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					                                        PNWCG Steering Committee
                                          Meeting Notes DRAFT
                                              May 18, 2005

       Attendees:                                        Guests:
       Leo Sidebotham, Chair, BLM                        Terry Burgess, USFS
       Bill Lafferty, ODF                                Lori Hammer, BLM
       Karyn Wood, USFS                                  Barbara Kennedy, BLM
       Earl Cordes, Vice Chair, Oregon Fire Services     Gerry Day, NWCC
       Cory Winnie, BIA
       Pam Ensley, USFWS
       John Kraushaar, NPS
       Mark Kahley, WADNR
       Blanche France, Notes

Introductions, Agenda Modification
        Rearranged Agenda so that Fire Planning and Analysis Update (Terry Burgess) was rescheduled to
0915-1000. Blue Ribbon Panel (Roy Montgomery) rescheduled for 1230-1315.
        Note that all meeting handouts are available in a consolidated ZIP file format on the PNWCG website
located at

Fire Planning Analysis Update (FPA) – Terry Burgess
Handouts:     Northwest FPA Group PNWCG Briefing (fpa_brief_05-18-05.pdf)
              Pam requested a map of the fpu groupings. Terry will provide.

Terry presented handout and went through the talking points. It was noted that the FPA training curriculum has
been changed since it was first offered. People may have to retake the training if they took it earlier.

PNWCG concerns regarding FPA budgeting and how will fluctuate from year to year. No more targets – this
process will compute money based upon what funding you receive rather than the projects/goals.

Terry: Need to get line officers briefed so that they need to free up people to help. Pinch points coming up,
could be contention points when model comes out. Will need people committed to the project in order to meet
the deadlines.

PNWCG concerns that the deadlines are being issued before the project issues are fleshed out and the modules
can be tested or examined. At this point in time, decision is to monitor the model and see if it is going to work
out. Model will not be tested by the next PNWCG Meeting in June. May need to regroup with Terry at later
meeting to get an update. In the meantime, Terry asks for PNWCG assistance in getting the word out to the line
officers. In order to meet the deadlines, they will need to assign staff to the tasks.

Community Assistance Grant Program Commuinication Strategy – Barbara Kennedy & Lori Hammer
Powerpoints: NFP Grants Communication Program Proposal (NFP_Grants_Comm_Prop.ppt)
             NFP Community Assistance – Grant Program Overview (NFP_Grant_Program_Overview.ppt)
             Oregon Board of Forestry NFP Presentation (NFP BOF Fire Presentation.ppt)
Handouts:    NFP Community Assistance Grant Program Overview (Dated 05/17/05) (nfpoverview_05-17-
                                        PNWCG Steering Committee
                                          Meeting Notes DRAFT
                                              May 18, 2005

Lori put forward proposal to develop a National Fire Plan Communications Program which highlights media
events and awards ceremonies throughout the Northwest. Recommend that local fire people be involved at each

Action Items: PNWCG members need to send Lori an email for local contacts at these locations
( “NFP Grants Communication Program Proposal (NFP_Grants_Comm_Prop.ppt)”
for specifics.

Barbara Kennedy presented National Fire Plan Community Assistance Grant Program Overview

Barbara requested everyone’s RFA numbers so that she can incorporate into her future presentations. Will get
with PNWCG members to obtain this information.

Bill Lafferty had a presentation for the Oregon Board of Forestry, (BOF) which is the State of Oregon Citizen’s
board which guides their agency. He went ahead and walked through his presentation to obtain input from Lori
and Barbara. Bill wants to provide the BOF with an overview of the benefits of NFP and to see if they want to
become more involved in the grant decision-making process. Recommends creation of an Oregon State
National Fire Plan Advisory Group. Group discussion on the benefits and feasibility of the proposal. See
Oregon Board of Forestry NFP Presentation (NFP BOF Fire Presentation.ppt) for specifics.

Blue Ribbon Panel Update – Roy Montgomery.
Handout:     Briefing Paper Update 05/18/05. Implementation of Strategic Plan for Fire Suppression
             Contracting. (briefing paper 05-18.doc)
             Implementation Plan – Fire Suppression Contracting Tasks (implementation plan.doc)

Dispatching Contract ResourcesBest Value Resources for 2006. The intent is to have a solution presented to
PNWCG by October 1, 2005.

Options for Procuring Modules of Contract Resources in 2006. Group discussion about the strike team
leaders/inherently governmental. Leo would like concensus with IC’s and the Ops WT. Roy will be running it
by the OPS WT and does not anticipate any problem.

