affairs
Ms. McBride joined the R&D team at IAVI as Clinical Operations Manager in January, 2002. Prior to joining IAVI, she worked at Merck
& Co., Inc. as a Project Liaison in Clinical Research Operations International managing Phase III clinical trials conducted worldwide.
Additionally, she worked as a lead Medical Program Coordinator on the HIV Vaccine Project Team and was responsible for
implementing Phase I HIV Vaccine clinical trials. Megan holds a MPH degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and a B.A.
in political science from the University of Vermont.

Vijay L. Mehra, Ph.D.                                                212 847 1070

Program Director, Applied Vaccine Research
Dr. Mehra is a respected researcher, teacher and author in the field of immunology, with a strong background in infectious diseases,
molecular biology and vaccine development. She received a M.Sc. in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in immunology from the All India
Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. Since 1983 she was Principal Associate at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New
York and a researcher in the lab of Barry Bloom. From 1984 to 1985 she was a Visiting Scientist at the Whitehead Institute at Cambridge
and at the Department of Biology at MIT. Dr. Mehra has lectured extensively on immunology and pathogenesis of infectious diseases,
has been a temporary advisor to WHO Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases on several occasions and has
contributed to more than 50 articles published in leading scientific journals and magazines, including Nature, Science, Journal of
Experimental Medicine and the Journal of Immunology.

Joseph Molete, Ph.D.                                                 212 763 5446

Technical Assistant, Vaccine Production
Joe Mosala Molete comes to IAVI from the American Red Cross Biomedical Division. He worked at the Hematopoeisis Department as a
research scientist as well as a Laboratory Manager. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Penn State University,
MS in Biology from Howard University and BSC in Biochemistry from WITS University. Joe "a.k.a." DJ Mazoza is a professional DJ
specializing in International Rhythms.

Leslie Nielsen, R.N., B.S.N.                                         256 75 706 607

Project Coordinator, Vaccine Development
Before coming to IAVI, Ms. Nielsen worked for Case Western Reserve University as Project Manager in Uganda for the ALVAC HIV-1
preventive vaccine trial (canarypox vCP 205, HIVNET 007) and also served as Clinical Coordinator for a large HIV prevention study
(hormonal contraceptives and their effect on HIV acquisition). Prior to that, she served as Clinic Manager/Clinical Trials Coordinator at
the Incarnation Children's Center for children with HIV/AIDS in Harlem. In the early 1990s she served in Niger, West Africa, as a Peace
Corps volunteer working with village health teams and traditional midwives on a maternal/child health and nutrition project. Ms.
Nielsen was Field Coordinator on a project in West Virginia that provided health services to seasonal migrant farm workers. Also a
freelance journalist, she was most recently published in Natural History Magazine.

Edward Pollack                                                       212 847 1064

Director, Business Development & Strategic

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Mr. Pollack directs the development of R&D business arrangements and relationships for IAVI. He will also coordinate the strategic
planning process for R&D initiatives. Ed held several scientific, planning, and business positions during his career at Merck and Co., Inc.
His career began in vaccine research as the staff microbiologist in the pneumococcal vaccine program. His later assignments included
planning positions in medical affairs and research administration. As Director of Project Management, Ed coordinated the worldwide
development of several well-known commercial products. His career path also included licensing, where he was the Senior Director of
Business Development for a major business unit of Merck. Ed joined IAVI from Merial (a Merck and Aventis Company) where he was
the Head of Administration for the pharamceutical and biological R&D Operations.

Vladimir Popovic, M.D.                                               212 847 1111

Associate Director, Efficacy Trials
As Associate Director for Efficacy Trials, Dr. Vladimir Popovic will assist Dr. Nzeera Ketter with the preparations and execution of
international efficacy trials of IAVI-sponsored AIDS vaccine candidates. Dr. Popovic received his medical degree and postgraduate
training in medical research at the University of Banja Luka, Yugoslavia. He has an extensive experience in directing clinical trial
research in clinical research organizations and the biopharmaceutical industry involving phase I, II and III clinical trials of prevention
and treatment of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C infections. Before joining IAVI in 2003, Dr. Popovic served as a Medical Monitor and
Clinical Team Leader of the world’s first phase III efficacy trial of HIV vaccine (AIDSVAX B/B) in USA, Canada and Europe and
contributed extensively to successful study initiation, trial conduct according to good clinical practices, safety monitoring and data
analysis. He has co-authored more than 20 scientific articles in fields of HIV and general medicine.

Jan Popp, Ph.D.                                                      212 847 1078

Project Manager
Dr. Popp obtained her PhD at the University of Pittsburg (PA) in Biochemistry and Post Doc in Madison (WI) and University of Iowa.
She spent her carreer in the pharmaceutical industry, with Sterling Winthrop, Bristol Myers, Parke-Davis and finaly Pfizer. Beside her
long experience in managing projects and project teams, Jan brings to IAVI a strong expertise in Analytical, QC and Manufacturing.

Julie Reyburn                                                        212 847 1043

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Reyburn joined IAVI from Disney Publishing Worldwide, where she worked as a direct marketing assistant as well as an
advertising sales assistant for Discover Magazine, Disney Magazine and FamilyFun. Julie is a professional singer and songwriter and has
released a CD of her cabaret show, "Fate Is Kind."

Eddy Sayeed, Ph.D.                                                   212 847 1073

Vaccine Production Manager
Dr. Sayeed received his PhD in biotechnology from the National Institute of Virology in Pune, India, and has spent several years in
vaccine production management at Serum Institute of India. In this capacity, he has extensive experience in the production of live viral
vaccines, specifically measles, mumps and rubella. In addition, he led the development project of a rabies vaccine, currently in Phase II
clinical trials.

