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Due to uncontrollable circumstances, I've chosen to terminate my employment at your company. I say
uncontrollable because it is this very word which you do not understand. I was hired to do a job, a job that
I understand very well and one that I relished the opportunity to do. I was convinced from day 1 that I
made the correct choice. I saw a great opportunity to fix and fine tune the operation before me. Heck, I
even came in to work less than 18 hours after accepting the offer letter! So much for giving notice to my
prior job.

Getting back to control. Greg, you have to learn to accept the fact that you have hired professionals into a
role for which they know and understand extremely well. To that point, relinquishing control over certain
aspects of that professional must take place. There are certain criteria that can be established and tracked
that you have access to measure your professional staff. Unfortunately, you've decided to keep control and
smother the very professionals you hire. This is not only unprofessional, but sends mixed messages to the
staff and the line workers.

I am not sure if you were beaten up every day as a kid, or perhaps you did not have any kids to play with in
your neighborhood growing up, but something has to change. I strongly believe in givers gain. And with
my employ at your company, I felt smothered, under-mined in my decisions to make changes in the
department, slowed in decision making over operational improvements, and quite frankly, under utilized.
Greg, you had a superstar in me working for you. You didn't notice it because you have a Napoleonic
syndrome where you feel you have to brow beat everyone to make them subservient to you.

You let the star get away. Bad move. Surround yourself with good people, I've always said. You have YES
men. (Not everyone)

In the short 3 weeks (actually 21+ actual working days) the department I managed has grown to a
stronger, more stable, more organized, improved process flow operation. Actually this was all done in 2
weeks. The last week I spent IN the department trying to smooth out the picking operation; which I also
did. All in all, not only did your company lose today, but the staff is now fed up over why the company
continues to lose their leader. Take a strong look in the mirror, Greg. That's the reason why you have gone
through so many.

By the way, its time to drop the MISTER, don't you think? (another Napoleonic syndrome)

Let me go on...

An added note, Bill Gates goes by his name Bill at Microsoft. And, to bring you up to speed, he does take
vacations and has always. You continue to refer to him to impress your staff, but it does not. That is so
90's. Let it go.

Speaking of letting go, you should also drop making comments like "we always shipped 500 packages a
day" and "those racks cost me $5000". (need I mention Napoleon again?).
The department is now averaging over 400 shipments per day, every day. Not only have we increased the
volume, but the shipping errors and accuracies have dramatically improved; you've said so yourself. All this
was accomplished behind your back. What I mean is, is that I was able to make changes and motivate the
team despite your insistence over which tape to use, which box to buy, which desk and cabinet to move,
which floor to clean and mop, which desk and chair to assemble, which trash barrel to empty, which turkey
to buy for Thanksgiving, which desk to keep tidy and clean, which day and time to check in with you, which
does nothing to show support of you to your team (or lack thereof).

I am a tremendous team player who, despite the continual brow beatings and micro managing style that
you have, never once disputed any one of these tasks put before me. I took the opportunity to do them for
the betterment of the team. Going forward I suggest hiring a maid. (Of which I suggested to you but was

I learned NOTHING working for you.

Wait, I'll take that back. I learned that there are better people and organizations out there that know how
to utilize their senior managers. With the exception of a few, I learned that you've surrounded yourself with
managers that will wait on your beckon call. There will come a time when you will fall and there won't be
anyone there to catch or save you.
Honestly, I think it is coming up fast.

"You expect me to prepare and serve the dinner, but won't let me select and buy the groceries".

I was tasked to identify racking requirements for the warehouse. I did so, within 2 weeks. I presented
them to you and you responded that the pricing was too high and that I should revisit online suppliers. I
did this, within a shorter time frame and also presented this to you. All the while you kept on referring to
the "$5000 racks" you bought online, and that if we needed 4x as much racking, then we shouldn't expect
to pay more than $20,000. You couldn't be more wrong. First off, the racks you purchased are the wrong
size and incorrectly installed. I also noticed that the racks were damaged and present a serious safety
hazard for the workers. OSHA would have a field day with this. (never mind someone getting hurt while on
the job and suing the company for millions). My take, I would say that you overpaid. This was a fire sale
and you got burnt.
But, on the brighter side, I presented you with no short of 10 prices for racking to outfit the warehouse.
The minimum quote was approx. $48,000 and the maximum about $80,000. (both new and used). If you
had decided to use one of these quotes, my guess that the Dec. 15th date of installation, material control,
and management system, would be well reachable. But, since the decision has been delayed, well, what
can I say… good luck.

I also was able to control operational supplies for the department and to devise a RFQ for vendors.
I also established an improved control over the import containers from China.
I came up with and was beginning to use ABC analysis over all products. I had separated all products not
only into Sales Volume categories, but also by dimensions. All which would be useful if and when the
racking was purchased.