Roy recommends Terry Brown be invited to give the PNWCG a demo of the new online performance
evaluations for contractors.

Roy emphasized the need to communicate the decisions and progress of the tasks of the Blue Ribbon Panel to
the agencies and field units. Place documentation on web site.

Follow-Up Items:
       Draft the letters recommended in the Implementation Plan – Fire Suppression Contracting Tasks to
provide information to the field on the decisions that have been made as a result of the Blue Ribbon Panel’s
recommendations and research (Roy)

       Draft a Task Order (provide direction to PNWCG WT for Best Value Criteria).
                                        PNWCG Steering Committee
                                          Meeting Notes DRAFT
                                              May 18, 2005

        Work with Info WT to draft TO. Recommend that PNWCG work with the Information
WT to come up with a public affairs plan/marketing plan to keep everyone informed of what is
happening with the Blue Ribbon Panel and PNWCG decisions. Roy will speak with them to see if
it is something they could do. Work to develop a task order to the Info WT.

Roy will draft up task orders and letters as lined out in the Implementation Plan. (Implementation Plan – Fire
Suppression Contracting Tasks Handout).

MAC Review/Update – Gerry Day
Handouts:  PNWCG NW MAC (Contact List) *Contact Gerry for copy – not posted due to confidential
           contact information.
           NW MAC Meeting Critique (August 3, 2003) (nwmac_critique.pdf)
           Page 3 of 2005 National Interagency Mobilization Guide (Chapter 10) (mob_guide.pdf)
           NW MAC Operations Handbook (Dated June 2004) *Contact Gerry for copy
           Incident Prioritization Worksheet (IPW) (incident_priority_wksht.pdf)

Change to National Mob Guide – Chapter 10. Section 11.2. Several changes which will impact MAC. Need
for assessment. Firefighter Safety and IA are assumed priorities.

Spoke about the Integration of the IPW and the NIFC Mob Page and the prioritization formulas.

Discussion on cost limit (Item C of Mob Guide) since this is an Agency Administer to determine and not
necessary in the NWMAC area of responsibility. Gerry suggests that we talk to Ken Snell and get his
involvement since Ken helped mastermind the initial worksheet that has been used in the past.

Gerry will speak to Lyle Carlisle and see if he could be here for the June PNWCG Meeting to discuss NMAC
strategies and issues they will be looking at.

Need updated info on the contact list. Need to determine MAC Coordinator. Discussion on options (trainees,
etc.). Reggie Huston as possible Planning Section.

Discussion on Northwest MAC Organization and the positions/assignments. Reevaluate the positions and
duties. Leo wants someone with strong writing skills to do all the letters, directives, documentation, etc.
Someone with fire experience. Need to consider more trainee positions for MAC support. Assign trainees to
all the retirees we bring in.

Need to update delegation of authority letter. Gerry will circulate it and have Agency Administrator sign it and
Gerry will have it filed. Will elaborate on the Command role vs. Directive role if it becomes necessary. Cory
will work with Gerry on the letter at that point.


   It’s that time of year when the Information Working Team needs to be directed to get the preseason
    messages out. So many are weighing in about what kind of a season its going to be, and the feds seem to
    have been quite absent in the media, at least before I left.

       PNWCG: Agreed. Need to reassemble the Information WT to address preseason messages.
                                         PNWCG Steering Committee
                                           Meeting Notes DRAFT
                                               May 18, 2005

   Also, I think it would be timely for the Steering Committee to make some clear criteria or direction to the
    Prevention Working Team about when and under what conditions the Steering Committee would support
    bringing in outside Prevention Teams. Up until 2 years ago, near as I can tell, Prevention Teams were not
    brought in without a Task Order from PNWCG. As you know, out of area national Prevention Teams cost
    us $$ and are not supported by the two States yet are portrayed as a PNWCG thing. So I think a discussion
    about how the Steering Committee wants to task this to happen, or be clear to the Prevention WT that it is
    NOT to happen w/o a Task Order.

    PNWCG -- Defer discussion to June meeting.

Also, some follow up to Task Orders and correspondence - I believe I took care of some of them before I left &
others need followup by the liaisons.

       Letter to Washington State Fire Marshal, I did the letter sent to Cheryl for final for your signature. Have
        you seen that?

        PNWCG: Need to find the letter and present to Leo for signature. Not signed at this time.

       Task Order for Fire Use and Fuels Team. I redrafted it with Eric's notes and edits and sent to Pam to
        work with the WT on.

        PNWCG: Pam Ensley (Liaison) is working with the team on this task order.

