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                                                          Texas A&M International University
                                                                  School of Nursing
                                                               Letter of Recommendation

             A Member of the Texas A&M University System

              INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANT: This form is to be given to each of the two persons you are naming as
              references. References should be chosen from persons who are able to comment on your qualifications for
              advanced study and form others who can comment on your professional experience and ability.

              (Last Name)                                           (First Name)                         (Middle Name)

              The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and its amendments guarantee students access to educational records
              concerning them. Students are also permitted to waive their rights of access to recommendations. The following signed
              statement indicates the wish of the applicant regarding this recommendation.

              ______ I waive    _____ I do not waive         my right to inspect the contents of the following recommendation.

              Signed: ____________________________________________________ SS#: _________________ Date:________________

              INSTRUCTIONS TO REFERENCE: Please write below your frank opinion of the above named applicant.
              Evaluation reports are used in the process of admission. Your opinion will assist us in determining the applicant's
              qualifications for acceptance.

              1. On the following characteristics please rate applicant against other students you have known in comparable

                                                                              Above                         Below               No
                                                           Exceptional                       Average
                                                                              Average                       Average         Information
              Intellectual Ability
              Leadership Ability
              Self Motivation
              Ability to Work with Others
              Ability to Express Self Orally
              Writing Ability
              Emotional Maturity
              Likelihood of Success in
              Advanced Work
              Problem Solving Ability
              Analytic Ability

              II. How long and under what circumstances have you known applicant?
              III. Where would you rank the applicant on the following scale?
                 Not recommended for Admission                   Unsure of Ability             Recommended for Admission

              Signature     _________________________________________                          Date _______________________
              Name Printed or Typed ____________________________                             Title ______________________
              Institution _______________________________________                            Address ____________________

              * Please add comments on the back of this form.