I changed the manner of how our outbound packages were addressed by having FedEx scan at 100%. This,
I know, you never knew that they only scanned 1 box every day.

I created what was soon to become a facility Security Procedure.

Oh, the parking lot lighting? You're welcome. (I am sure you realized that for quite a long time the lighting
in the parking lot did not function. At least not until I brought in 3 electricians (for quoting the dreadful
lighting IN the facility) and telling them of the safety issues of not having lighting in the parking lot at night.

How about the electricians... you can thank me here as well. Yup, they came as my referral. No problem, I
knew you were getting around to it.

Oh, drop the hand scanners. Inefficient, and oh so 90's (again). By the way, even if you want to stay with
the hand scanners to use for timecards, why wouldn’t you have the machine close to the front door?
Hmmm, seems this one slipped by you. Better yet, why not get a more efficient magnetic badge system
that would not only act as a time card/attendance use, but one that would also open up access to the
facility; seems like a no-brainer, don’t you think???

Lets move on to safety. Boy are you lucky. If the town of Mansfield or OSHA knew what was going on
behind closed doors... never mind the workforce working in cave-like conditions. Do you think you can at
least BUY the batteries for their flashlights as they work??? Oh, you didn't know we were picking orders by
flashlight??? Ha, another fact I have up on you, Greg.
When I first saw this (after buying the bulbs for the insufficient lighting for my own office), I could not
believe it. Did I mention that you are lucky you do not have accidents on the job?

In my (brief) exit interview with you, you mentioned that I had "avoided you over the past 3 days".
Hmmm. I am not sure what you mean by that, since yesterday I spent 14 hours in your lovely facility (and
another 2 at home). Not sure if I agree with you here. Oh?, perhaps you allude to me "checking" in with
you every night. That's it! Pleeeeeze.
I never understood the "checking in" thing. Sorry for not kissing you good-bye each night, but last I
checked I noticed I was an exempt employee with over 25 years experience. If you want to know where we
are at all time, Garmin make a great GPS system. Cheap too! (I thought you'd like that).
If you want to know what we’ve done each day, there are cool reports your can request and monitor; rather
that insecurely brow beating your senior staff.

As an FYI, I worked 6+ days a week for the 3 (paid) weeks I was at your company. Early on you frowned
on working at home when I brought it up. This is another insecurity I sense you are struggling with. Get
over it. If you want to attract and retain star employees, let the rope loose a bit.

Non exempt.
Wow, are you stuck in the 3rd world. I realize you purchase your products from China and countries that
support sweat shops, but we are in the US where this is illegal. Not allowing breaks during their workday
other than lunch, plus no sick or vacation days...? Wow, it is no wonder why you have so many non-English
speaking workers. Need I say illegal alien? Sure they are good workers, but I think INS may have a
concern if they were to pay a visit.

Along those lines, I did take a peek at your "employee manual". In it I did see that the company does pay
sick and vacation time. I hope the non-exempt don't get a hold of this! Oh, don't worry, they can't read
english either.

Another laugher is the ad I was about to run in the local paper. You came across the fax confirming the ad
I placed and called me on it. What you did not notice, was that I PAID FOR THIS ON MY OWN CARD!!!! You
went on to belittle me in front of your staff about saving money, and to suggest that I "go on
myself at night to find staff" is just not the way I prefer to conduct business. Again another micro
managing trait.

Had you not noticed my operational improvements in the department that will save THOUSANDS each
year? Never mind the improvement over operational procedures you instituted while "shipping 500 boxes
per day" that wasted money, and likely upset customers in the manner we woul d send their packages.
Nah. This never crossed your mind.
How about the savings on paper that I recommended, by having a master pick list. Or the savings on
pallets. How about the annual savings on changing trucking outfits; that alone saved $2000 this year.
That's ok. I knew you meant to thank me.

One of the last things I want to mention (and believe me, there are dozens more...) is over purchasing
turkeys for my staff. I suggested that it would be nice to give away either turkeys or certificate for turkeys
for my department. And, yes, thank you for allowing this. But, here's the kicker... in an expected
Napoleonic way, you requested that I go purchase not only frozen turkeys, but also all the fixins for a
complete meal! Are you serious? In light of all you cost conscious crap, you want me to shop around for
the best price for not only the turkey but also all the accoutrements? Get real. This would have cost about
$70 per person, never mind the time lost for me to go get them. I suggested a gift certificate in the range
of $30 - $35. I was not only concerned over the cost, but my time expended. Not a good decision. Well,
now I don't have to worry about this.

I am trying to end this letter on a high note, but incidences that have occurred during my brief tenure at our
company keep on surfacing in my mind. Call it therapy on my part, or perhaps a great story line for a
sitcom, but here are a few more that I recall.

