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					                                                                                                               Downers Grove
                                                                                                                Public Library

                                                                                                                 Vol. 21 No. 1
                                                                                                                Jan./Feb. 2007

                Preschoolers                            Ask Your Hometown History
                Can Join the                            Questions at the Library
                Curious Readers                         	 Why	did	Pierce	Downer	settle	in	this	area	in	1832?		What	did	the	
                                                        village	look	like	in	the	late	1800s?		How	can	you	research	the	history	of	
                  	 This	winter	parents	are	
                                                        your	home?		Residents	might	be	asking	more	questions	about	Downers	
                  encouraged	to	share	books	with	
                                                        Grove	history	in	2007	as	the	village	celebrates	its	175th	anniversary.		At	
their	children	and	join	the	Curious	Readers	
                                                        the	Downers	Grove	Public	Library	you	can	find	resources	that	help	tell	
program,	which	runs	from	January	15	to	
                                                        the	story	of	the	village.
February	25.		Children	up	to	kindergarten	age	
                                                        	 According	to	Reference	Services	Coordinator	Bonnie	Reid,	library	staff	
who	have	or	whose	parent	has	a	Downers	Grove	
                                                        has	prepared	a	local	history	bibliography	called	Coming of Age—Downers
Library	card	are	invited	to	join	Curious	George	
                                                        Grove 1830s to the 21st Century,	available	either	in	paper	or	on	the	
and	get	ready	to	read.
                                                        library’s	website.		It	lists	titles	in	the	library’s	collection	with	information	on	
	 For	every	five	books	you	read	with	your	child	
                                                        Downers	Grove	people,	places,	maps,	and	more.		Ask	for	it	at	the	Reference	
each	week,	you	can	stop	by	for	a	Curious	George	
                                                        Desk	or	access	it	on	the	website	by	clicking	on	“Genealogy”	under	
sticker.		We’ll	also	be	featuring	early	literacy	
                                                        “Databases	and	Websites”	and	scrolling	down	to	the	bibliography.
skills	children	need	to	be	ready	to	read.		Activity	
                                                        	 Many	local	history	resources	can	be	found	in	the	second-floor	
sheets	are	available	for	you	and	your	child	to	do	
                                                        Reference	collection.		The	library	owns	copies	of	major	Downers	Grove	
together	to	promote	reading	readiness.
                                                        history	books,	including	Downers Grove, 1832 – 1982	and	its	update,	
	 Visit	the	Junior	Room	Desk	to	pick	up	your	
                                                        Downers Grove Revisited,	by	Montrew	Dunham.
reading	log	and	get	started.		Remember	to	come	
                                                        	 Anyone	wanting	to	do	research	can	also	use	such	sources	as	Downers	
in	for	all	your	stickers	by	February	25!
                                                        Grove	high	school	yearbooks	back	to	1920,	phone	books	for	various	years	
                                                        from	1909	to	1958	and	from	1975	on,	and	local	cemetery	indexes.
Library Adds New                                        	 While	the	library	does	not	have	many	primary	sources	related	to	
Multi-Source Database                                   the	village,	staff	does	maintain	a	pamphlet	file	with	clippings	from	local	
	 Homework	and	research	just	got	a	lot	                 newspapers	on	numerous	historical	topics.		The	Downers Grove Reporter	is	
easier!		The	library	now	subscribes	to	the	Gale         available	on	microfilm	back	to	1895.	Since	there	is	no	index	to	the	news-
Virtual Reference Library,	an	online	database	          paper,	patrons	interested	in	finding	specific	information	
that	includes	the	full	text	of	more	than	300	           are	encouraged	to	ask	a	librarian	for	assistance.	
authoritative	reference	books	and	subject	
encyclopedias	for	both	children	and	adults.		A	         Contribute Your
single	search	will	retrieve	results	from	all	books	
in	the	database	that	contain	information	on	your	
                                                        Downers Grove Memories
                                                        	 Whether	you’ve	been	in	Downers	Grove	for	three	or	eighty-three	
topic.		These	results	are	detailed	and	cover	many	      years,	the	library	invites	you	to	contribute	your	memories	of	life	in	our	
aspects	of	your	subject.		You	can	search	from	          town	and	help	us	celebrate	the	village’s	175th	anniversary	in	2007.	
home	or	office	as	well	as	at	the	library,	and	print,	   	 Beginning	January	8,	you	can	pick	up	a	form	at	the	Circulation	Desk	
email,	or	download	your	list	of	articles.		             or	submit	your	memory	by	email	to		
	 Because	free	information	obtained	on	the	             Library	staff	will	compile	the	memories	in	a	book	to	be	exhibited	near	the	
web	may	not	be	as	complete	or	reliable	as	that	         Curtiss	Street	entrance	in	March.		You’ll	also	be	able	to	read	memories	on	
provided	by	the	sources	in	the	Gale Virtual             our	website.
Reference Library,	this	database	can	be	your	           	 Tell	us	about	your	experiences	in	your	home	or	neighborhood,	at	
first	stop	for	information—and	it	may	be	the	           school	or	at	play,	in	your	church	or	com-
only	one	you	need.
	 To	access	this	source,	visit	the	library’s	
                                                        munity	organization,	or	on	holidays	and	
                                                        special	occasions.		Library	memories	are	
                                                                                                         A Look Inside
website	and	click	on	“Databases	and	Websites”	                                                           •	 The Big Read
                                                        welcome	as	well!	
at	the	top	of	the	screen.		You	will	find	links	to	                                                       •	 Our	Map	Collection
                                                        	 For	more	information	about	the	
the	Gale Virtual Reference Library	under	the	                                                            •	 In	the	Gallery
                                                        memory	book,	call	(630)	960–1200	and	
headings	“All	Databases”	and	“Encyclopedias.”                                                            …and	more
                                                        ask	for	Carol	Kania.
The Big Read                                                                     We Have Issues: New
Features a Thrilling                                                             Magazine Subscriptions
Civil War Tale                                                                   A look at the library’s periodical resources