Christina Schiller                                                   212 847 1074

Assistant Clinical Research Associate
Ms. Schiller comes to IAVI from the biotech industry where her responsibilities included entry-level regulatory affairs. Her career also
includes working at The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center for 7 years. She has been involved in the AIDS research community for
many years.

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Claudia Schmidt, M.D., M.P.H., D.T.M.H.                              254 271 7694

Clinical Trials Consultant
Dr. Schmidt most recently served as a faculty member of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, working as the clinical
coordinator on site for the HIV-1 preventive vaccine trial (canarypox vCP 205, HIVNET 007) in Uganda. She is trained as a physician at
the University of Innsbruck with 8 years of clinical experience in general medicine and clinical pediatrics. Dr. Schmidt did her practical
training in Austria and South Africa (Kalafong Hospital/Pretoria, Baragwanath Hospital/Johannesburg). She was the medical director of
the Pasteur Merieux subsidiary in Vienna/Austria from 1990-96, and collaborated with the Ministries of Health in Austria and Central
and Eastern European countries for registration of vaccines and biological products, clinical trials, introduction of new vaccines and
development of vaccine strategies, and pharmacovigilance. Dr. Schmidt also holds an MPH degree in Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins
School of Public Health and a diploma in tropical medicine from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (DTMH, 1996). A
citizen of Austria, she is fluent in several languages and has traveled extensively throughout the developing world.

Alan Schultz, Ph.D.                                                  301 251 8336

Program Director, Vaccine Design
Dr. Schultz is a virologist who joins IAVI from the Vaccine and Prevention Research Program of the Division of AIDS at the National
Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). An internationally recognized expert in primate models for AIDS, and
knowledgeable in all aspects of pre-clinical AIDS vaccine development and the transition to clinical studies, Dr. Schultz joined NIAID in
1988 and later served as Chief of the Pre-clinical Vaccine Research Branch from 1992 to 1999. Prior to his tenure at NIAD, he spent 11
years at the Frederick Cancer R&D center, working in the laboratory that did the first amino acid sequence from an AIDS virus protein.
While there, Dr. Schultz made fundamental contributions to the biochemistry of the life cycle of the family Retroviridae, working on
retroviruses from mice, cats, cows, monkeys and humans. Dr. Schultz received an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the
University of Rochester, a Ph.D. in Biology from the Johns Hopkins University, and later worked in Dr. Robert Gallo's laboratory, where
he was introduced to the field of retrovirology.

Gwynneth Stevens, Ph.D.
Clinical Immunology Lab Manager

Lisa Stoll
Senior Clinical Research Associate
Lisa has worked in the fields of Immunology and Infectious Disease research for the last 18 years. The first 13 years were in lab-based
research primarily in infectious disease diagnostics and vaccine development as well as some experience in pharmaceutical
manufacturing. For the last five years Lisa has been involved in clinical research including three years of working on the VaxGen Phase 3
HIV vaccine trials in the United States, Europe, Canada and Thailand. During that tenure, Lisa was responsible for setting up the clinical
laboratories, HIV testing conventions and sample tracking systems in the US, Europe and Thailand as well as site monitoring, data
management, protocol development, and social harms monitoring for both the US and Thai clinical programs. She has also been a
clinical program manager for multi-center Phase 2 trials in immunology/allergy research in the US, Canada and France - responsible for
project planning and budgets, managing CRO's, contract laboratories and research partnerships with private industry and government
agencies as well as extensive report writing.

Julia Stout                                                          +254 20 273 1463

Regional Immunology Laboratory Coordinator,
Nairobi, Kenya
Prior to joining IAVI Julia worked at several HIV research projects in Zambia and Rwanda (1999-2002), during which time she
established the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia on behalf of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, an NGO set up
to manage multiple perinatal intervention trials and programs in Lusaka, Zambia. From 1994-1997 Julia was based in San Francisco and
worked in the Public Policy Department at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, as a program evaluator with HIV Prevention Point, a
needle exchange program in San Francisco, and as an HIV test counselor at the Center for AIDS Preventions Studies at UCSF. Julia has a
Bachelor’s degree in Ethics and a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology and International Health.

                    Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                 Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Soe Than, M.D., Ph.D                                                  212 847 1044

Medical Project Director
Dr. Than joined IAVI from Atrix laboratories, Inc, a biopharmaceutical firm, where he was Vice President, Clinical Research. At Atrix, he
oversaw studies of different products; from prostate cancer to acne at different stages of clinical study; from phase 1 to phase 4 as well as
pharmacovigilance programs for the products already on the market. He received his MD at the Institute of Medicine in Rangoon,
Burma, and also holds a PhD in pathology and immunology from the Kansai Medical University in Osaka, Japan. He joined North Shore
University Hospital-NYU School of Medicine as a post-doctoral fellow where he became the Associate Director for clinical immunology
and was involved in several HIV clinical trials with ACTG. He was later recruited by Advance BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (ABL) as
Senior Immunologist and Chief Scientist for Clinical Research. He also acted as the project manager for the HIV vaccine design and
development program at ABL. He was then recruited by Atrix Laboratories, Inc. as Medical Director where he was promoted later as VP,
Clinical Research. He speaks English, Japanese and Burmese.

Georges Thiry, Ph.D.                                                  212 847 1069

Director, Project Management for Research &
Dr. Thiry has more than 16 years experience in vaccine research and development within the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Thiry served
for 12 years in the Health Division of Solvay, including three years in the former Solvay Animal Health subsidiary in Minneapolis,
Minnesota. He later spent four years as a project manager with SmithKline Beecham Biologicals. Dr. Thiry received his B.Sc. in Biology
and Ph.D. in Microbiology and Genetics from the University of Liege, Belgium.

