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              New Materials @ CCPL Children’s Department
                     January 2009
                        Title                                   Author          Call Number
Monkeys and Dog Days                                Kate Banks               *J Banks
Just Five More Minutes!                             Marcy Brown              *J Brown
Tinkerbell                                          Apple Jordan             *J Jordan
A Pony Named Peanut                                 Sindy McKay              *J McKay
Just One More?                                      Nancy M. Alberts         E Alberts
Starlight Goes to Town                              Harry Allard             E Allard
The Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say Moo              Jonathan Allen           E Allen
Nighty Night, Sleepy Sleeps                         Brian Anderson           E Anderson
Dolphins on the Sand                                Jim Arnosky              E Arnosky
Willow Buds: Friendship Stories: Tale of Toad and
                                                    Mary J. Begin            E Begin
Over in the Arctic                                  Marianne Berkes          E Berkes
The Rain Stomper                                    Addie Boswell            E Boswell
The Queen of Style                                  Caralyn Buehner          E Buehner
Shannon and the World’s Tallest Leprechaun          Sean Callahan            E Callahan
I Get So Hungry                                     Bebe M. Campbell         E Campbell
Henry’s Amazing Imagination!                        Nancy Carlson            E Carlson
Ping Pong Pig                                       Caroline J. Church       E Church
Gilbert in Deep                                     Jane Clarke              E Clarke
Market Day                                          Carol F. Cordsen         E Cordsen
Jackson’s Blanket                                   Nancy Cote               E Cote
Ten-Gallon Bart and the Wild West Show              Susan S. Crummel         E Crummel
Tadpole Rex                                         Kurt Cyrus               E Cyrus
Louise The Adventures of a Chicken                  Kate DiCamillo           E DiCamillo
Where’s My Mom                                      Julia Donaldson          E Donaldson
Bad Rats                                            Eric Drachman            E Drachman
Knitty Kitty                                        David Elliott            E Elliott
Bebe’ Goes to the Beach                             Susan Middleton Elya     E Elya
Otis and Rae and the Grumbling Splunk               Laura and Leo Espinosa   E Espinosa
Martha in the Middle                                Jan Fearnley             E Fearnley
When Ruby tried to Grow Candy                       Valerie Fisher           E Fisher
The Littlest Dinosaur                               Michael Foreman          E Foreman
Americana Adventure                                 Michael Garland          E Garland
We Are Girls Who Love To Run: Somos Chicas y
                                                    Brianna K. Grant         E Grant
Nosatras Nos Encanta Correr
Traction Man meets Turbo Dog                        Mini Grey                E Grey
It’s Moving Day!                                    Pamela Hickman              E Hickman
1,2 Buckle My Shoe                                  Anna G. Hines               E Hines
Garmann’s Summer                                    Stian Hole                  E Hole
The Block Mess Monster                              Betsy Howie                 E Howie
My First Airplane Ride                              Patricia Hubbell            E Hubbell
Grandma Calls Me Beautiful                          Barbara M. Joose            E Joose
Ten Tiny Babies                                     Karen Katz                  E Katz
The Rubber-Legged Ducky                             John G. Keller              E Keller
The Scrambled States of America: Talent Show        Laurie Keller               E Keller
Anansi’s Party Time                                 Eric A. Kimmel              E Kimmel
Spark the Firefighter                               Stephen Krensky             E Krensky
Swinging for the Fences Hank Aaron and Me           Mike Leonetti               E Leonetti
Topsy-Turvy Bedtime                                 Joan Levine                 E Levine
Doctor’s Meow’s Big Emergency                       Sam Lloyd                   E Lloyd
Such a Silly Baby!                                  Steffanie & Richard Lorig   E Lorig
A Horse’s Tale                                      Susan Lubner                E Lubner
Trouble Talk                                        Trudy Ludwig                E Ludwig
Alphabatics                                         Suse MacDonald              E Macdonald
Bat’s Big Game                                      Margaret R. MacDonald       E MacDonald
A Girl Named Dan                                    Dandi D. Mackall            E Mackall
TinkerBell                                          Lisa Marsoli                E Marsoli
Silly Goose                                         Marnie McGee                E McGee
My Friend Jamal                                     Anna McQuinn                E McQuinn
How One Small Loan Made A Big Difference: One Hen   Katie S.Milway              E Milway
I Will Make Miracles                                Susie Morgenstern           E Morgenstern
Ducks Don’t Wear Socks                              John Nedwidek               E Nedwidek
Uncle Big Foot                                      George O’Conner             E O’Connor
The Worst Best Friend                               Alexis O’Neill              E O’Neill
Catching the Sun                                    Coleen M. Paratore          E Paratore