                                                                                 By	Marty	Krause,	Reference	Librarian
	 The	Downers	Grove	Public	Library	
is	once	again	joining	with	the	Clarendon	                                        	 In	January	the	library	will	begin	receiving	a	
Hills,	Hinsdale,	Indian	Prairie,	Lisle,	Thomas	Ford,	Westmont,	and	              selection	of	new	periodicals.		Patrons	planning	
Woodridge	libraries	to	offer	our	communities	the	chance	to	read	and	             to	update	their	homes	will	want	to	take	a	look	at	
experience	a	great	book	during	The Big Read.	                                    This Old House, Chicago Home,	and	Renovation
	 All	patrons	are	invited	to	read	the	novel	The March	by	E.L.	Doctorow	          Style.		Lovers	of	the	Chicken Soup for the Soul	
and	join	in	on	book	discussions,	programs,	and	more	during	the	months	of	        book	series	will	be	happy	to	know	that	there	
March,	April,	and	May.		The March, a	New York Times	bestseller	and	the	          is	a	new	magazine	of	the	same	name	devoted	
winner	of	the	National	Book	Critics	Circle	Award,	tells	the	story	of	how	        to	these	inspiring	stories.		Consult	National
General	William	Tecumseh	Sherman	marched	his	60,000	troops	through	              Geographic Adventure	when	planning	an	active	
Georgia	in	the	last	days	of	the	Civil	War.		Real	and	imagined	characters	        vacation	and	review	Outdoor Photographer	to	
demonstrate	how	lives	were	forever	changed	by	the	conflict.                      help	capture	all	the	fun.	
	 The Big Read	libraries	will	host	E.L.	Doctorow,	author	of	nine	novels	         	 Blueprint,	new	from	Martha	Stewart	Living,	
including	Billy Bathgate	and	Ragtime,	on	Thursday,	May	10.		Other	               and	Food & Wine	both	focus	on	living	and	
programs	include	music	of	the	era,	portrayals	of	Walt	Whitman	and	               entertaining	with	style.		Make	offers	unique	
Abraham	and	Mary	Todd	Lincoln,	a	traveling	museum,	an	encampment	                do-it-yourself	projects	for	the	technologically	
at	Graue	Mill,	and	a	chance	to	see	Civil	War-themed	movies.		Patrons	can	        inclined.		Finally,	Consumer Reports Money
attend	any	of	the	book	discussions	held	at	all	of	the	libraries.		               Adviser	offers	informed	advice	on	all	matters	
	 Anderson’s	Bookshop	in	Downers	Grove	and	Naperville	is	offering	               financial.		Visit	the	periodicals	collection	on	the	
a	10	percent	discount	on	The March	for	those	who	are	participating	in	           second	floor	of	the	library	to	see	these	magazines	
The Big Read. 	Anderson’s	Book	Club	members	will	receive	a	20	percent	           and	many	others.	
discount.		Frugal	Muse	bookstore	in	Darien	is	offering	a	25	percent	
discount	on	any	copies	of	The March	ordered	there.
	 Be	sure	to	pick	up	The Big Read	resource	guide	at	the	library	                 Find Your Way With
February	1.		The	guide	will	include	information	about	all	programs	and	          Our Map Collection
book	discussions	as	well	as	reading	resources.		You	can	also	watch	for	The            Are	you	planning	a	trip	for	business	or	
Big Read	details	at	                                  pleasure?		Why	not	save	some	time	and	check	
                                                                                 out	a	map	of	your	destination	before	leaving?		
Tech Trainer Earns                                                               The	Reference	Department’s	map	file	contains	
Master’s Degree
                                                                                 a	wide	variety	of	street	and	highway	maps	for	
                                                                                 cities,	states,	and	over	35	countries.		Whether	
	 Library	Technology	Trainer	Annie	                                              you’re	driving	to	Milwaukee	or	spending	a	week	
Jagielski	has	earned	a	Master’s	in	                                              in	France,	we	have	a	map	for	you.		You’ll	find	
Training	and	Development	with	an	                                                fold-out	maps	from	well-known	publishers,	
emphasis	on	e-learning	from	Roosevelt	                                           such	as	Rand	McNally	and	Michelin,	as	well	
University.		Annie	has	taught	computer	                                          as	tourist	maps	provided	by	national	tourism	
skills	to	1,237	patrons	during	her	six	                                          bureaus.		The	map	file	is	located	on	the	second	
years	with	the	library.                                                          floor	in	a	file	cabinet	behind	the	reference	
	 Introducing	people	to	computers	and	technology	has	been	an	integral	           collection.		Maps	can	be	checked	out	for	three	
part	of	Annie’s	career.		At	the	Association	of	College	and	Research	             weeks.		If	you	have	any	questions	
Libraries,	a	division	of	the	American	Library	Association,	Annie	taught	         about	the	library’s	map	collection,	
employees	how	to	use	an	early	word-processing	system.		As	a	copywriter	          just	ask	at	the	Reference	Desk.		
at	the	National	Safety	Council,	Annie	helped	her	co-workers	make	the	            Please	stop	by	and	make	use	
switch	from	typewriters	to	computers.		At	a	telecommunications	company	          of	this	great	resource!
where	she	worked	as	an	instructional	designer,	she	was	in	charge	of	
software	training	and	e-learning.	
	 Using	the	Internet	as	a	training	resource	is	of	great	interest	to	Annie,	
who	notes	that	most	of	her	classes	for	her	degree	were	taken	online.
	 Annie’s	expertise	has	been	a	valuable	resource	for	the	whole	community.	   	
Yet,	she	says,	“I	consider	myself	a	novice	computer	user,	because	technology	
is	always	changing,	and	there	are	always	opportunities	to	learn.”
	 Congratulations,	Annie!
Book Discussion Groups                                    Books, Games, Food, Friends –
	 Whether	you	enjoy	reading	fiction	or	
nonfiction	books,	or	you	just	want	to	discuss	
                                                          TAB’s Got It All!
                                                          	 Teens	in	7th	through	12th	grades	who	live	in	Downers	Grove	are	
books	informally,	we	have	a	book	discussion	for	
                                                          invited	to	join	the	library’s	Teen	Advisory	Board	(TAB)	which	meets	on	
you!		All books are made available one month
                                                          the	first	Friday	of	each	month.		In	TAB,	teens	talk	about	books,	play	
before each discussion.		Book	discussion	groups	
                                                          games,	and	help	plan	teen	events	at	the	library.		
meet	in	the	second	floor	Conference	Room.	
                                                          	 This	year,	TAB	will	be	creating	a	TAB’s	Top	Ten	list	that	teens	can	use	
There	are	no	book	discussions	in	January.
                                                          to	find	great	books	for	summer	reading	and	beyond.		
                                                          	 Food	is	served	at	all	meetings.		For	more	information	on	TAB,	call	
Fiction Book Discussion Group                             (630)	960–1200	and	ask	for	Heather	Booth.
Thursdays, 7:30 p.m.                                      	
February	1,	Tortilla Curtain	by	T.C.	Boyle
                                                          Teen Advisory Board Meetings
A	chance	encounter	between	a	California	resident	
and	an	illegal	immigrant	on	a	narrow,	winding	road	       Fridays, 4 – 5 p.m., Meeting Room
in	Topanga	Canyon	changes	their	lives	forever.            Jan.	5,	Feb.	2

