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The ROGO Updater


									                GROWTH MANAGEMENT
                  MONROE COUNTY
                                                                                VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

                                      RO G O                   U PDAT ER
                                      MAY 10, 2006

                                    ROGO APPLICATION FLOW CHART

                                      This newsletter is one step
ROGO SCORING            2             Monroe County is taking to help
                                      familiarize its residents and                         ROGO Application
                                      visitors with the development
PENALTY                 2
                                      process. This Newsletter is
                                      centered around ROGO and the
                                      application process for an allo-
ADDITIONAL              3
POINTS                                cation for a residential unit or
                                      structure. Another newsletter,
APPLICATION             3
                                      the NROGO Updater, is avail-              Scoring               Additional Points
SUBMITTAL                             able for commercial projects.
                                                                         Tier       Score    BPK
                                      The flow chart to the right de-
ROGO RESCORE            4                                                                                   V Zone = -4
                                      tails the process you are about
                                                                          1          10       0
                                      to undertake. This diagram is a                                     Aggregation = 4
                                      simplified version and details      2         N/A       10
                                                                                                      Land Dedication = .5 to 4
                                      the basic information associ-      3 (SPA)     20       N/A
                                                                                                       Fund Donation = 1 to 2
                                      ated with receiving a ROGO
                                                                          3          30       20

                                      Inside this information will be
                                      expounded upon and should
                                      give you a more clear idea of
                                      what’s to come.
SPECIAL POINTS                                                                  Allocation

• ROGO stands for Rate of
  Growth Ordinance

• ROGO was adopted on                                                                                            Credit
  June 23rd 1992                                                         Cesspit Credit List                    Awarded
• It was updated many
  times throughout since
  its adoption

• The Tier System was
  adopted to simplify
                                                                                   Permit Issued
  ROGO in March of 2006.
       ROGO UPDATER                                                                                         Page 2


       ROGO, being a competitive         development and those ar-
       system of receiving a building    eas appropriate for conserva-                Tier ROGO Scoring
       permit, slows growth.             tion as Tier 3 and Tier 1 re-       Tier 1                  10 Points
                                         spectively. ROGO awards
       This is accomplished by only
                                         more or less points based on        Tier 3a (SPA)           20 points
       awarding allocations 4 times
                                         these designations.                 Tier 3                  30 Points
       a year, typically in December,
       March, June, and September.       The Tier designation points
                                         are detailed in the tables to
       ROGO also directs growth to
                                         the right. Please note that         Tier ROGO Scoring BPK &NNK
       appropriate areas by using
                                         different scoring applies to
       the Tier System as the pri-                                           Tier 1                     0 Points
                                         applications for development
       mary scoring criteria.                                                Tier 2                  10 points
                                         in the Big Pine & No Name
       The Tier System designates        Key Planning area (BPK &            Tier 3                  20 Points
       those areas appropriate for       NNK).


Monroe County is required to     planning area.
discourage development
                                 The table below details all of
from occurring in an environ-
                                 the available penalties and
mentally sensitive area and
                                 the areas they apply.                                                         “different
in hazardous areas.

We accomplish this through                                                                                     scoring applies
the assignment of penalties                                                                                    to the Big Pine &
for applications proposing
                                                                                                               No Name Key
development in these areas.
                                                                                                               Planning area”
Like the scoring criteria some
penalties are only applied to
applications within the Big
Pine Key and No Name Key

                                        Penalty applies if                              Penalty Value

       development is proposed within a V flood zone                                          -4 Points

       The following penalties only apply to those applications on BPK & NNK
       the parcel is located within a Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit habitat area or buffer
       zone                                                                                  -10 points

       the parcel is located within the Key Deer Corridor                                    -10 points

       the parcel is located on No Name Key                                                  -10 points

       All of the above penalties are applied cumulatively
   VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                            Page 3


   Monroe County offers additional points to applicants as an opportunity to move your application to the
   top of the ranking list. These points are an incentive for you to help Monroe County meet its goals and
   objectives. The following is a list of available opportunities:

   Aggregation Aggregation is the process of combining two or more vacant, legally platted, and buildable
   lots within a Tier 3 area and a land use designation of IS, IS-D, URM, URM-L, or CFV for the purposes of
   building one unit. Aggregation in Tier 3a will be allowed if no clearing of upland native habitat is pro-
   posed.                                                                Award = +4 or in BPK & NNK = +3

   Land Dedication Donation of certified land to Monroe County in an effort to retire development rights.
   There are four possible opportunities under this category:

   (1) Dedication of a vacant, legally platted, buildable lot located within a SC, any IS, any URM, CFV or
                                                                                                                Tropical hardwood hammock,
   any CFSD land use districts allowing residential units                 Award = +4 or in BPK & NNK = +2          typical Tier 3a Spa area.

