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Author                           Title

Adams, Scott                     When did Ignorance Become a Point of View?
Andrews, Mary Kay                Savannah Blues
Andrews, V.C.                    Eye of the Storm
Andrews, V.C.                    Willow
Ansa, Tina McElroy               You know Better
Auel, Jean M.                    The Shelters of Stone
Bear, Greg                       Vitals
Beattie, Ann                     The Doctor’s House
Berg, Elizabeth                  Ordinary Life
Bohjalian, Christopher     The Buffalo Soldier
Bradbury, Ray                    One more for the Road
Bradby, Tom                      The Master of Rain
Bradford, Barbara Taylor         Three Weeks in Paris
Brady, James                     Warning of War
Brown, Sandra                    Honor Bound
Brown, Sandra                    A Kiss Remembered
Brown, Sandra                    Thursday’s Child
Cannell, Stephen J.              The Viking Funeral
Chamberlain, Diane               Cypress Point
Chiaverini, Jennifer             The Runaway Quilt
Child, Lee                       Without Fail
Clark, Mary Higgins              Daddy’s Little Girl
Clark, Mary Jane                 Close to You
Codrescu, Andrew                 Casanova in Bohemia
Cookson, Catherine               The Silent Lady
Coonts, Stephen                  Saucer: An Adventure
Cornwell, Bernard                Sharpe’s Prey
Cornwell, Bernard                Gallows Thief
Coyle, Harold                    Against All Enemies
Crafts, Hannah                   The Bondswoman’s Narrative
Craig, Charmaine                 The Good Men
Curnyn, Lynda              Confessions of an Ex-Girlfriend
Day, Angie                       The Way to Somewhere
Deaver, Jeffery                  The Stone Monkey
DeMille, Nelson                  Up Country
Devine, Thea                     Desire Me Only
---                              The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red
Dickey, Eric                     Thieves’ Paradise
Diehl, William                   Eureka
Divakaruni, Chitra               The Vine of Desire
Dufresne, John                   Deep in the Shade of Paradise
Ellroy, James                    The Cold Six Thousand
Emerson, Earl W.              Vertical Burn
Faherty, David         A Nasty Bit of Rough
Faulks, Sebastian             On Green Dolphin Street
Fforde, Jasper                The Eyre Affair
Finnamore, Suzanne            The Zygote
Foer, Jonathan                Everything is Illuminated
Ford, Richard                 A Multitude of Sins
Frayn, Michael         Spies
Francis, Clare                Deceit
Freedman, Benedict            The Search for Joyful
Garrett, Greg                 Free Bird
Girzone, Joseph               The Messenger
Goldsmith, Olivia             Pen Pals
Graham, Heather               Hurricane Bay
Green, Tim                    The Fourth Perimeter
Grisham, John          The Summons
Groening, Matt                Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horring Spine-tingling
Gulley, Phillip               Just Shy of Harmony
Haig, Brian                   Mortal Allies
Hambly, Barbara               Die upon a Kiss
Hamilton, Laurell K.          A Caress of Twilight
Heller, Jane                  The Secret Ingredient
Henderson, Dee                True Devotion
Henderson, Dee                True Valor
Higgins, Jack                 Midnight Runner
Howard, Linda                 Dying to Please
Hudler, Ad                    Househusband
---                           I Do
Inclan, Jessica               The Matter of Grace
James, P.D.                   A Taste for Death
Jenkins, Jerry B.             The Youngest Hero
Johnson, Susan                Again and Again
Katzenbach, John              The Analyst
Kent, Gordon                  Top Hook
Kidd, Sue Monk                The Secret Life of Bees
Kinsella, Sophie              Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
Kunzru, Hari                  The Impressionist
L’Amour, Louis                With these Hands
Lansens, Lori                 Rush Home Road
Lasser, Scott                 All I could Get
Lent, Jeffrey                 Lost Nation
Leonard, Elmore               Tishomingo Blues
Lescroart, John               The Oath
Lindsey, Johanna              The Pursuit
Littell, Robert               The Company
Long, Jeff                    Year Zero
Lowell, Elizabeth             Running Scared
MacDonald, Ann-Marie          Fall on Your Knees
Marcinko, Richard             Rogue Warrior—Detachment Bravo
McBride, James                Miracle at St. Anna
McCarthy, Susan               Lay that Trumpet in our Hands
McEwan, Ian                   Atonement
McKinzie, Clinton             The Edge of Justice
McMurtry, Larry               Sin Killer
Michaels, Fern         Kentucky Heat
Michaels, Fern         Sara’s Song
Miller, Linda                 The Last Chance Café
Morell, David                 Long Lost
Nance, John J.                Turbulence
Norman, Howard A.             The Haunting of L.
Oke, Janette                  The Distant Beacon
O’Neill, Jamie                At Swim, Two Boys
Orwell, George                Animal Farm
Otto, Whitney                 A Collection of Beauties at the Height of Their Popularity
Packer, Ann                   The Dive from Clausen’s Pier
Parker, T. Jefferson          Black Water
Patterson, James              Jack & Jill
Patterson, James              Kiss the Girls
Patterson, James              2nd Chance
Pelecanos, George             Hell to Pay
Penman, Sharon Kay            Time and Chance
Peters, Elizabeth             The Golden One
Picoult, Jodi                 Perfect Match
Pressfield, Steven            Last of the Amazons
Reese, James                  The Book of Shadows
Rice, Luanne                  Safe Harbor
Rice, Christopher             Snow Garden
Roberts, Nora                 Three Fates
Robards, Karen                To Trust a Stranger
Roberts, Nora                 Carolina Moon
Rollins, James                Amazonia
Rosenberg, Nancy              Conflict of Interest
Sandford, John                Mortal Prey
Schwartz, John                Claire Marvel
Sheldon, Mary                 Halfway Home
Shelby, Philip                By Dawn’s Early Light
Shields, Carol                Unless
Shreve, Anita                 Sea Glass
Silva, Daniel                 The English Assassin
Simmons, Dan                  A Winter Haunting
Small, Bertrice               Just Beyond Tomorrow
Smith, Deborah                The Stone Flower Garden
Steel, Danielle               The Cottage
Stone, Sarah                  The True Sources of the Nile
Sundaresan, Indu              The Twentieth Wife
Thoene, Bodie          The Jerusalem Scrolls
Thoene, Bodie          Stones of Jerusalem
Trillin, Calvin               Tepper isn’t Going Out
Trotter, William              The Sands of Pride
Vickers, Salley        Instances of the Number 3
Vreeland, Susan               The Passion of Artemesia
Waters, Sarah         Fingersmith
Weber, Joe            Dancing with the Dragon
Westlake, Donald E.   Put a Lid on It
Williams, Niall       The Fall of Light
Willett, Marcia       A Week in Winter
Windle, Janice        Will’s War
Wright, Ronald        Henderson’s Spear
Zigman, Laura         Her