Nonfiction Book Discussion Group
Mondays, 7:30 p.m.
February	5,	Hot Lights, Cold Steel: Life,
Death and Sleepless Nights in a Surgeon’s
First Years	by	Michael	J.	Collins	
Collins	encounters	a	range	of	traumas	and	experiences	
grueling	days,	but	never	loses	his	sense	of	humor.		At	
times	uplifting	and	heartbreaking,	this	book	is	proof	
that	the	medical	profession	is	not	as	glamorous	as	
often	perceived.                                             TAB poses for a
                                                              group photo at
                                                             the Quick Picks
Spring Book Discussion Preview                                display in Teen
Fiction                                                              Central.
March	1,	Final Vinyl Days and Other Stories
by	Jill	McCorkle
April	5,	We Need to Talk About Kevin by	
Lionel	Shriver                                            Hot Books
May	3,	The Curious Incident of the Dog in                 	 Find	these	titles	in	Teen	Central,	located	on	the	second	floor	of	the	
the Night-Time by	Mark	Haddon                             library.		You	can	also	place	a	reserve	on	these	books	through	our	website.		

Nonfiction                                                The Night My Sister Went Missing	by	Carol	Plum-Ucci
March	5,	An Ordinary Man: An                              When	his	sister	disappears,	Kurt	eavesdrops	on	the	police	investigation.
Autobiography by	Paul	Rusesabagina                        Returnable Girl	by	Pamela	Lowell
April	2,	Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in              The	fictional	diary	of	a	teen	in	foster	care.
the Culinary Underbelly by	Anthony	Bourdain
May	7,	An Innocent Man: Murder and                        Harlem Hustle	by	Janet	McDonald
Injustice in a Small Town by	John	Grisham                 The	good	and	bad	of	the	hip-hop	life	comes	alive.
                                                          They Teach That in Community College!?
                                                          A	guide	to	70	interesting	college	majors	and	programs

In the Gallery                                            Avielle of Rhia	by	Dia	Calhoun
                                                          A	princess	goes	into	hiding	as	a	weaver	before	she	saves	her	kingdom.
	 The	library	gallery	
showcases	works	by	area	                                  So This Is How It Ends	by	Tui	Sutherland
artists	in	month-long	exhibits.		                         Teens	in	the	near	future	use	their	powers	to	save	the	world	from	disaster.
Located	in	the	central	lobby,	the	attractive	
gallery	provides	a	casual	and	easily	accessible	          Diva	by	Alex	Flinn
venue	for	our	patrons.                                    Caitlin	from	Breathing Underwater	dreams	of	being	a	singer.
January:	Nature Artists Guild of the                      The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie	by	Jaclyn	Moriarty
Morton Arboretum                                          Piece	together	the	puzzle	of	the	smartest	girl	in	school	who	might	be	a	
February:	Downers Grove Artists Guild                     murder	target.
Adult and Teen Programs                                                                            High Blood Pressure:
All adult programs are held in the                                                                 What Can You Do About It?
Meeting Room unless otherwise noted.                                                               Thurs., Feb. 22, 6:30 p.m.*
*Please register in advance at the Circulation Desk.                                               High	blood	pressure	affects	nearly	one	in	
                                                                                                   four	U.S.	adults.		If	left	untreated	or	under-
                                                 Dickens and the City of London                    treated,	it	can	lead	to	stroke,	kidney	failure,	
  Sunday Afternoon                               Tues., Jan. 9, 7 p.m.*                            or	a	heart	attack.		Dr.	Joseph	Marek,	Clinical	
  Concert Series                                                                                   Cardiologist,	Midwest	Heart	Specialists	at	
                                                 Charles	Dickens	transformed	the	London	
  Our concert series features a wide range                                                         Good	Samaritan	Hospital,	and	Michelle	
                                                 he	loved	into	magnificent	fiction.		Linda	
  of music performed by outstanding artists                                                        Bishop,	Exercise	Physiologist	at	Good	
                                                 Putnam’s	slide	presentation	traces	some	of	
  in a friendly atmosphere. All ages are                                                           Samaritan	Health	and	Wellness	Center,	
                                                 the	most	important	sites	in	Dickens’	life	
  invited. Refreshments provided.                                                                  discuss	medications,	updated	guidelines,	
                                                 and	work.
                                                                                                   and	take-home	tools	you	can	use	to	control	
  Sueños Latin-Jazz Quartet                                                                        high	blood	pressure.		A	free	electronic	body	
  Sun., Jan. 28, 2 p.m.*                         Taxes Are Everyone’s Business                     composition	screening	will	be	available.
  The	musicians	of	Sueños	are	among	             Tues., Jan. 16, 7 p.m.*
                                                 Judi	Strauss	of	Strauss	Tax	Service	will	
  the	best	the	Chicago	jazz	scene	has	to	                                                          Lyric Opera Lecture Series
  offer.		Enjoy	virtuoso	jazz	improvisation	     review	key	elements	of	the	2005–06	tax	acts.	 	
                                                                                                   Presented	by	the	Downers	Grove	and	the	
