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									                           BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

                               AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY

Meeting Date: Wed. July 15,2009                       Division: BOCC

Bulk Item: Yes        No   -X                         Department: Commissioner Di Gennaro

                                                 Staff Contact Person/Phone #: Tamara Lundstrom
                                                                               305 289-6000

AGENDA ITEM WORDING: Approval to appoint Merlynn Boback to the Duck Key Security
District Advisory Board, fulfilling remaining term of Mary Balazs.

ITEM BACKGROUND: Merlynn Boback has been a resident of Duck Key since 1998. She is a
retired elementary and Junior High School teacher.

PREVIOUS RELEVANT BOCC ACTION: Appointed Mary Balazs to the Duck Key Security
District Advisory Board in May of2007. Her term ends June 1,2010.



TOTAL COST:          _       INDIRECT COST:                            .BUDGETED: Yes _No

COST TO COUNTY:                             _         SOURCE OF FUNDS:

REVENUE PRODUCING: Yes                 No             _ AMOUNT PER MONTH__            Year

APPROVED BY:        County Atty _           OMB/Purchasing _       Risk Management __

DOCUMENTATION:              Included    XX             Not Required_ _ 

DISPOSITION:                                      _                AGENDA ITEM #            _

Revised 1109

                        Monroe County Boards and Committees
                             Appointment Information

Board or Committee: Duck Key Security District Advisory Board

Commissioner Appointing Member: Mario Di Gennaro,   macc District 4)
Name of Member:              Mery1ynn Boback

Address:                     180 Indies Dr. South
                             Duck Key
                             Marathon, FL 33050

Mailing Address:

Phone Numbers:	              Work: N/A
                             Home: 305 743-4978
                             Cell: N/A
                             Fax: N/A
                             E-mail: N/A

Date of Appointment:	        July 15, 2009


Date Term Expires:	          June 1, 2010

Name of Person Being Replaced:      N/A

Fulfilling Term of:	         Mary Balazs

Misc. Info: Mary Balazs was appointed to the Board in May 2007 by
Comm. Mario Di Gennaro.
                                     RECEIVED JUN 2~ 2009

I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I graduated from the

grammar school and High School in Palatine, Illinois.

Graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1964,

with a major in elememtary education. I then taught

mathematics in the Junior High in Barrington, II.

Married Jim Boback in 1967. I have three grown

children and six grandchildren.

I have been a resident of duck Key since 1998.

My permanent address is 180 Indies Drive South.

Secondary address is 1075 North Shore Drive

Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014


Merlynn P Boback

 ph. ~743 -.Ljq7~
11 0 (l,('(l - ?i d.dB, f (Nt <k.L
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  From:      Lundstrom-Tamara
  Sent:      Tuesday, June 30, 2009 12:24 PM
  To:        DiGennaro-Mario
  Subject: FW: DKSAB Applicant


From: robin neville [mailto:nevi1688@bellsouth,net]
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 11:19 AM
To: Lundstrom-Tamara
Cc: robin neville
Subject: Re: DKSAB Applicant

Dear Comm, Di Gennaro,

This if to notify you that the Duck Key Security Advisory Board recommends the appointment of Merlyn Boback to
the Advisory Board.


Tom Neville. Chairman DKSAB
 ----- Original Message ---­
 From: !"undslrof!l-Tamllrg
 Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 4:43 PM

 Robin and Tom,

 We have requested staff review and recommendation of the nighttime golf carl use for the July 15th SOCC
 meeting. I know you said you could not attend the meeting in July to answer questions, can you deputize
 someone from tl1e district to attend in your stead, or would you rather we postpone the item for August (Key
 Largo) or Sep (next Marathon meeting). Typically, we try to agenda items to be heard in the given area
 affected, but this isn't likely to be a locally controversial issue,

 I will call you tomorrow.


 Tamara Lundstrom
 Executive Assistant
 Commissioner Mario Di Gennaro
 Monroe County Commissioner - District 4
 9400 Overseas Highway, Ste. 210
 Marathon, FL 33050
 Ph: 305 289-6000
 Fx: 305289-4610


                                                                                             Pa!!c 1 of;

 robin neville

 From:      "M 9ry Balazs" <,

 To:        <>   .~)

 Sent:      Monday, May 19,20082:31 PM .

 Subject:   Security Board .~

Tom, per our conversation this morning, please accept this email as my resignation from the Duck Key

Security Board. It has been a pleasure to serve with you, and the other members, on this Board. If} can

ever be of any assistance, please let me know.