Barnett, Jill         Sentimental Journey
Bly, Stephen A.       The Senator’s Other Daughter
Borntrager, Mary      Andy
Cannon, Taffy         Guns and Roses
Cartland, Barbara     Secret Harbor
Converse, Jane        Undercover Nurse
Cookson, Catherine    Kate Hannigan’s Girl
Cosby, Bill           Cosbyology
Cussler, Clive        Valhalla Rising
Dereske, Jo           Miss Zukas Shelves the Evidence
Dew, Robb Forman      The Evidence Against Her
Edwards, Gene         The Triumph
Gordimer, Nadine      The Pickup
Graham, Janice        Sarah’s Window
Halberstam, David     War in a Time of Peace
Hilger, Christine     A Force of Habit
Hoff, B.J.            Sons of An Ancient Glory
Holmes, L.P.          The Plunderers
Howard, Linda         Open Season
Kaminsky, Stuart M.   Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express
Kanon, Joseph         The Good German
Kincaid, Nell         With every Loving Touch
Koontz, Dean R.       One Door away from Heaven
LaHaye, Tim           Desecration
Ludlum, Robert        The Sigma Protocol
MacDonald, William    Action at Arcanum
MacDonald, Rose       The Goodbye Look
McEwan, Ian           Atonement
Morgan, Deborah       Death is a Cabaret
---                   Naket Came the Phoenix
Nye, Nelson C.        Desert of the Damned
Oke, Janette          When Tomorrow Comes
---                   Out of This World
Parker, Robert B.     Death in Paradise
Perry, Anne           Funeral in Blue
Pickard, Nancy`       Ring of Truth
Queen, Ellery         A Fine and Private Place
Rashid, Ahmed         Taliban
Roberts, Nora         Midnight Bayou
Snelling, Lauraine              An Untamed Land
Thayer, Nancy                   Custody
Truman, Margaret                Murder in Havana


Barr, Nevada                     Hunting Season
Bernhardt, William               Final Round
Boling, Janet                    Deadly Sources
Brown, Rita Mae                  Catch as Cat Can
Cockey, Tim                      Hearse Case Scenario
Connelly, Michael                City of Bones
Cook, Thomas H.                  The Interrogation
Cvrumley, James                  The Final Country
Davis, Lindsey            Ode to a Banker
Estleman, Loren                  Sinister Heights
Ford, Susan                      Double Exposure
Garland, Ardella                 Hit time
Haines, Carolyn                  Splintered Bones
Hart, Carolyn G.                 April Food Dead
Hillerman, Tony                  The Wailing Wind
King, Laurie R.                  Justice Hall
Myers, Tamar                     Gruel and Unusual Punishment
Parker, Robert B.                Widow’s Walk
Perry, Anne                      Southampton Row
Reichs, Kathy                    Fatal Voyage
Rendell, Ruth                    Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
Rozan, S. J.                     Reflecting the Sky
Rozan, S. J.                     Winter and Night
Sawyer, Diane                    The Tomoka Mystery
Seely, Diane                     Whodunit?
Thompson, Carlene                Don’t Close your Eyes
Thompson, Carlene                Since You’ve been Gone
Turner, Lynn M.                  Gutter’s Wake
White, Kate                      If Looks could Kill


Alexander, Lois Carnell
Brown, Carolyn                  Emma’s Folly
DeGroot, Patricia               A Will of Her Own
Fasano, Wilma                   Dolphin Song
Gardner, Darlene                Born for Each Other
Leask, Mary                     Two Cupids too Many
Mix, Kathleen                   A Trade Wind Season
Mondello, Lisa                  His Heart for the Trusting
Parra, Nancy J.                 Saving Samantha
Pastorek, Alba Marie            Spanish Serenade
Randel, Tara                    Hidden Hearts
Scott, Cynthia                  Built to Last


Adams, Douglas                  The Salmon of Doubt
Anthony, Piers                  Three Complete Novels
Card, Orson Scott               Children of the Mind
Card, Orson Scott               Ender’s Shadow
Card, Orson Scott               Speaker for the Dead
Card, Orson Scott               Xenocide
---                             Fantasy DAW 30th Anniversary
Foster, Alan Dean               The Approaching Storm
Haydon, Elizabeth               Destiny: Children of the Sky
Lackey, Mercedes                The Gates of Sleep
Lackey, Mercedes                The Shadow of the Lion
McCaffrey, Anne                 Acorna: The Unicorn Girl
Modesitt, L.E.                  Shadowsinger: A Spellsong Cycle Novel
Ringo, John                     When the Devil Dances
Weber, David                    March to the Sea