       The Operations Task Order that had 3 items on it; there was a question as to how to deal with the one
        issue regarding IMT T1 size. Since NWCG took care of that one it’s a done deal. PNWCG needs to
        decide if they want to allow the two PNW Teams to go out in Region with more than the National Std.
        or stay with the National Standard. Based on that decision, the OPS WT then either makes a
        recommendation of what the PNW number should be and PNWCG acts on that, or the PNWCG sends
        the OPS WT a letter telling them that issue has been resolved and they don't need to work on it.

        PNWCG: Leo will sign the letter once drafted. Letter to OPS WT telling them that the issue has been
        resolved and to amend the task order.

       The Fire Use Team Operating Guidelines needed to be approved, Jim sent that to us as Draft and I don't
        recall in the notes what follow-up actions were taken?

        PNWCG: The Fire Use Team Operating Guidelines were approved. Have the Fire Use Team Publish
        these Operating Guidelines.


Cory Winnie, BIA – No Burning Issues. FPA Meeting with tribes last month. There is a lot of tribal interest in
how the grants are being issued and how they are being represented. No action from this meeting as of yet. .
                                         PNWCG Steering Committee
                                           Meeting Notes DRAFT
                                               May 18, 2005

Pam Ensley, FWS – FWS is in a “right sizing” effort. They have obtained buyout authority. RIF considered.
Lack of salmon runs is a hot issue along with the seals on the Columbia River. More fire money is being
allocated for FWS but distributed primarily in east/north. Not here. Pam putting together impact statement for
distribution which will outline the affected services.

Karyn Wood, USFS -- R6 is downsizing and has buyout, RIF, etc. In 2006 there is a plan to allocate
suppression money to regions. This could result back in fire transfer money as happened during the “Biscuit”
fire season.

Being successful as a Fireline Supervisor seminars. Discussed the outline of the courses which sparked a
conversation about the liability insurance for IC’s.

Bill Lafferty, ODF – Sent a lettert to Tom Harber about the lead plane issue (different agency aircraft). Result
is that the issue has been handed over to the newly formed National Interagency Aviation Committee who are
working on it.

There is a Bill before the house which gives media the right to go on a fire scene and not be charged if they
disobey orders of a lawful firefighter. Aviation assets are not addressed in the bill. Essentially gives media
“trespass” rights.

Earl Cordes, Jefferson County RFD – State Fire Marshall Teams – add new positions. Going to assign
individuals to teams rather than grab people out of office. Because of lack of middle management on fires, they
are assigning Division Sups to the teams so they are available when they go out.

Urban Search and Rescue (PDX, Salem, Medford) is a newly formed group that has been formed with the
assistance of the Office of Homeland Security.

Conflagration Act is in process of being amended so that all risk incidents are included. Compliments of Office
of Homeland Security.

John Kraushaar, NPS – Cert for his position is going out next month. Until a replacement is found, Christie
Neill will be the PNWCG representative for NPS ( NPS has a Regional Aviation
officer position to be filled next month or so. New Fire Director for NPS should be announced shortly. NPS is
in process of reworking how they handle fatality incidents. Protocols and procedures.

Leo Sidebotham, BLM -- . Undergoing workforce reduction over next 5 years. Planning process started. Will
be buyouts and possibly RIF’s. Fire not exempt from the process. Preparedness budgets are flat. Base 8’s come
right out of allocated money. Cannot code Base 8 to suppression.

Mark Kahley. (WADNR). Will not be doing Type I Teams. Does not have funding. No standardized
agreement with any fire district. Will be down 8-10 inmate crews from laswt year. Down 6-8 engines or more.
Aircraft capability is somewhat improved.

Next Meeting: June 22, 2005
                                 PNWCG Steering Committee
                                   Meeting Notes DRAFT
                                       May 18, 2005

                            PNWCG STEERIING COMMITTEE
                                     May 18, 2005
                       Northwest Coordination Center – Marine Drive

0900-0915 Introductions, Agenda Modification, Lunch orders Leo / Blanche

0915-1000   Blue Ribbon Panel Update                          Roy Montgomery

1000-1130   Community Assistance Grant Program             Lori Hammer / Communication
            Strategy                           Barbara Kennedy
            (Time will include a break)

1130–1230   Round Table-Brown Bag Lunch
            3 Emerging or Burning Issues of each agency

1230-1315   Fire Planning Analysis Update                     Terry Burgess

1315-1415   MAC Review/Update                                 Gerry Day

1415-1430   Break

1430-1500   Discussion Items from Bonnie’s message (see above section “Bonnie’s Notes”.)