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Michael Dooley


									                                        Michael Dooley
202 CR 1015                                                                              972-965-6338
Princeton, Texas 75407                                             


Senior Engineer and strong leader with expertise in network analysis and working with all layers of
management, marketing, and engineering to resolve customer issues. Major strengths include:
 Project Management             Technology Solutions             Product Design
 Strategic Planning             Process Improvement              Business Analysis
 Customer Support               Training – College/Technical     System Test

                                         Technical Summary

Programming Languages: Tcl/Tk, BASIC, C, shell
Services and Tools: Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Group Office, TestLINK
Operating Systems: Windows 98 through 2000, DOS, Sun Unix, Sun Solaris, VersaDOS, Linux
Test Equipment: Tau Tron, Tberd 310, Tberd 209, Agilent OmniBER 37717/8/9, Cerjac, Adtech AX4000,
W&G ANT-20, and others
Network Equipment: SONET, SDH, WDM, DWDM

                                      Professional Experience

Alcatel Network Systems, Plano, Texas                                                                 2004
Senior Systems Development Engineer (2004)
Performed testing and release of Transmission System and Crossconnect products used by telecom
customers to carry voice and data traffic.
   Evaluated compatibility between equipment for data networks and equipment for telecom networks
    insuring seamless operation of the combined systems.
   Brought in at customer request to successfully bring a floundering project back on schedule.
            o Analyzed and negotiated realistic schedule between incumbent and customer.
            o Provided training and leadership to team of offshore engineers to meet the schedule.
   Insured Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) acceptance of the Optical Crossconnect product
    by completing OSMINE testing (NMA and TIRKS) with Telcordia.
   Provided statistical progress to management using Microsoft Project and Excel to show the projects
    status compared to the actual schedule.
   Created and executed test procedures to check for system compliance with known requirements and
    standards for two fiber BLSR and Performance Monitoring (PM) subsystems.

Consultant, Princeton, Texas                                                                   2003-2004
Senior Engineer (2003-2004)
Provided Installation, Test, and Maintenance solutions to the telecom industry.
   Resolved a perception of ineffectiveness and lack of resolve for my customer by formulating and
    successfully executing Maintenance Operation Procedures (MOP) for their customer’s traffic moves.
   Performed test/turn-up of SONET Multiplex Equipment enabling customers to grow their networks
    and customer base.
                                        Michael Dooley
                                                Page Two

Agere Systems (Lucent Microelectronics), Plano, Texas                                           2000-2003
Senior SONET Test Engineer (2000-2003)
Joined an Engineering Incubator to create a standards compliant SONET Line card.
   Created Requirements based on Standards outlined by RFCs, Telcordia, Network Processor Forum,
    and ISO insuring end product design and architecture met industry standards.
   Created Test Plans based on requirements to guide test engineers in the creation of test code and
    configurations which reduced the length of the testing cycle.
   Implemented Test Plans using Tcl/Tk in the Solaris, Linux, and Windows environments for greater
    flexibility during setup and testing.
   Implemented standard set of functions used between the binary API on target device and Tcl/Tk test
    environment reducing complexity of code used for testing.
   Demonstrated the product during shows and onsite visits with Marketing to enhance customers
    understanding how product would fit in their network.
   Designed and built Network/Power Pod for shows and demos to facilitate rapid and reliable setup.
   Created the Clock Distribution hardware needed to provide flexibility in system configuration to fully
    test hardware and software on the SONET Line Cards.
   Trained Field Service Engineers on SONET Line Card configuration and Linux installation and
    configuration so they could fully, and knowledgeably, demonstrate the product to customers.
   Reviewed Test Equipment for purchase to insure it would cover current and future needs, saving
    money on current and future project budgets.
   Mentored junior engineers enabling them to be productive in a shorter period of time.

Alcatel Network Systems, Plano, Texas                                                           1985-2000
Manager System Verification and Test (2000-2000)
Led the 25 Engineer SVT test team responsible for release testing of all SONET transmission system
products and their Element Management Systems.
   Increased productivity by boosting morale in the engineering staff.
   Reduced attrition rate of engineer staff to zero.
   Performed budget and administration duties necessary to support ongoing product testing.
   Planned future budgets for upcoming projects.
   Provided Statistics and reports on progress using proprietary tools, Microsoft Project and Excel.
Technical Staff Member (1996-2000)
Created requirements based on Standards from Telcordia, ANSI, and ISO for the company's transmission
systems products.
   Developed requirements used to standardize front and rear panel user interfaces.
   Interpreted requirements and standards for hardware, software, and test.
   Supported Engineering and CTAC resolving OSI-TCP/IP network issues in customer networks.
   Developed rules used to govern the OSI Layer 1 routed network size for all SONET products.
   Led team of eight engineers in resolving issues on a 4000 kilometer, two wavelength, SONET ring
    over a 23 day period resulting in customer’s acceptance of system and their paying a $42 million bill.
Systems Test Engineer (1994-1996)
Brought customer environment test and maintenance experience to the development process to improve
quality and reduce release cycle by implementing and leading the first Integration test lab.
                                       Michael Dooley
                                               Page Three

Systems Test Engineer (continued)
   Wrote and implemented test plans geared towards integration testing based on requirements and real
    world experience.
   Reduced time required to release product by working closely with development, increasing their
    understanding of requirements and tests based on them resulting in fewer coding errors.
   Successfully completed the OSMINE (NMA and TIRKS) testing effort with Telcordia which opened
    the door to marketing the product to the Regional Bell Operating Company.
   Experienced zero Critical and Major Customer issues as a result of the integration effort provided by
    my group during the product development phase.
Customer Support Engineer - Fourth Tier (1993-1994)
Provided solutions to the most difficult customer problems that had been reported to upper management
or that had been on the QA log over one year.
   Acted as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Wireless, Optical, and Network/Element Management
   Promoted resolution of customer issues by acting as their advocate with all areas of the company.
   Interfaced with all layers within customer organization necessary to resolve hot issues.
   Resolved over 90% of the issues favorably for both the customer and company.
Customer Support Engineer - Third Tier (1988-1993)
Provided engineering, installation, and maintenance Technical Support to customers in the majority of
product lines built by the company.
Instructor, Customer Training (1985-1988)
Supported customers and company personnel in learning how to install, maintain, and provide system
engineering on Optical, Transport, and Wireless products by creating, facilitating and administering
standup, workbook, and audio training courses.

Richland College                                                                               1992-2000
Telecommunications Instructor (part time)
Provided Instructor led training in the Telecommunications Certification Program.
   "T1 Networking" - course on designing digital voice and data networks.
   "Introduction to Telecom" - course used to introduce a newcomer to the world of telecom.
   "SONET" (Synchronous Optical Networks) - course detailing the SONET protocol.


Electronics Technology - Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas

                                     Professional Development

Cisco CCNA Certification Courses - Collin County Community College, McKinney, Texas
C, C++ Courses - Richland College, Dallas, Texas
LabVIEW Training, National Instruments, Austin, Texas
Tcl/Tk, Complete Tcl/TK Training Course, Richardson, Texas
Alcatel 1603SMX Test/Turn-up Certification, Alcatel, Plano, Texas

                                           Military Service

United States Navy, Aviation Electronics Technician, Honorable Discharge

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