Bonham, Frank                   Stage Trails West
Brand, Max                      The Lone Rider
Frazee, Steve                   Voices in the Hill
Friend, Charles E.              Shannon: Carrying the Star
Grey, Zane                      Open Range
Grove, Fred                     The Years of Fear
Henry, Will                     Legend of Sotoju Mountain
Isberg, Art                     Vengeance at Quiet Creek
Overholser, Stephen             Shadow Valley Rising
Parnham, I.J.                   The Legend of Shamus McGinty’s Gold
Savage, Les                     Gambler’s Row
Starr, Christine                Sarah Glory

Adler, C.S.                      One Unhappy Horse
Almond, David            Heaven Eyes
Almond, David            Kit’s Wilderness
Anderson, Laurie Halse           Fever, 1793
Ayres, Katherine                 Stealing South
Baskin, Nora Raleigh             What Every Girl (except me) Knows
Bauer, Joan                      Hope was Here
Brashares, Ann                   The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Cabot, Meg                       The Princess Diaries
Clinton, Cathryn                 The Calling
Cooney, Caroline                 The Ransom of Mercy Carter
Crew, Linda                  Brides of Eden
Crutcher, Chris              Whale Talk
Deuker, Carol                Night Hoops
Farrell, Mame                And Sometimes Why
Flinn, Alexandra             Breathing Underwater
Hautman, Pete                Hole in the Sky
Horowitz, Anthony            Stormbreaker
Jordan, Sherryl              Secret Sacrament
Nix, Garth                   Lirael, Daughter of the Clayr
Nix, Garth                   Sabriel
Nixon, Joan Lowery           Playing for Keeps
---                          On the Fringe
Park, Linda Sue              A Single Shard
Pierce, Meredith Ann         Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood
Placide, Jaira               Fresh Girl
Rees, Celia                  Witch Child
Salisbury, Graham            Lord of the Deep
Smith, Cynthia L.            Rain is Not My Indian Name
Tingle, Rebecca              The Edge on the Sword
Weaver, Will                 Memory Boy
Williams-Garcia, Rita        Every Time a Rainbow Dies
Wulffson, Don L.             Soldier X



---                          Black’s Law Dictionary REF 340.03
Fiske, Edward B.             The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2002 REF 378.73


Garner, Joe                  We Interrupt this Broadcast 070.1
---                          Great Mysteries of the 20th Century 031.02
Hindman, Leslie              Adventures at the Auction 025.06

--Psychology & Philosophy—

Beattie, Melody              Choices: Taking Control of Your Life 170
Carville, James              Buck up, Suck up, and come back when you Foul Up 158
Cohen, Randy                 The Good, the Bad, and the Difference 170
Collins, Terah               The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Prosperity 133.3
Francine                     Conversations with the Other Side 133.9
Gelb, Michael                Discover Your Genius 153.3
Gilligan, Carol          The Birth of Pleasure 152.4
Greene, Bob              Fight your Fear and Win 158.1
Lieberman, David J.      Make Peace with Anyone 158.2
Richardson, Cheryl       Stand up for Your Life 158.1
---                      The Right Words at the Right Time 170
---                      Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships 158.2


Armstrong, Karen         The Battle for God 200.9
Bible. O.T. Pentateuch   The Message: The Old Testament Books of Moses 222
Carson, Ben              Think Big 248.4
Crabb, Lawrence          The Pressure’s Off 248.8
Gulley, Philip           Hometown Tales 242
John Paul II, Pope       The Private Prayers of Pope John Paul III 242
LaHaye, Tim F.           Seduction of the Heart 241
Moore, Thomas            The Soul’s Religion 291.4
Stanley, Charles         Walking Wisely 241
Toms, Justine Willis     True Work 291.1
Walsh, Sheila            A Love so Big 231

--Social Science--

Barchers, Suzanne I.     365 Reading Activities 372.4
Bennett, William J.      Why We Fight 306.8
---                      The Best 331 Colleges 378.73
Blumenfeld, Laura        Revenge: A Story of Hope 364.15
Boland, Mary L.          Your Right to Child Custody, Visitation & Support 346.7301
Carlson, Charles         The Smart Investor’s Survival Guide 332.6
Carr, Caleb              The Lessons of Terror 303.6
Clancy, Tom              Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces 356
Cohen, Katherine         The Truth about getting In 378.1
Cohen, Robert S.         Reconciable Differences 306.81
Collins, Connie          50 Celebrate 50 305.48
De Becker, Gavin         Fear Less 303.6
Eaton, Nancy L.          Your Vintage Wedding 395.2
Ehrenreich, Barbara      Nickel and Dimed 305.569
Emerson, Steven          American Jihad 303.6
Foli, Karen J.           Like Sound through Water 362.1
Fradkin, Philip L.       Stagecoach: Wells Fargo & the American West 388.3
---                      From my People: 400 Years of African American Folklore
Fukuyama, Francis        Our Posthuman Future 301
Gallen, Ron              The Money Trap 332.4
Gauld, Laura             The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have 370.11
Gilbert, Elizabeth       The Last American Man 305.31
Haber, Barbara           From Hardtack to Home Fries 394.1
Hefferman, Deborah Daw   An Arrow through the Heart 362.1
Ice, Jerry               Complete Book of Distance Learning Schools 378.1
Johnson, Barbara                 Plant a Geranium in your Cranium 362.1
Jones, Carolyn                   Every Girl Tells a Story 305.235
Katz, Samuel                     Relentless Pursuit 303.6
Latifa                           My Forbidden Face: Growing up under the Taliban 305.42
Lee, Henry C.                    Cracking Cases 363.25
Isaacs, Florence                 My Deepest Sympathies 395.4
Lerner, Jimmy                    You Got Nothing Coming 365
Levine, Melvin D.                A Mind at a Time 370.15
Manning, Greg                    Love, Greg & Lauren 362.1
Mikaelian, Allen                 Medal of Honor 355.1
---                              Natural Disasters 363.34
Naylor, Sharon                   The Complete Outdoor Wedding Planner 395.2
Orman, Suze                      The Road to Wealth 332.024
Picciotto. Richard               Last Man Down 363.34
Pipher, Mary Bray                The Middle of Everywhere 305.9
Rothstein, Ronald                How to Buy your Perfect Wedding Dress 392.5
Shelton, Ken                     Beyond Counterfeit Leadership 303.3
Snyderman, Nancy L.              Girl in the Mirror 306.874
Stillwell, Paul                  Battleships 359.3
Strathern, Paul                  A Brief History of Economic Genius 330.09
Sullivan, Randall                Labyrinth 364.15
Taylor, John                     The Count and the Confession 364.15
---                              33 Things Every Girl should Know About Women’s History
Thomashauer, Regena              Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts 305.4
Toth, Jennifer                   What Happened to Johnnie Jordan 364.15
Wambaugh, Joseph                 Fire Lover 364.16
Warshak, Richard                 Divorce Poison 306.89
White, Emily                     Fast Girls 305.235
Williams, Terry Tempest          Refuge 362.1

