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					                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0010-000      SCSW Notes
0010-500.01   Notifying Children of Sensitive Sibling Information Contained in Court Reports

0020-000      Supervision Guides
0020-500.05   Roles And Responsibilities Of The ARA/SCSW During The ER Assessment
              Responsibilities of The ARA/SCSW in Reviewing the Use of Structured Decision
              Making Tools

0050-000      Child Protection Hotline (CPH)
0050-501.10   Child Abuse And Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA): Who Must Report
              The Cross-Reporting Responsibilities When a Report of New Allegations is Received
              at the Child Protection Hotline
              Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Referrals Regarding Children Abused Or Neglected In
              Out-Of-Home Care Who Are Under DCFS Supervision
0050-501.35   Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA): Reporting To Licensing Agencies
0050-501.40   Child Abuse And Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA): Immunities And Liabilities
              Interviewing The Alleged Child Victim At School. Superseded by Procedural Guide
              0070-506.11, Interviewing the Alleged Child Victim At School 10/31/06
0050-502.05   Telephone Numbers for The Child Protection Hotline
0050-502.10   Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Basic Responsibilities
0050-502.25   Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Overflow/Call-Back Calls
0050-502.30   Child Protection Hotline (CPH) Information Calls
0050-503.15   Child Protection Hotline (CPH) Determining Response Times
0050-503.20   Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Classification Allegations
0050-503.35   Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Evaluated-Out Referrals
0050-503.40   Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Providing Feedback to Reporting Parties
0050-503.45   Allegations Received From A Source Other Than The Child Protection Hotline
              Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Referrals Regarding Children In Out-Of-Home Care
              And Day Care Who Are Not Under DCFS Supervision
0050-503.55   Referrals Regarding Children Of Military Personnel
0050-503.60   Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Referrals Regarding Minors Probation/Kin-Gap
0050-503.65   Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Referrals Regarding Children In Surrounding Counties
              Child Protection Hotline (CPH): The Childs Parent/Legal Guardian/Primary Caregiver
              Is Not The Alleged Perpetrator
0050-503.75   Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Requests For Emergency Medical Consent
0050-503.80   Infants Prenatally Exposed To Drugs And/Or Alcohol
              Sensitive Referrals/Cases

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0050-000      Child Protection Hotline (CPH)
0050-504.05   Referral Assignment Criteria
0050-504.10   Child Protection Hotline (CPH): Referral Name Criteria
              Recording Child Deaths at the Child Protection Hotline (CPH) and Submission of the
              SOC 826, Child Fatality/Near Fatality County Statement of Findings and Information

0070-000      Assessments and In-Person Responses
0070-501.10   Identifying The Client's Communication Needs
0070-501.15   When Clients Provide Their Own Interpreter (New – Feb 2008)
0070-502.10   Allegation Guide
0070-506.11   Interviewing The Alleged Child Victim At School
0070-509.10   Observation Techniques
0070-512.10   Correcting The Erroneous Assignment Of Referrals
0070-513.10   Downgrading and Upgrading Emergency Response Referrals by Regional Staff
0070-515.10   Evaluating-Out Emergency Response Referrals by Regional Staff
0070-516.10   Assessing the Development of Children 0-59 Months Old
              Screening and Assessing Children for Mental Health Services and Referral to the
              Coordinated Services Action Team (CSAT)
0070-520.10   Safely Surrendered Babies (SSB)
0070-521.10   Assessment of Drug/Alcohol Abuse
0070-521.11   Assessment Of Medical Neglect
              Assessment of a Parent’s Failure to Protect by Failing to Provide a Child With
              Adequate Shelter
0070-524.10   Assessment of Failure To Thrive
0070-525.10   Assessment of Shaken Infant Syndrome
0070-526.10   Assessment of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
0070-528.10   Assessment Of Medical, Educational & Mental Health Special Needs
0070-529.10   Assessing Allegations of Physical Abuse
0070-531.10   Disrobing Children
0070-532.10   Assessing Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
0070-535.10   Assessment of Exploitation
0070-536.10   Assessment Parental Incapacity
0070-537.10   Assessment Of Domestic Violence
0070-538.10   Assessment of Parental Absence
0070-547.11   Timeframes For Responses To Referrals
0070-547.12   Expedited Response Referrals

