Check List of Human Characteristics by kks12463


									Student Work Sheet 1-1
                                  Check List of Human Characteristics

There are many times in life when things happen to you that hurt, embarrass, or frighten you. Below are a
few examples of things that might happen. You can probably think of many more. Add them to the list as
you think about this.

• You did something really dumb in public, and you feel humiliated and embarrassed.

• Somebody in your family did something really dumb in public, and you feel humiliated and embarrassed
  about that.

• You failed an important exam, and you know you will have to bring a rotten report card home.

• Somebody cuts you off while you are driving home from work.

• You did something for somebody, and they did not appreciate it.

• You played badly in the big game of a sport that you normally play well.

• You keep trying to do something, and finally you begin to think that you will be a failure at it.

• You swallow your pride and ask somebody to do something for you, and they make fun of you.

• Others:

  It can be argued that human beings have a positive and a negative side to their personalities. Which of
  the following characteristics come through when these things happen to you:

                           A              A                              A             A
                          Lot           Little        Neutral          Little         Lot
 Laughter                                                                                      Anger
 Cooperative                                                                                   Competitive
 Sharing                                                                                       Selfish
 Loving                                                                                        Hating
 Humble                                                                                        Status seeking
 Power sharing                                                                                 Power seeking
 Constructive                                                                                  Destructive

                  If you had lots of power when one of the above bad things happened to you and given
                  what you know about your personality, would the power have made things better or
                  worse for you?

                  How are you going to deal with your personality characteristics when you do get some

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