--Pure Science—

Davies, P.C.W.                   How to Build a Time Machine 530.11
Gleiser, Marcelo                 The Prophet of the Astronomer 523.1
Gould Stephen Jay                I have Landed 578
---                              Intelligence in Animals 591.5
Levin, Janna                     How the Universe Got its Spots 523.1
---                              Nature’s Masterpieces 508
---                              Strange Worlds, Fantastic Places 508
Thimmish, Catherine              The Sky’s the Limit 500.82
---                              The Weather and its Secrets 551.5

--Technology (including Health, Vehicles, Animals, Cookbooks & Business)--

Albertson, Ellen                 Temptations 641.563
Alexander, Kent                  Space Vehicles 629.47
Allan, Ross                      Dog Obedience Training 636.7
Amen, Daniel G.                  Healing the Hardware of the Soul 616.85
---                               America’s Hometown Favorites 641.5973
---                               Baby Play 649
Balch, Phyllis A.                 Prescription for Herbal Healing 615
Baptiste, Baron                   Journey into Power 613.7
---                               Basic Tiling 698
---                               BBQ P.D.Q.: Twice the Flavor, Twice as Easy 641.5784
Becker, Marty                     The Healing Power of Pets 615.8
Bergren, Mark                     Improvise This! 658.85
Brooks, Rodney Allen              Flesh and Machines 629.8
Christians, Nick                  Scotts Lawns 635.9
Cloutier, Marissa                 Beef Busters 641.563
Cohen-Sandler, Roni               “Trust me, Mom—Everyone Else is Going!” 649
---                               Complete Decks 690
Conley, Kevin                     Stud: Adventures in Breeding 636.1
---                               Cooking for Two 641.561
Coren, Stanley                    The Pawprints of History 636.7
Curtis, Glad B.                   Your Pregnancy after 35 618l2
Daelemans, Kathleen               Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen 613.2
Davis, Cortney             I Knew a Woman 613
DeBaggio, Thomas                  Losing my Mind: An intimate Look at Life with Alzheimer’s
Delavier, Frederic                Strength Training Anatomy 611
Dodes, Lance                      The Heart of Addiction 616.86
Doyle, Laura                      The Surrendered Single 646.7
---                               Easy Everyday Cooking 641.55
Esser, Teresa                     The Venture Café 620
Fawcett, Jan                      New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder 616.89
---                               Flower Gardening 1-2-3 635.9
Fox, Jeffrey                      How to Become a Great Boss 658.3
Frist, William H.                 When Every Moment Counts 613.6
Gawande, Atul              Complications 617
Goldberg, Nieca                   Women are not Small Men 616.1
Greeg, Jeff                       Woodworking for Fun & Profit 684
Harari, Oren                      The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell 658.4
Hogg, Tracy                       Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers 649
---                               Inventions that Changed the World 609
Isaacson, Dan                     The Equation 613.7
Johnson, G. Timothy               Dr. timothy Johnson’s Oncall Guide to Men’s Health 613
Karp Harvey                       The Happiest Baby on the Block 649
---                               Kitchen Planner 643
---                               Kraft Best-Ever Grilling Recipe Collection 641.5784
---                               Ladies Home Journal Recipes 2001 641.5
Lancaster, Hal                    Promoting Yourself 650.14
Lewis, Eleanore                   Herbs 635
Lewis, Eleanore                   Roses 635.9
Lundin, Stephen C.                Fish Tales 650.13
Manfredini, Lou                   Mr. Fix-it Introduces You to Your Home 643
---                               Milestones of Medicine 610.9
Mondimore, Francis Mark           Bipolkar Disorder: A Guide for Patients & Families 616.89
Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg          What to Expect when You’re Expecting 618.2
Nelson, Miriam                    Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis 616.7
Newman, Susan             Parenting an Only Child 649
Peltosaari, Leila         Illegally Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids 646.4
Reynolds, David West      Apollo: The Epic Journey to the Moon 629.45
Rogers, Barb              Instant Period Costumes 646.4
Rosenfeld, Isadore        Power to the Patient 616
Sanders, Tim              Love is the Killer App 650.1
Schuler, Lou              The Testosterone Advantage Plan 613.7
Shafer, Sherri            Diabetes Type 2: Complete Food Management Program
Simon, Joanna             Wine: An Introduction 641.2
Sothern, Melinda          Trim Kids 613.7
---                       The Space Race 629.41
---                       Sugar Busters! For Kids 613.2
Thompson, Kimberly M.     Overkill 615
Torrey, E. Fuller         Surviving Manic Depression 616.89
Vannoy, Steven            The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give my Children 649
Vendela                   Model Mommy 618.6
----                      Vegetarian Cooking 641.5636
---                       Weight Watchers Annual Recipes for Success 2002
West, Zita                Pregnancy the Natural Way 618.2
Weibers, David O.         Stroke-free for Life 616.8
Wilbur, Todd              Top Secret Recipes 641.2