Helen Thomson
Clinical Program Manager, Kenya
As Clinical Program Manager, Helen is responsible for the implementation and management of IAVI sponsored HIV vaccine clinical
trials in Africa. The role involves the development of clinical trial sites, monitoring their performance and the performance of
contractors. Helen has worked in clinical trials management for the last 15 years. Most recently Helen managed phase I/IIa trials of a
therapeutic HIV vaccine for an Australian biotechnology company (Virax). Previous appointments were with AstraZeneca Headquarters
in the UK where she managed trials in up to 20 countries. This was followed by 10 years in Australia with AstraZeneca and Amgen
where she worked in various therapeutic areas and was responsible for all aspects of Clinical Research and associated specialties (Safety,
Biostatisitcs, Training, Quality Assurance, Drug Dispensing, etc).

Carl Verlinde                                                         +32 (0) 2 346 34 86

Data Manager
Mr. Verlinde has extensive experience in data management, monitoring for quality assurance under Good Clinical Practices and project
management of international clinical trials for pharmaceuticals. He has also worked in the field of pharmacovigilance (surveillance for
rare side effects of drugs after marketing). Most recently he was a consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, working out better
processes for creating dossiers for regulatory submissions and for pharmacy procedures relating to clinical trials. He has also lectured in
a post-graduate program in Pharmaceutical Medicine and volunteered in a health clinic in Rwanda.

Kathleen Vestuto                                                      212 763 5471

Executive Assistant
Kathleen Vestuto is executive assistant to Dr. Emilio Emini, Senior Vice President & Chief of Vaccine Development. She previously
served as management associate and supervisor at the American Red Cross in Greater New York, where she restructured and upgraded
management support staff operations. At Kroll Inc., Kathleen assisted the COO, Corporate Security, and was responsible for support
staff training. She was a co-founder and managing associate of Tobias Beckwith Inc., licensing coordinator at Insignia/ESG, and
communications assistant and writer at NYC & Co. She has also served as an elementary school teacher’s aide and has worked in
professional theater as a director, stage manager and performer. Kathleen received her BA with honors in English with a psychology
minor from Hunter College, and is trained in labor and employee relations. She is an active public service volunteer with the American
Red Cross and New York Cares as a course instructor and co-captain of youth, hunger, AIDS patients and women’s projects.

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Dani Vooijs                                                         +31 20 521 0037

Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator
For 7 years Dani Vooijs was working for Eli Lilly as Senior CRA, Regional Clinical Coordinator and most recently as a Medical Liaison
here in Holland. During this time, his responsibilities included, among others, planning, conducting and managing clinical trials
including site and investigator identification and assessments, developing protocols and CRFs, training sites and CRAs regarding study
operations as well as organizing and facilitating study start up and support meetings among trials sites and study teams. Dani has huge
experience in the operational and conduct of clinical trials. His academic achievements include an M.Sc. in Human Medical Biology from
the University of Utrecht and a B. Sc. in Laboratory Science/Medical Biology in Delft.

Public Policy

Robert Hecht                                                        212 847 1052

Senior Vice President, Public Policy

Abigail Bing                                                        212 847 1059

Policy Associate
Prior to joining IAVI's Policy department full-time in September 2001, Ms. Bing worked as a consultant organizing IAVI's strategy
around the United Nations Special Session on HIV/AIDS. She came to IAVI from The Corkery Group (formerly Fenton
Communications) where she provided communications support and strategic counsel to public health organizations, including
UNAIDS, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's HIV/AIDS division, the American Society for Clinical Oncology, and the
Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, among others. Prior to that Ms. Bing worked as an equities analyst at Paine

David M. Gold, J.D.
Mr. Gold, an attorney, began working with IAVI in 1996 as the founding editor of the IAVI Report, the world's only publication devoted
exclusively to AIDS vaccine research. In that position, he helped build the IAVI Report into a publication that now reaches more than
8,000 subscribers in 130 countries. Mr. Gold has also overseen IAVI's advocacy efforts in Canada and its activities at numerous
international AIDS conferences. He is a co-founder of the Washington, DC-based AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, a leading policy
organization that focuses on AIDS vaccine development issues. From 1991-1995, Mr. Gold headed the Medical Information Program at
Gay Men's Health Crisis, the world's first and largest AIDS organization, and edited its newsletter on HIV therapies, Treatment Issues.
Mr. Gold has written and contributed to a wide-range of policy reports on AIDS research issues. He has also served on research advisory
panels for a number of different organizations including the UNAIDS and the U.S. NIAID.

Gabrielle Lamourelle                                                212 847 1086

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Lamourelle earned her B.A. in Sociology from the University of California at Berkeley in 1998. She comes to IAVI from work at a
variety of nonprofit organizations in her home state of California. She served as court interviewer with the Berkeley Own Recognizance
Project, a pretrial services agency providing criminal history and community ties information to the local municipal court system. At the
nonprofit education organization GreatSchools.net she juggled many positions including Network Administrator and Program Manager
of a project collecting detailed school curricula and performance information for parents. Ms. Lamourelle has been active in reproductive
health issues for a number of years, serving as a volunteer for and Board Chair of the Women's Health Rights Coalition in Oakland, CA.

Edwin Nichols                                                       31 20 521 0030

Assistant Manager
Mr. Nichols has joined IAVI after previously working within Training and Personnel for the Police Force in England where his
responsiblies included coordinating specialist Criminal Intelligence and Uniform Operational Training. Prior to this Edwin worked for
nearly 5 years for a Non-profit Global Real Estate Organisation based in Amsterdam organising European Conferences and Events.

