Dear students by fjhuangjun


									August 29, 2009
Dear students:

On behalf of the entire faculty of the Religion Department, we would like to welcome
you all to the 2009-2010 Academic Year here at the George Washington University. For
those of you returning to your studies at the University from summer vacation, we hope
you had a relaxing break, and we are glad to see you back. For those of you who are
incoming freshmen or transfer students, we are delighted that you have chosen this
institution, and hope you are as excited as we are to see you embark on your education

We would like to extend a specific welcome to you all to explore the opportunities that
the Department of Religion has to offer. Whether you are interested in pursuing Religion
as a full-time major, curious about one particular religious tradition, or simply looking for
an intriguing course to fulfill a requirement within your own chosen field, we believe you
will find many exciting possibilities in our program. Our faculty members are known for
their distinguished teaching, several having won university-wide teaching awards, and
their expertise in their particular fields is unmatched. We have faculty members who
specialize in Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese Religions, Judaism, Islam and Sufism,
Christianity in America, History of Religions, Hebrew Bible, Biblical New Testament,
Religion and Gender, Religious Ethics, Philosophy and Sociology of Religion, and
Politics of Religion, as well as many other sub-fields. Several of our courses are offered
each year or even each semester, to meet the overwhelming enrollment demands. In
addition, we have several fascinating courses taught less frequently, including courses on
Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, Marxism and Faith, Mythologies of India, and the Holocaust
in Theology and Literature, to name just a few.

We would encourage you to look through the online course bulletin, available through the, or the hard copy version available for pick-up in the any of the
main offices of the Colleges; you will see for yourself the wide range of academic
opportunities we offer to the students of George Washington. In addition, please browse
our website,, for information on faculty members, upcoming
events, links to helpful websites, and an archive of multimedia files from past exciting

Whatever your academic interests are, we hope that you will investigate the possibilities
offered by the Department of Religion. Again, welcome (or welcome back!) to the
George Washington University, and best of luck in the coming semester!

All the best,

Dewey Wallace, Chair
Allison Taylor, Executive Aide
The George Washington University Department of Religion

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