--The Arts and Sports--

Arthus-Bertrand, Yann     Earth from Above 779
---                       Baseball as America 796.357
Brookes, John             Garden Masterclass 712
---                       Color Solutions 747
---                       Crocheted Afghans 746.9
Duran, Rudy               In Every Kid there Lurks a Tiger 796.352
Ebert, Roger              The Great Movies 791.43
Fowler, Marian            Hope: Adventures of a Diamond 736
Frazier, Ian              The Fish’s Eye 799.1
---                       Grandma’s Best Full-size Quilt Blocks 746.46
---                       Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart 745.594
---                       Hoyle’s Rules of Games 795.4
Jennings, Lynette         Lynette Jennings Straight Talk of Decorating 747
Knowles, Harry            Ain’t it Cool? 791.43
Leadbetter, David         The Fundamentals of Hogan 796.352
Mitchell, Elizabeth       Three Strides before the Wire 798.4
Nerius, Maria             Rubberstamping for Fun & Profit 761
---                       New Complete Guide to Landscaping 712.6
---                       Paint It! 745.7
Porter, Tracy             Tracy Porter’s Home Style 747
---                       Romantic Style 747
Salkeld, Audrey           Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa 796.52
---                       Stitching Pretty 746.44
Vaz, Mark Cotta           Art of Star Wars, Episode II Attack of the Clones 791.43
Vaz, Mark Cotta           Behind the Mask of Spider-Man 791.43
---                         Window Basics: Easy & No-Sew Treatments 747
---                         Wonders of the Modern World 724


Atwood, Margaret            Negotiating with the Dead 808.3
Kingsolver, Barbara         Small Wonder 814
Kronzek, Allan Zola         The Sorcerer’s Companion 823
Smith, Mark Eddy            Tolkien’s Ordinary Virtues 823
---                         Theatre for Young Audiences 812.008

--History and Geography--

Ansary, Tanim               West of Kabul, East of New York 973
Bresnahan, David M.         9-11: Terror in America 973.931
Brock, David                Blinded by the Right 973.929
Brookhiser, Richard         America’s First Dynasty: The Adamses 920
Caroli, Betty Boyd          America’s First Ladies 920
Clark, Eugene Franklin      The Secrets of Inchon 951.904
Dash, Mike                  Batavia’s Graveyard 919
Davis, William C.           Look Away! 973.7
D’Souza, Dinesh             What’s So Great about America 973
Ford, Elise                 Frommer’s Washington D.C. 2002
---                         Forging the Modern Age 1900-14 909.82
---                         The Fragile Peace, 1919-39 940.5
Groom, Winston              A Storm in Flanders 940.4
Hackworth, David H.         Steel my Soldiers’ Hearts 959.704
---                         Historic Places 917.304
---                         Inside 9-11 : What Really Happened 973.931
---                         Into the Rising Sun 940.54
Irwin, John P.              Another River, Another Town 940.54
Junger, Sebastian           Fire 909.82
Kalb, Marvin L.             One Scandalous Story 973.929
Keegan, John                An Illustrated History of the First World War 940.3
---                         The Last Adventure 910.9
---                         Modern Times, 1970-99 909.82
Needleman, Jacob            The American Soul 973
Nojumi, Neamatollah         The Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan 958.104
Offut, Chris                No Heroes: A Memoir of Coming Home 976.957
Olson, Barbara              The Final Days 973.929
Page, Tim                   Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side
Preston, Diana              Lusitania: An Epic Tragedy 940.4
---                         Profiles in Courage for Our Time 920
---                         The September 11 Photo Project 973.931
Snyder, Christopher A.      The World of King Arthur 942.01
Steinbeck, John             America and Americans 973.9
Thatcher, Margaret          Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World 941.085
Thomas, Helen               Thanks for the Memories, Mr. President 973.92
---                              The War to End Wars, 1914-18 940.3
---                              The Way we Lived 909.82
Wernick, Robert                  Blitzkrieg 940.53
White, Ronald C.                 Lincoln’s Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural 973.7
---                              The World at War, 1939-45 940.53


Angelou, Maya                    A Song Flung up to Heaven 92-A
Anthony, Carl Sferrazza          The Kennedy White House 92-K
Azimov, Isaac                    It’s Been a Good Life 92-A
Belkin, Lisa                     Life’s Work 92-B
Bellows, James                   The Last Editor 92-B
---                              Billy Graham: A Tribute from Friends 92-G
Blow, Richard                    American Son: A Portrait of John F. Kennedy Jr. 92-K
Bonaduce, Danny                  Random Acts of Badness 92-B
Buck, Robert N.                  North Star over my Shoulder 92-B
Byron, Christopher               Martha Inc.: The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart Living
                                 Omnimedia 92-S
Carson, Ben                      Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story 92-C
Derek, Bo                        Riding Lessons 92-D
Drescher, Fran                   Cancer Schmancer 92-D
Fishgall, Gary                   Gregory Peck: A Biography 92-P
Hagman, Larry                    Hello Darlin’ : Tall (and absolutely true) Tales about my
                                 Life 92-H
Harlan, Malvina                  Some Memories of a Long Life 92-H
---                              Harrison 92-H (George Harrison)
Jeter, Derek                     Game Day: My Life on and Off the Field 92-J
Kerry, Robert                    When I was a Young Man: A Memior 92-K
Knight, Bobby                    Knight: My Story 92-K
Lawrence, Mary Wells      A Big Life in Advertising 92-L
Lee, Brenda                      Little Miss Dynamite 92-L
Lynn, Loretta                    Still Woman Enough 92-L
Mann, Tom                        Think Like a Fish 92-M
Marrin, Albert                   Sitting Bull and His World 92-S
Medavoy, Mike                    You’re Only as Good as Your Next One 92-M
Morley, Sheridan                 John Gielgud: The Authorized Biography 92-G
O’Connor, Sandra Day             Lazy B: Growing up on a Cattle Ranch in the American
                                 Southwest 92-O
O’Donnell, Rosie                 Find Me 92-O
Schiller, Lawrence               Into the Mirror: The Life of Master Spy Robert P. Hanssen
Srodes, James                    Franklin: The Essential Founding Father 92-F
St. James, Lyn                   Ride of Your Life 92-S
Sweeney, Emma                    As Always, Jack: A Wartime Love Story 92-S
Timmerman, Kenneth               Shakedown! : Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson 92-J
Treanor, Kathleen                Ashley’s Garden 92-T
Zoya                             Zoya’s Story 92-Z