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Jane Rowley, Ph.D.
Dr. Rowley has over eleven years' experience with AIDS issues on an international level. Between 1996 and 1999, Dr. Rowley worked in
The Gambia for the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) as their first Health Economist. Prior to joining the MRC, she was a research
fellow in the Health Sciences Division of The Rockefeller Foundation, where she played a key role in the establishment of IAVI. A
Canadian and British citizen, Jane received her Ph.D. from Imperial College, University of London in 1993.

Maite Suarez                                                        +31 (0) 20 521 0035

Country Programme Officer
A clinical psychologist and HIV/AIDS counsellor, Ms. Suarez started working on HIV and AIDS in the early nineties, her main focus
been the community response to the epidemic in her home country, Spain, and across the European continent. Before joining IAVI last
May, Mrs. Suarez worked for 6 years as a treatment specialist and international advocacy officer at the Spanish HIV NGO Grupo de
Trabajo sobre Tratamientos del VIH/SIDA (HIV/AIDS Treatment Working Group). Ms. Suarez is a member of the European Community
Advisory Board of the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) and has also joined its recently constituted Vaccine Working Group. In
her capacity as European Programmes Officer at IAVI, Ms. Suarez responsibilities include the overseeing of IAVI’s European Country
Programmes, as well as maintaining and strengthening the AIDS vaccines’ advocacy network developed by IAVI and its partner NGOs
across the old continent.

Chutima Suraratdecha, Ph.D                                          212 847 1099

Manager, Demand Project
Prior to joining IAVI, Dr. Chutima had a joint appointment as an Associate Professor of Economics at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open
University and as a researcher at the International Health Policy Program, Ministry of Public health in Thailand. She received her BS in
Food Technology from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and holds MBA and Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University
of Memphis, Tennessee. She has extensive working experience in Thailand and East Asia region on various health topics, including the
assessment of willingness to pay for an AIDS vaccine, assessment of willingness to pay for a Shigella vaccine, costing and financing of
HIV/AIDS vaccine, health financing mechanisms for the poor, access to health care among the poor, cost-effectiveness analysis of
Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, economic analysis of treating patients with Diabetes Mellitus, and economic burden of HIV/AIDS.

Frans Van den Boom, Ph.D., M.B.A.                                   31 (0) 318 651 986

European Director
Dr. Van den Boom is a well-known social scientist and behavioral researcher. He has worked with the Netherlands Red Cross, most
recently as Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer. In this position, Frans oversaw the development and management of the
organization's programs, international policies and its 300-person staff. He has also served in key positions at the Blood Transfusion
Council, the National Committee on Chronic Diseases and the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health. As a behavioral researcher, Frans
has worked extensively in the field of AIDS. He is a founder of the AIDS Impact Conference and was co-chair of Track D for the 1992
International Conference on AIDS in Amsterdam.

Saul Walker
Policy Advisor
Mr. Walker has worked for the past four years at the National AIDS Trust (NAT), the UK's leading HIV policy organization and IAVI’s
first partner organization. At NAT, his work involved both domestic and international policy issues. During the past 18 months, Saul led
NAT's vaccine advocacy programme. He was particularly active in IAVI’s efforts to build global support for AIDS vaccine R&D and
access in the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment. Saul has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Terrence Higgins Trust,
Europe's largest AIDS Service Organisation, and is currently a Trustee of NAM Publications, one of Europe's leading providers of
community-based HIV information. Saul graduated from the University of Cambridge and holds an MA in Philosophy and Social
Theory from the University of Warwick.

Lydia Williams
Consultant, Public Policy
Ms. Williams came to IAVI in June of 2001. Previously she served as a Senior Policy Advisor for Oxfam America and a Special Advisor
for Development Finance at the U.S. Treasury Department, working chiefly on debt relief and other poverty reduction issues related to
the international financial institutions.

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Monika Zampa
Administrative Assistant Europe
Prior to moving to Amsterdam, Monika has lived in London for ten years working for several international financial institutions, mainly
focusing on investment and capital debt lending and account management. Monika holds a BA from Westminster University London.
Working for an NGO is an exciting and challenging change of career path for her.

Country & Regional Programmes

Kate Bourne, M.P.H.                                                 212 847 1104

Vice President
Ms. Bourne joined IAVI in August 2001. She lived in Asia for many years, first working with the United Nations Population Fund
(UNFPA) in Beijing, China, from 1990-1993, and then establishing a large reproductive health program as the Country Representative for
Pathfinder International in Vietnam from 1994-1998. Most recently, she was the Director of Public Affairs at Pathfinder International.

Julie Becker                                                        212 763 5465

Senior Program Manager
Ms. Becker joined IAVI in December, 2003, bringing extensive experience in international health and development, primarily in the area
of sexual and reproductive health. Prior to joining IAVI, she served as the Senior Manager for HIV/STIs at EngenderHealth, where she
established and developed the agency’s HIV/AIDS program focusing on reducing women’s vulnerability to HIV and facility-based
service delivery. Prior to joining EngenderHealth, she managed the HIV/STI program at the International Planned Parenthood
Federation, Western Hemisphere Region. She received her Masters degree in public health from the Harvard School of Public Health,
and her Bachelors degree in Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Bonnie Bender, MPH                                                  +254 20 273 1463

Program Manager
Before joining IAVI Vaccine Preparedness Department, Ms. Bender worked for 3 years as Grants Manager in IAVI’s Resource
Development department. Prior to IAVI, she served for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Central and West Africa. While in the
Peace Corps she worked with rural villages on community health issues, including Guinea worm and AIDS prevention. Ms. Bender
holds a Bachelors degree from Vassar College and a Masters degree in Public Health from Columbia University.