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0070-000      Assessments and In-Person Responses
0070-547.13   Conducting a Concurrent Investigation with Law Enforcement
0070-548.00   Point of Engagement: Up-Front Assessment (UFA).
0070-548.01   Point of Engagement: Community Response Services
0070-548.02   Point of Engagement: Alternative Response Services
0070-548.03   Point of Engagement: Team Decision-Making (TDM)
0070-548.04   Point of Engagement: Intensive Services
              Emergency Response Referrals Alleging Abuse in Out-Of-Home Care Regarding
              Children Who are Under DCFS Supervision Q &A Emergency Response Referrals
              Alleging Abuse in Out-Of-Home Care Regarding Children Who are Under DCFS
              Emergency Response Referrals Alleging Abuse Regarding Children Residing in the
              Home of a Parent Who Are Under DCFS Supervision
              Assessing For The Safety And Risk Of Newborns For Families Already Under DCFS
0070-548.09   Multi-Agency Response Team (MART) Referrals
0070-548.10   Disposition of the Allegations And Closure Of the Emergency Response Referral
0070-548.11   Cross-Reporting Responsibilities at the Conclusion of a Child Abuse Investigation
0070-548.12   Welfare And Institutions Code Section 329 Referrals
0070-548.13   Probate Code Section 1513(C) Referrals
0070-548.14   Referrals From Family Law or Probate Court to Investigate Possible Child Abuse
              Referring Children 0-36 Months Who Are Involved in a Substantiated Referral to
              Regional Center for an Assessment
              Completion and Submission of The SS 8583, Child Abuse Investigation Report, to the
              Department of Justice
0070-548.18   Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) Review Hearings
0070-548.19   Response to a Mandated Reporter
0070-548.20   Taking Children Into Temporary Custody
0070-548.25   Completing the Structured Decision Making (SDM) Safety Plan
0070-549.10   DCFS-Probation WIC 241.1 Joint Assessment Protocol
0070-559.10   Summary Of Clearances
0070-559.11   Family and Children's Index (FCI)
0070-560.05   Joint Response Referral
0070-560.10   Child Abuse Central Index (CACI)
              Live-Scan & California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS)
0070-563.10   Juvenile Automated Index (JAI) Clearance

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0070-000      Assessments and In-Person Responses
0070-564.10   Welfare Case Management Information System (WCMIS) Clearance
0070-565.10   Child Welfare Services/Case Management System (CWS/CMS) Clearance
0070-570.10   Obtaining a Search Warrant
0070-580.10   Requests From Probate Court To Assess For Possible DCFS Intervention

0080-000      Case Planning
0080-502.10   Initial Case Plan
0080-502.15   Non-Related Legal Guardianship From Probate Court: Case Plans
0080-502.25   Assessment Process to Terminate Child Welfare Services
0080-503.00   Notification to the Child Support Services Department (CSSD)
              Case Plan/Court Report: Court Report Requirements for Children Residing in Group
              Integration Of California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CALWORKS)
              Service Plans Into Case Plan Updates
0080-504.20   Case Plan Update
0080-505.10   Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP)
0080-505.20   Health and Education Passport (HEP)
0080-506.10   Selecting and/or Arranging the Most Appropriate Services for Children and Families
0080-506.16   Obtaining Services for Incarcerated/Institutionalized Parents
0080-507.20   Concurrent Planning And The Concurrent Planning Assessment (CPA)
0080-507.21   Concurrent Planning: Obtaining Family History Information
0080-507.22   Permanency Partners Program (P3)
0080-508.05   Fast Track to Permanency (FTP) Provisions

0090-000      In-Home Care
0090-503.10   Family Maintenance Services for both Court & Voluntary Cases