Houdini The Amazing Caterpillar                     Janet Pedersen              E Pedersen
The City Kid & the Suburb Kid                       Deb Pilutti                 E Pilutti
Friday My Radio Flyer Flew                          Zachary Pullen              E Pullen
Silent Letters Loud Clear                           Robin Pulver                E Pulver
Peter And The Wolf                                  Chris Raschka               E Raschka
Wild Boars Cook                                     Meg Rosoff                  E Rosoff
Give a Goat                                         Jan W. Schrock              E Schrock
Alistair and Kip’s Great Adventure!                 John Segal                  E Segal
Say Daddy!                                          Michael Shoulders           E Shoulders
How I Learned Geography                             Uri Shulevitz               E Shulevitz
Animals are Sleeping                                Suzanne Slade               E Slade
My Favorite Places: From A to Z                     Peggy Snow                  E Snow
Fleas!                                              Jeanne Steig                E Steig
Gobble Gobble Crash! A Barnyard Counting Bash       Julie Stiegemeyer           E Stiegemeyer
Bugs in my Hair?!                                   Catherine Stier             E Stier
Grumpy Cat                                          Britta Teckentrup           E Teckentrup
The Tickle Monster Is Coming!                           James O. Thach        E Thach
The Wakame Gatherers                                    Holly Thompson        E Thompson
Cesar Takes a Break                                     Susan C. Thoms        E Thoms
Rosie and Buttercup                                     Chieri Uegaki         E Uegaki
Building Manhattan                                      Laura Vila            E Vila
Tweedle Dee Dee                                         Charlotte Voake       E Voake
Chester’s Back!                                         Melanie Watt          E Watt
Frederick Finch, Loudmouth                              Tess Weaver           E Weaver
AbeCedarios Mexican Folk Art ABC’s in English and
                                                        Cynthia Weill         E Weill
The 3 Bears and Goldilocks                              Margeret Willey       E Willey
The Real Princess A Mathemagical Tale                   Brenda Williams       E Williams
Steel Town                                              Jonah Winter          E Winter
Tea for Ruby                                            Sarah Ferguson        E York
Full Mouse Empty Mouse: A Tale of Food and Feelings     Dina Zeckhausen       E Zeckhausen
Mighty Max!                                             Harriet Ziefert       E Ziefert
Do Not Open                                             John Farndon          J 031.02 Farndon
Psalms For Young Children                               Marie-Helene Delval   J 223.2 Delval
The Paraclete Treasury of Angel Stories                 Mary Joslin           J 235.3 Joslin
Apollo                                                  Tamra Orr             J 292.13 Orr
Poseidon                                                Russell Roberts       J 292.13 Roberts
Eyewitness Vote                                         Philip Steele         J 324.609 Steele
Essential Intelligence for Spies and Secret Agents:
                                                        Clive Gifford         J 327.12 Gifford
Spies Revealed
A Child’s Introduction to The Environment: The Air,
Earth, and Sea Around Us- Plus Experiments, Projects,   Michael Driscoll      J 333.72 Driscoll
and Activities You Can Do to Help Our Planet!
We the People: The Story of Our Constitution            Lynn Cheney           J 342.029 Cheney
What Are Citizens’ Basic Rights?                        William D. Thomas     J 342.085 Thomas
Keeping Israel Safe: Serving in the Israel Defense                            J 355.0095694
                                                        Barbara Sofer
Forces                                                                        Sofer
Planet Earth: 25 Environmental Projects You Can Build
                                                        Kathleen M. Reilly    J 363.7 Reilly
Sea Queens Women Pirates Around the World               Jane Yolen            J 364.164 Yolen
The Ghost Catcher                                       Martha Hamilton       J 398.2 Hamilton
Rapunzel                                                Rachel Isadora        J 398.2 Isadora
The Fisherman and the Turtle                            Eric A. Kimmel        J 398.2 Kimmel
Mayan Folktales Cuentos Folkloricos mayas               Susan C. Thompson     J 398.2 Mayan
                                                                              J 398.24528
The Best Nest                                           Doris L. Mueller
                                                                              J 398.2454
A Practical Guide to Dragons                            Lisa Trumbauer
Rapunzel and other Magic Fairy Tales                    Henriette Sauvant     J 39832 Rapunzel
Curious George Dictionary                               Curious               J 423.1 Curious
Twenty-Odd Ducks Why, Every Punctuation Mark            Lynn Truss            J 428.2 Truss
Stomp Rockets Catapults, and Kaleidoscopes: 30+
Amazing Science Projects You Can Build for Less Than     Curt Gabrielson      J 507.8 Gabriels
Microworld: Unlocking the Secrets of Atoms and
                                                         Anna Claybourne      J 539.7 Claybour
Sorting The Elements The Periodic Table at Work          Andrew Solway        J 546.8 Solway
Islands                                                  Sheila Anderson      J 551.42 Anderson
                                                                              J 551.453
