Thomas Jefferson to Maria Eppes Washington, D.C., 28 May by tbu19624


									                               Thomas Jefferson to Maria Eppes
                                Washington, D.C., 28 May 1801.
                          Autograph letter signed, 1 page + free frank.

               Washington     May 28. 1801.

       An immense accumulation of business, my dear Maria, has prevented my writing to you
since my arrival at this place. but it has not prevented my having you in my mind daily &
hourly, and feeling much anxiety to hear from you, & to know that mr Eppes & yourself are in
good health. I am in hopes you will not stay longer than harvest where you are, as the unhealthy
season advanced rapidly after that. mr. & mrs. Madison staid with me about three weeks till they
could get ready a house to recieve them. this has given me an opportunity of making some
acquaintance with the ladies here. we shall certainly have a very agreeable and worthy society.
[strikeout]. it would make them as well as myself very happy could I always have yourself or
your sister here. [strikeout] but this desire, however deeply felt by me, must give way to the
private concerns of mr Eppes. I count that in autumn both yourself & sister, with mr Eppes & mr
Randolph will pass some time with me. but this shall be arranged at Monticello where I shall be
about the end of July or beginning of August. ask the favor or mr Eppes to inform me as soon as
he can learn himself the age, and blood of the several horses he was so kind as to purchase for
me. present him my affectionate attachment, as also to the family at Eppington when you have
an opportunity remember that our letters are to be [inserted: answered] immediately on their
receipt, by which means we shall mutually hear from each other about every three weeks. accept
assurances of my constant & tender love.


Mrs. Maria Eppes.

[free frank]


              Mrs. Maria Eppes

                      at Bermuda Hundred

                      near City point


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