0090-506.30   Teen Parent DPSS Services Assessment
              (Non-Dependent Parenting Teens Referred by DPSS)
0100-000      Out-of-Home Care
              Grievance Review Regarding Placement/Removal of a Child from a Foster Family
0100-502.52   Home, or Denial of Home Approval for a Relative's/Nonrelative Extended Family
              Member's Home
0100-507.60   Requesting Notification Of Pending Release of an Incarcerated Parent
              Capacity in a Relative/Nonrelative Extended Family Member/Foster Family Home or
              FFA Certified Home
0100-510.17   Counseling/Transitioning a Child Regarding Out-of-Home Placement/Replacement
0100-510.21   Voluntary Placement

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0100-000      Out-of-Home Care
0100-510.25   Emergency Placement in a Shelter Care Home
0100-510.35   Special Placements
0100-510.40   Teen Parents in Foster Care
0100-510.45   Out-Of-Region Placements
0100-510.46   Out-Of-County Placements
0100-510.50   Placing Children Six Years of Age or Younger in Congregate Care
0100-510.55   Religious Practices in Out-of-Home Care
0100-510.60   Placement Preference for Children in Out-of-Home Care
0100-510.61   Responsibilities For Placement: Foster Child's Needs and Case Plan Summary
0100-510.65   Placing Sibling Groups in Out-of-Home Care
0100-520.09   Caregiver Approval: Requesting Goods & Services
0100-520.10   Evaluating a Prospective Caregiver
              When A Child Is Residing In The Home Of A Relative Or Non-Relative Extended
              Family Member That Does Not Meet Title 22 Approval Standards
0100-520.25   Statement of Facts for Foster Care
0100-520.30   Relative Placement: Relative Caregiver Financial Eligibility (YOUAKIM)
0100-520.35   Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment (KIN-GAP) Program
              Providing Ongoing Services to a Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment (KIN-
              GAP) Program Case
0100-520.40   Out-of-Home Caregivers: Legal Consent Authority
0100-520.50   Assessment of a Potential Caregiver’s Ability to Meet a Child’s Needs
0100-520.51   Maintaining the Confidentiality of a Child's Placement
              Exemptions for Relatives, Non-Relative Extended Family Members, and Prospective
              Guardians with Criminal History Records
0100-525.10   Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)
0100-525.11   Placing Children Outside of the Country
0100-525.15   Courtesy Supervision for California Counties

0100-525.20   Moving a Child's Possessions

0100-525.30   Placement Packet and Health & Education Passport Binder
0100-525.40   Team Decision Making: The Resources Management PROCESS (RMP/TDM)
0100-525.41   Wraparound Approach
0100-535.30   Youth Development: Services for Transition Age Youth
              Continuation of AFDC-FC Payments for Non-Court Dependent Youth Age 18 Or Over
              Residing in an Unrelated Home or in the Home of a Kin-Gap Guardian

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0100-000      Out-of-Home Care
0100-535.60   Completing the Emancipation Process
0100-535.70   Pre-Exit Interview for Emancipating Youth
0100-560.30   Transitional Housing Program – Plus (THP-PLUS)
0100-570.05   Quality-of-Life in Out-of-Home Care: Reporting Concerns
              The Care of Children Placed in a Licensed Foster Home, Relative/Non-Relative
              Extended Family Members Home or Small Family Home
0100-570.09   The Care of Children Placed in a Foster Family Agency Home (FFA)
0100-570.10   The Care of Children Placed In Group Homes
0100-570.11   Runaways
0100-580.00   Youth Permanency Unit Pilot Program