Kenya Dempster                                                      212 847 1080

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Dempster has served as Executive Assistant for several years mostly in retail operations and publishing. A graduate of the Katharine
Gibbs Legal Secretarial Program, Kenya comes to us from Bill Communications, a division of VNU Business Media, where she was
Executive Assistant to the President of General & Specialty Retailing.

Mark Chataway                                                       44 (0) 7092 193 229

Mr. Chataway has been involved in the fight against AIDS since 1983, when he became the first full-time Director of Communications for
Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) in New York. He has served on the board of Crusaid, the UK’s largest HIV fundraising charity, and is
on the Board of Ambassadors of the UK's National AIDS Trust. He has worked a volunteer counselor for GMHC, hospice worker for the
Mildmay Mission Hospital and public relations adviser for the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) and
AFRICASO. As a communications consultant, he has worked for three of the major pharmaceutical companies active in the field of HIV
and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations. Since the beginning of 2001, Chataway has been
Chairman of Edelman Health Europe. It is a part of Edelman Worldwide, a public relations consultancy.

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Sweta Das                                                          +91 24652688

National Programme Coordinator, India

Jean-Louis Excler                                                  +91 24652688

Medical Director, India

Stacey Hannah, MHS                                                 212 847 1106

Program Associate
Stacey Hannah joined IAVI’s Vaccine Preparedness department as a Program Associate in January 2003 after having been with IAVI as a
consultant since September 2002. She came from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, where she received a MHS degree in Vaccine
Science and Policy, International Health. She has worked on preparation for AIDS vaccine trials in Baltimore and Washington DC, as
well as in Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa.

Sam Kalibala                                                       +254 20 273 1463

Regional Representative, Kenya
Dr Samuel Kalibala is a Medical Doctor specialized in Sexually Transmitted Disease and HIV Counseling. He is currently employed as
the Regional Representative of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) in East and Southern Africa based in Nairobi Kenya. In
the period Jan 1998 to July 2003 he was the Team Leader for the Horizons project in the Population Council’s regional office based in
Nairobi. Within Horizons, Dr Kalibala focused on VCT, Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT)and Antiretroviral (ARV) intervention
studies in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Prior to joining Horizons he had worked with UNAIDS and WHO in
Geneva where he provided technical assistance and carried out research on HIV/AIDS Care and Counseling in African, Caribbean, Latin
American, Asian and Eastern European countries. Before joining WHO in 1992 he had worked as the Deputy Coordinator of the
National STD control program and as a Medical Officer and Counselor Trainer for The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) in Uganda.

Joan Kaufman
Team Leader, China
Ms. Kaufman comes to us from the Ford Foundation, where she served as the Gender and Reproductive Health Program Officer for
China from 1996-2001 during which time she focused substantial Foundation resources on mobilizing a response to China's emerging
AIDS epidemic. Prior to that she was a Lecturer on Reproductive Health at Harvard School of Public Health and Senior Associate at Abt
Associates Inc, developing and directing projects on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and other health problems. She was
UNFPA's program officer for China from 1980-84. She holds a doctorate in population and international health from Harvard School of
Public Health. She has consulted to many private Foundations, public and private organizations on reproductive health topics and
published numerous articles on reproductive health, AIDS, gender and international health topics. She spent the 2001-2002 academic
year as a Radcliffe fellow at Harvard University, is a visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School during the 2002-2003 academic year, and
currently holds appointments in Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and Wellesley College's Center for Research on Women.

Sonail Kuchhar                                                     +91 24652688

Medical Information Officer & Project Manager,

L. Camille Massey                                                  212 847 1047

Ms. Massey is a lawyer who uses communications media and information technology to advance global advocacy campaigns. Prior to
IAVI, Camille served as Director of Communications at the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, an international nonprofit
organization based in New York that works to protect fundamental human rights in the U.S. and around the world. She received her
undergraduate degree in journalism and electronic media production from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at
Syracuse University where she now serves on their Board of Directors. She received her J.D. with a concentration in international human
rights from City University of New York Law School. While in law school, she served as a Fellow at the Carter Center in Atlanta and
received a Revson Law Fellowship for an AIDS legal services organization in Harlem. Prior to law school, Camille served as Assistant
Director of Public Affairs at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, where she created and produced a weekly world affairs
program on National Public Radio.

Mona Mehta                                                         +91 24652688

Project Director, Political & Media Advocacy

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Programme, India

Hema Nair                                                           +11 24652688

Executive Assistant & Manager Administration,

Anjali Nayyar                                                       +11 24652688

Country Director, India

Afia Y. Palladino                                                   212 847 1103

Program Assistant
Ms. Palladino is a graduate of the University of San Diego and received a degree in psychology. Previously she worked in the fields of
interior design and public relations for independent film.

Madhavi Panda                                                       +91 24652688

Programme Director, India

Paul Sayer                                                          +254 20 273 1463

Project Manager, Kenya

Alexandre Menezes                                                   212 847 1065

Mr. Menezes is a psychologist with extensive experience in public health and AIDS. He holds two Master’s Degrees, one in Interactive
Telecommunications from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and another M.A. in Communications and Culture from the Federal
University of Rio de Janeiro. He has worked for many years at two leading Brazilian non-governmental organizations: Grupo Pela Vidda
and the Institute for Cultural Action, where he was responsible for the oversight of numerous HIV related care and prevention
initiatives. Before coming to IAVI, Mr. Menezes was actively involved in AIDS vaccine advocacy and community mobilization both in
Brazil and internationally.

