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									                                                                                                                          HARVARD UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                             TO VERMONT
Boston, international guest house

                                                                                                                            BOSTON         BOSTON


                                    Student Residence                                          WORCESTER

                                    Boston / Harvard Square                                               KAPLAN ASPECT
                                                                                                          DEAN COLLEGE

                                                                                                                                   TO CAPE COD &
                                                                                                                                   MARTHA’S VINEYARD

                                                                                       FRANKLIN                             PROVIDENCE

                                    International Guest House
                                    The International Guest House is centrally
                                    located in the Back Bay area. International                    HARVARD SQUARE                          HAYMARKET

                                    Guest House offers shared rooms with beds,                                                            KAPLAN
                                                                                                    MIT (MASSACHUSETTS
                                                                                                    INSTITUTE OF TECH)                    BOSTON
                                    linens, dressers, desks and internet access
                                                                                                                   CHARLES RIVER
                                    (for a fee). There are also laundry facilities                                                       PUBLIC
                                                                                                                   INTERNATIONAL         GARDEN
                                    available in the basement. The residence                 BOSTON                GUEST HOUSE     NEWBURY
                                                                                             UNIVERSITY                            STREET
                                    option includes 14 buffet-style meals per
                                                                                               FENWAY PARK
                                    week.                                                                                                       BOSTON
                                                                                                BACK BAY FENS

                                                                                                                         UNIVERSITY                  QUINCY
                                    The Guest House is situated close to Boston        BOSTON

                                    Public Library and Copley Square subway            International Guest House
                                                                                       237 Beacon Street
                                    station. It takes 15 minutes by subway to get to   Boston, MA 02116
                                    the Kaplan Boston Center. This residence is a
                                    great place for students looking to meet other
                                    international students, explore the city, and
                                    have a good time!

                                                                                       International Guest House

                                    Student Residence International Guest House Boston
Boston, international guest house

                                    Bathroom                                        Shared room                                       Dining room

                                    Lobby                                           Bedroom                                           Communal kitchen

                                      Accommodation details

                                      Type of accommodation                          Utilities                                       Deposit
                                      Half board, fully furnished single or          Electricity, gas and water are included in      There is a $200 (per person) cash
                                      shared rooms with shared bath facilities.      the accommodation fee. The Electrical           refundable security deposit that will be
                                                                                     current is 220 volts. Students from some        collected at the residence on arrival and
                                                                                     countries will require a transformer or         returned upon departure.
                                      Meals                                          adaptor.
                                      14 meals (breakfast and dinner) per
                                      week are provided. There are also many                                                         Visitors
                                      dining options nearby.                         Internet and phone                              Visitors are allowed from 10 am - 11 pm.
                                                                                     Every room has a phone for student use.
                                                                                     In-town phone calls are free. Please
                                      Kitchen/cooking facilities                                                                     Noise and restrictions
                                                                                     use a calling card for international calls.
                                      Basic kitchen utilities are provided in                                                        Students are requested to be considerate
                                                                                     Students can purchase calling cards at
                                      some units: microwave, refrigerator,                                                           of their neighbors and keep noise levels
                                                                                     the front desk. Wireless Internet (Wi Fi) is
                                      small stove.                                                                                   to a minimum, especially after 10 pm.
                                                                                     available for a fee of $39.99/month.

                                      Rooms                                                                                          Additional Details
                                      Rooms are equipped with beds, linens,
                                                                                     Laundry                                         There is a $50 late arrival fee charged
                                                                                     Coin-operated laundry facilities are
                                      towels, dressers, desks and Internet                                                           directly to students arriving at the
                                                                                     available in the basement; $1.75 fee for
                                      access (for a fee). Heating and a                                                              International Guest House after 10pm.
                                                                                     washer and $1.75 fee for dyer.
                                      telephone are included in the room.
                                      A microwave oven, refrigerator, and air                                                        Availability
                                      are included in some rooms.                    Security and keys                               The student residence is available
                                                                                     One key is provided per student and used        year round. Minimum age is 16. Check in
                                                                                     for exterior door and dorm room; $50 fee
                                      Student lounge                                 for a lost key.
                                                                                                                                     time is after 2 pm, departure time is
                                      The residence has a comfortable student                                                        before 11 am.
                                      common room with a soda machine, a
                                      snack machine, couches, and a televi-          Bed linen and towels
                                      sion - ideal for socializing and practicing    Bed linens and towels will be provided
                                      English!                                       by the residence. Cleaners will wash and
                                                                                     change linens once a week. Common
                                                                                     areas and bathrooms cleaned once or
                                      Bathrooms                                      twice a week; room cleaned prior to
                                      Private or semi-private bathrooms (for
                                                                                     student arrival.
                                      3-4 students). There are 3-4 showers and
                                      toilets facilities in communal bathrooms,
                                      which are separated by gender.

                                                                                                                                    Details may change. Published October 2009.

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