Plains                                                   Sheila Anderson
                                                                              J 551.553
Twister!                                                 Kris Hirschmann
Paleo Bugs Survival of the Creepiest                     Timothy J. Bradley   J 565.7 Bradley
Rain Forests                                             Nancy S. Levinson    J 577.34 Levinson
Wetlands                                                 Cathryn Sill         J 577.68 Sill
Plants and the Environment                               Jennifer Boothroyd   J 581.7 Boothroyd
The Puzzle of the Platypus and Other Explorations of
                                                         Jack Myers           J 590 Myers
Science in Action
Super Crocs & Monster Wings: Modern Animals’
                                                         Claire Eamer         J 591.38 Eamer
Ancient Past
Some Porcupines Wrestle and Other Freaky Facts
                                                         Barbara Seuling      J 591.5 Seuling
about Animal Antics and Families
Animals and the Environment                              Jennifer Boothroyd   J 591.7 Boothroyd
                                                                              J 597.877
Poison Dart Frogs Up Close                               Carmen Bredeson
Whales                                                   Sophie Lockwood      J 599.5 Lockwood
All About Manatees                                       Jim Arnosky          J 599.55 Arnosky
American Bison                                           William Caper        J 599.643 Caper
                                                                              J 599.757
Lions                                                    Sophie Lockwood
                                                                              J 599.768
Skunks                                                   Sophie Lockwood
ABC Dentist: Healthy Teeth from A to Z                   Harriet Ziefert      J 617.6 Ziefert
T is for Tugboat: Navigating the seas from A to Z        Shoshanna Kirk       J 623.8 Kirk
The Best Book Of Trains                                  Richard Balkwill     J 625.1 Balkwill
Wild About Monster Trucks                                J Poolos             J 629.224 Poolos
Wild About Hot Rods                                      J Poolos             J 629.2286 Poolos
                                                                              J 629.45
Astronaut Handbook                                       Meghan McCarthy
                                                                              J 629.45
Astronauts and other Space Heroes                        Sarah L. Thompson
Two Bobbsies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina,                              J 636.0832
                                                         Kirby Larson
Friendship and Survival                                                       Larson
Little Lions, Bull Baiters & Hunting Hounds: A History
                                                         Jeff Crosby          J 636.7 Crosby
of Dog Breeds
Owning a pet Dog                                       Selina Wood              J 636.7 Wood
Wild About ATV’s                                       J Poolos                 J 638.22042 P
Southern Living Kids Cookbook: 124 recipes kids will
                                                       Elizabeth Taliafer       J 641.5 Taliafer
live to make and love to eat
Foods of Spain                                         Barbara Sheen            J 641.5946 Sheen
Happy Nowruz Cooking with Children to Celebrate the                             J 641.5955
                                                       Najmieh Batmanglij
Persian New Year                                                                Batmanglij
Foods of Ethiopia                                      Barbara Sheen            J 641.5963 Sheen
                                                                                J 641.59729
Foods of the Caribbean                                 Barbara Sheen
Foods of Brazil                                        Barbara Sheen            J 641.5981 Sheen
Sweet Eats                                             Rose Dunnington          J 641.86 Dunnin
Astonishing Women Artists                              Heather Ball             J 709.22 Ball
Fairy World Crafts                                     Kathy Ross               J 745.5 Ross
Crafts for Kids Who Are Learning About Dinosaurs       Kathy Ross               J 745.5 Ross
African Crafts: Fun Things to Make and Do from West                             J 745.50966
                                                       Lynne Garner
Africa                                                                          Garner
Dream Bedroom                                          Rebecca Craig            J 745.584 Craig
Paper Crafts for Day of the Dead                       Randel McGee             J 745.594 McGee
Sipping Spiders Through a Straw: Campfire Songs for                             J 782.42
                                                       Kelly Dipucchio
Monsters                                                                        Dipucchio
Skateboarding Skills the Rider’s Guide                 Ben Powell               J 796.22 Powell
Wynken, Blynken and Nod                                Eugene W. Field          J 811 Field
Simm’s Tabeck Great Big Book of Spacey Snakey Buggy
                                                       Katy Hall                J 818 Hall
Pirates                                                Neil Morris              J 910.45 Morris
Atlas of North America                                 Karen Foster             J 912.7 Foster
Atlas of Australia                                     Karen Foster             J 912.94 Foster
