Major Form Check List

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					                         Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
                                                  Major Form Check List

Student Name:                                                            Advisor:
SJSU Student ID:                                                         Today's Date:
Phone No.:                                                               Semester to Graduate:
Email:                                                                   Minor? (if any): ___________________________________

Following items are attached:
             CEE Dept “Major Form”
          SJSU Graduation Application form
          College of Engineering “GE Check List” (form A/blue or form B/pink)
          “Courses Required to Complete the Baccalaureate Degree” form
          SJSU Transcript (copy is okay)
          Other College/University transcript reflecting your name or social security number (copy is okay).
          “Equivalency Form” (Technical courses you transferred from colleges other than California community colleges)

          I have discussed my GE course completion with a GE course assessment advisor and I am required to complete ____ units of
          additional courses.
          I believe that I have not intentionally violated any course prerequisite requirements ever. Here is a list of unintentional violations or
          discrepancies, if any, that I may know about:

I understand that the major form needs to be filed 15 months prior to graduation. Late filing will delay
my graduation.
                      (Please sign)
Student: _______________________________________                                           Date: ___________________________________
Major Advisor (CEE Advisor): _____________________                                         Date: ___________________________________
Dept Chair: _____________________________________                                          Date: ___________________________________
                                                   (Students: Do not write beyond this point.)

Received at COE by: _____________________________                                          Date: ___________________________________
Reviewed by: ___________________________________                                           Date: ___________________________________
          Approved to be forwarded to A/R on: ______________________________
          Return to Department for corrective action listed below: ______________________________________________________________

Received at Department by: _________________________                                       Date: ___________________________________
Corrective actions reviewed and implemented
          By ____________________________________                                          Date: ___________________________________

Received at COE by: ___________________________                                            Date: ___________________________________
Reviewed by: __________________________________                                            Date: ___________________________________
          Approved to be forwarded to A/R on: __________________________________________

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