engraved titanium rings

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					                       Engraved Titanium Rings

                       Engraved Titanium Rings

You can to engrave your own design or special words on the inside of a titanium
ring by yourself. The process is moderately complicated and probably should be
observed before trying it. The engraving machine can cost several thousand
dollars, which might be worth it if you plan on making a business out of your craft.
Otherwise, consider leaving this process to a jeweler. If you want to have a try,
you will need special tools to accomplish the engraving.

Place the ring on the preset rotary axis of the engraving machine.
Make sure that the design to be engraved is in the required software format for
the engraving machine.
Set the resolution properly. Most laser engraving machines can handle designs
of up to 1,200 dots per inch or dpi. It is advisable that the finished engraved
product have at least 300 dpi resolutions. This amount of dpi will keep the design
large enough to read.

Set the laser to the proper focus, speed and power. Generally, 50 watts of power
are used; however, follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Have a proper exhaust system in place. The laser releases gases as the
engraving proceeds.
Run the program and engrave the ring.
Take care when handling the finished product. When the engraving is complete,
the material may be hot.

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Description: How to Engrave the Inside and outside of Titanium Rings