  and	the	rhythms	of	the	Afro-Cuban,	            She	will	discuss	important	deductions	and	
                                                                                                   Lisle	libraries,	patrons	can	attend	programs	
  Caribbean,	and	Brazilian	traditions.		         common	tax	problems,	including	sales	of	
                                                                                                   at	either	library.		Call	(630)	960–1200	to	
                                                 stocks	and	mutual	funds,	IRA	withdrawals,	
                                                                                                   register	for	lectures	at	Downers	Grove.		Call	
  Midway Ramblers Cajun Band                     and	taxable	Social	Security.		Specific	changes	
                                                                                                   (630)	971–1675	to	register	for	lectures	at	
  Sun., Feb. 18, 2 p.m.*                         for	tax	year	2006	and	critical	tax	and	
                                                                                                   Lisle	Library	District,	777	Front	Street.	
  Get	ready	for	foot-tappin’	Cajun,	hot	         investment	planning	opportunities	for	2007	
  Zydeco,	spicy	swamp	pop,	and	Louisi-           will	also	be	discussed.	
                                                                                                   Thursdays, 7 p.m.*
  ana	blues	with	the	Midway	Ramblers!	                                                             Feb.	1,	Cosi fan tutte	(DG)
                                                 Vollard and the Vanguard:                         Feb.	15,	Dialogues of the Carmelites	
                                                 Exhibiting Cézanne, Van Gogh,
Computer Classes                                 Picasso, and Matisse                              Great Decisions Foreign Policy
Note:	Classes are open to DGPL cardholders       Wed., Jan. 31, 7 p.m.*
only. You must have your library card            Art	dealer	Ambroise	Vollard	played	a	crucial	
                                                                                                   Discussion Group
number when you register. Registration is by     role	as	the	patron	of	artists	such	as	Cézanne,	   Mondays, 9–11:30 a.m.
phone only, beginning Jan. 4 at 9 a.m. You       Van	Gogh,	Matisse,	and	Picasso.		A	Vollard	       Feb.	5,	12,	19	and	26
may only register two individuals per call.      exhibition	appears	at	the	Art	Institute	of	       Tuesdays, 7–9 p.m.
Group limit: eight per class.                    Chicago	from	February	17	to	May	13.		             Feb.	13
                                                 Jeff	Mishur’s	slide	lecture	provides	context	     Contact:	Nancy	Peraino	at	(630)	968–8706.
Introduction to PCs                              for	Vollard	and	the	artists	he	championed	
and the Internet                                 and	features	Cézanne’s	1895	exhibition,	                         Library Closings
In	two	sessions,	learn	how	to	access	the	        Picasso’s	first	French	exhibition	in	1901,	and	                 The	library	will	be	closed	
Internet,	do	a	simple	search,	set	up	email,	     Matisse’s	first	solo	exhibition	in	1904.                        Monday,	January	1	for	
and	print.                                                                                                       New	Year’s	Day	and	Friday,	
Jan. 10 and 11, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.                Gift from the Sea                                 January	19	for	a	staff	inservice.	
Feb. 15 and 16, 1 – 3 p.m.                       Wed., Feb. 7, 7 p.m.*
Feb. 20 and 21, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.                Enjoy	Anne	Morrow	Lindbergh’s	classic	
                                                                                                     Friends of the Library
                                                 meditations	on	solitude,	relationships,	
Searching the Internet                           and	love	as	performed	by	actress	Mary	              FOL Travel Slides
For	those	who	know	how	to	use	the	Internet	      McClenahan	Fielding.                                Fridays, 7:30 p.m.
and	can	use	a	mouse.		Learn	how	to	find	                                                             Jan.	26,	Journey Through the
information	and	perform	a	keyword	search.	       Vegetables: Works of Art                            Seasons
Jan. 23, 7 – 8:30 p.m.                                                                               Jeanne	Halama	shares	her	images	of	
                                                 You Can Eat
Feb. 6, 1 – 3 p.m.                                                                                   the	U.S.	and	Canada.
                                                 Tues., Feb. 20, 7 p.m.*
WebPac                                           Professor	James	Neinhuis	                           Feb.	16,	Wales
Learn	how	to	log	into	the	SWAN	                  describes	how	the	                                  Russell	and	Jane	Kriete	will	show	slides	
electronic	catalog,	access	your	circulation	     beautiful	and	useful	vegetables	we	know	            from	their	2006	trip.
record,	renew	and	reserve	library	materials,	    today	have	their	origins	in	the	Renaissance.		
and	find	items	by	keyword	searching.		           He’ll	trace	how	vegetables	influence	art,	          Writers Workshop
Must	know	how	to	use	a	mouse.	                   today’s	gardens,	and	cuisine,	and	have	you	         Aspiring	writers	share	their	works.		
Jan. 17, 1 – 3 p.m.                              wondering	about	the	nature	of	vegetables.		         Second and fourth Mondays, 7 p.m.
                                                 Co-sponsored	by	the	Downers	Grove	                  Jan.	8,	22;	Feb.	12,	26
                                                 Organic	Gardeners.
      SUNDAY                  MONDAY                      TUESDAY                   WEDNESDAY                      THURSDAY                        FRIDAY                    SATURDAY