0200-000      Adoption Specific Issues
0200-501.25   Preparing Children for Adoption
0200-506.05   Information To Be Provided To Applicants
0200-506.10   Applicant Assessment for Adoption of Children
              Grievance Procedures for Denial or Withdrawal of Approval of Applicant Adoption
              Identifying a Prospective Adoptive Family for a Child Through the Placement and
              Recruitment Unit (PRU)
0200-507.15   Assessment Of Petitioner(s) Birth Parent(s) & Child for an Independent Adoption
0200-507.25   Accepting A Consent For An Independent Adoption
0200-507.30   Court Reports for an Independent Adoption
0200-507.35   Stepparent and Domestic Partner Adoptions
              Advising and Providing Services to Parents Prior to Accepting a Statement of
              Understanding and Relinquishment Document
0200-508.14   Accepting the Statement of Understanding & Relinquishment Documents
              Relinquishment and Consent Procedures for Parents Who Cannot Read English
              And/Or Any Other Language
0200-508.25   Revoking A Relinquishment
0200-508.30   Filing The Relinquishment Document
0200-508.35   Rescinding A Relinquishment
0200-509.20   Pre-Placement Conference
0200-509.25   Presentation of Child Information To A Prospective Adoptive Family
0200-509.30   Pre-Placement Steps: Fost-Adopt and Adoptive Placements
0200-509.35   Adoptive Placement
0200-509.36   Supervision of Fost-Adopt and Adoptive Placements

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0200-000      Adoption Specific Issues
0200-509.40   Terminating an Adoptive Placement
0200-510.00   Post Adoption Services: Services Available to Families With a Finalized Adoption
0200-511.05   Initiating Adoption Assistance Program & Medi-Cal Benefits
0200-511.06   Adoption Assistance Program (AAP): Impact on Public Assistance Programs
0200-511.10   Adoption Assistance Program (AAP): Reassessment Procedures
0200-513.01   Finalizing An Adoption
0200-513.05   Postadoption Contact Agreements
0200-515.05   Adoption of Children Under the Indian Child Welfare Act, Dated July,2001
              Post-Adoption Services (PAS) Release of Information After the Adoption is Final

              Adoption of Children Under the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

0300-000      Court Related Issues
0300-301.05   Petitions
0300-301.06   Non-detained Petitions
0300-303.06   Hospital Holds
0300-303.07   Nondisclosure Orders
0300-303.08   Detention/Release: Unifying the Recommendation Prior to the Detention Hearing
0300-303.15   Writing the Detention Report
0300-306.05   Notice of Hearing for Juvenile Court Proceedings
0300-306.20   Alleged Fathers: Notice & Waiver
              Locating Parties Who Require Notice & are Incarcerated in State, Out of State or
              Federal Custody
0300-306.27   Out of County Personal Service
0300-306.30   Notice by Publication of Citation
0300-306.45   Removal Orders
0300-306.75   Due Diligence
0300-306.80   Transportation Requests to Bring Children to Court
0300-306.90   Notification Requirements to Dependents of the Court Pursuant to WIC 826.6
0300-308.07   Time Frames for Submission of Court Reports
              Preparing the WIC 241.1 Joint Assessment Court Report Ordered by the Dependency
0300-312.05   Dual Supervision DCFS-Probation Cases
0300-318.05   Obtaining Restraining Orders

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0300-000      Court Related Issues
0300-503.10   Writing the Jurisdictional/Dispositional Hearing Report
0300-503.11   Establishing the Competency of Children to Testify
0300-503.12   Health and Education Questionnaire
0300-503.15   Writing the Status Review Hearing Report
0300-503.16   Writing the WIC 366.3 Status Review Hearing Report
0300-503.19   Notifying the Court of a Parent's Relinquishment
0300-503.20   Writing the WIC 366.26 Hearing Report
0300-503.21   Concurrent Planning & Termination Of Parental Rights (TPR)-Related Activities
0300-503.25   Removing a Child From the Home of Prospective Adoptive Parent(s)
0300-503.27   Reinstatement of Parental Rights
0300-503.30   Requesting a Change of Order Pursuant to WIC 385
0300-503.35   Pre-Released Investigation Report
0300-503.40   Writing the Probate Legal Guardianship Court Report
0300-503.41   WIC 388 Petitions: Response Report
0300-503.50   Progress and Supplemental Reports
0300-503.55   Protective Custody Warrants: Requesting, Recalling or Renewing
0300-503.75   Child Death, Serious Injury or Illness Reporting Responsibilities
0300-503.80   Vacation Requests
0300-503.85   Permission for a Child To Marry, Join The Armed Forces or The Job Corps
0300-503.90   Submission of Last Minute Information for the Court
0300-503.94   Set-On Procedure
0300-503.97   Report on Notice of Replacement
0300-503.98   Continuance Requests
0300-503.99   Change Of Permanent Plan From Legal Guardianship/Kin Gap to Adoption
0300-505.05   Children Testifying at a Non-Dependency Court Hearing
0300-506.05   Conversations With Attorneys And Other Non-DCFS Court Staff
0300-506.06   Conversations with County Counsel
              Informal Discovery Requests From Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles (CLC)
0300-506.08   Communications With A Child's Attorney
0300-507.05   Adverse Court Order/Decision
              Cases Where A Writ Petition Or Appeal Has Been Filed: Communication with County
0300-508.25   Requesting Corrected Minute Orders: Missing Minute Orders

