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					                    Telling It Like It Is…..

                    Questions & Answers
Q. Do we pay Entrust Financial for arranging our mortgage?

A. In most cases the institution pays us. Sometimes the deal may
   not be conventional financing and may require fees from the
   lender or Entrust Financial. In these cases we will disclose this to
   you right away.

Q. Our own bank that we’ve been dealing with for over 7
   years has turned us down. Can we still get an approval
   through a prime lender?

A. Yes, we have seen this many times with our customers. There
   are many prime lenders that will look at the deal merits and not
   only the negatives associated with it.

Q. Will Entrust Financial be able to arrange a mortgage for
   us if we are self-employed and can’t show our true

A. Yes, Entrust Financial specializes in self-employed individuals.

Q. We have had some credit problems in the past, including
   a recent bankruptcy, are there any lenders who will give
   us a mortgage.

A. Yes, there are many “B” lenders and we have lots of “private
   lenders” who will still do these types of mortgages. Entrust
   Financial helps individuals get re-established and move forward
   with better credit.
Q. How long has Entrust Financial been in business?

A. Entrust Financial has been helping people with their mortgages
   since 1986.

Q. Does Entrust Financial only do 1 st Mortgages?

A. We do many types of mortgages from purchases to refinances,
   conventional to high ratio. Each individual has needs for that
   mortgage and we will exceed your expectations.

Q. Is an appraisal required for my mortgage?

A. In most cases an appraisal is required. We will look at the deal
   and let you know what type the lender requires.

Q. Do we have to make monthly mortgage payments?

A. No, in fact there are many accelerated payments that will save
   you hundreds and even thousands of dollars off your mortgage.
   Let us show you how.

Q. We want to buy a storefront business with apartments
   above, can Entrust Financial help us?

A. Yes we can. There are many different types of mortgage lenders
   who do commercial/residential deals just like this. And we’ll get
   you the approval fast.
Q. We have just sold our home and moved into a smaller
   home. With our retirement coming up we were looking
   for some investment in real estate lending. Can we do
   that with Entrust Financial?

A. Yes you can. Entrust Financial can help you with funding
   mortgages with a very good interest rate. We’ve been working
   with private lenders since we opened our doors in 1986.

Q. We want to build on an existing piece of property that we
   own. Can you arrange construction financing for us?

A. Yes we can. At Entrust Financial we have been arranging
   construction financing for individual homes to small sub divisions.
   We can even arrange the take out financing for you once the
   project is complete.

Q. Why deal with Entrust Financial, why not just go to our
   own bank?

A. The representatives at Entrust Financial Corporation are licensed
   @ accredited. We can deal with many more lenders then the
   average individual, including many banks, trust & life insurance
   companies. We’re confident we can beat any rate your bank
   offers you.

Q. Are appraisals always necessary when either purchasing
   or re financing our home?

A. Yes, appraisals determine the accurate market value of your
home and are required by all institutions and most private lenders.

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