10 Ways to Improve Your Heart Health by totalhealth4life


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									Your Heart…..Your Most Important Organ! Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in America. Don’t you think you might want to know how you can reduce your chances of dying of heart disease???!!! 1. First one’s a no brainer……..stop smoking! 2. Reduce your blood cholesterol - cut down saturated fat, dairy products, and increase c0nsumption of vegetables. 3. Exercise - weight train, which builds lean body mass which lowers your blood pressure. 4. Reduce your salt intake. 5. Increase your calcium intake - calcium citrate supplement and fruits and vegetables. 6. Take one 81 mg. aspirin daily. (check with your doctor first) 7. Eat fish. Eating fish (salmon is great) and reduce your chance of heart disease from 40% to 50%! 8. Supplement with vitamins C, E and Enzyme CoQ10. 9. Make sure you eat 30 grams of fiber daily. It lowers blood pressure, cholesterol. and blood sugar. 10. Men, having two drinks a day (women; one drink) is more heart healthy than having none! It helps raise your good cholesterol, HDL.

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