Do you remember calling me on the very first Saturday of my employ? This was the very next day after
you let Harry go. Let me refresh your mind. You called me no short of 3 times before 9:30 am on this
particular Saturday, and left 3 messages for me to call you as soon as possible. Thinking that this was an
emergency when I retrieved the messages I immediately called you back. Ha. Do you recall our
conversation, and the purpose of you calling me on this Saturday??? Let me refresh your mind… when I
called you, you continued to ask me if I moved Harry’s file cabinet. Yup, that was the crux of the message.
Are you friggin kidding me? You called me 3 times to ask if I moved a file cabinet? I moved it 3 feet in one
direction ONLY so I could get access to my office!!! Prior to this I had to squeeze by each time, rubbing up
against the cabinet and storage racks and hope my clothes would not get ripped or dirty. Yes, I moved the
cabinet. I moved it because Harry was not going to be around anymore. Now, convince me that you called
me on a Saturday morning to ask about the cabinet. Seriously, you NEVER spoke of anything else in our
phone conversation. Oh my word, do you have issues. If you REALLY called me to find out if I was coming
in that day to work, then why don’t you just come out and ask me? You are too weak to do so, I know it.
And, YES, I was coming in and I did come in to work that day. See what I mean Greg… let it go.
Here’s another one. One day I sent out an email to the IS department to come and take a look at the
printers in the department, as they were not functioning correctly. Shortly after sending the email, I
received a reply from Ming that Don would be over to take a look. Don DID come over in record time and
was able to diagnose and fix the problem. He then told me that all was well on his way back to his office.
I then, as I would in every case, shot off another email THANKING Don (and Ming) for their prompt support
and their attentiveness to my problem. I copied you and Nelly as well. It was probably just 30 minutes
later that I ran into Don again and after thanking him personally once again, he began to tear up. I thought
I did something wrong, but you know what it was??? Don was extremely appreciable that I, as another
manager, took the time out to thank him for his work. Wow, it was that si mple. I never thought such
emotions would come out of anyone just by doing their job. But, I soon realized that Don had never been
thanked by anyone on the job at your company. Come to think of it, I am not sure you promote such
behavior. Such a simple thing don’t you think? Just saying thank you to a subordinate is the simplest form
of appreciation. I think you should have this as one of your resolutions. You’ve bred a bunch of robots.

I can’t stop here… here is another situation. In one of your stellar staff meetings you spoke of not having
vendors frequent the facility. You did not want any vendors taking up our (Sr. Managers) time. You said
that the vendors get paid to meet us, and that we do not get paid to meet them. Where did you read this?
Certainly Bill Gates would not have said or thought this. I am convinced that you either read this on the
wall of a bathroom, or thought it up and actually started writing this on the wall in bathrooms. I’ll bet you
love to play video games or solitaire, or even thrive at mowing lawns by yourself. I will never understand
this comment you made. You are actually convinced that business is build on the principle of one person, or
one organization achieving all the goals and successes without outside influence. You continue to be on an
island by yourself and slowly even the vegetation is irking to leave. My god, don’t you recognize that
relationships are just as important in business from an internal perspective as well as external??? Boy oh
boy, would I have to be your kid at Christmas. I’ll be you kids have all the different types of socks in the
world by the time they are 3 years old! Friggin get out and socialize will you?

I am convinced you didn't have a happy childhood. I am thinking that you spent your time after school
reading Curious George, or watching re-runs of Gilligan Island while the other kids in the neighborhood
played AND DEVELOPED SOCIAL SKILLS. Too bad for Gregory. I see now that he is trying to be the bully
he always wanted to be, but was too short.

Money isn't everything Greg. You need to come out from your "top of the line" Mercedes and your
"executive parking spot" to fully understand how you got where you are. Remember, its lonely at the top.
Oh, I forgot, you know how it is to be lonely.

I have to bring up "clearing my desk every night". Last I checked, my desk is always clear. But, only
recently I've noticed a few products being staged in my area. Just so you know, these are products that are
screwed up. Yes, believe it or not Greg, you have kinks in your armor. Now, I could have looked the other
way and told my department to shut up and just ship them out (like it has always been), or perhaps I could
have told them to leave the product here so I can address it with other departments in the morning. In an
effort to help the company, I chose the latter. But, what's funny is, when I brought up the issue to
Princess, I mean Jo-ann, she was quick to pass on this to other department heads. Wow, what a team
player. Now I am certain she (and you) were never select to play kick ball in 6th grade (or at least you
both were picked last). These issues are hers to correct. But, knowing that she is so far stuck up in what
you want to hear, well, I am not surprised to hear this response. (as an FYI, we don't ship CDA's anymore.
Perhaps you could tell Jo to take them off the material master? Or how about the Muslin that has 2
different part numbers on it... you saw this yourself. You scolded me about this "shipping error" when we
picked and shipped a blue part and not the green. Funny thing is, is that we picked the right part!!!! Only
then we noticed that this part had both the blue and green part numbers on it. Thank god my department
isn't color blind, huh? You may want to whisper this to Jo-ann to have it done right the first time. Caution:
she is sensitive to taking direction, or upsetting her hair appointments. Yup, that right. Ask her about that