An Egyptian Tomb: The Tomb of Nebamun                  Meredith Hooper          J 932 Hooper
Horse Song The Naadam of Mongolia                      Ted and Betsy Lewin      J 951.7 Lewin
Ikenna Goes to Nigeria                                 Ifeoma Onyefulu          J 966.9 Onyefula
                                                                                J 973.0496
African-American Leaders Vol.1                         Biography
                                                                                J 973.3115
Colonial Voices Hear Them Speak                        Kay Winters
South Carolina: What’s So Great About This State?      Kate B. Jerome           J 975.7 South
                                                                                J 975.7915
Charleston, SC: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know       Kate B. Jerome
Yellowstone                                            Marion D. Bauer          J 978.752 Bauer
Here Is Antarctica                                     Madeleine Dunphy         J 998.9 Dunphy
Sandy’s Circus                                         Alexander Calder         JB Calder
Knucklehead: Tall Tales & Mostly True Stories About
                                                       Jon Scieszka             JB Scieszka
Growing Up Scieszka
Robert Smalls: The Boat Thief                          Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.   JB Smalls
Seven Miles to Freedom: The Robert Smalls Story        Janet Halfmann           JB Smalls
Ghost Letters                                          Stephen Alter          J Alter
A Beginning, A Muddle, and an End: The Right Way To
                                                       Avi                    J Avi
Write Writing
Baseball Crazy: Ten Short Stories that Cover All the
                                                       Baseball               J Baseball
The Green Ghost                                        Marion D. Bauer        J Bauer
Zibby Payne & the Party Problem                        Alison Bell            J Bell
Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: The New Girl           Meg Cabot              J Cabot
The Land of Elyon Book 4 Stargazer                     Patrick Carman         J Carman
Waiting for Normal                                     Leslie Connor          J Connor
Spiderwick Chronicles: A Giant Problem                 Tony DiTerlizzi        J DiTerlizzi
The Porcupine Year                                     Louise Erdrich         J Erdrich
Sword Quest                                            Nancy YI Fan           J Fan
Lunchbox and the Aliens                                Bryan W. Fields        J Fields
Much Ado About Anne                                    Heather V. Frederick   J Frederick
Listening for Crickets                                 David Gifaldi          J Gifaldi
Igor                                                   Catherine Hapka        J Hapka
Hannah Montana: Rock the Waves                         Suzanne Harper         J Harper
Grow A Novel in Verse                                  Juanita Havill         J Havill
Swimming with Sharks                                   Betty Hicks            J Hicks
Piper Reed The Great Gypsy                             Kimberly W. Holt       J Holt
My One Hundred Adventures                              Polly Horvath          J Horvath
Puddlejumpers                                          Mark Jean              J Jean
Alien Incident on Planet J                             Don Jolley             J Jolley
Martin Bridge The Sky’s the Limit!                     Jessica S. Kerrin      J Kerrin
Philippa Fisher’s Fairy God sister                     Liz Kessler            J Kessler
The Mouse Family Robinson                              Dick King-Smith        J King-Smith
The Dragon in the Sock Drawer                          Kate Klimo             J Klimo
Horrible Harry and the Dead Letters                    Suzy Kline             J Kline
The War of the Ember                                   Kathryn Lasky          J Lasky
The Mammoth Academy                                    Neal Layton            J Layton
Dog Lost                                               Ingrid Lee             J Lee
Manolito Four-Eyes                                     Elvira Lindo           J Lindo
Cyberia                                                Chris Lynch            J Lynch
Mary Margaret Mary Christmas                           Christine K. MacLean   J MacLean
South                                                  Patrick McDonnell      J McDonnell
Rufus The Scrub Does Not Wear A TuTu                   Jamie McEwan           J McEwan
Scrubs Forever!                                        Jamie McEwan           J McEwan
White Water Scrubs                                     Jamie McEwan           J McEwan
Willy The Scrub                                        Jamie McEwan           J McEwan
Michael Morpurgo The Mozart Question                   Michael Foreman        J Morpurgo
The Secret Life of Maeve Lee Kwong                     Kirsty Murray          J Murray
Spy!                                                   Anna Myers             J Myers
Penina Levine Is a Potato Pancake                      Rebecca O’Connell      J O’Connell
Chasing Normal                                         Lisa Papademetriou     J Papademetriou
My Cousin, the Alien                                  Pamela F. Service    J Service
Lana’s Lakota Moons                                   Virginia D.H.Sneve   J Sneve
You’re A Bad Man, Mr. Gum!                            Andy Stanton         J Stanton
Rotten School: The Good, the Bad and the Very Slimy   R.L. Stine           J Stine
The Floods Good Neighbors                             Colin Thompson       J Thompson

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