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									                                                                LOLO (List of Lists Online)
   LOLO (List of Lists Online)
   LOLO (Lists of Lists Online) is the name of the RegScan GCS
   online regulated chemical list service. With it, you can search
   for over one million chemical synonyms by name or registry
   number. Always at your fingertips, this service is easily acces-
   sible via the GCS toolbar.

   LOLO allows you to search by CAS Registry Number, Product
   Name, EPA accession number (PMN), EC Number (ELINCS,
   ENICS, EU High Production Volume and EU Low Production

   • 59 chemical lists and synonyms.

   • Covers National and State lists for regulated

   • Over 1.4 million synonym listings.
                                                                        Active   List Description (cont’d)
   • Search by CAS Registry Number, Product Name,                       X        FIFRA List of Pesticide Product Inert Ingredients
    EPA accession number (PMN) list only, EC Number                     X        International Agency of Research on Cancer List
    (ELINCS, ENICS, EU High Production Volume, and                      X         Massachusetts Right to Know List of Chemicals
    EU Low Production Volume).                                          X        New Jersey Hazardous Substances List
                                                                        X        New Jersey Right to Know List
   • Shows all lists for each search.                                   X        NIOSH Recommended Exposure Limits
                                                                        X        NTP Carcinogens List
   • Tells you if the search term is on no lists;                       X        NTP Technical Reports List
    remember to check for both CAS and Chemical                         X        OSHA Toxic and Hazardous Substances
    name for best results.                                              X        Ozone Depletion Chemicals List
                                                                        X        Pennsylvania Hazardous Substances List
   The following lists are included with a LOLO subscription:           X        Pesticide Active Ingredients
                                                                        X        Section 302 of the Superfund Amendments and
   Active   List Description                                                     Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA)
   X        ACGIH Threshold Limit Value                                 X        TSCA (Toxic Chemical Release) Inventory
   X        California CAENVR Cancer List                               X        TSCA 12b Chemicals and Categories without
   X        California CAENVR Developmental Toxicity                             Numeric Ids
   X        California CAENVR Female Reproductive Toxicity              X        TSCA 12b Confidential Chemicals by Accession
   X        California CAENVR Male Reproductive Toxicity                         Number
   X        California Hazardous Air Pollutants                         X        TSCA 12b LVE and PMN
   X        California Occupation Safety & Health Hazardous             X        TSCA 12b Non Confidential Chemicals by CAS
            Substance List                                              X        TSCA 12b Sunset Table
   X        Canada Ingredient Disclosure List                           X        TSCA 5A SNUR
   X        Canadian Domestic Substances List                           X        TSCA 8e and FYI Submissions
   X        Canadian Non-Domestic Substances List                       X        TSCA Premanufacture Notice
   X        CERCLA Hazardous Substances Table 302.4                     X        Wisconsin 661 App VII
   X        Critical Materials Register of the State of Michigan        X        Wisconsin 661 App VIII
   X        Direct Food Substances Generally Recognized as Safe         X        Wisconsin 661 Discard Comm
   X        DOT Coast Guard Bulk Hazardous Materials
   X        DOT Coast Guard Noxious Liquid Substances                   CAS Registry Number (CASRN) standard format
   X        DOT Hazardous Materials Table                               NNNNNN-NN-N
   X        DOT Marine Pollutants List
   X        DEA Controlled Substances                                   EU Chemical List standard numbering format
   X        EPA High Production Volume Chemical List                    NNN-NNN-N
   X        EPA Master Testing List                                        EINECS numbers are
   X        EPA Pesticide List                                             2XX-XXX-X or 3XX-XXX-X
   X        EPCRA TRI Chemicals in section 313                             starting at 200-001-8
   X        European Inventory of Existing Commercial
            Chemical Substances (EINECS)                                    ELINCS numbers are 4XX-XXX-X
   X        European List of Notified Chemical Substances                   starting at 400-010-9
   X        FDA List of Substances Added to Food in the U.S.            EU High Production Volume
   X        Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act
            (FIFRA) Active Ingredients Of Registered Pesticides         EU Low Production Volume

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