Reading Street 4th Unit 5 Word Lists - DOC by nns95765


									                                           Reading Street 4th         Unit 5 Word Lists
           Story                     Vocabulary                                       Phonics/Spelling
Sailing Home: A Story      bow             dignified    Multisyllabic words
of a Childhood at Sea      cargo           navigation
                                                        reaction         refreshment      unhappily       questionable
                           celestial       quivered
                                                        prerecorded      unbreakable      watchfully      displacement
                           conducted       stern
                                                        incorrectly      declaration      gleefully       midshipman
                                                        incredibly       retirement       sportsmanship
                                                        disobedient      misdialed        repayment

Lost City: The Discovery   Curiosity       glorious     Syllable patterns V/CV and VC/V
of Machu Picchu            granite         ruins
                                                        basic            olive            beware          tribute
                           terraced         thickets    vacant           tiger            emotion         lizard
                           torrent                      secret           spinach          cabin            novel
                                                        honor            second           tripod           locust
                                                        local            donate           dragon           habit

Amelia and Eleanor         aviator         brisk        Greek word parts
Go for a Ride              cockpit         daring
                                                        telephone        barometer        telegraph       periscope
                           elegant         outspoken    biography        microscope       perimeter       megaphone
                           solo                         telescope        headphones       paragraph        diameter
                                                        photograph       microphone       phonics          microchip
                                                        microwave        autograph        symphony         saxophone

Antarctic Journal: Four    anticipation    continent    Words with Latin roots
Months at the Bottom       convergence     depart
                                                        dictionary       locate           erupt           disrupt
of the World               forbidding      icebergs     abrupt           portable         passport        dislocate
                                                        predict          transport        export          verdict
                                                        import           bankrupt         contradict      location
                                                        locally          dictate          rupture         interrupt

Moonwalk                   loomed          taunted      Related words
                           rille           trench       please           production       meter            breathe
                           runt            trudged      pleasant         heal             metric           triple
                           staggered       Summoning    breath           health           compose          composition
                                                        triple           image            triplet         crumb

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