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									Clare Valley                                                                PRESS RELEASE
                                                                                July 2009
Film Festival
23 Jan 2010
UK’s The Bill star launches Clare Valley Film Festival 2010:
Call for Entries
             The first Clare Valley Film Festival 23 Jan 2010 (CVFF2010) will spotlight works by
             Australian and international independent filmmakers, as well as informing and
             inspiring a new generation of filmmakers through the CVFF2010 Challenge, and
             raising the profile of this vibrant and diverse area – the Clare Valley.

             The true identity of Australia is defined by her landscape and what better way to
             experience her stories than at this extraordinary festival location in the Mid North
             Region. This inclusive festival aims to break down the perceptions that filmmaking
             is difficult and costly. Just this year a zombie movie by director Marc Pricehas was
             selected for the Cannes Film Festival, which only cost $102 to make! CVFF2010’s focus
             is to arm Australians with the knowledge and skills to tell their stories through film.

             There are many young enthusiastic filmmakers in the Mid North region desperate for
             local support and training. CVFF2010 highlights special workshops and seminars led
             by experienced industry professionals such as Seeta Indrani, director/producer from
             MashMosh Films, but probably best known as WPC Norika Datta, in The Bill.

             •	 Call for Entries for the Clare Valley Film Festival 2010. All beginners, emerging and
                experienced filmmakers please send in your short films. Submission is free! Go to
       for guidelines and details.

             •	 CVFF2010 Challenge with prizes. We invite everyone to enter; from the Rossi boot
                wearing man of the land, to the twittering facebook generation, to the iPhone
                bearing corporate suit.

             With today’s easily available technology, filmmaking is a very accessible art form and
             its fun! Go to for further information and ‘How-Tos’.

             Seeta Indrani – Director/producer MashMosh Films, commissions by Sony
             Entertainment Television Asia, DJ Swami, Jim Sweeney (Comedy Store Player & Star
             of Whose Line Is It Anyway), probably best known as WPC Norika Datta, in The Bill
             for which she won Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress (Asian Film Academy),
             made her stage debut as Cassandra in the original London production of Andrew
             Lloyd-Webber’s CATS. She is currently appearing as Dr Lily Hassan in BBC TV’s Doctors.

             Seeta Indrani is available for phone interview, please contact Chris Bishop.

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             Ph +44 77 0955 1054                                             PO Box 148, BLYTH SA 5462
                                          Ph/fax 08 8844 5175
                                                between 10-5pm weekdays,
                                     2-5pm Sat, Closed Sunday

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