   (2) Dedication of a vacant, legally platted, buildable lot of 5,000 square feet or more located within any
     SR land use district                                                Award = +1

   (3) Dedication of vacant, legally platted, buildable lot of 5,000 square feet or more located within a NA
     or SS land use district                                             Award = +.5

   (4) Dedication of at least 1 acre of vacant, unplatted, buildable land located within Tier 1
                                                                                                                   “Monroe County
                                                                        Award = +4 or in BPK &NNK =+3
                                                                                                                   offers additional
   Affordable Project: Proposing a market rate unit as a part of a multiple unit affordable housing project.
                                                                        Award = +6                                 points to

   Central Wastewater: Proposing a project that is connected to an available central wastewater system.            applicants as an

                                                                        Award = +4
                                                                                                                   opportunity to

   Fund Donation: Donation of money to the Monroe County Environmental Restoration and Land Man-
                                                                                                                   move your
   agement Fund. This money is used to acquire property for the purposes of development right retire-              application to
   ment of affordable housing. The price of each point is set yearly by the Board of County Commissioers.
                                                                                                                   the top of the
                                                                       Award = +1 Max +2
                                                                                                                   ranking list”

   To submit an application for      parcel to be aggregated and       gist for each parcel, copies of   wastewater system you must
   a ROGO application you must       a proposed restrictive cove-      any title insurance, and a        provide a certification letter
   provide a complete applica-       nant which limits the number      land dedication certificate if    from the wastewater pro-
   tion.                             of units on the property.         applicable.                       vider.

   Submittal requirements differ     If you plan to receive points     If you plan to receive points     If you plan to receive points
   from application to applica-      for land dedication you must      for being part of an afford-      for fund donation you must
   tion based on the additional      provide a current property        able housing project you          provide a cashiers check in
   points desired.                   record card or deed, a statu-     must provide a letter of certi-   the appropriate amount for
                                     tory warranty deed conveying      fication from the affordable      each point, maximum of 2,
   If you plan to receive points
                                     the property to Monroe            housing coordinator.              applied for.
   for aggregation you must
                                     County, the dedicate-able
   provide a current property                                          If you plan to receive points
                                     letter from the County Biolo-
   record card or deed for each                                        for connecting to a central
                                                                                                         Monroe County would like
                                                                                                         to welcome to the Growth
                                                                                                         Management office Ty Sym-
                                                                                                         roski our new Growth Man-
                                                                                                         agement Director and con-
                                                                                                         gratulate Aref Joulani on the
     MANAGEMENT DIVISION                                                                                 promotion to Planning and
                                                                                                         Environmental Resources
     Planning and Environmental Resources                                                                Director.

     Marathon Government Center
     2798 Overseas Highway, Suite 400
                                                                                                         We have offices located in
     Marathon, FL 33050                                                                                  Stock Island, Marathon,
     Phone: 305-289-2500                                                                                 and Plantation Key. The
     Fax: 305-289-2536                                                                                   Stock Island office is lo-
     E-mail:                                                        cated on the second floor of
                                                                                                         the Stock Island Detention
     Website: Http://
                                                                                                         Center on College Road.
                                                                                                         The Marathon Office, our
                                                                                                         headquarters, is located in
                                                                                                         the Marathon Government
                                                                                                         Center. Our Plantation Key
                                                                                                         Office is located just south
                                                                                                         of Coral Shores High School
ROGO RESCORE                                                                                             on the bay side of mile
  All 600+ applicants in ROGO       tion is within BBP & NNK +3       dedication you will be enti-       marker 88.8
  awaiting an allocation on         points will be awarded.           tled, as part of the rescore, to
  July 17th, 2006 will be res-                                        a restoration of the original
                                    Those applications subject to
  cored based on the criteria                                         controlling date and any per-
                                    the rescore and having re-
  associated with the Tier Sys-                                       severance points lost as a
                                    ceived points for land dedica-
  tem and its implementation.                                         result of that withdrawal.
                                    tion will be rescored to in-
  The following explains how        clude a +4points for each lot     No points will be awarded
  criteria were applied and how     donated and if the applica-       based on building design
  certain points roll over to the   tion is within the BPK & NNK      criteria. All base points are a
  new system.                       planning area will receive +2     result of the Tier designation
                                    points per donated lot.           for the parcel to be devel-
  If your application is subject
  to this rescore then all perse-   In the past ROGO was unfor-
  verance points earned to          giving, requiring withdrawal      If you have exceeded 5 years       Marathon Government Center,
  date will be rolled over and      to add points for aggregation     in ROGO prior to the rescore           Growth Management
  you will continue to receive      or land dedication. You lost      you will again be eligible for
  perseverance points on your       your controlling date and any     the process of beneficial use
  entry anniversary date at the     time applied toward perse-        and administrative relief in
  rate of +2 points per year        verance between your anni-        the appropriate time periods.
  until the allocation is           versary dates.
                                                                      Monroe County has made
                                    The new system allows with-       every effort to make this res-
  Some applications in ROGO         drawal to add points as long      core an equal or positive
  prior to 9/27/05 had              as the original building permit   increase for all points ac-
  achieved points for aggrega-      does not change.                  quired prior to the Tier sys-
  tion. These points will not                                         tem.
                                    If you withdrew your original
  only roll over to the new sys-
                                    ROGO application to add
  tem but will be upgraded to
                                    points for aggregation or land
  +4 points and if the applica-

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