Florence Manguyu                                                    +254 20 273 1463

Senior Advisor, Kenya

Subhadra Menon                                                      +91 24652688

Programme Director, India


Bodine Williams                                                     212 847 1048

Senior Media Director
Bodine Williams is IAVI's Senior Director for Media Relations, working in the New York office. Ms. Williams, who set up and served as
director of the first media service of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, brings to IAVI extensive experience in
corporate reputation management and international communications. At the Red Cross she effectively managed critical issues from
headquarters with on-site assignments in over 25 countries. A former broadcast network news reporter at CTV (Toronto) and NBC
(Washington) Networks, Ms. Williams also worked for the public relations firms Burson-Marsteller and Hill & Knowlton for which she
served as managing director of the New York media group.

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Christopher Adasiewicz                                               212 847 1049

Communications Director
Mr. Adasiewicz joined IAVI from Princeton Survey Research Associates, where he directed surveys on international health and
development as well as on health behavior and care utilization among underserved populations. As a volunteer for Gay Men's Health
Crisis, he speaks regularly to community groups about HIV/AIDS issues. He holds a master's in communication from the Annenberg
School at the University of Pennsylaniva.

Casey Cichowicz                                                      212 847 1042


Jannette Esguerra                                                    212 847 1045

Director of Media Relations
Jannette Esguerra joined IAVI from the global public relations agency of Hill & Knowlton, where she provided media counsel to a range
of multinational corporations as well as foreign governments. She brings to IAVI a strong background in international media relations,
which includes her experience at the International Finance Corporation and World Bank, where she was responsible for media relations
at both organizations. Jannette holds a B.A. in Communications and an M.A. in International Trade from George Mason University.

Vanita Gowda                                                         212 847 1140

Communications Associate
Prior to joining IAVI, Vanita worked as a journalist and researcher in Washington DC for publications including Congressional
Quarterly and The St. Petersburg Times, focusing on topics in national affairs and federal legislation. She holds a Master's degree in
Public Administration from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University and a bachelor's degree in English
from the College of William and Mary.

Jennifer Wiemer                                                      212 847 1046

Communications Assistant
Jennifer graduated in 2003 from the University of Notre Dame, where she majored in International Relations and served as a research
assistant in the Department of Political Science. Throughout college, she worked in the Mendoza College of Business, first as an assistant
in Executive Education, and later as a communications assistant in the Dean’s Office. In addition to studying AIDS in college, Jennifer
also spent a summer volunteering at a soup kitchen for the poor and HIV positive of Staten Island.

IAVI Report

Simon Noble, Ph.D.                                                   212 847 1056

Editor, IAVI Report

Emily Bass                                                           212 847 1051

Senior Writer, IAVI Report
Ms. Bass received her B.A. degree summa cum laude in Biology from Bryn Mawr College. She is a science writer and women's health
advocate with many years of experience covering the field of HIV/AIDS. She has worked as senior correspondent for the American
Foundation for AIDS Research and as senior writer for HIV Plus Magazine. She is a member of the international advisory board of the
Women's Treatment Action Group in Uganda, co-organizer of conferences for HIV positive women and their allies in Kampala, Uganda
and Durban, South Africa, and one of the founding organizers of a successful campaign to end segregation of HIV positive prisoners in

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Michael Hariton                                                    212 847 1054

Production Manager, IAVI Report
Mr. Hariton comes to IAVI with years of international advertising, translation and web production experience. For Berlitz GlobalNet, he
organized, supervised and event-managed simultaneous interpreting events nationwide for the international press and directed the
localization of a multilingual website for Microsoft’s Encarta Suite. A Fulbright Fellow, Mr. Hariton is fluent in several European
languages and has taught ESL at home and abroad. In his leisure time, he plays and coaches ice hockey

Roberto Fernandez-Larsson                                          212 847 1075

Web Editor

Resource Development

Mollie Shields-Uehling                                             212 847 1089

Vice-President, Development
Mollie Shields-Uehling joined IAVI in February 2003. She comes to IAVI with extensive experience in international business, commerce
and government affairs. She has spent many years living, working and studying abroad in Indonesia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala,
Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry, leading the international policy departments for
Bristol-Myers Squibb and Lederle and women’s healthcare issues for Wyeth. She also served in the Foreign Commercial Service,
representing U.S. government and commercial interests before other governments. She worked in the Executive Office of the President
where she headed the Office of Private Sector and Intergovernmental Liaison in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. Her
undergraduate degree is from American University and her graduate work was at the University of Oklahoma and Oxford University.
She was an American Political Science Association Foreign Affairs Fellow (Johns Hopkins University and the U.S. Congress). She sits on
the board of the Business Council for International Understanding.

Nynke Brett                                                        +31 20 521 0030

Nynke Brett comes from Greenpeace International in Amsterdam, most recently as part of a team campaigning to reverse the trend of
global ancient forest destruction. Her responsibilities included co-ordinating support from high profile internationally known
individuals. Nynke has a long background in the non profit sector having previously worked as a fundraiser for the Rainer Foundation
in London supporting projects to help the young homeless and young offenders have a second chance in life. Nynke holds a BA in
Development Studies from the University of East Anglia, UK. She has also lived and travelled extensively in South East Asia and Latin
America, most recently in Guatemala where she volunteered at 'Safe Passage', a project working with children living in the Garbage
Dumps of Guatemala City helping them gain greater access to education.