Cabela, David            Cabela’s World Foremost Outfitter NE 338.7
Johnsgard, Paul A.       The Nature of Nebraska NE 577


Carle, Eric              Dream Snow (J)
Clark, Mary Higgins      He Sees You When You’re Sleeping
Moore, Clement Clarke    The Night Before Christmas (J)
---                      Season of Love
---                      Winter Wishes


Bear, Greg               Vitals
Bryson, Bill             A Walk in the Woods
Christopher Matt         The Kid Who Only Hit Homers (Y)
Creech, Sharon           Bloomability (Y)
DiCamillo, Kate          Because of Winn-Dixie (Y)
Eliot, Marc              Down 42nd Street
Erickson, John R.        The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog (Y)
Erickson, John R.        The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog (Y)
Follett, Ken             Jackdaws
Gambino, Michael         The Honored Society
Green, Tim               The Fourth Perimeter
Hiaasen, Carl            Basket Case
Higgins, Jack            To Catch a King
Hobbs, Will              Jason’s Gold (Y)
Holden, Craig            the Jazz Bird
Kellerman, Jonathan      Flesh and Blood
Logan, Chuck             Absolute Zero
McBride, James           Miracle at St. Anna
Meltzer, Brad            The Millionaires
Mikaelsen, Ben           Touching Spirit Bear (Y)
North, Sterling          Rascal (Y)
Philbrick, Rodman W.R.   The Last Book in the Universe (Y)
Philbrick, Rodman W.R.   The Mighty (Y)
Pilcher, Robin           Starting Over
Rice, Luanne             Safe Harbor
Robards, Karen           To Trust a Stranger
Winthrop, Elizabeth      The Castle in the Attic (Y)

CHILDREN’S BOOKS – This will be a continued feature of our “new books” list


Picture Books

Beatonm Clare                     At Home = En Casa PIC 2
Berenstain, Stan                  The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five PIC 1
Berenstain, Stan                  The Berenstain Bears and the Homework Hassle PIC 1
Berenstain, Stan                  The Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs PIC 1
Berenstain, Stan                  The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Teasing PIC 1
Berenstain, Stan                  The Berenstain Bears Blaze a Trail PIC 1
Berenstain, Stan                  The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor PIC 1
Berenstain, Stan                  The Berenstain Bears Ride the Thunderbolt PIC 1
Berenstain, Stan                  The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist PIC 1
Bridwell, Norman                  Clifford’s Happy Mother’s Day PIC 2
Brown, Margaret Wise              Bumble Bee PIC 3
Carle, Eric                       The Very Clumsy Click Beetle PIC 8
Dann, Penny                       Five in the Bed PIC 12
Dann, Penny                       If Your’re Happy and You Know it PIC 12
Dann, Penny                       Row, Row, Row Your Boat PIC 2
Dann, Penny                       Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around PIC 2
Fox, Christyan                    Count to Ten, Peggywiggy! PIC 1
Fox, Christyan                    What Color is that, Peggywiggy! PIC 1
Gold, Becky                       Phil and Lil go to the Doctor PIC 12
Gold, Becky                       Tommy’s Bestest Adventure PIC 12
Kasza, Keiko                      The Mightiest PIC 3
Kennedy, X. J.            Elefantina’s Dream PIC 2
Martin, Bill                      Chicka Chicka Boom Boom PIC 1
Martin, Bill                      Little Granny Quarterback PIC 3
Masurel, Claire                   Ten Dogs in the Window PIC 1
---                               My First Look at Colors PIC 1
---                               My First Look at Shapes PIC 1
---                               My First Look at Sizes PIC 1
Seuss, Dr.                        Did I ever Tell You how Lucky You Are? PIC 1
Seuss, Dr.                        Hop on Pop PIC 1
Wells, Rosemary                   Bingo PIC
Wells, Rosemary                   Goodnight Max PIC
Wing, Natasha                     The Night Before Thanksgiving PIC 12