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ask a librarian for suggestions.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Warm up your winter nights with romance, mystery, or fantasy.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            January 2007
                         1                           2                          3                              4                            5                            6
                                                                                                               Registration begins for
                                                                                Registration begins for           Preschool Storytime
                                                                                   Walker Storytime            Registration begins for                                   Saturday Morning
                         New	Year’s	Day              Wolves Read to Succeed     Thank You Cards                   Computer Classes          Teen Advisory Board             Storytime
                         Library	closed                begins                   J.R.R.	Tolkien’s	birthday      ➠	Pajama Storytime              Meeting                   ➠	Science Fair Consultant
7                        8                           9                          10                             11                           12                           13
                                                                                Registration begins for
                                                                                   Infant Storytime
                         Bookmark Contest begins                                ➠	Hockey Player Visit                                                                    Saturday Morning
                         Writers Workshop            ➠	Dickens and the City     ➠	Introduction to PCs          ➠	Introduction to PCs                                        Storytime
                         Terry	Brooks’	birthday        of London                   and the Internet              and the Internet                                        ➠	Science Fair Consultant
14                       15                          16                         17                             18                           19                           20
                         Open Toddler & Preschool
                            Storytime                Open Toddler & Preschool
                         Curious Readers begins        Storytime
                         ➠	Walker Storytime          ➠	Preschool Storytime      Open Toddler & Preschool                                    Staff	In-Service	Day
                         Martin	Luther	King	Jr.’s	   ➠	Taxes are Everyone’s       Storytime                                                 Library	closed               Saturday Morning
Andy	Rooney’s	birthday   birthday	observed             Business                 ➠	WebPac                       A.A.	Milne’s	birthday        Edgar	Allan	Poe’s	birthday      Storytime
21                       22                          23                         24                             25                           26                           27
                                                     Open Toddler & Preschool
                         Open Toddler & Preschool    ➠	Preschool Storytime
                           Storytime                 ➠	Searching the Internet                                                                                            Saturday Morning
                         ➠	Walker Storytime          Katharine	Holabird’s	      Open Toddler & Preschool                                    ➠	Infant Storytime              Storytime
                         Writers Workshop            birthday                     Storytime                                                 FOL Travel Slides            Lewis	Carroll’s	birthday
28                       29                          30                         31                            ➠Registered program
                                                                                                              Please refer to the program
                                                                                                              pages for more information.
                         Open Toddler & Preschool                               Open Toddler & Preschool
                            Storytime                Open Toddler & Preschool     Storytime
                         ➠	Walker Storytime            Storytime                Wolves Read to Succeed ends
➠	Sueños Latin Jazz      Bill	Peet’s	birthday        ➠	Preschool Storytime      ➠	Vollard & the Vanguard
      SUNDAY                    MONDAY                        TUESDAY                    WEDNESDAY                    THURSDAY                        FRIDAY                 SATURDAY

