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Affidavit as to identity of prisoner by officer in asylum state


									Affidavit as to identity of prisoner by officer in asylum state. Affidavit State of _________ [asylum state] County of _________ _________, of _________[street address], _________[city], _________[county], _________[state], being first duly sworn on oath, deposes and says: 1. _________[He or She] was, on _________, the _________[office, for example: Chief of Police of the City of _________, State of _________ (asylum state)]. 2. On that date, _________[he or she] had the physical custody of _________[name of fugitive], arrested pursuant to an arrest and extradition warrant issued by the governor of the State of _________[asylum state]. 3. _________[He or She] has carefully examined the extradition papers forwarded from the State of _________[demanding state] in the matter of the extradition of _________[name of fugitive], and particularly the _________[photograph of the fugitive or fingerprints or indicate other exhibits relating to identification] contained in such papers, which are duly authenticated in accordance with the laws of the State of _________[demanding state]. 4. Based on that information, _________[he or she] truly believes the person in _________[his or her] custody to be the same _________[name of fugitive] who is the subject of the extradition papers. Dated: _________. [Signature] [Jurat]

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