No virus found in this incoming message.

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                        BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

                            AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY

Meeting Date: Wed.. May 16,2007               Division:   BaCe
Bulk Item: Yes        No XX                   Department: Mayor Di Gennaro. District 4

                                              Staff Contact Person: Tamara Lundstrom
                                                                    (305 289-6000)

AGENDA ItEM WORDING: Approval of appointment 01 Mary Balazs to the Duck Key
Security District Advisory Board.

ITEM BACKGROUND: Appointment will fulfiD replacement of previous board member, Fred
Buckholtz. who moved out of the area earlier this year.




TOTAL COST:             ~           _         BUDGETED: Yes            No
COSTTOCOUNTY:                       __        SOURCE OF FUNDS:                           _


APPROVED BY:       County AllY __   OMBlPurchasing _         Risk Management __

DOCUMENTATION:            Included XX         Not Required       _

DlSPOSITION:                              _                  AGENDAITEM#        t/?­
Revised 2/05
                        Monroe County Boards and Committees
                             Appointment Information

Board or Committee: Duck Key Security District AdvisQry Board

Commissioner Appointing Member: Mayor Mario Di Gennaro. BDeC District 4

Name of Member:              MaryBaJazs

Address:                     122 Bimini Drive
                             Ducls Key. FL 33050

Mailing Address:

Phone Numbers:	              Work: N/A
                             Home: 305 289-9668
                             Cell: lliA
                             Fax: N/A
                             E-mail: N/A

Date of Appointment:	        May 16,2007


Date Term Expires:           June 1. 2010 (3 yr. term) ,

Name of Person Being Replaced:      Fred Buckholtz

Fulfilling Tenn of:          ~

APR 12.2007 13:50

                                                                                                              Page 2

                                                                                               APR 1 2 2007
                                             UlICK KEY SI"CURIIV DISTRICT
                                                   I:!f> BIMINI DRIVE
                                                 DUCK KEY ......ORJI)A 3:IIl511


         10M NI,.VIl.! .f:, CIIAIRMAN
         R..1. Hl'I.HllNC i                        IJHNNIS KtlU(i                 BRIAN WAI.SH
         I)ONl"j,\ V',.\MMAN(;                     JERRY     fnR'I1EI~            MARY B"I.AI:~
         April I:!. 20U7

         r>t'<IC Mayor OI( illIlCrT<'.

         This ill a n:qucsl by the !)1Ie" Kc;y Security "~jlOry nUlla-oJ Commiu.:.e to "1",WIlIl Mrs. MaI~ 10 the I\dvis<ll)' fklard.

         Thank you fur your considC:rlItion attlK:hcd is hl:r bin,

         l'lcsst .:all ifynu ba"c: llIIY quet>liClllli, Cdt 105-:H14·7B5

         O\lr nc'Cl schWl1lt:d l~'ng. for lhe 8BllJ\1 J.'i April 24.2007 at 9 am at 111; Bimini Uri~'e. Otd
         K\;y. Ilopefully cilbl:, )UIl aro an llppoilllR can allad Il' diliC.\Wli wh~':tc we am at wilh Lhe
         Su:uril)' Cllmera.or..;)Iki Walkways (ur the DriLl&e.~.

         Tt,1I'I Neville., Chainnaal nKSAB
                                                                    art f(2UG)

To: Tom Neville                                                            APR 1 2 2007

from    MaryBoIoz,     1k ~~
                        our~   ~~:1:t continually since then.
Tom, Les and I purchased                at 122 Bimini Dr, Duck Key, Florida, in
approximately /994, and have

Prior to my retirement, I was an attorney in Ohio since my admission to the Bar in May
1980. I worked for the federal government upon my admi ttance to the bar, and then for
various law firms. I represented many public bodies, including cities, cOWlties. and other
govenunental entities as part of my practice. I am very familiar with security and police
issues from my law practice, where I dealt with such issues frequently. I also served as
the law director for the Village of Brooklyn Hts. a suburb of Cleveland. for 13 years.
Most recently I was a partner at Taft, Stcttinius, and Hollister from 2000 until my
retirement. I was voted one of the "Superstar" lawyers in Ohio for 2004 and 2005. My
husband and I moved fuJI time to our house in Duck Key in March 2005.

ph     ':W 2-'61-16~~           .
I+dJI/d:56 '.    (2 Z. {3 i mIn i Jk.
                J)UJ¥~I R-- 33()CO

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