Jacqueline Dorante                                                 212 847 1083

Resource Development Director
Jacqueline Dorante joined IAVI in June 2002, bringing more than 10 years of experience developing strategic partnerships for non-profit
organizations including the U.S. FUND FOR UNICEF, where she was National Director of Corporate Relations, and as a consultant to
the International Trachoma Initiative.

Anthony Flynn                                                      212 847 1087

Director, Grants and Donor Communications

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Julia Szanton                                                       +31 20 521 0032

European Development Manager
Prior to joining IAVI, Ms. Szanton spent ten years working in the Czech Republic, where she co-founded, developed programs and
raised funds for the VIA Foundation, a Czech foundation supports community-based, citizen’s initiatives. Recently, she has also worked
for a UK charity in Serbia where she was responsible for board and resource development, managing grant-making programs and
initiating new programs for a domestic Serbian foundation with similar aims. She has also been involved in a number of international
projects at the US Council on Foundations, The Council of Michigan Foundations and The Community Foundation of Silicon Valley. Ms
Szanton holds a Bachelors degree in Urban Studies from Brown University and a Masters degree in Political Science from the University
of Amsterdam and has lived and travelled extensively in Asia, Europe and the US.

Smita Vadakekalam                                                   212 847 1082

Development Specialist
Smita Vadakekalam joined IAVI as a development specialist in August 2003. Smita most recently comes to IAVI from City Harvest, a
food rescue program in New York, where she worked in the major gifts program. Smita participated in the Jane Addams Carnegie
Fellowship, a one year work/study fellowship in philanthropy. She holds a BA in International Affairs from the George Washington
University and an M.A. in Philanthropic Studies from the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy.

Liezl Van Riper                                                     212 847 1091

Development Specialist
Liezl Van Riper joined IAVI as a development specialist in June 2003. She brings more than four years of non-profit development
experience primarily within corporate fundraising. Liezl most recently comes to IAVI from the National Academy Foundation, a
national education non-profit, where she raised funds toward youth development and secondary education reform. Prior to beginning
her career in the non-profit sector, Liezl worked in Japan as an English teacher and traveled throughout the Philippines. She holds a BA
in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine.

Keiko Watanabe                                                      212 847 1081

Japan Consultant

Peg Willingham                                                      212 847 1055

Senior Director, Public Sector Support
Peg Willingham joined IAVI in June 2003. From 2000 to 2003, she was Assistant Vice President, Latin America and Canada, at the
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. From 1987 to 2000, Peg worked for the U.S. Department of State, serving in
Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia, as well as Washington-based assignments in the human rights and Latin America bureaus and
at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center. Peg received her BA in English and history at the University of Virginia and her MA in
English at the University of Michigan.

Finance & Administration

Linn Dorin, C.P.A.                                                  212 847 1133

Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Dorin was a financial consultant after having served as a Vice President at Morgan Stanley. A Certified Public Accountant, she
graduated from Queens College, CUNY, with a degree in Accounting.

Darlene Banks                                                       212 847 1135

Accounting Associate

Godfrey Branch                                                      212 847 1124

IT Desktop Support Specialist

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Wanda Buckner
Senior Analyst for Grants & Contracts
Wanda Buckner joined IAVI as the Grants and Contracts Manager on September 2nd, 2003. For the prior eight years she was the
Operations Officer for the prestigious Personal Injury law firm Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman & Mackauf. After joining GGCS&M she
maintained an intensive consulting practice specializing in small business computerized accounting solutions. From 1997 till 2002 she
also served as the outsourced Director of Finance for a national religious organization. Under her administration they gained control of
their budgets, established a 501 c3 organization and significantly reduced their cost structure. Her consulting activities were the
continuation of business relationships established when she co founded a successful network integration and consulting company with
her husband 13 years ago. Wanda lives in the Bronx with her husband and two children. She is an avid fitness enthusiast. She is also
interested in contemporary psychology and one of her favorite authors is Mihaly Cskszentmihalyi author of Flow and Finding Flow. For
recreation she enjoys playing the great dialogue of modern cinema game with her family.

Imran G. Chowdhury                                                  212 763 5464

Grants Support Specialist
Imran was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and moved to New York at an early age. He grew up in Astoria, Queens, attended Stuyvesant
High School and graduated from Hunter College (CUNY) in 2002 with a BA in Anthropology and Geography. Following graduation, he
spent a year in Malawi as a Fulbright Fellow. He worked at Save the Children and later at the National AIDS Commission, the
government agency charged with coordinating HIV/AIDS activities across the nation. Imran was one of IAVI's first interns, working
jointly for Development and Communications in the summer of 2000 on a Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship.

Michael Cowing                                                      212 847 1088

Director of Institutional Support
Mr. Cowing is the former Director of Grants Administration for Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC), where he worked from 1994 to 1999.
While there, he managed the agency's multi-million dollar portfolio of government grants and contracts, and worked closely with staff
identifying funding needs and developing budgets for existing and planned programs. He also served as Acting Director of the agency's
Community Partnership Initiative, providing technical assistance and training to other non-profits in the areas of fundraising, systems
development, and strategic planning. As GMHC's Development Officer for Government Grants, Mr. Cowing served as primary grant
writer for all government revenue. Prior to joining GMHC, he served as Director of the Harm Reduction Unit for the New York State
Department of Health AIDS Institute, where he oversaw all aspects of New York State's authorized needle exchange programs. Mr.
Cowing was also the founding Board President and Executive Director of AIDS Treatment Resources, Inc., a nonprofit community-based
organization created to provide information on experimental treatments for HIV/AIDS.