So the parts sit. There are also parts that I personally picked/found in the warehouse that Peters group
asked me to locate. Knowing that inventory was low on these items, I held them on my desk to help them
out until they placed the order with the customer. I did not want the pick ticket printed and get lost or
indicated that we were out of stock.
Also, one more, I have 2 orders "on hold" on my desk. Yup, this happens. We processed the order but
were told by Nellys group to not ship out until a specific date. Again, just my part in trying to help the
organization. Did I ask/tell Nelly to put the order on hold and release it when the date approaches. Nah. I
thought I would help out here.

I thought wrong. I was belittled by you to "clear" my desk every night because it look unorganized. To
whom? Me? You? Last I checked, I was the last person to leave my area every night AND the first one to
come in the next day! I didn't have a problem with this. (see Napoleon comments above).

Gregory, grow up. If you want to play in the big sandbox, you have to share your toys. If you want a
professional organization and not a slave camp, then you have to allow and trust your employees. Did I
mention you should drop the MISTER. Hey how about GM? Or may be G. Marshall? (is that your middle
name?). Grow the frig up.

It not about the number of hours worked... and yes, we ARE tired of hearing you worked every day, for 18
hours, blah blah blah... (see Napoleon definition above). I believe it is the Quality of work done within
those hours. Perhaps if you worked Quality hours, you would be able to cut the physical hours down. Nah,
I remember discussing your childhood insecurities above. Can I make a suggestion? Try to think of what
you are about to say before you say it. I guarantee you will be heard more. Too many times I've heard
you mention the number of hours worked, the inexpensive racks you bought, the number of shipments you
made (and with less staff), the containers you emptied, the number of customer service calls you and your
wife used to address each day, the number of days vacation you've taken over the past 5 years, the
comparison to Bill Gates (should pick a smaller role model Greg), your breathing problems, your funny
looking wrist band, the way you would manage, etc. Geez, this gets old. We hear what you say, but we
would listen if you said less. Give this some thought.

Lastly, when you have a chance, you may want to tell Jo-ann that high school is out. She can take off her
homecoming crown and come back to reality. If I remember correctly the sun is the center of the universe,
not her (or you, Greg). When you are there, you might want to tell her to put on a bit more makeup and
that she always seems to have has something stuck in her teeth. (or better yet, pull her out of your

Can you believe all these observations in only 3 weeks time. Where does the time go???

Have a nice life Greg.


On a couple of occasions Nelly approached me to have “someone empty the trash in Mr. L’s office.” D o you
believe it? Again, I am wearing the facilities hat. Again, I have to have one of my hourly workers stop what
they are doing and have them walk across the other side of the building to empty your trash. Don’t you
think it would be easier to bag and tag it yourself? Nevermind, it’s beneath you, I know.


On 2 occasions I addressed the issue of working extra hours during the week. More importantly, as we
faced the every increasing workload coming later in the day, I felt we need either a second shift or perhaps
have the day shift work later that the normal 5:30 pm. After I have it set up to have 3 workers stay till
about 7 pm one particular evening, I approached Paloom (Group Lead) to see if he wanted to stay as well.
He said that he could not. I went on to inform him that a couple of other workers were going to stay later
and that this will help us out with streaming the daily workloads. Not more that 15 minutes later, you
stormed into my department and told me that if Paloom was not going to be physically working later those
days, then nobody would be working. After I inquired why, Greg, you informed me that since he was the
“Security” representative in the company, that he has to be here to supervise.
If you remember, I spoke of my concern over catching up with the workload and that even if I stayed later
myself that we would be safe and secure. You reiterated that Paloom must be present for anybody working
later in the department. Great, just friggin’ great.


Believe it or not… here are more areas which I have yet to write about while working for you…

Cleaning up trash around the building due to other business complaints
Electrical hazards
Crap in bathroom
Complaints of trash everywhere, in every dept.
Temp help
Hourly EE benefits
Cleaning your office trash
Asking for cardboard boxes to be delivered to your office, even though you and I walked through the corrugate inventory
         and you selected the boxes you wanted.
Complaining of the cafeteria trash
Restricting temp workers from areas of the department
Over inspecting shipments
Smoking breaks
Price of used pallets ($5 vs. $3.50)
Savings of $15/shipment for imports.
Must empty all containers prior to going home
Must count all muslins 100% before going home
LOA for one of my employees to return to his country (engagement)

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