Easy Readers

Adler, David A.                  Young Cam Jansen and the Ice Skate Mystery E 2
Avi                              Prairie School E 1
Aylesworth, Jim                  The Tale of Tricky Fox E 2
Beaton, Clare                    Weather = El Tiempo E 1
Beechen, Adam                    The Best Valentine E 2
Bergen, Lara                     Lost and Found E 2
Bogacki, Thomasz                 Circus Girl E 2
Bowdish, Lynea                   Silly Questions E 1
Brimner, Larry                   Here Comes Trouble E 1
Bruzzone, Catherine              Puppy Finds a Friend E 1
Bunting, Eve                     Gleam and Glow E 2
Callahan, Thera S.               Sara Joins the Circus E 1
Calmenson, Stephanie             The Frog Principal E 2
Elliott, David                   The Transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle E 3
Fishman, Cathy                   Soup E 1
Franco, Betsy                    Amazing Animals E 1
Franco, Betsy                    Silly Sally E 1
Gardeski, Christina Mia          All Kinds of Kids E 1
Gisler, David                    Addition Annie E 1
Hines, Anna Grossnickle          William’s Turn E 1
Kelley, Ellen A.                 The Lucky Lizard E 3
Kline, Suzy                      Molly gets Mad E 3
Krensky, Stephen                 Arthur and the Goalie Ghost E 2
Krensky, Stephen                 Arthur and the Recess Rookie E 2
Krensky, Stephen                 Arthur and the Race to Read E 2
Krensky, Stephen                 Arthur and the Seventh Inning Stretcher E 2
Krensky, Stephen                 Arthur and the Best Coach Ever E 2
Krensky, Stephen                 Arthur and the Pen-Pal Playoff E 2
Livingstone, Star                Harley E 2
---                              Margret & H.A. Rey’s Curious George goes to a Costume
                                 Party E 2
Marx, David F.                   See the City E 1
Mayer, Gina                      Trick or Treat, Lkittle Critter E 1
Mayer, Gina                      I’m Sorry E 1
Mayer, Gina                      Just a Toy E 1
McKissack, Pat                   Messy Bessey’s Closet E 1
McKissack, Pat                   Messy Bessey’s Garden E 1
Meister, Cari                    El Dia del Partido E 1
Meister, Cari                    Game Day E 1
Meister, Cari                    A New Roof E 1
Morton, Lone                     Get Dressed Robbie = Viestete, Robertitio E 1
Morton, Lone                     Hurry Up, Molly = Apurate, Molly E 1
Neasi, Barbara J.                Listen to Me
O’Connor, Teddy                  A New Brain for Igor E 1
Pearson, Mary             I Can do it All E 1
Petersen, P.J.                   Some Days, Other Days E 2
Pilkey, Dav                      Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly
                                 Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space E 3
Pilkey, Dav                      Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor
                                 Poopypants E 3
Quinn, Lin                       The Best Mud Pie E 1
Risk, Mary                       What’s for Supper? = Que hay para Cenar? E 1
Schulz, Charles M.               Dogs are Worth It! E 2
Schulz, Charles M.               Now, That’s Profound, Charlie Brown E 2
Schulz, Charles M.               The World is Filled with Mondays E 2
Schulz, Kathy                    Get out of My Chair E 1
Seuss, Dr.                       And to Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street E 1
Sweeney, Jacqueline              Meadow Magic E 1

Alexander, Lloyd                  The Gawgon and the Boy
Bond, Michael                     Paddington at Work
Buchanan, Jane                    Hank’s Story
Bunting, Eve                      The Summer of Riley
Choldenko, Gennifer               Notes from a Liar and Her Dog
Crisp, Marty                      Private Captain: A Story of Gettysburg
Cummings, Priscilla               A Face First
DeFelice, Cynthia C.              The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs
Hold, Kimberly              Dancine in Cadillac Light
King-Smith, Dick                  Lady Lollipop
Klise, Kate                       Trial by Journal
Rodwosky, Colby F.                Clay
Rodda, Emily                      Rowan and the Travelers
Rodda, Emily                      Rowan of Rin
Roos, Stephen                     The Gypsies Never Came
Venokur, Ross                     The Autobiography of Meatball Finkelstein
Warner, Gertrude Chandler         The Mystery of the Midnight Dog
Warner, Gertrude Chandler         The Summer Camp Mystery


Osborne, Mary Pope                 Dinosaurs Before Dark
Osborne, Mary Pope                 The Knight at Dawn
Osborne, Mary Pope                 Mummies in the Morning
Osborne, Mary Pope                 Pirates Past Noon


Psychology & Philosophy

Kent, Susan                        Learning How to Feel Good about Yourself J 158.1
Kent, Susan                        Learning How to Appreciate Differences J 179

Social Sciences

Andersen, Hans Christian            The Emperor’s New Clothes J 398.22
Boada, Francesc                     Cinderella = Cenicienta J 398.2
Hamilton, John                      Armed Forces J 355
Hamilton, John                      Behind the Terror J 363.3
---                                 I Want to be a Firefighter J 363.37
Kent, Susan                         Learning How to Stay Safe at School J 371.7
Krull, Kathleen             A Kid’s Guide to America’s bill of Rights J 342.73
Liesman, Daniel                     I Want to be a Teacher J 371.1
Louis, Nancy                     Heroes of the Day J 363.34
Margaret, Amy             Earth Day J 333.7
Ogburn, Jacqueline K.            The Magic Nesting Doll J 398.21
Payan, Gregory                   Chemical and Biological Weapons: Anthrax & Sarin J 358

Pure Science

Arnold, Caroline                 Giant Shark: Megalodon, Prehistoric Super Predator J 567
Fitzgerald, Patrick              Bear Attcks J 599.78
Fitzgerald, Patrick              Shark Attacks J 597.3
Froman, Nan                      What’s that Bug? J 595.7
Furgang, Kathy                   Mt. St. Helens: The Smoking Mountain J 551.21
Henderson, Doug                  Asteroid Impack J 567.9
Markle, Sandra                   Outside and Inside Dinosaurs J 567.9
Murawski, Darlyne                Bug Faces J 595.7
Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw          The Bald Eagle Returns J 598.9
Relf, Patricia                   A Dinosaur Named Sue: The Story of the Colossal Fossil
                                  J 567.9
Talmage, Ellen                   Unearthing Garden Mysteries: Experiments for Kids J 580
Wallace, Marianne D.             America’s Prairies and Grasslands J 577.4