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0300-000      Court Related Issues
0300-508.30   Placement With Relatives: Informing the Court of Recurring Efforts to Locate Relatives
              Identification of Dependent Children With Concurrent Informal Juvenile And Traffic
              Court (IJTC) Involvement

0400-000      Contacts: Visitations, Letters and Telephone Calls
0400-503.05   Standards for Documenting Contacts
0400-503.10   Contact Requirements And Exceptions
0400-503.30   Attempted Contacts On Referrals
0400-504.00   Family Visitation Planning
0400-504.21   Contact at Unlicensed or License-Exempt Child Care Facilities
0400-504.45   Monitored Visits/Contacts

0500-000      Confidentiality
              Suspected Child Abuse Report: Release of Information Pursuant to Penal Code
              Section 11167(d) and 11167.5
0500-501.10   Releasing DCFS Case Record Information
0500-501.15   Releasing Case Record Information to Child Welfare Agencies Outside California
0500-501.20   Release of DCFS Case Records to Service Providers
              Disclosures of Health And Mental Health Information to and From County Departments
              Providing Services to a Child/Youth
0500-501.35   Responses To Subpoenas
0500-501.40   Release of Case Record Information Regarding a Child Fatality
0500-501.60   Sealing Department Records
0500-504.10   Protection & Disclosure Of HIV/AIDS Information
              Confidentiality Protocols For Telecommuting, Users of Portable Computing Devices
              and Mobile Workers
0500-509.10   Permission to Videotape, Photograph, Voice Record or Interview Children
0500-509.20   Request by Law Enforcement, District Attorney or Public Defender to Interview a Child

0600-000      Health Care
0600-500.00   Utilization of Medical HUBS
0600-500.05   Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (MAT). 06/08
              Reducing the Threat of Infection by Blood-Borne Pathogens and Communicable
              Diseases: Universal Precautions
0600-500.20   Protected Health Information /Medical Information: Access and Sharing
0600-501.05   Psychological Testing Of DCFS-Supervised Children
0600-501.09   Consent for Mental Health Treatment
0600-501.10   Medical Consent
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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0600-000      Health Care
0600-501.11   Cessation of Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment for Children
0600-502.20   HIV/AIDS Services
0600-505.10   Assessment Of And Services For Children With Special Health Care Needs
0600-505.12   Identifying & Documenting A Client's Disability & Need For Services
0600-505.20   Medical Hospitalization And/Or Discharge Of DCFS-Supervised Children
0600-506.00   Monitoring A Youth’s Body Mass Index (BMI) (07/08)
0600-506.10   Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program
0600-507.10   Youth Development: Reproductive Health
0600-508.00   Foster Youth Substance Abuse Services
              Dependency, Drug Court (DDC)/Family Substance Abuse Treatment Program
              Medical Case Management Services (MCMS) Unit: Intake/Transfer Criteria and
              Transfer Procedures

