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Appendix M

                                     Example Hold
                                     Harmless Letter

Arapahoe County Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control Manual
                                Arapahoe County GESC Permit

                       HOLD HARMLESS LETTER FORM
                         EARLY START OF GRADING

Chuck Haskins
LDS Program Manager
Arapahoe County Engineering
10730 E. Briarwood Ave. Suite 100
Centennial, Colorado 80112-3853

Subject: Early Start (Grading Only) for:

                Project No:        _________________

                Project Name: ________________________________________

Dear Mr. Haskins:

The construction plans for the above-mentioned project are currently being reviewed by
the County at this time and have not been approved. We are requesting an early start on
the Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control (GESC) Plan for the project. We understand
that we will be proceeding at our own risk, since we do not have final approvals from the
County. We also understand that prior to approval of the project construction plans, there
may be revisions required by Arapahoe County, and we will be required to implement
changes in accordance with the approved plans. We acknowledge that Arapahoe County
will not be held responsible for those changes. We shall be responsible for all the costs
associated with any changes that may be required by Arapahoe County. The County
shall not be responsible for any costs.

Prior to the issuance of a GESC Permit, we will submit the required surety for the
revegetation of the site and all of the erosion and sediment control measures that are
required per the GESC Plan.


(Owner’s Name, Title, and Signature)

Date: ________________

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