                                                                                                                  1                            2                         3
                                                                                                                  Registration begins for
                                                                                                                     Show, Tell, & Play        ➠	Infant Storytime
                                                                                                                  Fiction Book Discussion      Teen Acvisory Board       Saturday Morning
                                                                                                                  ➠	Lyric: Cosi fan tutte         Meeting                   Storytime

4                          5                            6                            7                            8                            9                         10
                                                                                     Registration begins for
                           Open Toddler & Preschool                                     Discovery Club
                             Storytime                  Open Toddler & Preschool     Open Toddler & Preschool
                           ➠	Walker Storytime             Storytime                     Storytime
                           Nonfiction Book Discussion   ➠	Preschool Storytime        ➠	Gift from the Sea                                                                 Saturday Morning
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      February 2007

Bookmark Contest ends      Great Decisions              ➠	Searching the Internet     Charles	Dickens’	birthday    John	Grisham’s	birthday      ➠	Infant Storytime           Storytime
                                                                                                                                                                                            Visit our gallery to view works from local artists.

11                         12                           13                           14                           15                           16                        17
                           Open Toddler & Preschool
                             Storytime                                                                            ➠	Show, Tell, & Play
                           ➠	Walker Storytime           Open Toddler & Preschool                                  ➠	Lyric: Dialogue of the     ➠	Infant Storytime
                           Great Decisions                Storytime                  Open Toddler & Preschool       Carmelites (Lisle)         ➠	Introduction to PCs
                           Writers Workshop             ➠	Preschool Storytime           Storytime                 ➠	Introduction to PCs          and the Internet        Saturday Morning
                           Abe	Lincoln’s	birthday       Great Decisions              Valentine’s	Day                and the Internet           FOL Travel Slides            Storytime

18                         19                           20                           21                           22                           23                        24
                                                                                                                  ➠	Discovery Club
                                                                                     Registration begins for      ➠	High Blood Pressure:
                           Drop-in Preschool Craft      ➠	Vegetables: Works of Art      Pajama Storytime             What You Can Do
➠	Midway Ramblers          Great Decisions              ➠	Introduction to PCs        ➠	Introduction to PCs        George	Washington’s          ➠	Infant Storytime        Saturday Morning
Toni	Morrison’s	birthday   President’s	Day                and the Internet              and the Internet          birthday                     W.E.B.	DuBois’	birthday      Storytime

                                                                                                                 ➠Registered program
25                         26                           27                           28                          Please refer to the program
                                                                                                                 pages for more information.