0600-513.15   Requesting Non-Emergent Transportation for Children With Special Health Care
              Needs Under DCFS Supervision
0600-514.10   Psychotropic Medication Authorization for DCFS-Supervised Children
              Psychiatric Hospitalization and Psychiatric Hospital Discharge Planning for DCFS
              Supervised Children
              Interagency Placement Screening Committee Presentation Guide (Level 14
0600-518.31   Drug-Endangered Children (DEC) Program
0600-520.00   Collaborating with Regional Center to Provide Services to Children/Youth

0700-000      School/Education
0700-500.10   Youth Development: Education
0700-502.10   Referring Children to Healthy Start
0700-504.20   Referring Dependent Children for Special Education
              Involvement of the School Attendance review Board (SARB) with Children Under
              DCFS Supervision
              Appointment of Responsible Adult or Educational Surrogate Parent for the Purpose of
              Making Educational Decisions

0900-000      Financial Support Systems
0900-500.10   Eligibility Resource Information
0900-503.10   Back-to-School Clothing Allowance
0900-506.10   Clothing Allowances
0900-511.10   AFDC-FC/GRI-FC Rates
0900-511.11   Clothing Allowance Rates

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

0900-000      Financial Support Systems
0900-511.12   Regional Center Foster Rates For Dual Agency Children
0900-511.20   Adoption Fees
0900-511.21   Adoption Fee Determination Guide
0900-513.10   Funeral, Burial & Cremation Costs
0900-515.10   Meal Reimbursement/Food Certificates/Gift Cards
0900-517.10   Reimbursement of Non-Recurring Adoption Expenses
0900-520.10   Bus Passes/Tokens/Coupons Ordering
0900-521.10   Service-Funded Activities (SFA)
0900-522.10   Specialized Care Increment (SCI) – D-Rate
0900-522.11   Specialized Care Increment (SCI) – D-Rate
0900-523.10   Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for Children with Disabilities
0900-527.10   Emergency Aid Requisition (EAR): Office-Issued Check

1000-000      Case Assignment, Transfer and Closure
              Case Assignment: From Emergency Response Command Post (ERCP) to Regional
              FM/R/G Children's Social Worker
1000-501.20   Assignment of Emergency Response (ER) Referrals in Regional Offices
1000-501.30   Dependency Investigation (DI) Assignment: From Court to Regional DI
1000-501.40   Establishing the Service Address for Referrals
1000-501.50   Family Unit Case Name Rules
1000-504.10   Case Transfer Criteria and Procedures
1000-504.50   See 0600-513.10 Medical Placement Unit (MPU): Intake and Transfer Criteria
1000-504.60   Case Transfer to and from from the Adoption and Permanency Resources Division
1000-504.75   Inter-county Transfer (ICT)

1200-000      Special Information
1200-500.00   Nondiscrimination of Clients, Out-Of-Home Caregivers and Adoptive Parents
1200-500.05   The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
1200-500.10   Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce)
1200-500.20   Child Passenger Restraint Requirements
1200-500.30   DCFS Countywide Alcohol & Drug Testing Services
1200-500.40   Respite Care Services
1200-500.50   Photographic Identification of Children
1200-500.60   Compromise of Child Support
1200-500.70   Adoption of DCFS-Supervised Children by DCFS Employees

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                    PROCEDURAL GUIDE LIST (UPDATED 02/02/10)

1200-000      Special Information
              Connecting DCFS Individuals/Families to Programs Administered by the Department
              of Public Social Services (DPSS)
1200-500.81   Family Preservation Program Services as Part of the Welfare-to-Work Plan
1200-500.85   Special Immigrant Status (SIS)
1200-500.86   Immigration Options for Undocumented Children & Families
1200-500.90   Model Case Format (MCF)
1200-501.00   Reporting Unhealthy Living Conditions
1200-501.10   Victims of Crime: Referrals and Release of Information to Service Providers
1200-501.20   Child Abduction and Recovery of an Abducted Child
1200-501.30   Travel Policy, Travel Advance and Expense Reimbursement
1200-501.40   Obtaining a Passport for a Child/Youth Under DCFS Supervision
              Returning Runaway Youth Who are From Other Jurisdictions: (Inside and Outside of
1200-503.20   Creating a Case without a Referral

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