Darin Dominick                                                      212 847 1138

Accounts Payable Associate

Marrian Fenton                                                      212 847 1123

Prior to joining IAVI, Ms. Fenton worked as Personal Assistant to the Vice President of Environmental Health in London and previously
before that spent 10 years working as Personal Secretary to the Managing Director of Child Health Services. She graduated from
Cranbrook College in London and has a keen interest in child health and child protection issues. She enjoys traveling.

Jared Janeczko                                                      212 763 5469

Budget Analyst
Prior to joining IAVI, Jared was the Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Environmental Defense. He was also one of the initial
staff members to launch the European division of Priceline.com based in London. Jared is near completion of the Chartered Accountant
qualification and holds a BS in Finance and International Business from Miami University in Oxford, OH.

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Kim Kohl                                                            212 847 1130

Director of Finance
Kim Kohl brings 20 years experience in financial management and administration in both non-profit and for profit sectors. Most recently
Kim served as Director of Finance and Administration for the World Conference on Religion and Peace, an international NGO bringing
together civil society to address issues of conflict transformation. During her tenure she opened field offices in Bosnia-Herzegovina,
Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Nairobi. Kim holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from Columbia University’s School of
International and Public Affairs.

Ronaldo Lima, M.Sc.                                                 212 847 1125

Director of Information Technology
Mr. Lima has a Bachelor of Science in electronic engineering and has a master degree in computer networks at Federal University of Rio
de Janeiro - Brazil. Besides engineering, he has also been involved in AIDS advocacy since 1991 as president of a AIDS community-based
organization named Grupo Pela Vidda, in Rio de Janeiro. In 1999, Mr. Lima has been invited to work for the Brazilian National AIDS
Program in Brasilia as the head of the Information Technology Department where he could employ his different experiences in
information technology as well as in AIDS field. In this position he led 23 technical consultants and moved forward for the
implementation of three nationwide information systems. He has also been involved particularly with AIDS vaccine advocacy during 3
years, being one of the community representatives in the Brazilian National AIDS Vaccine Committee. In the year 2000, Mr. Lima moved
to the U.S. to work as information technology consultant for an American company located in California. In September 2001, Mr. Lima
moved to New York to join IAVI and, once more, is bringing together his backgrounds in information technology, management and
vaccine advocacy to the same organization.

Jose M. Roman, J.D.                                                 212 847 1136

Director of Global Operations for Finance and
Mr. Roman received both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from City College of New York. He was a Magna Cum Laude graduate of
the honors dual degree program where he majored in International Economics and minored in Business Finance. Mr. Roman also
received his Juris Doctor from New York University’s School of Law. Mr. Roman comes to IAVI with over a decade of experience
working as an administrator and finance manager with a verity of non-profit corporations. His work has included developing primary
and secondary HIV/ AIDS prevention programs serving communities of color, inner city youth, men who have sex with men and
prisoners. Finally, Mr. Roman has also served as a legislative assistant in the City Council of New York and recently as a Budget Analyst
for the Naval Bureau of Medicine and Surgery of the United States Department of Defense.

Paul Sartori                                                        212 847 1137


Ted Schenkelberg                                                    212 847 1066

Senior Business & Finance Analyst
Prior to coming to IAVI, Ted worked as an Equity Analyst at Carnegie Capital Asset Management Co, where he developed investment
strategy and made investment recommendations on the firm’s $350 million fund. He has also worked as a finance and strategy
consultant in the venture capital, software and publishing industries. Prior to his business career, Ted worked as a book editor and
policy researcher at several Washington DC think tanks. Ted has an MBA from the University of Chicago, studied International
Economics at the London School of Economics, and has History degree from Grinnell College.

Marcel Stal                                                         31 20 521 0038

Finance Associate
Marcel has worked for a Dutch mental health care institution in Holland as a business controller. Responsibilities included controlling
budgets, auditing financial administration and financing health care. Advising managers on keeping within their budgets and meeting
their production targets and advising management on financial policies as a particular interest and developing cost price models to
support the distribution of budgets. Marcel has also been a Dutch government official making contracts with health care institutions
buying health care for public access. These institutions are 99 % dependent on these subsidies. Other experience included working for a
housing agency dealing with liquidity control, investment calculation, project administration and the annual report.

Leighton Watson                                                     212 847 1134

International Payroll Manager

                   Annex 8.1.3: Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases
                Opportunities to address pharmaceutical gaps for neglected diseases

Leighton Watson has over 20 years experience in the accounting field at various levels. He have worked in for profit as well as not for
profit organizations . Prior to coming to IAVI Leighton was the Assistant controller at The Public Relations Society of America where he
helped stream line the budget process as well as creating and strengthening new and existing accounting policies. Prior to PRSA
Leighton worked at the Open Society Institute a Tax Data manager, where he was in charge of creating policies and procedures relating
to all financial activities for Non resident Aliens as well as domestic and international consultants. Leighton Watson has a bachelors
Degree in Accounting from Baruch College in New York.

Human Resources

Joanne Smith-Rencher                                                212 847 1122

Director of Human Resources

Michael Shao                                                        212 847 1078

Senior Global HR Generalist
Michael Shao joined IAVI in January, 2004, bringing over 20 years experience in Human Resources, primarily with Lucent Technologies
and various corporate predecessors within AT&T. Michael has been in tactical/operational and strategic roles responsible for functions
including Staffing/Recruitment, Employee Relations, Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action, Compensation & Benefits,
and International Human Resources. He has been based at various locations in Missouri and New Jersey, and has also lived and worked
outside the U.S. on two separate expatriate assignments, in China and Saudi Arabia, respectively. Michael earned A.B. and MBA degrees
from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Pam Watim
HR Coordinator


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