Technology (Including Health, Vehicles, Animals, & Cookbooks)

Barnes, Kate                     Inside the Human Body J 612
Beyer, Julie                     Jet Fighter: the Harrier AV-8B J 623.7
---                              The Complete Dog Book for Kids (AKC) J 636.7
Hamilton, John                   Weapons of War J 623.4
Jackson, Donna                   Twin Tales: The Magic and the Mystery of Multiple Birth J
Klingel, Cynthia                 Feet J 611
Klingel, Cynthia                 Hair J 611
Klingel, Cynthia                 Skin J 611
Liebman, Daniel                  I Want to be a Doctor J 610.69
Otfinoski, Steven                Behind the Wheel: Cars Then and Now J 629.2
Simon, Seymour                   Out of Sight: Pictures of Hidden Worlds J 612.8

The Arts (including Hobbies & Sports)

Doeden, Matt                     Skateparks: Grab Your Skateboard J 796.22
---                              Kids Gone Fishin’ J 799.1
LaFosse, Michael                 Making Origami Vehicles Step by Step J 736
Lee, Justin                      How to Draw Animals of the Rain Forest J 743.6
Lee, Justin                      How to Draw Sharks J 743.6
Martin, Michael                  History of Skateboarding J 796.22
Nguyen, Duy                      Fantasy Origami J 736
Owens, Tom                       Baseball Parks J 796.357
Owens, Tom                       Football Stadiums J 796.332
Petty, David                     Origami 1-2-3 J 736
Sanchez, Isidro              Dragons and Prehistoric Monsters J 745.592
Sanchez, Isidro              Modelilng Dinosaurs J 745.592
Sanchez, Isidro              Painting and Coloring Dinosaurs J 743.6
Sullivan, George             Any Number can Play J 796


Kennedy, X.J.                Elympics J 811
Prelutsky, Jack              It’s Raining Pigs & Noodles: Poems J 811
Rideout, Steve               Don’t Go up a Windmill: Poems J 811
Wise, William                Dinosaurs Forever J 811

Geography & History

Adams, Simon          The Presidents of the United States J 920
Armstrong, Jennifer          Spirit of Endurance J 919.8
Blauer, Ettagale             Nigeria J 966.9
Cole, Joanna                 Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures: Ancient Egypt J 932
Hamilton, John               Operation Enduring Freedom J 958.104
Hamilton, John               Operation Noble Eagle J 973.931
Kummer, Patricia             Ukraine J 947.7
Louis, Nancy                 Ground Zero J 974.7
Louis, Nancy                 United We Stand J 793.931
Maynard, Charles W.          Fort Laramie J 978.7
McNair, Sylvia               Kenya J 967.62
Morrison, Marion             El Salvador J 972.84
Perl, Lila                   North Across the Border J 973
Pickering, Mel               Picture Reference Atlas J 912
Reilly, Mary-Jo              Mexico J 972
Rogers, Lura                 Spain J 946
Stein, R. Conrad             Scotland J 941.1
Taylor, Barbara              Living Geography J 910
Warren, Andrea               Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps J 940.53
Wheeler, Jill C.             America’s Leaders J 920
Wheeler, Jill C.             September 11, 2001: The Day that Changed America J


Hirshberg, Dan               John Elway B Elway
Kirkpatrick, Rob             Dale Earnhardt, Jr.; NASCAR Racer = Piloto de NASCAR
                              B Earnhardt
Kirkpatrick, Rob             Doug Flutie: International Football Star = Estrella
                             Internacional del Futbol Americano B Flutie
Kirkpatrick, Rob             Evander Holyfield: Heavyweight Champion = Campeon de
                             los Pesos Pesados B Holyfield
Kirkpatrick, Rob             Mark McGwire: The Home Run King B McGwire
Kirkpatrick, Rob             Mia Hamm, Soccer Star B Hamm
Kirkpatrick, Rob                   Sammy Sosa: Home-Run Hitter = Bateador de Home Runs
                                    B Sosa
Kirkpatrick, Rob                   Terrell Davis: Super Bowl Running Back = Corredor de
                                   Super Bowl B Davis
Louis, Nancy                       Osama Bin Laden B Bin Laden
McLean, Caleb                      Terrell Davis, Bronco Buster B Davis
Osborn, Shane                      Born to Fly B Osborn
Ward, Stasia                       Meet J.K. Rowling B Rowling
Ward, Stasia                       Meet Laura Ingalls Wilder B Wilder
Ward, Stasia                       Meet Shel Silverstein B Silverstein
Ward, Stasia                       Tara Lipinski: Superstar Ice Skater B Lipinsk
Wheeler, Jill C.                   George W. Bush B Bush
Woods, Mae                         Charles Schulz B Schulz
Woods, Mae                         Dr. Seuss B Seuss

Cassettes and Book Sets (AV MM)

Brown, Marc Tolon                  Arthur’s Chicken Pox
Brown, Marc Tolon                  Arthur’s New Puppy
Brown, Marc Tolon                  Arthur’s Valentine
Peek, Merle                        Roll Over! A Counting Song

Juvenile Videos

Animal Bloopers & Funny Moments JV Misc
Between the Lions: Little Big Mouse JV Educ
Between the Lions: The Ram in the Pepper Patch JV Educ
Between the Lions: Red Hat, Green Hat JV Educ
Cartooning Funny Farm Animals JV Arts
The Emperor’s New Groove (Disney) JV Movie
Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure (Disney) JV Movie
The Magic of Harry Potter: Unauthorized Story of J.K. Rowling JV Misc
On the Move JV Educ
102 Dalmatians (Disney) JV Movie
Origami Odyssey JV Misc
Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up (A&E) JV Movie