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									Just about everyone knows someone who collects Precious Moments
figurines. These endearing characters have graced sentimental homes for
years and years. One of the nicest presents that you can buy for someone
who loves this collection is a Precious Moments Christmas ornament.

As there are many different styles, designs and characters in the
Precious Moments’ collection, there are many different holiday ornaments
as well. This can pose a bit of a shopping challenge for anyone looking
to buy one of these Christmas decorations for a loved one. However, I
have a suggestion that may help you make a quick decision.

I am an avid collector of this style of figurine and I am looking into
adopting the precious theme into my holiday decorating ideas. There are
some tricks to finding the right products for your special recipient and
you may not even have to ask this person any questions to clue you in.

First of all, consider the very nature of the recipient. Would this
person prefer a Precious Moments ornament that is related to a religious
theme? Maybe she would like something that is inspired by nature or
perhaps she loves little children and babes. No matter what, there is a
holiday ornament that is just right in this motif.

You can find holiday decorations in this theme that span across a number
of different inspirations. Consider what figurines you have seen in this
person’s collection to help you target a specific inspiration for the
design. If you haven’t been paying attention to the collection, don’t
fret. I have a great suggestion.

Since I am an avid collector, I can make a pretty good guess as to which
items will be a winner each and every time. You can’t go wrong with a
Precious Moments ornament that offers a classic feel. The sleigh bell
collection from Ashton-Drake is the perfect choice for any collector.

The sleigh bell collection is so very appealing for many reasons. Of
course, the bells themselves are closely linked to the holidays. Each
Precious Moments ornament is adorned with a lovely hand-pained scene in
the theme’s signature colors and it is cast in resin for strength and

These holiday decorations make wonderful presents because they come in
sets of three (and at a remarkably reasonable price). This makes the
sleigh bell Precious Moments ornament collection ideal for anyone
starting a new holiday collection in this theme. •

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