                           ➠	Discovery Club
                           Great Decisions
Curious Readers ends       Writers Workshop             John	Steinbeck’s	birthday
Junior Room Programs                                                                              Bookmark Contest
All Junior Room programs and storytimes will be held in                                           Mon., Jan. 8 – Sun., Feb. 4
the Junior Room’s Program Room unless otherwise noted.                                            Children	in	grades	K	–	8	are	invited	to	
                                                                                                  design	a	bookmark	and	enter	our	annual	
                                                                                                  bookmark	contest	co-sponsored	by	the	DG	
                                                                                                  Kiwanis	Club.		Entry	forms	and	further	
Storytimes                                        Pajama Storytime                                information	will	be	available	in	the	Junior	
Open Storytimes:                                  Thurs. Jan. 4, 7 p.m. ☎ ♥                       Room	beginning	Jan.	8.
Weekday Open Storytime                            Register	now—registration	in	progress
Mondays, Jan. 15 – Feb. 12                        Thurs. Mar. 1, 7 p.m. ☎ ♥                       The Science Fair Consultant
9:30 – 10 a.m. ♥                                  Register	beginning	Wed.,	Feb.	21                Sat., Jan. 6, 12 – 3 p.m. ☎
Tuesdays Jan. 16 – Feb. 13                        A	half-hour	storytime	for	children	of	all	      Sat., Jan. 13, 12 – 3 p.m. ☎
9:30 – 10 a.m. ♥                                  ages;	come	in	your	pajamas	and	bring	a	         Register	now—registration	in	progress
Wednesdays, Jan. 17 – Feb. 14                     stuffed	animal,	too!		Group limit: 75.          Are	you	getting	ready	for	the	science	fair?		
9:30 – 10 a.m. ♥                                                                                  Sign	up	for	a	twenty-minute	time	slot	to	dis-
Join	us	for	this	toddler	and	preschool	           For Preschoolers                                cuss	your	science	fair	project	with	an	expert	
storytime.	                                       Curious Readers                                 from	Downers	Grove	Friends	of	the	Gifted.		
                                                  Mon., Jan. 15 – Sun., Feb. 25
Saturday Morning Storytime                        Join	Curious	George	on	a	reading	               Chicago Wolves Read to Succeed
Saturdays, Jan. 6 – Feb. 24                       adventure.		Preschoolers	who	have	or	           Tues., Jan. 2 – Wed., Jan. 31
9:30 – 10 a.m. ♥                                  whose	parent	has	a	Downers	Grove	library	       Each	time	you	read	a	book	during	January,	
Join	us	for	this	toddler	and	                     card	are	invited	to	record	the	books	read	      fill	out	an	entry	for	a	raffle	drawing	for	a	
preschool	storytime.	                             to	them	by	a	parent	or	caregiver	and	earn	      Chicago	Wolves	prize	pack	with	hockey	
                                                  Curious	George	stickers.		See	the	Junior	       tickets	and	more!
Registered Storytimes:                            Room	desk	for	more	information.
Registered Infant Lapsit Storytime                                                                Chicago Wolves Hockey Player
Fridays Jan. 26 – Feb. 23                         Drop-in Preschool                               Visit and Signing
10:30 – 11 a.m. ☎	♥                               Snowman Craft                                   Wed., Jan 10, 4:30 p.m. ☎
Register	beginning	Wed.,	Jan.	10                  Mon., Feb. 19 ♥                                 Register	beginning	Wed.,	Dec.	27		
                                                  Preschoolers	can	drop-                          All are welcome with or without library
Parents	with	babies	who	are	not	yet	
                                                  in	throughout	the	day	                          cards, but advance registration is required.
walking	are	invited	to	register	for	this	first	
                                                  to	decorate	their	own	
storytime	experience!		Group limit: 15                                                            Jared	Ross	of	the	Chicago	Wolves	hockey	
                                                  snowman	with	a	caregiver’s	help.		Craft	will	
adult/baby pairs.		Only	one	child	per	                                                            team	visits	in	the	library’s	Meeting	Room	to	
                                                  be	available	to	the	first	120	children.
adult	is	allowed.                                                                                 talk	hockey,	sign	autographs,	and	encourage	
                                                                                                  you	to	“read	to	succeed”	this	winter.		Player	
                                                  For School-Age Children                         visiting	the	library	is	subject	to	change.
Registered Early Walker Storytime
Mondays, Jan. 15 – Feb. 12
                                                  Thank you cards!
10:30 – 11:00 a.m. ☎♥                             Wed., Jan. 3, 10 – 11 a.m., 2 – 3 p.m.          Handheld Consoles
                                                  It’s	time	to	thank	everyone	for	such	a	warm	
Register	beginning	Wed.,	Jan.	3                                                                   Show, Tell, and Play!
                                                  holiday	season.		We	provide	the	supplies	
Parents	with	walking	babies	up	to	24	             to	make	thank-you	cards	and	you	decorate	
                                                                                                  Thurs., Feb. 15, 4 – 4:45 p.m. ☎
months	old	are	invited	to	register	for	this	                                                      Register	beginning	Thurs.,	Feb.	1
                                                  them.		No	registration	necessary.		Open	to	
storytime.		Songs,	rhymes,	stories,	and	          children	in	grades	K	–	6.                       Do	you	have	a	handheld	electronic	game?	
movement	activities	are	selected	to	promote	                                                      Nintendo	DS,	Gameboy	or	Sony	PSP?						
verbal	acquisition	and	sensory	development.		                                                     Bring	your	handheld	and	meet	new	gamers	
Group limit: 15 adult/baby pairs.		Only	                                                          to	talk	to	and	play	against.		Snack	will	be	
one	child	per	adult	is	allowed.                                                                   served.		Open	to	children	in	grades	2	–	6.

Registered Preschool Storytime                                                                    Discovery Club
Tuesdays, Jan. 16 – Feb. 13                          ♥	 Children	must	attend	with	an	             Discovers… Magnets
10:30 – 11 a.m. ☎                                    	  adult.                                    Register	for	one	of	the	following	sessions:
Register	beginning	Thurs.,	Jan.	4
                                                     ☎	   Downers	Grove	library	card              Thurs., Feb. 22, 4 – 4:45 p.m. ☎
Preschoolers	3½	and	older	attend	without             	    required	at	time	of	registration.       Mon., Feb. 26, 4 – 4:45 p.m. ☎
their	parent.		Group limit: 25.		                    	    First	day	walk-in	registration          Register	beginning	Wed.,	Feb.	7
                                                     	    begins	at	9	a.m.	and	phone
                                                                                                  Discover	the	attraction	of	magnets.		We’ll	
                                                     	    registration	begins	at	10	a.m.
                                                                                                  be	examining	the	powers	of	magnetism	with	
Individuals with disabilities can call the           Attendance	is	limited	and	offered	on	        experiments,	games,	and,	a	craft.	Open	to	
library three days in advance to discuss             a	first-come,	first-served	basis.            children	in	grades	K	–	3.		Group limit: 25.
possible accommodations.
Tax Forms Available at the Library
	 Most	federal	tax	forms	will	be	available	in	the	lobby	near	the	Curtiss	            Future Bestsellers
Street	entrance	of	the	library	beginning	January	2.		The	library	will	make	          Reserve these new releases in person, by phone, or
available	additional	forms	as	they	arrive.		Illinois	tax	forms	are	usually	          on our website. View these titles and more on our
available	around	February	1.		In	addition	to	these	free	forms,	full	sets	of	         website. Pre-production titles are subject to change.
forms	that	can	be	photocopied	are	located	near	the	Curtiss	Street	tax	table	         February
display	and	at	the	Computer	Room	and	Magazine	Desk	on	the	second	                    •	 Andrew	Carroll–Grace Under Fire
floor.		The	Computer	Room	and	Magazine	Desk	also	has	copies	of	tax	                  •	 Barbara	Delinsky–Family Tree
publications	that	can	be	used	in	the	library	or	photocopied	for	home	use.            •	 Susan	Isaacs–Past Perfect
	 Staff	members	are	happy	to	help	patrons	find	forms,	but	cannot	give	               •	 David	Mamet–Bambi vs. Godzilla:
tax	advice.		The	IRS	maintains	a	toll-free	number	for	tax	assistance:	                  On the Nature, Purpose, and Practice
(800)	829–1040.		In	addition,	the	IRS	website	at	                   of the Movie Business
offers	tax	information	and	forms	to	download.		The	Illinois	Department	              •	 Sherwin	B.	Nuland–How to Grow Old
of	Revenue	also	maintains	a	website	at		            •	 Robert	B.	Parker–High Profile
The	toll-free	number	for	Illinois	taxpayer	assistance	is	(800)	732–8866.	            •	 James	Patterson	and	Michael	Ledwidge–
	 Patrons	who	are	looking	for	additional	information	on	taxes	can	                   	 Step on a Crack
attend	Taxes Are Everyone’s Business	on	Tuesday,	January	16,	presented	              •	 Luanne	Rice–The Edge of Winter
by	tax	expert	Judi	Strauss.		See	page	4	for	more	information.	                       •	 Danielle	Steel–Sisters
                                                                                     •	 George	Tenet–At the Center of the Storm

Donate Today to Benefit Tomorrow	
                                                                                     •	 Maeve	Binchy–Whitethorn Woods
	 Your	donation	to	the	Downers	Grove	Public	Library	Foundation	is	                   •	 Anne	Lamott–Grace (Eventually)
an	investment	in	a	place	that	opens	minds,	enriches	lives,	and	brings	us	            •	 Elaine	Pagels	and	Karen	L.	King–Reading
together.		There	are	several	ways	you	can	donate	to	the	library,	whether	it’s	a	        Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the
cash	gift,	planned	gift,	or	pledge.		Donations	are	tax	deductible	to	the	extent	        Shaping of Christianity
allowed	by	law.		For	more	information,	call	the	Administration	Office	at	            •	 Lisa	Scottoline–Daddy’s Girl
(630)	960–1200	or	visit		

                             Save the Date for the Foundation Auction
                             	 You	won’t	want	to	miss	the	Downers	Grove	Public	Library	Foundation’s	fundraising	auction	on	
                             July	21,	2007!		Meet	your	friends,	enjoy	great	food	and	wonderful	music,	and	help	raise	money	for	
                             the	library.	We	hope	to	see	you	at	this	special	event!		

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